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  1. Re: Favourite Facebook Apps Is that what FIFA Superstars is now? Needed something to fill the time now I quit all my SM teams' date=' and it is pretty handy for filling five minutes here and there. Take a look and become an addict like me if you don't play already! I even put a link in for you guys to check it out. [url']http://me.playfish.com/fifa/ref/stuart/luda1[/url]
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I'll try to keep this brief, as I don't really want a long goodbye; but just to let everyone know that I am leaving the game and so will be quitting all my Gold teams. This post is more of a post to everyone to ask that my teams that I have spent a lot of time and energy on are not either ripped apart, or taken over by someone who won't give them the respect I feel they deserve as my "babies". Teams that are coming available will include: Roma Gold 11: My favourite team, who have just wrapped up their fourth Serie A title in a row with a s
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread During negotiations with another manager today I found out for sure why Gold Championships are dying on their backsides. I was interested in buying Robben from him, for which when talking via PM he stated that an offer he thought fair (and his final offer no less) would be Pirlo plus Boateng, and then I would have to sell him Antonini for £5M. In all fairness I could keep Boateng on loan for the season so I could watch his rating go up, and realise how poor a deal it was for the next few months. So basically in return for a 94 rated 26 year
  5. Re: FA Cup Aldershot got past Brentford 1-0 to set up an away tie against the mighty Dover Athletic. If I'm honest, this was the result I was looking for, just purely based on the fact that Aldershot play in a division lower than Brentford, thus improving our chances of getting to the 3rd round, and a crack at the big boys. Still going to be one hell of a challenge though. Will be queueing for my ticket this weekend, fingers crossed!
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Take it to a mod if it bothers you that much. But then remember that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones too.
  7. Re: Toni Kroos Help!! Welcome to Gold 86. Anyone else hear the vultures circling?
  8. Re: Methods to report in-game cheating It would be interesting to get some feedback in writing from the one person who stated that they thought the system as it stands is fine, just to get some perspective. Still no further word from the Devs I see also........
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Who are you in GC144?
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread All this talk of getting transfers reversed, does anyone actually know how to get a ticket raised to ask for this now? The reason I ask, is that I finally got my first deal in Gold 144 done, which went through, but it was part of a two part deal. Guess what? Yep, the second part has got blocked by the SMFA. And to rub salt into the wounds, the new ticketing system that I have been campaigning against in respect of cheating won't allow you to raise a ticket unless the issue is in respect of a bug or cheating. It even specifically says in the
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread The thing is why would you put your alleged 3rd choice keeper on £30,000 a week and a five year deal if you were planning to bump him to fourth choice? Szczesny is the future mark my words.
  12. Re: etoo 96 >97 Even when eto'o was on fire from a goalscoring point of view in his last season at Barca he didn't get 97, so I think it very unlikely that he'll get it now.
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  14. Re: Methods to report in-game cheating I sincerely hope that the SM Devs do not see this thread as an attack on the changes made, but merely as a means of the community providing specific feedback on specific changes; as as I have said before, the other changes made recently on the whole have been very good. As one other member of the forum did point out though, John's response did come across as being very defensive, but I think maybe the time has come for SM to acknowledge that we as customers are not happy with these changes as they stand, and that SM maybe need to admit they have got th
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