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  1. Re: David Luiz David Luiz is better than 92 if you look for example to the supercup he was amazing so stop hating on him, last season he sometimes advanced too much in the field compromising but now he is starting to stop that and he also is a brilliant free kick taker and has an excelent vision of the game (reminding you of the hazard goal) So 92 is still not enough for david luiz he should be 93 and i think he will get there at the end of the season.
  2. Re: Doubts any other opinions guys ??? thanks in advance
  3. Re: Evaluations I said that the max of the portuguese league is 90 cause in soccerwiki you can't propose an evaluation higher than 90 while in the french you can put it up to 95 how is it fair just don't get it
  4. Re: Casillas I have Pique Puyol Dani Alves Subotic Coentrão
  5. Re: Help Any other opinions ???
  6. Re: Help Schurrle and Luiz, would not be starters in my team (thanks mate) Any other opinions ???
  7. Re: Help Plz could someone help me, i was especting to make some deals before the end of the season, if you don't know about 1 of the questions you could just answer the ones you know Thanks for any answer you can give me
  8. Re: Fabregas Can somebody help me ??? PLZ
  9. Re: Counter formations LOL thanks for the help you are always helping the others you are a nice guy Reputation for you
  10. Re: help rise or not for patrice evra. sell him right now 40 million for evra is amazing with marcelo as a backup even better evra wont rise again sell him while the offer stands Glad i helped
  11. Re: Counter formations Is there a way to counter 442 without using 4 defenders with my team i like to use only 3 defenders but what do you suggest ??? If you don't know any way to do it Just suggest a 4 defenders tactic PLZ Any help would be appreciated
  12. Re: Counter formations So I am playing against a 451 and I have a great team with an average of 95 but i lost many games already so what tactic do you suggest me to use Thanks for any reply
  13. Re: good deal or bad? Don't do it modric is a good player but sakho and ramires together are better than modric
  14. Re: Who's better Ty you for all the answers all very helpfull any other comments will be viewed and considered Thanks again
  15. Re: Highest rated players in the future Phil Jones James Rodriguez Thiago Alcantara Jack Wilshere SCHURRLE Lucas Rodrigues Iker Munian Shaqiri Eriksen Neymar Pjanic M'Villa And so on
  16. Re: Who's better Sorry but i just remebered to ask this Would you choose vidal or david luiz Sorry to be such a pain in the ass
  17. Re: alves vs ramos I would go for ramos he is 3 years younger than alves and with real madrid doing a good season he has the chance to get to 95 again
  18. Re: Deal urgent If there is anything I can do i must find another option to muller thanks for help
  19. Re: gaitan o ramsey? Deffo gaitan I think he should be a 90 already but he will probably rise like this if stays in Benfica (+2/+0/+1) or (+1/+1/+1) unless he moves to a bigger club then he should reach the 90's very quickly Best wishes mate
  20. Re: forward over 90 Agree with Zazza Your players are going old you need to refresh your team if you sell them you will be able to buy the players and also keep some to make your team better in other areas hope it helps
  21. Re: forward over 90 Your Choices I think are 1 - Benzema - I think he will hit 94 2 - Gomez - he is a stable 93 3 - Falcão - Soon hit 92 4 - Neymar - As long as he stays at Santos he won't change Hope it helps
  22. Re: Rise stay or drop ??? Thank you very much for your help every other opinions will be appreciated as well
  23. Re: Rise stay or drop ??? ohh i now understand what you were saying but there are a lot of players in there that aren't mentioned in the forum and i would love that the people could say what they think of them
  24. Re: Rise stay or drop ??? I was asking about the next rating changes and not the previous ones LOL
  25. Re: Rise stay or drop ??? could someone else tell me what they think thanks in advance Please i would be very apreciated i know it's a long list but you won't be just helping me i am sure that are a lot of other people that have doubts on this players and this would help them to Thanks for the compreension
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