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  1. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Apologies to steve025 who must have been wondering what happened to his interview having sent it to me a month ago :o . A member who posts predominantly runs successful EC sides on SM and is usually up for some banter, here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support Preston North End and have done since i could understand football really. My Nan took me on my first game when i was about 8 years old and it just grew from there really.

    Why do you follow this team?

    I was born a stones throw away from the ground and grew up in Leyland which is just outside of Preston so they are my local side. Neither of my parents liked football that much so it was left to my Nan who has supported Preston for 60 odd years to show me the way. She used to take me on all the time and i have her to thank for bringing me up the right way lol.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Current - Andrés Iniesta. The Spanish wizard is just simply one of the best players on earth at the minute i love watching him an all round midfield player even had the pleasure of seeing him live when England played Spain a few years back at Old Trafford he scored a truly unbelievable goal. England lost 1-0 but he left a lasting impression on me and i would love to see him play in the premier league someday.

    All Time - Peter Schmeichel. The great Dane is one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time he was a big guy but was so agile and could throw his big frame in the way of anything United struggled for years to find a replacement when he left.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Preston vs Birmingham playoff semi final at Deepdale in 2001. The greatest night i have ever experienced whilst watching Preston. We got beat 1-0 at St Andrews in the first leg. David Healy scored for Preston to level it up then Birmingham regained the lead and just when it looked like Birmingham were going to the final up popped Mark Rankine in the 90th minute to score for PNE and take the game into extra time Deepdale was bouncing.

    The game went to pens after extra time were Brum manager Trevor Francis kicked off big time because the pens were to be taken at the kop end were our fans were he even took his players off the pitch in protest before returning. That seemed to unsettle Brum as this missed their first 2 pens we scored our first 3 then missed the 4th so it was 3-3 going into the last pen. Local boy Paul Mckenna stepped up and slotted it just underneath the keeper.

    Deepdale erupted like never before cue the mass pitch invasion celebrating with the players it was fairytale stuff. Unfortunately we got beat off Bolton in the final 3-0 but that game will stay with me forever very happy days.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    Has to be my Preston side in EC5905. Took them over in the first ever season didn't really spend that much money at got to the playoffs were i beat Boro in the final. Built a fantastic side for Division 1 and my first season in that division saw me finish 4th. I am currently 5th in division 1 after 17 games this season.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Getting my Preston side in 5905 promoted at the first attempt without ever spending a huge amount of money.Then to finish 4th in the top division was fantastic.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    Likes - Scouting for players is rewarding. And the real life ratings system makes the game a lot better than many of it's competitors. And also competing against other managers.

    Dislikes - The loan system (Think we should be allowed more than 3). The amount of time it is now taking for results to come in they seem to be getting later and later every week.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Enjoy spending time with my family. Watching films. playing on the Xbox. watching boxing and UFC. Also enjoy reading from time to time.

    What sort of music do you like?

    I enjoy a variety of music these days. I worked at Butlins as a stage lighting technician a few years back and grew to enjoy all different taste. Particular favorites are Eminem,The Verve,Coldplay and currently Chase and Status. whilst i do own a lot of soul and motown cd's.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    Ron Jeremy :D only kidding. If i could pick one it has to be James Bond the guy has never aged despite being around for years and has pulled some right stunners in his time.

    Who is your ideal date? celebrity - a link to a picture of him/her preferrable but not essential


    Kelly Brook - She is stunning always had a bit of a crush on her ever since my teenage days lol

    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    I am a Customer Service assistant is a well known store whilst i complete my NVQ. In 5 years time i hope to be doing a job i actually enjoy something in face to face sales would be up my street i enjoy dealing with people and some say i have the gift of the gab so i think i could make some serious cash :D.

    Whilst you are known amongst the crowds in some of the popular ECs, others may not know too much about you. What sort of person are you?

    I like to think of myself as a family man i have a wife and two step children and i spend most of my spare time with them. I am approachable and up for a laugh. I am not confrontational and i hate arguments and will go out of my way to please anybody.

    What were your feelings on Darren Ferguson's tenure as manager and also the withdrawal of loan players after his sacking?

    Darren's reign at Preston turned out to be a disaster if truth be told. I felt sorry for him in a way as when the club was issued with a winding up order any plans he had were ripped apart and the job was just a little to big for him considering he really didn't have that much experience at Championship level. I thought he should have gone a month earlier to give the new manager more time in the transfer market

    The loan players going back was a joke and made Sir Alex and his chum Pulis look a little bit silly throwing the toys out of the pram but it was inevitable. however in doing that it gave Phil Brown the chance to bring his own men in and could it could be a blessing is disguise (I hope) lol

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    For a healthy and Wealthy life for me and my family.

    As a Preston fan, do you have any favourite story's that fellow older fans tell you about the good old days and do you have any genuine hope of emulating those days?

    My Nan has shared some tales with me from her younger days. Her favorite being the 1954 FA Cup final were Preston played West Brom. She said it felt like most of Preston were on their way to Wembley that day. The baggies won the final 3-2 getting the winner in the 87th minute. Also hear many tales about Sir Tom Finney who is a true Preston legend.

    On Emulating them i would like to think so maybe one day. We are a million miles away at the minute and look like we will be relegated to League 1 i just hope that we can galvanize the fans like Leeds and Norwich have done in the past and come back stronger. Us Preston fans have been spoilt in the last decade with some great times and what we are currently going through is very tough in football terms.

