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  1. Soccer wiki doesn't work, I constantly come across players who you can not offer a higher rating for, I.e Diego Reyes, Nicolai Boilesen, Oscar Hiljemark And others, ratings change over due for these 3 but the system won't allow it, If you email soccer wiki nothing ever happens....I've done that for 3 months.
  2. Re: New Improvements Works very poorly on my iPad, You cannot scroll the news feed, The news feed is far too small, if you hit the back button it constantly takes you back to the front page and not the page you were previously on. Please sort these things it's very hard to use like this.
  3. Re: Oscar Hiljemark still underrated Ok, thanks anyway
  4. Re: Oscar Hiljemark still underrated Any chance you could edit him on soccer wiki, as you can not propose a higher rating than 85 for him?
  5. Hiljemark is underrated, he should be 87+ Anybody else agree or disagree?
  6. On Soccerwiki you can not propose a rating higher than 85 for him............. I think he should be 87, Can anybody here tell me why the maximum should be 85? Thanks.
  7. Re: Ronaldo 99? You can only make Ronaldo 99 if Messi can go up too..... Messi was made 99 before he broke the calendar year scoring record and before he won a record 4 ballon d'or.....I think he got better after getting to 99. Yes Ronaldo is looking the best player on the planet at the moment but Messi is injured, but not long enough yet too make him drop. So if Ronaldo goes to 99 then Messi must be 100.
  8. Second time I have brought this up, nobody else will care too much but hey. Silva is currently rated 85, He is keeping Loe Raoul out if the Osasuna team (Raoul rated 86). Osasuna first team average rating is 87, he is a regular first team player. He is a chile international and there squad average is 87..........the chile squad only has 1 other player rated 85 and that is a youth breaking into the team. Silva must be underrated, I say minimum 86 but in reality 87. Please comment.
  9. This players rating has gone down by 1, As far as I can tell he isn't injured, His team finished 5th in the league and he played 12 out of 17 games in it, Therefore his performance + team performance hasn't changed or lowered, So why has his rating gone down?
  10. I think this player is underrated because :- He is a first team regular for Osasuna and their first team average is 87. A Chilean International who's first team average is 88, and the squad average is 87........ There are only 2 other players in the Chile squad who are rated as low as Silva an 85 age 26, ( probably should rise as we'll), and an 83 who is a 19 year old youth, all other players in the squad are at least 86, but most higher. Please can Francisco Silva's rating go up.
  11. Having just had 2 of my 75 rated players getting concerned in my gold 1 team, I thought the system could do with tweaking. I don't think any players rated 75 or less should be included in the players having concerns system. It might also be good if players under a certain age are exempt as well, say maybe 19 years old..............
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