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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC10: lahm, dani alves, mertesacker, gago, ribery, ibra all available 4 p/e, wud obviously need 2 players including replacement or just 1 player if he's good enuff.
  2. Re: International teams in gcs I seen the post in the SM blog but it's not quiet what i meant. I was refering more to the unmanaged sides that a person quit during his time which will now be randomly handed out.
  3. Re: International teams in gcs Great, hope it helped, looking forward to the update on the SM news
  4. I was wondering, why not instead the national teams being handed out randomly, why not making an 'Apply for club' option on unmanaged national teams and than make the option for 2-3 days or a week or whatever length you find suitable and than make it random between the people who applied, would make it better for people who want their nation's national team which isn't Brazil or Italy (like me and Israel ). Would appriciate a response, thanks.
  5. Re: Do you want a team? thx m8, really appriciate it
  6. Re: Do you want a team? it'd be great if u cud get me a manchester in ec or inter in ic or barca/real in sc, always wanted but im 2 slow =(
  7. Re: smfa blocking transfers im afraid same thing happend to me, so i tried sending a ticket but was told they can't give any advice since it'll give me an unfair advantage
  8. Re: SM Support Team well, maybe it isn't the place for this thread but it was the most suitable place i could find, basically, i heard many people besides me complain about the support team and thought maybe if we'll show it to someone who can do something than something could change but after i talked to people on private talks and they told me its useless because SM mods just delete these threads i guess it's just a war i can't win. And no i didn't try to start a quiz, and if you think you're so smart than next time try answering the questions or redirect people to where they could find it
  9. Recently i had a lot of problems with the SM support team when i sent tickets, and when i asked around if people had problems with them as well i found out they did, so basically i would like people to post their own stories where they were mistreated by them, and than maybe someone who can do something about it sees that and set them straight. I'll start with a couple of my occasions: 1st 1: asking in the general help section why has a transfer been reversed and as a respond being threatend that if i submit another ticket asking that my reputation will be reduced, without answering obviousl
  10. do bug tickets get closed without a reply or did SM support team just ignore my ticket?
  11. Re: Rate My Team Thread Chelsea Ec932: main squad and youth: loaned out: whatcha think ppl?
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