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  1. Re: Squad Sizes

    Did you build that team never going beyond a squad of 50? Is that your team from the very start?

    The last 4 turns I have lost= 2.8m' date=' 2.6m, 2.8m, 2.6m, so in a 10wk transfer ban 'cycle' that's close to 30mil debt I have to deal with before transfers. Maybe an extreme case but to be fair it's not a competitive set-up (my best players are Lucho, Gomez and Robinho and have 24 90 rated players so as you can see I far from have a monopoly on the talent) so the only way I can manufacture a degree of interest in this inactive set-up is through extreme ambition!

    I have undoubtedly got more players than I 'need' in terms of your standards I expect but it is not all about starting XI. I have 233 players to enable me to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester Utd in the transfer market, i.e. players to sell to get me out of debt, players to sell for a decent transfer pot once I'm out of the red and players to use in p/ex for external clubs. Many are transfer banned also atm so I'm kind of in the middle of my 'transfer cycle' this number will reduce hopefully, depending on what risers I pick up when I have funds. You've got your super-star squad, I haven't I'm trying to develop the best possible team I can so I'm further back the development line than you, it's easy for you to say you don't need all these players to sustain your squad but you've got the finished article, so one I'm still trying to improve and build (my team, averages 91-92 and I want to improve this substantially if possible) and two my running costs as a result are much higher. My current stadium capacity is still only 9k also so I suspect you have me beaten there too which further enables you to get by with 50. If you need 50 it's obvious I need far more for my aspirations.

    I don't want to just muddle through, picking up a couple decent players in a season, in such an inactive set-up that would be an absolute bore, it's all about ultimate ambition. I appreciate I'm an extreme case (although again if we were severely capped in what we could do well such set-ups would have EVEN less interest) but even less extreme cases still need greater scope to improve and build a competitive team than just a squad of 50 allows, that is simple.[/quote']

    To be honest, I was not getting at the squad cap issue as I don't agree with a cap of 50 either (I was more astounded by your astronomical wage bill). I'm surprised your stadium capacity is only 9k and if you're in Division 1, I would be questioning SM on that as you should have a capacity of around 20K in any EC in the top division (assuming the likes of Man U, Arsenal, Man C, Liverpool etc haven't all been relegated). If it's a custom gameworld it may be different, but then probably other teams in your gameworld also have lower attendances/capacities presumably (and you all have the same balancing the books challenge).

    I have taken a few teams through the divisions (Bradford, Huddersfield from Div 4, Hereford from Div 5 in a GC) to the top division and I can honestly say I've never needed more than 50-60 players risers or otherwise to make ends meet. I currently have a Bradford (first XI average 93) with Pique, Mascherano, Busquets, Toulalan, L. Gonzalez, Arshavin, Milito, Mata, T.Silva etc etc with a total squad size of 43. Off these 28 form the basis of my first team (24 of them are rated 90+). The other 15 are risers and I make a loss of roughly 1m over 2 turns. Extrapolated over the season it works out to be around 20m give or take. The 15 risers, are sufficient for me to rotate and gain a profit (recoup the 20 million and some) by simply recycling them twice a season with other risers. I haven't factored in prize money and am able to improve my squad season on season (just bought Mascherano). I have a very similar picture with a Huddersfield side. Gate receipts there are 400K less, but I still have managed with a squad size of 72 (at its peak) and the side continues to improve season on season.

    I totally agree with your point, that once in the first division, you should have an equal chance of signing Messi as Chelsea, Arsenal etc. I therefore understand the need for larger squads with lots of risers. But I just feel that currently we can go overboard with the risers. In many cases, it's simply a case that perhaps the appropriate stadium expansion hasn't been applied. I would argue that anyone with a stadium size of around 20K can have a team of Messi, Iniesta etc and still manage without the need for a squad of more than 60-80. Prudent purchase of a few select risers can generate 100 million + quite easily and to be honest, there is enough risers to go around, even in the most competitive of gameworlds.

    PS There are some teams (not saying yours but others I've seen) where managers are buying risers without factoring in the 20 turns wages they will be paying where the profit margin is so small (or they may even be making a loss), it's hardly worth the effort. Add to that, if you have risers all in the same position, their sell-on vlaue will significantly reduce also in many cases. It's better to be more select always in my opinion :)

  2. Re: Squad Sizes

    My understanding is the max. stadium improvement anyone can expect would be the average capacity of your division' date=' so 40k is optimistic, I've never heard of anyone else get such an improvement. You're looking at below 30k still in an English Championship (by all means if anyone has had a different experience, shoot me down :P) So this needs drastic improvement, the whole revenue issue does for smaller teams.

