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  1. Re: SMs league review policy There are thousands of players here with full time schedules that dedicate a certain amount of time to play this. These people are not lazy. This is not a sanctuary for the unemployed.
  2. Re: SMs league review policy I disagree, I don't think 3 days warning would take the effort of scouting out of the game. Anyway, I have alot of players a longgggg time and the wages I have paid them will be more than what I would get back when they do eventually rise. Also someone that was playing great when you bought them is now out on loan to a mediocre 2nd tier team for example - how would that promote good management?
  3. Re: SMs league review policy don't think its rubbish....yes we do scout, we do have risers that have now got lvl 3 concerns because they have not been reviewed in like over a year, don't see why they cannot give 3 days warning
  4. Re: SMs league review policy Exactly, its the fun of the game. Its not too much to ask, just enough time for everybody to get their bids in, also in a competitive game world it would give players a chance to get their man in a multiple bid war. No point in 10 players having a bid war for a riser, then he goes up +7 and all the bids are rejected
  5. Re: MLS & Japan Rating Changes you were lucky..I had 6 bids rejected. 4 went up +7. SM review too quick its frustrating
  6. I was wondering what other players feedback was on how SM reviews leagues. ATM its all over the place, sometimes its 1 league with no leagues in the next leagues to be reviewed section then all of a sudden they review 4 leagues at once. But what annoys me is they review the leagues as soon as they announce it so your bids for the best risers are rejected. This is taking the fun and profit out of the game. What I suggest is: announce 2 leagues and give 3 days before you review it (ideally announce them just before the weekend) and finish them before you bump up the 2 leagues to be reviewed into the review section, then add 2 more leagues next to be reviewed. This way 4 leagues will always be shown. How do others feel about that? Simples
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