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  1. The fact that SM "forgot" to give him a rise says it all. The rating review system is an absolute joke these days. I wouldn't be surprised if a clueless "newbie" like you Pukis was overseeing the whole process. Lol You totally missed my point mate, if Herrmann is worthy of a 90 then Bellarabi was too. I personally think both should only be 89 but SM seem to be mighty generous with the 90s these days. Bellarabi is ahead (at present) in the German NT pecking order as far as wingers is concerned. This is based on FORM!! He had an outstanding season and this season's rising star. De Bruyne and Robben were better but he was top 3, which is why he was called up by Loew. There's no reason why Bellarabi couldn't have increased by +2 to be 90, I think it would have been more justified than Herrmann's 90. The fact the Man City just bid €25M for his services is indicative of how good the guy is. I rest my case. Not sure why I even bothered!! There's a good reason I left the forum community. Thanks for the reminder Puke boy.
  2. I've been playing SM for almost a decade, so nothing surprises me anymore but ..... why would Patrick Herrmann get a random +1 rise to 90? Totally unexpected and I can only assume it was due to him being capped by Loew and making the most recent Germany NT squad. However, based on the above theory I would have assumed that Bellarabi would have been worthy of the same. Especially given the season he just had (12 goals and 9 assists), also being selected and playing for NT, and came 3rd in the "player of the season" vote by his peers in the Bundesliga (De Bruyne 1st, Robben 2nd btw). I'm baffled ....
  3. Re: English Championship 1 Sheffield Utd Season 24 Review Well, I have to admit that despite losing the lead in the closing stages of the season, which saw Hull City leapfrog us in the race for the Division 1 Championship. So firstly, congratulation to the Hull manager Marcos V on a fantastic 89 point season. We haven't seen too many better as far as points is concerned. As for Sheffield United's success. The season started well with a 2:1 victory over Carlisle Utd in the SMFA Super Cup, ensuring the first piece of silverware for the season. Solid performances saw the Blades at the top of the table at the half way stage of the season, sporting a solid 9 point advantage. A great run in the cup and shield, saw the Sheffield based outfit having to continually rotate and injuries to key personel, namely Aguero and Silva, didn't help Herby's quest for the treble. The Blades cup run eventually came to an end in the Semi Final, at the hands of Shelbourne's Man Utd. The club had more luck in the shield, winning more silverware with a convincing 3:1 result over Mr. Malcom's Peterborough Utd. Towards the end of the season, a loss to Hull and defeats to WBA, Peterborough and Blackburn resulted in too many dropped points and Hull ran away with the title. Still, Herby was pleased with yet another 2nd place "bridesmaid" finish, the clubs 3rd in 4 seasons. The 3rd and final piece of silverware came when Sheffield Utd beat Carlisle Utd in the SMFA Champions Cup Final 2:0. Player of the Season: Moreno RODRIGO Youth Player of the Season: Julian DRAXLER KEY SIGNINGS: Players IN - Casilla, Schneiderlin, Neuer, Higuain, Schweinsteiger, Hector, Peres, Kimmich, Martial, Medran, Bielik, Kownacki, Baumgartl, M. Friedrich. Players OUT - Valdes, Draxler, Aguero, Karius, Scheiderlin, Cuadrado, Janmaat, Giefer, Jean.
  4. Re: English Championship 1 Bastian Schweinsteiger arrives at Brammel Lane, as season 24 draws to a CLOSE!! Sheffield United have managed to bring in yet another BIG name and yet another German, on this occasion their captain Sebastian Schweinsteiger. The 95-rated midfield all-rounder arrived from Carlisle Utd this morning to undergo a routine medical but should be able to join his new team mates on the training ground later this afternoon. The transfer deal which saw Juan Cuadrado and Morgan Schneiderlin move the other way, was the club's 3rd major signing, in the post league season period, having previously recruited Manuel Neuer and Gonzalo Higuain. "That's it now, I'm happy with the squad I have going into the new season. Naturally we are pleased to have landed some big names in the past fortnight although I was said to see Kun Aguero leave the club after 5 years of loyal service. I still remember the day we signed him back in 2010, as a fresh faced 21 year old. We will now look to sell one or two 89 rated players to raise a bit of cash and to keep wages under control, as well as up to a dozen youth players will be trimmed from the currently 100 strong squad." Some weren't too sure if Schweinsteiger was all too happy about the move, as he faces stiff competition from Xavi, Witsel, Cabaye and Pastore in the middle of the park.
