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  1. Hey mates!

    This typing error affect all table game (main table).

    All clubs that have accent are wrong.

    For example, my team: ATLéTICO (in the game is like that)

    is not "é" is "É" with CAPS LOCK : )

    Just visible if you manage a team with accent, (cause the table shows up in caps lock only your team).

    More than 30 teams in game are affected.

    SM, please, fix that!

  2. Brazilian 3 is now the best of all 675 BRA setups!

    If you wanna play a real competitive championship, come to the best Brazilian Championship in this game!

    To check this out, go to add new club and in the bottom click Brazilian Champ and search!

    68% is the level, the best of all 675 Brazilian Standard Games!

    All the clubs have manager.

    Essa é tb a mais brasileira das setups, com 15 brazucas!

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