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    vaivaipaolino got a reaction from Doonhamer in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Riferimento: Serie A Rating Predictions
    keep an eye on Sturaro (genoa), young player and certain riser
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    vaivaipaolino reacted to Brach_Movic in Counter formations   
    Re: Riferimento: Counter formations
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    vaivaipaolino got a reaction from -JMH- in Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)   
    Riferimento: Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)
    insigne is a big talent, dumitru is not as good. I think you can sell him for now because he won't rise or rise poorly for this year. Mazzarri don't use so much young players, also insigne maybe won't play in the initial XI.
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    vaivaipaolino reacted to tim janssen in Counter formations   
    Re: Counter formations
    OK,i see it now guarin cm+ martinez=cm/cb.(Guarin??? I have guarin !!!...is loan out)
    ------------------gk-------------------- ---* you can also these 2 chance of postie.of
    rio ferdiand----busquets*---mascherona -----whit win on the 75 min.closed it.play verry def.
    maicon----------------------cole ------------snijder out-martinez on his place-busquets on
    ---------snijder--martinez*----------- -------the place from martinez -mascherona on the
    ronaldo-------tevez-------ribery------------- place from busquets and new player for the
    ---------------------------------------------place of mascherona a cb of cb/lb.
    ---------------------------------------------rio out -new in of a good young there will
    ---------------------------------------------make no diff. (84/88 rb/dm-cb/rb-etc if you
    ---------------------------------------------have not a big player)
    ---------------------------------------------play slow tempo-
    ---------------------------------------------hard takle-verry def.-all the others same
    ribery (playmaker)arrow back to martinez
    maicon stay on his postie--snijder can so leave his postie--backup from busquets behind him+maicon +martinez against him--so cole can go also leave his postie
    rio =cv right so he go the middle of the goal .mascherano can go to the centrum.
    if you also lost at 60 min empl. play than hard+go in the atackt= rio out-maicon his place -guarin in place from maicon(=cm/rm/dm) it will be yellow of red but put him there.
    I had old information from the past,but most ended up in the trash.
    after a while with the right formation .honor hyina for it.
    I get the system to think mathematically.
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    vaivaipaolino reacted to Hyina in Counter formations   
    In this thread I will tell you which formations counter which. This is a simple, down to earth thread, easy for everyone to use.
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    vaivaipaolino reacted to DerbyPower in PORTUGAL - 1st Division extensive thread   
    As mentioned some weeks earlier I will embrace the challenge of creating and keep updated a thread about the Portuguese league. However, I won't do it alone. A fellow friend of mine, the SM player/forumer and a dedicated Porto fan, Euronight, agreed to help me and together we will do the most complete Portuguese thread on the forum. This thread will basically include the rating predictions of all players in all clubs of Liga Zon Sagres, the Portuguese 1st division. Subjects such as new players/signings, hot prospects, opinions on all players of the Portuguese league and comments on the fixtures played will be made in the Discussion Thread (link below). Note that the 2nd division won't be reviewed in the thread, but again I'm fully open to answer any questions about it in the Discussion Thread. Also, we would like to keep this thread clean of comments aside from our own. Questions and comments should be made in the Discussion Thread. If anyone has a question regarding a player's rating, current form, transfer rumours, etc. post it there or alternatively post it as a visitor message, preferentially to both of us to get a faster answer. This will keep the thread much more readable and it will be easier to look for certain information in the first pages.
    The predictions listed here were made taking into account the last fixtures of the 2010/2011 season and obviously the 2011/2012 season. The date of the last update is displayed at the end of each post.
    EuroNight should come soon and make his introduction.
    Regards and enjoy.
    EDIT: Due to the amount of comments made in this thread without reading the introduction I feel it is necessary to inform once again that there exists a comments/questions/discussion thread over this one here.
    EDIT 2: The forumers pedro r. and pedropt10 agreed lending a hand on the predictions of some of the clubs. Whenever they helped in either the prediction or update of a team it will be indicated below. As such, credit for the contents of this thread should go to them as well.
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    vaivaipaolino got a reaction from alexxxturner in Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)   
    Riferimento: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
    i think sure eros pisano, that last year played in Serie B and now play every match (i think about +3). Silvestre is a great player, but last year scored as defender 6 gol with catania and he didn't rise
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    vaivaipaolino reacted to A2R in The race to reach 90 - Who will win it?   
    So in terms of SM, which young player do you think will reach 90, and fast.
    The player though has to be rated below 80, and each forumer is only allowed to share 1 player with us.

    Credit to Timesle for the tidy graph.
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