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  1. Re: think my accounts been hacked... what a waste of time.... reply: Hi Joe, XXXXX Regards XXXXX SM Support Team hes calling me joe, even though ive told him its been changed by someone else furthermore, he doesnt even get onto the subject of my liverpool team
  2. Re: think my accounts been hacked... this ticket thing you talk about...........
  3. ive just been on holiday and came back and one of my teams has been taken over by someone else (ive managed them for about a year and a half now and to lose them now is dissapointing). Fair enough if this is because of the not logging in often enough rule but.... its also saying im running multiple accounts when i try taking over another team in the same division which is confusing to say the least the other thing is, is my user name has been changed to joe blogs....
  4. Re: Guy Asulin i found him.
  5. Re: Guy Asulin I forgot about this. :cool: thing is though, even though i founded him, he's gone in most of my setups because i didnt even know he was added.
  6. Re: markel SUSAETA thanks and good night, up by 8 to 86. :cool: read it and weep SMPL, pigeon, walkinshaw etc. :D
  7. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes rio ferdinand- best centre half in the world-FACT! a 97 would suffice..
  8. Re: Inaugural Edition : An Insider's look at... HOLLAND! afonso alves anyone??????!
  9. Re: Gazza's European Challenge im in. as marseille.
  10. can i setup a new one, without having to buy it? :confused:
  11. Re: top managers only new setup i want in, im a gold member but my rep isnt too high (49)
  12. Re: Prospect Team (11 players), minimum 73, all will rise by 5+ kil hoon lee goes up by 4.
  13. Re: Andrés José GUARDADO BTTT, ive been watching some of deportivo's games this season and this guy is easily one of their best players if not THE best, he is currently 90, but i think he deserves an update. he has started every single game this season for deportivo and his stats read 12 starts : 4 goals impressive stats for a LB/LM. thoughts?
  14. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread i am now herenveen.
  15. couldnt find an individual thread for him so......... 18 years old, plays for herenveen, 4 goals in 6 games, from midfield! rated 75 on the DB, seriously needs an update. EDIT: also got the winner against psv the other day. atleast 82?
  16. Re: afonso alves 10 goals in 4 now. im not even going to reply to the previous post as he obviously doesnt have a clue what he is talking about. "7 goals in one game doesnt prove anything". :D jesus. you also convey that scoring 5 hat-tricks is a bad thing, does 10 in 4? EDIT: just read more,it gets worse!!! "why didnt he score 7 again if he is so great?" i can hardly contain myself!!! im nearly in tears
  17. Re: Barca youngster - big talent!! Guy Asulin- My Find.
  18. Re: Gio Dos Santos you muppet, thats just contradicting yourself. dos santos, quality player, deserves an 86 atleast.
  19. Re: La Liga Player Help/Updates You did not write that yourself, it is off a website. :eek:
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