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Changes Galore at SHEFFIELD UNITED!!!
  6. Carlisle are managed by the greatest manager in history it's just me be honest! Re: English Championship 1 I know it isn't QUITE the end of the season yet but since Friel jumped the gun (as usual ), I too wanted to at least get in early and congratulate Marcos on WINNING the EC1 Championship with HULL in his very first season. WELL DONE MATE!!! That's quite an achievement it must be said and winning with a total of 80-odd points says it all really. Phill (aka Chilli) left you a great, albeit ageing, squad but you certainly got the team playing well and in the end you steamrolled my Sheffield Utd and I simply wasn't able to keep up!!! So it's RUNNER-UP accolades for me (AGAIN) - yes I can hear the chuckles from certain corners of the EC1 community already, that's 3 times in the last 4 seasons now. Hmmmmmm Anyway, like John I too plan on making a few changes in the off season. Am looking for a 91+ Forward and a 90+ Central Defender, so if anyone has one or the other and is looking to deal then please get in touch via PM. Thanks, Herby
  7. Re: English Championship 1 Welcome to SHEFFIELD UNITED!!!
  8. I realise no-one from SM ever reads these posts, and definitely no-one who does the ratings so not sure why I'm even bothering!! Lol But since it's my first appearance on the forum in like 6 months, I thought I should express my sour grapes at the miserly +1 that Fahrmann just received. Obviously none of the SM monkeys watch the Bundesliga, but even the stats speak for themselves. He's made 71 saves in 17 games!! According to Kicker (Germany's leading football magazine), he is the 2nd best player in the first half of the season. Only the majestic A. Robben has been better, and that by a long way but still. Yes, Schalke's defence in cr@p but they are still top 4/5 in the BL and they have made it through to the knockout stages of the CL, partly thanks to Fahrmann's heroics between the sticks!! Loew has been keeping close tabs on Fahrmann, who could well replace Weidenfeller in the NT squad for the upcoming Euro Qualifiers. To only rate him 87 is the biggest oversight in a long time. He should've at least gone to 88 (+2) and if he makes the NT by the end of the season and Schalke finish top 4 again then one could argue that he's a chance at an 89. Yann Sommers hit 89 and Fahrmann has been better this season!!! Anyway, rant over ..... happy new year to all Herby
  9. Re: English Championship 1 I can't believe you're still unbeaten ..... SM bug?? Lol :p:p
  10. Re: English Championship 1 certainly a LOT of goals scored!!! nice to finally get one over on Shels after the 5:0 thumping he gave my lads last season. in other news; the Blades managed to sign highly rated Matheus PEREIRA from Sporting Lisbon, amongst plenty of competition from other clubs.
  11. Re: English Championship 1 Nice one Dave, just in time for our big clash tomorrow night!!!
  12. Re: English Championship 1 Nice work Dave. Maybe next time you ought to line up EC1 's finest FIRST, especially considering it's in between seasons in EC1 and 3 days out from Easter which means people might actually be away on holidays (or is that just us Aussies!! Lol)
  13. Re: English Championship 1 In hospital looking after his dad!! And working on winning the league this season.
  14. Re: English Championship 1 Dominguez bound for Plymouth Argyle This morning, Herby accepted an offer from Steven Sinnott of just over 23M for the young spanish defender, who had been at the club for almost 4 years. The fee was close to a club record for the Blades, but the transfer of Casillas for 24M remains the highest transfer fee ever received by the club, even if it was part of a complex multi-player deal. "I'm pleased for Alvaro, he'll get more opportunities at Plymouth next season than what I could have offered him here. With the arrival of Marc Bartra, he slipped further down the pecking order and was now our 5th choice CB, a role he was clearly unhappy with and I could sense the frustration in his performances of late, so this outcome was the best alternative for all parties involved. I'm looking to bring in a few more players but no big names, pretty happy with my current squad and first team."
