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  1. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed?

    I don't think that's the reason' date=' River Plate was reviewed as well in January, in the last Argentinian review, when River Plate was in 2nd division.

    SM have really messed up with the schedule, and are REALLY BEHIND SCHEDULE in reviewing.

    They used to review the big 5 2nd divisions all together- this year they reviewed the Championship back in January and now only Spanish 2nd division. They used to review Serbia alongside Croatia, and Norway with Sweden- not this year. There are many more leagues that are behind schedule.

    [b']Do you guys realize that we are in mid-July?[/b] And probably there will be some holidays in August?

    SM take an average of about 4-5 days to finish a league- that's a week, because they don't work on weekends. Most European leagues start their new seasons in August! I WONDER how are they going to manage to review all the leagues that are behind!

    We have the 2nd divisions of Italy, Germany, France left.

    There are the long-awaited 3rd reviews for the Big 5- especially after the Euro has finished.

    And then there are all those leagues waiting for their (usual) review after the end of the season- Russia, Scotland, Romania, Serbia, Denmark, Switzerland, not to mention lower leagues like Poland, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria etc. And there are also the non-European leagues that need a review, like Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Brasil (1st half), Paraguay, Japan, USA etc.

    Unfortunately, if SM continue this SLOW rate of reviewing, we are going to see in the near future leagues that used to be reviewed twice a year, dropping to one review and leagues that used to be reviewed once a year, dropping into once every 1,5 or 2 years... :(

    They started Argentina yesterday, and they reviewed two teams each day. This is SLOW...

    If a disgruntled punter who mentions nearly 20 leagues doesn't mention Slovenia and Slovakia, maybe I have no chance of getting rid of these lads

  2. Re: Assorted Risers under 75 ;)

    i wouldnt have a clue mate :o as i said its just what i picked up when looking at some stats on soccerway' date=' these are just money makers and i wouldnt expect any (at least the ones ive listed) to be future stars as most come from lesser leagues[/quote']

    I'll have a look, need some moneyspinners for my Oxford team:)

  3. Re: Assorted Risers under 75 ;)

    are you the hartlepool united manager in english championship 3? i started searching for some players on your list on my notts county and all so far have been in hartlepool :P. There are a lot of money spinners here for people :D

    A lot of names on here very familiar who would your top 5 be?:D

  4. Re: Leagues that need reviewing urgently

    they used to have a schedule set out but then they changed to how it is now and there are a few half decent risers from the mentioned. In some there are quite a few 10k risers which would be very benefical to any team but some squads are horrendously out of date with retired players still in the squad and a lot of new players who arnt even on the game

    Care to name the guys worth 10k or any low rated prospects?

  5. Re: SMs league review policy

    So are you saying that every riser you buy is rated 70?.......I've won cup rounds using 70 rated players......if they're 70 rated and 21 or under they don't get concerns.....if they're over 21 and rated 70 they're generally not worth buying unless you have a small team (division 4 or like)

    If that were the only motive for wheeling and dealing it would be fine but in general that isn't the case....I believe most managers just like buying and selling players.....I've had lots of managers come into my game worlds and take on a team with a few hundred million' date=' buy lots of players (usually free agents) then quit.....I know for a fact there's members of this forum who still buy risers when they already have world class teams.....they've accumulated hundreds of millions and there's no one else left that they need......there's lots of members on here that have great teams and can't play for toffee.....having good players doesn't win you the leagues and trophies...being a good strategist does[/quote']

    even the best strategist needs money....if not, why buy at all?

    The risers I was referring to are between 70 and 75.

    Whether you are Barcelona or Oxford any +5 riser is worth buying

  6. Re: SMs league review policy

    They've got concerns because they haven't been played...not cause they haven't been reviewed......it seems to me this game has become more about wheeling and dealing and less about playing the game......I thought it was about winning matches' date=' leagues and trophies.....it might as well be renamed Soccer Tycoon[/quote']

    They have concerns because they havent been played? Of course they havent been played, they are rated 70. They should have been reviewed and sold. Wheeling and dealing is a big part of this game, otherwise you wouldn't be able to buy good players to win matches, leagues and trophies

  7. Re: SMs league review policy

    Your poll is too biased' date=' the answers are all suggestive. If I press no that means that I never buy risers which is incorrect I usually get them as soon as I find them. Maybe could be construed either way which is again incorrect, since I don't think SM should give you any notice. The whole reason they changed the database update system was so that people couldn't wholesale hoover up risers and turn massive profits with little too no risk, the current system means that you have to selectively buy risers in advance and take a risk that they don't develop as you hoped or if you are that small team way down in Div 4 or something and you scout a tonne of wonder-kids and good risers you have the optimum chance of getting the players rather then the big 4-5-6 teams taking them all with little to no scouting work, leaving you with nothing.

    I think the only people you'll find whining are the members with big teams since they can no longer just log into the forum and wholesale hoover up risers the week before the changes are due.[/quote']

    It is biased because this is how clubs generate cash, as I said there is no point wasting wages on players that might never be reviewed. If a new player gets game time at the start of a season and the league is reviewed after the 4th game and he shoots up before anyone gets a chance to bid for him, whats the point in that. Some leagues are done too quickly and others never get reviewed at all. A structure needs to be put in place to give everyone a chance, not just the person that spends hours everyday on SM.

  8. Re: SMs league review policy

    50/50 0n this.

    as mentioned i have a large youth team all of long term prospects that im holding on to to monopolize the GW in a few years' date=' but also i am quite proactive on the game but i cant keep in my head or check stats from each and every league. i think a 48hr notice would be okay just so that you could go ahhh **** its THE (for instance) ANNUAL (sad but true) eng div 4 reviews, time to buy THOSE PLAYERS I KNEW ABOUT, but didnt want to lug around for an entire year.

    besides, nipping the odd 10k to 500k riser here and there is fun, and also in a competitive GW those are the only way to move up on a low low team. any self respecting manager(s) would ave already fought over all the real good scouting material already, and if they havent, your GW is so **** you dont need to buy one off cash making risers[/quote']

    Players performances chop and change, what was good last year might not be good this year...the fact that a league might not be reviewed for quite some time. I scout alot but I have 50+ players in my team that I now have to find out how they are doing because they have concerns. This would never have happened if I bought them just before review. Lets face it....it is in noboby's best interest to have these players wasting wages and moaning about lack of game time

  9. Re: MLS & Japan Rating Changes

    i missed him by under an hour by my count when he rose.... sadness' date=' they have belted out the jap ratings pretty quick, i concentrated on MLS first, paying for that one :([/quote']

    You should check out my thread in suggestions and improvements "SMs league review policy"

  10. Re: SMs league review policy

    Everyone seems to think I'm saying people should spend endless hours on SM scouting players

    Not at all

    All I'm saying is people who know their football will know who to buy before

    Or they will scout at the end of real life seasons and buy then so by the time reviews come they have good risers

    As I said you can roughly scout a league in 10-15 mins if you wanted to to get a rough idea on risers

    If it takes others endless hours to do this fair enough lol

    Just having notice they getting reviewed for me is an aid and takes away from the game...

    I know football but I have never seen these japanese or americans that I buy play, I go by current stats....stats that change through circumstances that I know nothing of......loss of form, change in personal life etc. I am not in the stands looking at these players, I know nothing about them. There is no fun in buying a riser and a year later (by the time the league is reviewed) he is in the B team or has gone on loan to a 2nd tier team. I am all for scouting, but current scouting with a little notice. 3 days is all I suggest.

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