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  1. Re: Stadium Building Is there any way the rules on this can be eased up slightly? I'm in a competitive EC with Darlington and in the last 4 seasons have made at least the top 5 in the Prem and at least the last 4 in Europe with a squad that is tiny. All I seem to do is buy players to sell to buy players that are the same rating but cheaper so that I don't run into debt. My stadium is just over 25,000 yet I am consistently outperforming (and getting nearly full grounds) the likes of Man Utd, Newcastle, Sunderland and Arsenal. I'm not asking for a 75,000 seater stadium, but a few more seats wo
  2. Re: Custom Setup Advanced Rules (please help!) As soon as you change the rules and click Save, you can't change them again until turn 1 of the following season - and if you don't change them on turn 1 of the following season then it disables until turn 1 of the following season. As for being able to change the rules as often as you like, it's set that way so that you can't change the rules midway through a season and use it as a justification to chuck somebody out of the game.
  3. Re: Great response against cheaters. In my case it was as clear as day.... the five I got kicked off today were a group of 3 and a group of 2. 3 : One manager was systematically pillaging 2 other teams... he was selling players he didn't want to the 2 other teams and buying players he wanted from the other 2 teams as cheaply as possible. It wasn't 1 transfer, there were 8 or 9 of them so it was very obvious. 2 : A manager had been trying to snaffle a number of players from a managed club without success. They became unmanaged and I nipped in, bid for someone and got a player I wanted. The m
  4. Re: Great response against cheaters. Always, ALWAYS report things if you think there's something dodgy going on. If you're wrong then SM will tell you there's no evidence. Obvious signs are people with similar names and reputations, new people taking on teams in old games which don't make sense, lots of transfers between two clubs - often with transfers in one direction being as cheap as possible and the other being as expensive as possible. I had 5 people kicked out of one game this morning for cheating. Made my day that has!
  5. Knox

    Transfers slow

    Re: Transfers slow Thanks - happy to help!
  6. Knox

    Transfers slow

    Re: Transfers slow Shouldn't be related to a new season. They randomise the time of day they are run a lot more now. To rep someone, click on the scales at the top right of a post.
  7. Knox

    Transfers slow

    Re: Transfers slow Transfers can be completed at ANY time the following day. There is no problem.
  8. Just looking for a new centre mid and the two names that keep coming up are Ruben De La Red and Hernanes Anderson.... both are young, both are decent ratings and both are being talked up for big transfers before long. But who would you go for? Short term I've got no concerns over my midfield but I'm thinking as a backup and longer term first team player. Open to suggestions as always!
  9. Re: Todays transfers? This: "Few" means "most" for me unfortunately. I think I've got them oustanding against at least 5 teams. Buttocks.
  10. Re: Oldies on the Forum OOh definitely an oldie here.
  11. Yes, really. The 4Corners Championship Series has 2 games to go before it finishes season 2 and Real Madrid are available.... but before you dash in and try to snap them up there are things you need to know: No buying from unmanaged teams and the game only allows each team to buy THREE 90+ rated players per season. This is to stop player hoarding and to give everybody a chance to get some of the better players. That does mean for anyone joining now you could buy 3 players at the end of this season and 3 at the start of next season - which might come in handy If you're interested then put an
  12. Re: Money to Spend - but Where Thanks guys. I've bid for Jimenez with Inler as a back up option and I'm eyeing Borriello as the best of what's left.
  13. I reckon I've got about £25m to spend... and I want a CM and an F. I've already got big numbers in my squad so I'm after something lesser known and younger with potential - we're also in season 3 so most of the obvious targets have gone. I was going to go for Borriello but he upped to 90 last night which removes him as being cracking signing (although I could still sign him) and Vucinic is the same (and I don't think I'll get him now). So anything around the 88/89 mark with potential to burn would be ideal. Any suggestions?
  14. Knox


    Re: Transfers Apparently "taking up to 24 hours to process" means "any time during the next day" and that I've misinterpreted the rule. And true to previous experience, if you challenge the word of SM (even if you appear to be correct) they close and delete the ticket.....
  15. Knox


    Re: Transfers But it does clearly state that transfers will be completed within 24 hours.... and this one quite clearly wasn't as no transfers were processed in that game yesterday - there was a transfer sat in an ABD state from Friday afternoon until after last night's games which falls well outside of the 24 hour window. And I had the money for my player if the transfers were processed within a 24 hour period. If the rules state "transfers will be completed the next day" then I think your argument holds water. But it doesn't, because this is what the Wiki states:
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