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  1. Brazilian Setup 3 Transfers Hey mates, that's me, the creator and president of Brazilian Setup 3 Federation.. hehe Watch out the number of club transfers so far: Cruzeiro - 26 + 1 out Atletico Paranaense - 21 + 1 out Vasco - 20 Fluminense - 14 Goiás - 14 Flamengo - 11 Juventude - 11 Grêmio - 10 Botafogo - 8 Palmeiras - 8 Paraná - 8 Corinthians - 5 São Paulo - 4 Coritiba - 3 Figueirense - 3 Náutico - 3 Santos - 3 Atletico Mineiro - 0 Internacional - 0 Sport - 0 What happens with people who gets a new club and don't hire not even one player? Soon, more news!!!!!
  2. Re: Brazilian Setup 3 Hey SÃO PAULO... ckech out his team right now... You should bring more guys. But I really hoppe you win!!!!
  3. Brazilian Setup 3 News Hey PARANÁ's manager... good job with the club and marketing : ) We're rivals from the same city... but watch my transfers CORITIBA's manager is lame... his transfers??? CRUZEIRO is my cousin there. He plays hard, since Championship Manager's time... he focus just in one team, like me. Knows a lot of soccer players and can be considered as a favorite too. We came to get the championship. GOIÁS is very interisting... nice manegement. SANTOS: how could you sell 3 players in 2 days? really, I try and just sold one. watch out FLUMINENSE... GRÊMIO bought good players. SÃO PAULO: great 2 transfers and that's it. VASCO: another professional manegement... a lot of transfers in that can turn the club as a favorite. and ATLETICO PARANAENSE - my team... my real life team and the only one that I play SM. I made a miracle on the squad. Pato, Ballack, Van Der Sar, Zé Roberto and Shevchenko are the base of the team. Also a favorite. so... let's see what happens tomorow in the first fixtures. make your bets...
  4. Time to bring players The setup is full now!!! Atletico Mineiro (59) james whitmore Atletico Paranaense (96) Luiz Zacharias Botafogo (68) liam moore Corinthians (59) Jordan Dooley Coritiba (78) benji yong Cruzeiro (53) Bruno Zacharias Figueirense (36) Akshan Suthaharen Flamengo (56) ygfuyg guygbyg Fluminense (62) Danny Van Hecke Goias (40) Dan Davidson Grêmio (51) Ray Sullivan Internacional (110) Tom Bolton Juventude (46) Kristopher Macaskill Náutico (22) Jack Armstrong Palmeiras (75) Tom Pham Paraná (108) Elliot Hartfree-Pearce(Elliotick on the Forum) Santos (41) D. Dαηιηнσ São Paulo (103) RossDAFC Forum Sport Recife (45) Daniel Kenwrick Vasco da Gama (110) Luke Deveney Good Luck everybody : ) I will report suspicius deals and kick out.
  5. A brand new Brazilian Championship 3 is just starting... with a few differentiated from the another two... Parana Clube replaced Ipatinga, by my sugestion to SM : ) for criteria of tradition I hope you guys enjoy... fair play (no cheating) I got my real life club... Atletico Paranaense in search of titles! someone else? what team? Setup owner: Luiz Zacharias - Brazil
  6. I think Standart Setups with 1 division should have just a Cup and not Cup and Shield... Like Brazilian Championship (20 clubs) ... one cup is enough... otherwise you gonna play with the same team too many times. Someone agree?
