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  1. Hi Guys. Apologies for not having been able to log in for the 2 weeks and losing Stade. Had some family stuff to deal with and wasn't on SM for that time. Such a shame to have lost my team in this league as it was easily the most challenging and fun to manage a team in. Would be interested in any vacancies should they occur. Have fun guys!
  2. Just caught up and saw MonkeyShuffle had gone! He ran a well organised league, and will be missed. Good luck Tranmere with the running of easily the best league in the game!
  3. Stade Remain in Div 1! And only 5 points from 1st place. Might be our best season ever. Plus Will Hughes as the league's top scorer.
  4. Re: 87+ I still can't believe that Stade Bretois are top of the league! No doubt it won't last as we never finish a season well. It's a bit like West Ham IRL - starting the relegation battle early this season!
  5. Re: 87+ No one new to add to the Hall of Fame. Back in the top flight this season, but hope to dont go straight back down. Stade are the definition of a Yo-Yo club!
  6. Re: 87+ It's another tight race for promotion in Division 2 this season. @ games to go, and the current 2nd and 3rd can't be complaicent about staying in those spots!
  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Always good to see you JMH. Your knowledge is always most welcome.
  8. Re: 87+ Another win for the perpetual Yo-Yo team of Stade Bretois. Sitting in a promotion spot, but worried my lack of star players will hamper me at the end of the season.
  9. Re: 10k RISER Count me in!
  10. Re: 87+ A much need and surprising 3-0 win this week, still hoping for some risers to give me some better depth though.
  11. Re: 87+ Defeat for Stade on Wednesday, hope we can turn it around today. Pleased to have got Josh Vela. He's highly rated and a target for Liverpool. Will see how he gets on. A few risers recently, but alas, none that will make the first 18 anytime soon.
  12. Re: 87+ Another excellent review. I have hopes of Darlow being Newcastle's first choice keeper next season. But I thought Forest would be higher up this season so he'd a get a rise. Ah the life of a 87+ manager, always living in hope of that decent riser...
  13. Re: 87+ ah the thrill on bouncing between the 2 divisions! Hope to be challenging for promotion, but with losing 2 of my 86 rated players in recent weeks, it's up to some of the lesser rated players to step up to the plate. The search for the about to rise 80 rated player continues...
  14. Re: 87+ No new nominees from Stade Brestois. Most of my long serving players have left so no one troubling the hounours board for a while yet.
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