    A squad of 50 will be enough?! [b']Are you serious? I'm losing about 2/3/4mil a turn! (not exactly sure but not less)[/b] That would barely be the tip of the iceberg. I very much doubt that 20 risers would enable a working profit, let alone give me any scope for improving my team (after every transfer cycle I do deals when the TBs are up, by the time I get round to each cycle the first thing I need to do is sell off a number of players just to get even and to enable the submitting of offers as I'm in so much debt. 20 risers, where's the scope?) Such a plan would mean that I doubt I could ever make another transfer again as debts would get unmanageable in the TB time.

    Not sure you've thought that one through...Whilst I maintain a top division Exeter/Shorpe should not be any less likely to sign Messi than a Chelsea, such a course would definitely prevent this. 50 is a ludicrous limit to me.

    Are you sure about that? I have a team currently with:

    1* 98 rated player

    2*97 rated players

    3*96 rated players

    3*95 rated players

    3* 94 rated players

    3*93 rated players

    3*92 rated players

    1*91 rated player

    4*90 rated players

    ...and a whole host of rated 87-89

    So basically 22 players rated 90 or above (2 whole teams in essence) and a first XI essentially of players rated 94 and above. Yet my wages for this side are £1.56m. Most of these are nor risers and are on a wage equivalent to their value. My takings for a home game with my Huddersfield town team are £1.2m. So even if my Huddersfield had the above players (i.e essentially Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ribery, Pique, Vidic, Julio Cesar, Robben, Ferdinand, Rooney and Torres and then a great back up team and reserves), I would basically be losing a maximum of around £1.8m over the basis of two turns (home and away game). All that with almost the ultimate team in this game - the more real position is that I'm highly unlikely to assemble a club with such riches in an EC.

    I would love to know/see this squad with which you are losing 2/3/4m per turn :eek: . Perhaps you have more players than you need?

  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Thanks Smarty' date=' that's really helpful! Oh, what's that? Torres is on transfer ban? Shoot, there's that plan out of the window....! :P[/quote']

    You know me, always trying to help a fellow forumer in need :) . Shame I didn't check the TB situation :o . For what it's worth, you and me are in the same boat then - a decent amount of cash, but always going to lose out in bidding wars (might have a chance if a decent midfielder becomes available however) :D

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    It's even more serious than that! ' date=' I think you should start supporting Man Utd and buy a season ticket! :o[/quote']

    Wash your mouth out with soap young man! :eek::P

    My missus has said that to me on more than one occasion now :( . Off course her weekly allowance has then been cut for weeks as a consequence for committing such a heinous crime. I think she's got the message now :D

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I've been debating for a while now whether to post this or not, but I feel it's time for me to confess :o . I've been to 5 Liverpool games this season and we've lost all of them :( . Was sure I would break my jinx in the West Ham game, but no.

    Should I ban myself from games for the rest of the season? :(

  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    :eek: FA decided to not taken action against Rooney elbow incident' date=' so he can play tomorrow and against Liverpool too hmmm :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D[/quote']

    Makes a mockery of the rule and it's one of those instances where football could take a leaf out of Rugby League rules. Here Clattenburg was left in a position where he either had to admit he did not see it (and hence admit he made a mistake by blowing for the free kick) or make out that he felt he had seen it and his sanction (a word in rooney's ear) was sufficient. He was in a lose-lose situation and went for the easier option (no-one likes admitting they made a mistake and he could argue, albeit worngly, that he had a word with Rooney and this was sufficient). It's either one or the other.

    In Rugby league, however, refs are given a third option where they can admit they did not see the incident, but it's clear something has gone on. They then make a gesture of crossed arms to indicate the incident is on report and a select panel can then make the decision on any punishment after the game. Doesn't interfere with the game and a player who has so obviously done wrong can still be punished retrospectively (only drawback is you'd need cameras on every ground, but in this day and age..). A rule like this acts as a safety net for both the referee and the integrity of the game. Instead we've been left with both the ref and the FA (rulebook) being made to look like a joke.

