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  1. Re: Benzema or MANDŽUKIĆ Will MANDŽUKIĆ ever rise to 93? I'm about to sell him but if he's likely to rise in the next month then I will hold on to him. p.s. 30mil is a great offer.
  2. I have Gundogan and I don't play him. I am being offered Alaba who would play in my cup team only. Would this be a good deal? I am interested in your short term and long term opinion.
  3. I know ratings increases are more random now but is he likely to get a rise anytime soon? He has played well for Dortmund this year but I don't think he is better than Kroos at Bayern, a 92. I ask because I need to raise funds to buy Xavi and he is one player I am thinking of selling but due to a lots of strength in this position the computer clubs won't offer me much cash.
  4. Re: My Older Players | Xavi, Vidic etc... You give me Xavi and I'll give you a smack in the chops.
  5. Re: My Older Players | Xavi, Vidic etc... Do whatever you like but just don't get Messi and Ronaldo. They can't perform in the same team
  6. Re: Xavi for Kroos How long term do you think Xavi could stay at a higher rating that Kroos?
  7. With Xavi's drop today a manager in my league wants to give me Xavi in exchange for Kroos. What do you guys think? Kroos does not play in my team but I am thinking about the next 2 years. He's also unhappy and at some point my Chairman will probably sell him however he will go to a non human club and I can potentially buy him back at a later date.
  8. Re: Alves for Sanchez, Falcao for Gomez Yeah, good point. In my head I had comparing the two as Falcao was brought in on his departure but he's not a direct replacement and Aguero probably earned his rating on other ways (he had a decent number of assists in 07/08 and 08/09 for starters and probably other factors). Anyway, I'll be making both deals. Thanks to all those who contributed.
  9. Re: Alves for Sanchez, Falcao for Gomez Thanks for the advice guys. I'm surprised you don't think Falcao will rise. I know Athletico placed poorly in La Liga but he was third in the goal scoring charts and scored two in the Europa League final and got man of the match.
  10. hi guys I need advice on two direct swaps I can make... I have Sanchez who can be switched for Dani Alves Sanchez will rise to 93 (and will get better) but Dani Alves will continue to hold 95 (position isn't important here) I have Falcao who can be switched for Gomez (Falcao should rise to 93 next change after winning the UEFA cup but Gomez is already 93 with a slight chance of rising to 94 after Champions league Final and Euro semi). What does everyone think?
  11. Re: Croatia Ah, that explains the 'hahahahaha's which I wasn't getting
  12. Re: Croatia FK Partizan...
  13. I have a couple of player to trade and it seems that the most affordable players fall within the 88/89 price range. Can anyone recommend 88/89 that are likely to rise in the next rating? Grosskreutz is the one I am looking at but could do with a few others. Don't worry about positions I just need a few names.
  14. Re: Pablo Piatti Why? Given factor I mentioned previously.
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