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  1. Re: problem with a double deal You're shafted dude. SM are about as helpful as a canoe on the moon.
  2. Re: Anybody Want My Account? Bravo to SM for acting quickly and suspending my account permanently. Well except you didn't cos I'd handed it over already. Like I say, not bothered as I'm not prepared to play the game any more when SM don't care about anything, but I just wonder what harm me giving someone four months of gold membership free was doing. Oh it doesn't matter that it wasn't, does it? Because SM do what they like and **** the customer. Bye.
  3. Re: Ticket Closed, No Resolution Ach, I just gave my account to someone else. Not my problem any more. Don't see I should give a monkey's chuff if they don't.
  4. Re: Anybody Want My Account? All done. Duncan now has my account. Enjoy! It's been fun for the most part and there are a lot of good guys on here. I bid you all goodbye and good luck.
  5. Re: Anybody Want My Account? Not sure I care! It's yours if you want it Duncan - PM me with the email address you want putting on the account and the password and I'll do it and send you a message when it's done. It's more about giving someone 4 months of gold membership than the teams, if you want to quit the teams feel free... I'll not be caring!
  6. Yes, seriously. Willing to offer my account to anyone that wants it. I'm absolutely sick to the back teeth of SM and their non-interest in customer service, their unwillingness to deal with cheating, their non-proactivity, their desire to make it harder and harder to contact them. I could quit, but the teams are all in good shape and furthermore none of them have ever had any cheating on them that I know of so are all as the result of hard graft and player scouting. 121 days of Gold Management left and currently 25 slots of which only 5 are used. The teams you'd get are: Marseille WC844 - £296m in the bank, 58 players. Star Players: Aguero, Ramos, Chiellini, Nani, Nasri, Modric, Kompany, Marcelo, Neuer. Darlington EC2560 - £8.8m in the bank, 40 players. Star Players: Kompany, Djeko, Hazard, Bale, Khedira, Llorente, Hulk, Neymar, Gotze. Also Moura Lucas, Leandro Damiao and Jordi Alba. Dortmund WC9865 - £967k, 52 players. Star Players: Messi, Van Persie, Aguero, Busquets, Neuer, Sanchez, Hazard, Navas, Hummels. Benfica WC10620 - £80m, 48 players. Star Players: Kompany, Neuer, Suarez, Hazard, Khedira, Neymar, Leandro Damiao. Arsenal WC9527 - £46.7m, 58 players. Star Players: Benzema, Van Persie, Busquets, Nasri, Neuer, Neymar. All sides have got decent youngsters - for instance I think they have all got Emboaba Oscar apart from Darlington. If you're interested, let me know and I'll change the email address and password to anything you want and then the account is all yours. Mate of mine who got me into SM is in all the same setups and is quitting as well for the same reasons. I'm just trying to persuade him to do the same as me instead of just quitting all the teams. Someone may as well have the teams and the Gold Membership and use them.
  7. Re: SM Credits Aye, I was working on recent history where I'm only getting 1 credit a day...
  8. Re: SM Credits Well I don't know about you lot but I'm quite looking forward to getting a free slot for a new team. In 2029......
  9. Hi Anybody else having problems with the above? I raised a perfectly reasonable bug report this afternoon which I at least expected the usual "we've closed this ticket, it's not a bug" response to... but it's just been closed with not even a response.
  10. Re: Stadium Building Is there any way the rules on this can be eased up slightly? I'm in a competitive EC with Darlington and in the last 4 seasons have made at least the top 5 in the Prem and at least the last 4 in Europe with a squad that is tiny. All I seem to do is buy players to sell to buy players that are the same rating but cheaper so that I don't run into debt. My stadium is just over 25,000 yet I am consistently outperforming (and getting nearly full grounds) the likes of Man Utd, Newcastle, Sunderland and Arsenal. I'm not asking for a 75,000 seater stadium, but a few more seats would mean that I'm not constantly having to sell players just to keep things ticking over.
  11. Re: SM Credits If they do that I hope they have more success than when they try and stop people cheating....
  12. Re: SM Credits If only it were.... subtle that is.
  13. Re: SM Credits I've heard of a fantastic way of paying for stuff. It's called CASH. Why muck about with something when it wasn't broken? I'd happily have paid a couple of quid to buy a team. Now I have to buy 875 credits for 5 pounds to allow me to buy a team which then leaves me with 375 credits I have no use for. Absolute madness.
  14. I have a situation in a WC that is not being addressed by the SMFA. The clubs have already been "investigated" by the SMFA so can't be reported again but the cheating is blatant. The Barcelona manager took on Ajax as soon as the game started and bought Van Der Wiel for value and less than other people had offered but this was allowed to go through. Bayern became available, the Ajax manager went to Bayern and sold Lahm... to Barcelona. Within seconds of joining. Since then any bids to Bayern for players receive ridiculous counter offers in order to put people off. Yet Barcelona don't seem to get that attention. I've mailed support@soccermanager.com but have just received this reply: Which basically means "you'll not hear from us" (this is experience, not a guess). So how do you deal with blatant cheating when all of your avenues have been closed off?
  15. Knox

    SMFA block

    Re: SMFA block In two words "You can't". You can try contacting SM but getting a response from them is like getting blood out of a stone.
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