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  1. he's a good defender, one of the bests in brazil actually and i agree with everything -JMH- said. also, Roger Guedes is getting minutes and goals for Palmeiras with good appearances.
  2. nothing for Navas? Munir? Bale? Jesé? Marcelo?
  3. Simple question: if two or more clubs have offered the maximum ammount on a player, (exactly the same $$$) who'll win the negotiation?
  4. Actually Andrigo didn't scored, it was a own goal. But as said, he's a starter in the team and will play against Santos next match tomorrow. Vitor Bueno is a good unknown name, he came from the B team and he's the penalty kicker for Santos. Added to Database 2 days ago, i already bought him.
  5. While i'm delighted with Kanté 90, still waiting for Mahrez rise. 91 at least, 90 would be unfair.
  6. from these players, Gabriel Barbosa, aka "Gabigol" is frequently called by the National Team and he'll be #11 of Brazil in Copa America next month. Andrigo probably will be a starter from Internacional in the whole season. Even being a fan from the rival team of city, i think he's a good player. Great infos brocky64!
  7. and Andrigo was elected the best player of the distrital league of south of brazil. i have him in my gameworlds already, internacional have a limited squad this season, so he'll getting a lot of playtime.
  8. I'm brazilian, so my oppinions for these players: Must-buy: Gabriel Jesus, he's a starter from Palmeiras and surely in a european club in the future. Walace, he's a starter from Gremio and he is a very solid defensive midfielder. Thiago Maia, starter from Santos and very promising too. Gabriel Barbosa, elected one of the best attackers in the last year. Everton Soares, worth it since he's 75 and is bench on Gremio, has great speed and is used on the last minutes sometimes. Lucao from Sao Paulo actually is hated by the fans. and that's why.
  9. Re: best player in midfiel? James Rodriguez Draxler
  10. Re: Player Valuation in P/E Transfers This is lame, i hope SM turns back in this "improvement" Ridiculous, where's the fun of the game now?
  11. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions The enough for the Corinthians fans booing him at the games now i think he should drop to 90. Rodrigo Moledo from Internacional will probably move to Metalist in the next days. Cristian Riveros, 30 years, starter from Paraguay national team is the substitute in Gremio of Fernando who'll be moved to Shakhtar or even to Napoli now.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Mario Fernandes and Scheinderlin Vidal Yaya Toure? If yes, the duo
  13. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions agree with everything there... I already bought Elder and Otavinho for my Manchester City, 860k and 930k respectively Santiago Montoya from All Boys (Argentina) is a colombian midfielder who just moved to Vasco da Gama, probably will be a starter and riser, maybe worth the bet on him. he's 810k and 77 evaluated .
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