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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Thanks all!
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Does anyone with more knowledge of M'gladbach than myself have a prediction for Luuk de Jong or Branimir Hrgota? I'd guess de Jong is 50/50 to drop to 88 and Hrgota is due for a +1, but I'd appreciate a second opinion. Thanks!
  3. Re: Risers from the "Big 5" Second Divisions Bumped since the Spanish Second Division is being reviewed.
  4. Re: riser from netherlands league Just check in the Netherlands thread here.
  5. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- Recently bought Van Rhijn and was pleasantly surprised when he won the Best Young Player award yesterday. Wondering what you think the odds are he starts for Ajax next season, and whether he'll play primarily at centerback (where he played for the youth teams) or at right back (where he has played for the first team)?
  6. Re: Javi Martinez, M'vila, Yaya Toure or Vidal M'Vila will definitely move to a larger club this summer, with Inter Milan and Arsenal the most frequently linked. And unless Athletic miraculously qualify for the CL, Martinez has probably a 90% chance of moving to a larger club as well.
  7. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Just announced on Twitter that the Australian League is next to be reviewed.
  8. Re: marco reus I don't think so, he is already the highest rated player on M'gladbach, and his form has dipped since the last review. Maybe a 10% chance now, but an 80% chance at the end of the year if M'gladbach finish in the CL spots.
  9. Re: OverHyped Players Phil Jones by far. To be fair, Wilshire and Oxlade-Chamberlain get similar treatment.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread What? Arsene had tracked him for a while, he was an automatic selection for the first year and a half he was here, and Arsene is nothing close to an authoritarian manager who becomes upset when one of his players "has an opinion."
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Think it is fair to say Ryo has some pace. http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/ryo-miyaichi-skins-2-chelsea-defenders/
  12. Re: The New Players Thread Already on the database.
  13. Re: Sergi Roberto or Cristian Tello. Help needed Tello will probably get more minutes in the near future due to Villa's injury.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I don't want to slate your intelligence, seeing as I have no idea who you are, but if starting a center midfielder who prefers to come inside onto his right foot instead of a wide player who can consistently beat players 1v1 against a team who play three defensive midfielders but lack cover on the flanks seems like a good idea to you...
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wenger does know the game, watch any interview with him and his intelligence is obvious. No one has ever gotten value from the transfer market like he has and he develops individuals as well as anyone in the game, with the probable caveat of Guardiola. His weakness is in failing to teach the players how to respond to different situations in the game and how to defend as a team.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Best choice is someone from outside English football. Tactically knowledgeable, and with a philosophy that matches our current squad. Guardiola, Emery, Bielsa would all be tremendous hires. Only British manager I'd even consider would be Rogers. Villas-Boas could also be an interesting possibility, our squad could actually play the type of football he played at Porto: enough speed to play a high line Gibbs-Koscielny-Vermaelen(maybe)-Sagna, great technical retention in midfield (Song-Arteta-Wilshere), pace and trickery on the wings (Gervinho + Ox) and a ruthless intelligent finisher (RVP). If we instilled the type of pressing game seen at Barca or Athletic, no British team would have a chance of keeping the ball against us.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Why would someone post something on the internet if they weren't serious?
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I was at work during the game, and a few of the texts I got during it indicated how bad it was going to be. Figured I would watch it and just do a tactical analysis to try and avoid the emotional damage. Didn't work but I just finished a piece on it. Depressing stuff, but would enjoy (wrong word, "be interested in" is probably more accurate) hearing what you guys think of my article. http://attackingwith10.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/ac-milan-vs-arsenal/ Cheers
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Chelsea's loss by two goals means we are level with them on points and goal differential. The match between us being at the Emirates might prove crucial.
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well done. Great ball from Arshavin too.
  21. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ramsay scores off of both posts.
  22. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Even with their good form recently, if we don't have the quality to beat Sunderland, we don't deserve to win the cup. Should be a simple tie, not in terms of our odds of winning, but in terms of what we need to do to win.
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