  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    You knock-out Smartdoc' date=' then tie him up, then chuck acid all over his face. Then what you do is you surgically remove his face, and yours, switch faces and you become the doctor. Seemples B)[/quote']
    That sounds like a plan.

    You guys do know that I'm Hannibal Lecter's apprentice and that I've already done this with the original Smartdoc :eek:

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sterling is in the Europa League squad for Thursday' date=' he is allowed to go because it is half term.[/quote']

    So long as he brings the signed permission slip from his parents :D:o

    But in all seriousness, whilst he got alot of plaudits for his performance in the recent cup tie (and no doubt he looked unstoppable that night), the likes of Coady, Robinson and Suso have been more consistently been putting on displays for the youth team and probably deserve to get some playing time ahead of him. Will echo Ben's post, that it's definitely great to see them integrating with the first team squad.

  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Ach well it was in the news feed anyway so didn't think it was giving away any national secrets to post here' date=' plus with the amount of clubs who had him short-listed i suppose Chelsea will get a hefty price for him anyway.

    [b']Might liven things up even more in the transfer market if folk start selling to raise cash for making a bid on him [/b]:)

    I like that train of thought (one step ahead) :) . Bring on the end-of-season sales :P

  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Hmmmm this is interesting....i wonder if the Chelsea boss even realised this was due to happen as Pogrebnyak was on loan for so long?

    Which begs the question' date=' do we have any moral obligation to not bid on him once he returns from loan (in which case would external not bid on him anyway?), or do we all just circle like vultures and then pounce the second he is recalled or Plymouth return him...? :eek::D[/quote']

    He'll automatically be on the transfer list. As good as the EC106 community is, good luck with asking 79 managers not to bid on a prime target :P . The vultures have already descended half way down from their normal height with just your post alone :D

  11. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Probably the most sensible appointment the club could have made. Certainly out of his depth at Liverpool but if he can bring the defensive organisation he displayed at Fulham along with the uncanny ability to get the most from previously average players like Bobby Zamora' date=' Chris Baird or John Paintsil then he's the best chance we've got. It's worth noting that he's our Head Coach and as such the club's structure should limit his ability to pack the squad full of aging journeyman, criminally average Scandinavians and and other sub-standard signings he'd otherwise eye up. Also good for Appy's development (assuming he stays) to work under such an experienced manager for 18 months.

    And he certainly won't have come cheap (by Albion standards), so I'm pleasantly surprised there. The sort of show of ambition we're unaccustomed to.[/quote']

    Agreed, he could do a good job for you assuming he's shook out the cobwebs from his harrowing experience at 'pool. In many ways there's quite a similarity in the players you have at your club and those at Fulham last year and I wish him and your club well.

    Incidentally, now the dust has settled from Di Matteo's sacking, what's the general feeling amongst the fans. I personally felt he was doing a stirling job and no doubts had steadily improved your playing staff on limited resources. His sacking was even more of a bolt out of the blue for me than Hughton's for Newcastle. And do you think there was some behind the scenes stuff occurred leading to his dismissal?

  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Apparently Manchester United have signed the Belgian David Beckham called Adnan Januzaj age16 from Anderlecht' date=' he will become the [b']highest paid youngest at united by getting 120k a year.[/b]


    By my reckoning that supposed wage will make him almost the highest paid player at the club (only Rio and Rooney earn more?). Either a huge over-exaggeration or the Man United heirarchy have gone bonkers (irrespective of potential) :P

    EDIT: Please ignore this post as I was clearly having a senile moment :o

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Never going to happen' date=' but with our current personnel, I would favour a 3-5-2. 3CBs as I'm not confident that any 2 of the ones we have currently can do the job (leaving one CB to mop up). Any two of Kelly/Johnson/Aurelio bombing up and down the wings whilst providing cover at the back. Lucas and Gerrard playing a more disciplined role in MF and providing cover for the wing backs when they're up field and Mereiles given a freer role to feed balls to the front two or spread the play to the flanks.[/quote']

    Posted at the end of the transfer window. Just call me Dalglish? :eek::P

    Although, I did qualify that by thinking I doubt it would happen, it made sense to play this way with our current resources and when you consider that our 3 best crossers of the ball (bar Gerrard) are our fullbacks arguably. Not exactly how we've lined up but pretty close and it's clear we're looking more solid and more threatening going forward.