  15. Re: English Championship 1 I'm selling Alvaro DOMINGUEZ, 24 yrs of age, rated 89, Defender that's able to play in the centre or on left. Will go to the highest CASH bidder by early next week, unless a P/E deal tickles my fancy but I'm attempting to reduce my first team and overall wage bill by at least 10 players and 250k per week. Herby
  16. Re: English Championship 1 Sheffield United 2 : 1 Peterborough United SMFA Champions Cup Final - Camp Nou, Barcelona Goals: FALCAO (6) pen, XAVI (67) - HERNANDEZ (73) MoM: XAVI (1 goal, 1 assist)
  17. Re: English Championship 1 SMFA CHAMPIONS CUP FINAL Clash of the Titans (or just a pair of underachievers)?? Tonight sees two of EC1's heavyweights battle it out for a less than prestigeous piece of silverware but as Herby has always said "life is a game and true love is a trophy" errrrrrrr or perhaps that was Rufus Wainwright, who really cares!! The point is, Mr. Malcolm's Peterborough Utd take on Herby's Sheffied Utd at the infamous Camp Nou. A sellout crowd is expected for what promises to be a thrilling match. Honours narrowly went to Herby this season, claiming 3 points at home in a close 2:1 encounter, before sharing the spoils in a 1:1 draw at London Road. It would be highly surprising if this one was anything but another tight encounter, in fact Dave Leigh was overheard this morning saying "this one will be tighter than a nunn's ****!!" I'm sure Dave knows what he's talking about too, being an alter boy from way back!! :rolleyes: Could this contest go right down to the wire? Will we see penalties decide another final? With Eto'o injured and Cabaye suspended, Herby is unable to call on 2 of his best and most experienced players, whilst Mr. Malcolm will be without Soldado who is also banned for the final. Any pundits or tippsters out there?? Make your predictions NOW!!
  18. Re: English Championship 1 The Blades Season 22 in Review Herby was delighted to finish the season in 3rd on the table, amongst the big boys of EC1, managing to sneak past Peterborough on the last day of the season on goal difference. "It was a bit of a stop start campaign for us, we never really got a run of form going partly due to injuries, especially losing our captain and talisman, Thiago Silva, was a massive blow midway through the season. My choice of best and fairest at the club this season was a close call but Sergio "Kun" Aguero with his 10 goals and 12 assists managed to just pip Falcao, Silva and Xavi to the prize. The rising star award went to Julian Draxler who made a huge contribution this term, chipping in with 10 goals and 6 assists, remarkable stats for a player just 20 years of age and still developing. A few disappointments came in the form of inconsistancy, beating champions Reading away at the Madejski 4:2 was then backed up with a 4:1 hammering at Brammel Lane in the return fixture, which was disappointing to say the least. Worse yet were the two convincing losses to last season's champions and runners up in season 22, Man Utd who beat us 4:1 and 3:0 respectively. Our other bogey team this season was Carlisle, who were the only other team to do the double over us, inflicting 2 defeats on us. On a bright note, we're in the SMFA Champions Cup Final next week where we'll take on Mister Malcolm's Peterborough Utd in our quest to win some silverware at last. A further personal accolade came a few weeks back when I became the "Best Manager" in Ec1, overtaking Liverpool's David Stephenson. I've now managed Sheffield United for 928 games, racking up 2021 points at an average of 2.18 Seems like an eternity ago since I took over a team of old f@rts from Yuri Laszlo in January 2008."
  19. Re: Next German rating All will rise except Matip imho. Volland linked with a move to Dortmund Adrian Ramos - same as above Goreztka - great talent, getting minutes. Meyer - great talent, Schalke's No 10. Matip - safe 89 Hahn has just signed for B. Moenchengladbach Werner - one for the future, showing loads of promise.
  20. Re: Jaun Cuadrado I doubt it since he plays for the 'Viola' but based on performance alone, he should indeed get a 91. He's been outstanding this season, no wonder clubs like Bayern and Barca have expressed an interest in signing him and why apparently there's talk of a €40M price tag on his head!!!
  21. Re: English Championship 1 I hate you John!!! That is all for now
  22. Re: English Championship 1 I always have to laugh when a player reaches level 5, EVERYONE shows interest and makes CRAZY bids. I bet that if those 3 players had been TRL, the managers would have received bids no-where near what they will now get for them. LOL Ahhhhhh SM, or should I say EC1, gotta love it (or not in Teb's case!!).
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