  7. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! Yeah!!!!! Correct player ratings are done!!!! It's a plaisure to help out the database!!!!! You guys are improving the game perfectly. Some players still deserve better ratings... like - DIEGO, Souza Andrade is called DIEGO SOUZA, Andrade, and for sure should get 89. Was from Grêmio as a libertadores vice champion 2007 and now hired by Palmeiras with Wanderley Luxemburgo as a coach. Also good statistics - KEIRRISON - Coritiba, the best player of this team and a lot of goals. 80 to 85 - KLEBERSON - Flamengo - Nice matches in 2008 and showed that he's an important player. 86 to 87 - CLAITON - Atletico Paranaense - Important player from Brazil who is the captain of the team. I can tell you that I saw some matches of him live... and 86 to 88 is fair!!!! - JUNINHO - Atletico Mineiro - A lot of starts and the main goalkeeper of the team. 77 to 83 - SERVULO - another goalkeeper with starts. 76 to 81 - CHICÃO - now at Corinthians, made a great appearences last year with Figueirense. This central-back have a great performance at real life. 86 to 87 Next week ratings can have those changes to be real * I still think that THIAGO NEVES - Fluminense - Bola de Ouro - all starts - incredible games - brazilian national team and a lot more........... deserves 90, or +1.... Check out - www.placar.com.br (main brazilian soccer's magazine) Take easy!!!!
  8. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! THIAGO NEVES - CM 87 - Fluminense deserves 90... why? Cuz he's the best player in Brazil right now, by main soccer magazine, great appearences, goals, Brazilian national tem and etc.... Really, if the best player in Brazil doesn't get 90, what I'm gonna say about a lot of players in Europe that are not so good and have 92, 93??? ex: GILBERTO SILVA 92?????????? The SM need to be fair with brazilian teams... Last 2 of 3 World Champions were brazilian São Paulo 1x0 Liverpool Internacional 1x0 Barcelona so... justice!
  9. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! Kerlon is a promise, but should go to 86. I think we have better players at Kerlon's team: Cruzeiro THIAGO HELENO, CB - 86 - Cruzeiro go to 88... nice matches this years and a lot of goals RODOLPHO CB 83... go to 86 - Atletico Paranaense - brazilian national team to olympics games
  10. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! What else?????
  11. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! Nice point of view Steve... SM need to start being fair with south american teams... Brazil is the country of soccer... our teams are so good as european teams. Take a look at the last champions of the world.... This is the right time to make justice... Looking forward brazilian players rating!!!! ---------------- Chicão - CB was at Figueirense, and now is at Corinthians, but in the second division. I believe he's gonna get 87 or 88.... Ferreira - AM/CM - 88 - Atletico Paranaense: the best player of my team for sure... he's colombian but 3 years in Brazil... deserves 89/90 ---------------- They need to change some players names... - DIEGO, Souza - CM/LM 88 - Palmeiras - to DIEGO SOUZA - THIAGO, Silva - CB - 88 - Fluminense - to THIAGO SILVA just for exemple!
  12. Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide! Right!!!! ......... ............. .................
  13. I think this format would be the best one! 12 Leagues 1 England 4D 2 Spain 2D 3 Italy 2D 4 Scotland 1D 5 France 1D 6 Germany 1D 7 Holland / Belgium 1D 8 Eastern Europe 1D 9 Mediterranean 1D 10 Scandinavia / Central Europe 1D 11 North / Central América 1D 12 South America 2D - Each one of 12 Leagues have a Cup. - All 12 leagues are splited in 6 groups. - Every group have a SMFA Shield - The best teams at Shield go to SMFA Champions (like world cup system) This improvement would be great and fair! Can be noob or can be great ! : )
  14. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! I Really don't know him yet, cuz all brazilian championships are just to start...