    Need to keep up the momentum with our next two games against relegation threatened sides and could really be back in the mix if we manage to do so before we welcome the old enemy.

  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Wow' date=' I heard times are tough and inflation is on the up, but that is ridiculous :D

    Anyway Stu, shouldn't you be due on the Chelsea thread some time soon posting why the Torres signing was not ideal for Chelsea becuase Torres likes to play up front by himself and Torres, Drogba, Anelka will never work. I've been waiting with baited breath all day :P(obviously not really)

  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    That is why I said we need to buy wingers in the summer' date=' what with our present wingers being mediocre. Please bare in mind Carroll is good with his feet too.

    My proposed formation gives the wing backs full licence to attack and provide crosses. IE. Johnson and Aurelio will be getting forward constantly - hence why we have more holding midfielders to cover the space. :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Never going to happen, but with our current personnel, I would favour a 3-5-2. 3CBs as I'm not confident that any 2 of the ones we have currently can do the job (leaving one CB to mop up). Any two of Kelly/Johnson/Aurelio bombing up and down the wings whilst providing cover at the back. Lucas and Gerrard playing a more disciplined role in MF and providing cover for the wing backs when they're up field and Mereiles given a freer role to feed balls to the front two or spread the play to the flanks.

    Like I said, never going to happen and is a bygone formation certainly in the EPL and I suspect a 4-1-3-2 (similar to your suggestion) is going to be the way we play.

  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Yeah on the downside tho' date=' Torres & Drogba :eek: imagine games when both are even near there best......[/quote']

    That is a truely scary thought...but then again something tells me Drogba isn't going to be around for much longer at Chelsea (for a number of reasons) :eek:

  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I don't really hate Torres at all and wish him well. Admittedly he has broken some of his claims, but he has served the club well generally. I pity him in some ways, as he will come to the realisation some time in the future that he has just left the best club in the world.

    The transfer fee issue aside (still got my jaw wide open), I am really excited about our new strike partnership. If they realise their potential, they could be the most deadly strike duo in the EPL in 1-2 seasons time. Let's hope Torres will soon be forgotten. But I'm hoping a number of knock-on positives from yesterday's saga will also materialise:

    1. For the first time in years we've shown we're prepared to compete in the transfer market (albeit the case was essentially that from the Torres transfer). No doubt players around the world will have had their eyes opened that Liverpool is not just a place for bargain buys or lacking ambition

    2. The negative tactics employed by us in recent times are surely going to be a thing of the past. All our best players are in attack and surely this will be the emphasis from now on. No more going to places like Fulham away being content with a clean sheet.

    3. All our best sides through the 80s and early 90s always had 2 great strikers. Can't think of a better omen than to possibly push us back towards the glory days.

    Disappointed Torres left - yes

    Disappointed at the huge fee we had to pay - yes

    Despondent about our future - Not at all - can't wait to see our new strike duo in tandem :)

  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Ridiculous sum of money for me. But surely you guys are happy with the ambition ?

    Absolutely! To think we can spend perhaps all of the money we're getting for Torres (if Adam also agrees to sign) is a refreshing surprise. I agree with Pete, that if he realises his potential and continues his growth, as well as curbing his off-field shenanigans, the world is his oyster. 35 million at the moment looks preposterous (still can't get my head around it) and will no doubt have opposition fans laughing at us, but if he realises his potential he will be a great Liverpool player. He's perfectly set-up for EPL football and I happily welcome him at the club (if not his price tag).

  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I can now see what's happening - bear with me on this one...please

    Torres on way to Chelsea for £50mill

    Carroll on way to Liverpool £35mill

    Carroll can be used as a target man - yes?

    Perfect for when Big Sam gets the Liverpool job at the end of the season - he will also have a spare £15 mill to spend on the likes of Samba or similar.

    It all makes sense when you open your eyes


    You and me are going to have a serious falling out in a minute - consider this your second strike :mad::eek:

  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Bacon Face = SAF


    PS I do rate Carroll - he has everything to be a GREAT striker - but Newcastle are ripping you guys off

    My day was going bad enough as it is and now you have to go and plaster his face all over our thread :( . Have you no shame Ian? Do you not think we are suffering enough already? :mad::P:o

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