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  1. Can you put standard game world on invite only or closed?
  2. Hello. My question is, is it a good deal to give MATA for PASTORE plus 15Million? Thanks
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Oh Yes, And Joe Hart is guaranteed +1 if it helps.
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Will Darren Bent rise?
  5. Re: Another Flying Dutchman: Adam Maher Absolute beast, player every team in the world would want to have on side! BUY HIM
  6. dakydaky

    Rap Music

    Re: Rap Music Nice thread
  7. Re: Which CB to sell Sell Mexes, he is not getting any younger and he is not on top of his game this year.
  8. Re: Kjaer deal. He is a solid defender, nothing more, nothing less. If you really need a defender, go ahead and buy him.
  9. Re: My predictions for some young players!!! You forgot Mateo Kovacic, dude played all games for Dinamo in CL this season and is probably the teams best performer. Guaranteed +5.
  10. Re: Jaanai Gordan-Hutton Nice one! I will definitely keep my eye on him .
  11. Re: M'Baye Niang This guy is unbelievable, he is really class talent, grab him asap.
  12. Re: Stefanos kapino (panathinaikos 17year gk) Wrapped him, hope he will be good.
  13. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect Just signed him on all my sides. This guy will be absolute force in 10 years, believe me.
  14. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) Very nice list, thank you! This will certainly help my Rotherham side
  15. Re: Best External Players Martin and Dzsudzsak are quite good ones!
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