  15. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! That's right!!!!!! - THIAGO SILVA - CB - Fluminense 86 to 88 - THIAGO NEVES - CM - Fluminense 87 to 89 or 90 (Brazilian player of the year, is gonna play Libertadores for the first time, plays great, I saw him) : )
  16. Some players that I believe will have some changes... - FELIPE - G - Corinthians 86 to 88 (next dida, gonna be around 92 in the future - best brazilian goalkepper by national magazines) - THIAGO NEVES - CB - Fluminense 86 to 88 (Dunga's brazilian team and one of the best brazilian central-back by national magazines) - LEANDRO AMARAL - CF - Vasco da Gama 87 to 88 (hired by Fluminense) - KEIRRISON - F - Coritiba 80 to 85 (good player from my rival's team) - JUNINHO - CB - Botafogo 87 to 88 (at São Paulo right now) - KLEBERSON - CM/RM - Flamengo 86 to 88 (everybody knows him but now he's gonna play Copa Libertadores; man of the match of Flamengo's first match of the year) - RODRIGÃO - CF - Palmeiras 77 to 83 (at my Atletico Paranaense now, good performance in the end of the past year) - RENAN - G - Internacional 83 to 86 (a player that is the number one of the team in the moment, good young guy) - VALDÍVIA - CM/AM - Palmeiras - 89 to 90 (chilean guy, made a great championship last year, soon is gonna get 92 or something like that when playing at Europe, cuz the press pay more attention - DIEGO Souza - CM/LM - Grêmio - 88 to 89 (Benfica is trying to get this good player) That's it so far..... more???? go ahead and include LUIZ FERNANDO (Gold Member) - ATLETICO PARANAENSE - BRAZIL
  17. Re: "MUNDIAL DE CLUBES" starting today! jan 1st 20 managers so far!!!! First run tomorow!!!! Get a team an take easy!
  18. Hey guys! "Mundial de Clubes" is a new setup: -selected 80 clubs around the world -3 up/down per division -no buying from unmanaged clubs within the setup -no cheaters and quiters for sure -just gold members or a good reputation Get a club from the very begining! So far, 20 clubs already managed Good Luck! Luiz Zacha - Atlético Paranaense - Brazil Gold Member (82)
  19. Re: "MUNDIAL DE CLUBES" starting today! jan 1st A fair play setup. 18 managers so far.... championship is gonna start this sunday (fixtures)! Big teams available! High level or Gold Members only! No chetaing... Is safe! Come out and play!
  20. Re: GLOBAL INTERCLUBS starts 1st week of january! Guys... I just changed the name of the setup... Now is MUNDIAL DE CLUBES Still with same descriprion!!!!! Started today... Come get a team! Cya! Luiz Zacha - Atlético Paranaense - Brazil
  21. If you wanna play a good championship from the begining, come in... MUNDIAL DE CLUBES is now on!!! - No cheaters for sure - Big teams available - 4 division, 3 up/down - 80 clubs - I check all transfers - No buying from unmanaged clubs - Gold members have preference Fair play championship : ) Apply now and enjoy! Luiz Zacha - Gold Member (82)
  22. I know that is a kind of improvement, but is so ugly to see the shirt at club's overview. Some clubs have a wrong type and I think they should take that out : ) Luiz Fernando - Gold Member - Atlético Paranaense (Brazil)
  23. Check out MUNDIAL DE CLUBES!!!!!!!! - 80 clubs all over the world - 4 divisions - 3 up / down per turn - 45 minimum level - no buying from unmanaged clubs within championshp I won't accept any kind of cheating! Cheat free area! believe me!!! Just apply! Reply to save a spot there!!! Luiz Zacha (80) - Gold Member - Atlético Paranaense (Brazil)
  24. Re: South American Young Talents Hey Dexter! You know everything about brazilian players. Do you work for SM update? hehe Do you know a good tip to sell players? Tx *good young player to the future: CF KEIRRISON -80 - Coritiba RM/CM NETINHO - 84 - Atlético Paranaense (I saw him live couple times) That's it my man Luiz Fernando - Atlético Paranaense - BRA - Serie Gold setup
  25. Hey guys! Wanna buy players from the world gold mine? Get those... CB - Breno - São Paulo 18/86... is gonna be 90's soon. CM Thiago Neves - Fluminense 23/87... the best rating by brazilian magazine. G - Diego - Almeria 23/83... great player CB - Thiago Silva 22/86... brazilian national team second squad. *F - Alexandre Pato 18/85... is gonna be the level of Kaka... In real life, Milan payed 20M to Internacional two months ago. That's it so far! Luiz Fernando - Serie Gold - Atlético Paranaense - BRA
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