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  1. Re: yoann goucuff Gourcuff will get +2 to 92! If he doesn't get 92 doing that in French League, who's gonna get?
  2. Re: Luis suarez I was thinking about 91 too! More goals than matches!
  3. Good to see that GC73 have all clubs reserved! I read that new Gold Champs will have a new format, like the mos important, Brazilian, Argentinian and others championships will have only one division with 20 clubs. Getting close of reality! Does somenone know how long for this improvement?
  4. Re: defeders to rise 87-89/88-90 For sure BOATENG ig going 87- 89... All starts in Hamburg and Germany! I saw him playing couple times.... play very good as a defender! He deserves +2
  5. Hey SM fans! I found a good site that have all players pictures in high quality! I just finished all brazilians teams! Will be complete in 3 days, just wait SM ok! Check out, all squads! Atletico Paranaense is all set!!!! More than 400 players! Always improving the game!
  6. Re: Edin dzeko- rating prediction For sure 89 to 91 !!!! Wolfsburg is the last champion and he was the second best striker. This season still scoring in the Champions League!
  7. I think it's time to improve the club shirts! I have a lot of idead that I just sent to SM! 3 colors shirt is a example! Another formats Now the shirts are too simple!
  8. When I started to play SM, 2 years ago, we had the club icons in the main page... SM changed that for club shirts... even in the match report.... I still don't know why they did that.... My solution is to display just the home kit, instear home and away kit. Sometimes, away kit is not even right.... That's it! Bring the club icons back!
  9. Re: Bug in my only team! All right guys! I'm looking forward! My game is in english... Cya!
  10. Hey SM! I'm a gold member (162) and just have one team managed in the game. Atlético Paranaense - Brazilian Setup 3 For about a month, during the score centre, every time my team plays at home... THERE'S NO SHIRT LOGO OF MY TEAM!!! I sent support tickets twice few weeks ago and so far it's not fixed! And SM need to change the number of characters for the club's name! my example... My team is viewed Atletico Paranaen instead Paranaense. It happens with several teams with long names in the results of the score centre : ) Thanks!
  11. Re: Gold Championships Finally SM won't split leagues anymore!!!!!!!! Like my country Brazil.... in real life are 20 clubs in 1st division. I was waiting for this change for about a year! thanks SM! : )
  12. Hey guys! I think it's time to improve the shirts!!! I sent a new images for SM in the game's format! 3 colors shirts for example, like Grêmio and Fluminense plus a new style of shirt for São Paulo! I tried to post the images in this post but I couldn't cuz they need a link! Or..... take the icons back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Re: Riera Raiting For sure RIERA must be 92!!!! And what about Anelka???? still the same???? Maybe tomorow we'll have more changes...
  14. Re: Don't split Championships in Gold! http://furacao.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/cap_facts.jpg[/img]
  15. Re: Don't split Championships in Gold! One more thing........ I have a doubt...... SM Dev (Ste), are you a kind of president of the game, cause all the time I see that at Forum.... at least I know that you work for SM. I would really like to visit the SM's office.... but I'm too far from England! : ) I really love the idea of this game!
  16. Re: Don't split Championships in Gold! Thank you guys!!!! I appreciate that! I totally disagree with the arguments that wi'll be impossible to bit stronger teams.... that's why we're here for : P If is that right, let's split in 5.... so everybody's gonna win! 20 clubs splited in 10 + 10, make you play 4X or even 8X with the same club if you meet them in the cups! I know SM works hard to improve the game.... but this change is easy to be fixed! At leats we could try that only in the next GC! What you guys think? Take easy!
  17. In my opinion, SM must not split Championships in Gold format if in the real life they are not splitted, like my country, Brazil! If you watch the GC's in this format, you'll see that the 2nd division don't have players. I'm a gold member, 145 (old member) and i thnik the main problem of this game is this one. This is unreal for my concept of game. I'm just waiting this change to get my ATLETICO PARANAENSE and start a Gold Championship! You, english guys, imagine the Premier League splitted in 10 teams! No more excuses, I wanna see the game more realistic!
  18. Re: ALEXANDRE pato PATO stats so far..... GS----SB-----G----A----SH----SG----FC----FS---YC---RC 17-----6-----10----4----61----24----26----39----2-----0 *Glossary GS: Games Started, SB: Used as Substitute, G: Goals, A: Assists, SH: Shots, SG: Shots on goal, YC: Yellow Cards, RC: Red Cards, FC: Fouls Committed, FS: Fouls Suffered, SV: Saves, OF: Offsides, W: Wins, D: Draws, L: Losses I got this guy since he was 70.... I'm from Brazil and from the same state of PATO - Paraná state... so I pay more attention on him! : P And, for example, if Luca Toni is a 94.... I really think that PATO deserves 92 !!!!!!! Based on stats and performance!
  19. Hey guys! One thing MUST be changed now! I still don't know why SM splits Brazilian Championship in 10 + 10. Argentina too... Once, they told me ... They switched it to two separate divisions because essentially after the first 5 games or so, any team not in the top 5 has nothing to play for any more. No chance of getting relegated. No chances of advancing to the 1st division. In the end, it makes the game worth playing for ANY team in the division. So.... why don't they split English Premier League ?????? Is gonna be funnier?!?!? Reasons why it must be changed... - In real life we have here in Brazil 20 clubs in first division; - Just look at last 10 GC in the second division of Brazil, we have 2 or 3 teams managed of 10... so if you want to pick a team there, you'll play against the computer; - If we have 20 clubs not splited, for sure we gonna have more managers there; - Is that fun to play 4 times or even 8 times if you meet a team in cup or shield in only one season??????? SM is always improving the game and I think this is very important for the next Golds. At least try it in one GC... I'm sure that's gonna work out, having more managers! Take easy managers!
  20. Re: Zdravko KUZMANOVIC MUST get +1 to 90 Great work man! If SM see that.... they will make it : )
  21. I think and not just me that Zdravko KUZMANOVIC - Fiorentina deserves an increase of +1, still for this italian ratings. Look at his stats in real life, an important player from Fiorentina! We wait for it by tomorow!
  22. Re: This MUST change for the next Gold Champ... Brazilian Championship in Gold Champs must have 1 division with 20 clubs... Why??????????????????????????????????????? To turn the game more realistic! Our Campeonato Brasileiro is like this! My idea is to be closer than real life! Change that SM, please! Chears!
  23. Re: Stadium Building Hey! In my example... I manage ATLETICO PARANAENSE at Brazilian Standrad Setup. Stadium capacity: 25.000 Is beeing difficult to compete with clubs with 90.000 and 70.000, and we have a lot of this in Brazil. I finished in 4th last champ. With a great work there! Does it works in Standrad Setups? Chears!
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