    So a Preston NE man through and through and very much a family man. Also hoping his conversational skills will earn him some good money in the future :)

    Unfortunately, time commitments mean I will be handing on the reins to another forumer, who will I'm sure be able to do a better job. Humble apologies to those few who I promised an interview to, your names will be sent to the forumer taking on the interviewing mantle. I'm sure the person taking over will be posting on here very soon :)

  2. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    I personally feel it's a very poor decision and the ICC have shown their true colours. For years they have been claiming they want the sport to be more global and spread the sport, but this is totally an opposite step. I'll admit at the start of the tournament, I felt the world cup was too long, the format of two groups of 7 was too much and that I felt their would be too mant one-sided contests. But, I was well and truely proven wrong.

    Barring Kenya, all the associates put up good performances. Canada certainly ruffled Pakistan and Australia's feathers. We all know what Ireland did and Netherlands were just short on a couple of occasions too. Add to all that the fact that arguably the strongest associate side of all (in recent times), Afghanistan, were not there (i think there associate status was not confirmed before the associates qualifiers), I think the associates have come on leaps and bounds. Excluding them is outrageous. There could quite easily have been a pre-tournament qualifying period (as has been suggested for 2019). Even if the money gods wanted to ensure that the likes of India, Australia, etc definitely made it, they could have said the top 4 or 6 automatically qualify (maybe through their ICC rankings) and then the others go into 2 qualifying groups of 5 and 2 from each group go through from a pre-main event tournament. Isolating the associates for 9 years to fend for themselves was definitely not the way to go :(

  3. Re: Constant Blocking of transfers by SMFA

    Didn't really want to get into this as we all know what the result of the poll is going to be obvious :) . But should probably justify my yes.

    The suggestion that cheating is rife in SM due to the existence of the SMFA is preposterous. While most would readily accept that the ability to report cheating has been compromised somewhat by recent changes and some may be getting away with it, cheating would be 100-fold more if the SMFA wasn't there. The problem in this instance is the reporting system not the SMFA. Removing the SMFA will mean 100 times more reports of cheating in an already stretched reporting system and the problem will just intensify.

    The only really excellent point (in my opinion) I've seen on here, is Simon's point on chairman values (which others have then re-iterated). If a CV bid is not going to be enough to satisfy the SMFA then it should be raised to a level that would be acceptable. Such a proposal would, however, maen that all CVs will have to be increased (especially at the top end) and this would then result in the prices being paid for external transfers also increasing. Most I guess would be against this, but I don't necessarily see it as a negative.

    The fact is that the SMFA I guess stops 1000s of cheating transfers every week, be it multiple accounts, 'mates rates' etc etc. The place it perhaps falls down is mainly on multi-transfers where several players are switching from one team to the other and vice versa. Be these single transfers or three separate transactions. SM should be happy to entertain helpful suggestions to tackle this issue and I'm sure they are contrary to some of the suggestions on here. They should, however, as the questions in poll asks, continue to use the SMFA to block the many dodgy transfers that many of the wider community and the devious amongst us try (yes we do have cheaters or rule-benders and stretchers who are forumers too :eek:) and I would be firmly against a switching off of the SMFA as cheating will then increase exponentially and there's no way SM would be able to cope with the increased number of reports.

  4. Re: Squad Value

    Yes, it's quite normal. If you purchase a better player for any specific position, then the value of all the other players in that position drops e.g If you buy a 94 rated RB and had 3 RBs already in the squad, the value of these 3 RBs will drop. This is perhaps an over-simplification and things get more complicated where you have two positions for example RB/CB, but it gives an idea of how squad values can fluctuate with players brought in :)

  5. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Have to say Bangladesh deserve it as they played the better cricket for 90% of the match. England have plenty to be embarassed about. The batting as a whole (thank goodness for Trott and the returning Morgan), the number of wides, Swann's moaning about the wet ball and his clash with the umpires, Anderson yet again is not the same man in ODIs as he is in test cricket etc etc. And how they could lose after having Bandladesh 169-8?

    Certainly have been the best team to follow in the World Cup in terms of drama, however...

  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Incredible from Ross Taylor who has been incredibly out of sorts in the last few months. I still don't see what New Zealand see in James Franklin at 5.

    I've been saying this for a year or so now' date=' Kamran Akmal has to be in there fro his batting. His keeping is pathetic.[/quote']

    As far as I can see Franklin can't bat and he can't bowl. If I could choose a bowler from international cricket to face needing to score 24 runs in an over, I'd choose Franklin :P

    Can't agree on the Kamran Akmal point either. The drop yesterday cost 120 runs - New Zealand won by less than that. His batting hasn't been anything spectacular recently either and he has a tendancy to give his wicket away with a rash shot. Pakistan are better off betting a specialist keeper in even if he can't bat. You can't go on giving top order batsmen lives as they will inevitably punish you, just like Taylor did yesterday.

  7. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Crazy game in Pallekelle today. New Zealand scored 92 runs in the last 4 overs :eek: . That's 92 runs in 24 balls. I've never even managed that in stick Cricket! Ross Taylor did most of the damage and looks like the only 100% record in the World Cup will go today.

    The highlights tonight will certainly be worth watching :P

    EDIT: Broad out of the world cup - huge blow :(

  8. Re: Soon, i shall be gone...

    I hope you can change your mind, as you speak your mind and give a different perspective to any topic you post. Always thought provoking, even if other people can't always understand your logic. I always appreciate your contributions and you've certainly made me sit up and re-assess my thinking on more than one occasion. All the best, whatever you decide :)

  9. Re: Squad Sizes

    Did you build that team never going beyond a squad of 50? Is that your team from the very start?

    The last 4 turns I have lost= 2.8m' date=' 2.6m, 2.8m, 2.6m, so in a 10wk transfer ban 'cycle' that's close to 30mil debt I have to deal with before transfers. Maybe an extreme case but to be fair it's not a competitive set-up (my best players are Lucho, Gomez and Robinho and have 24 90 rated players so as you can see I far from have a monopoly on the talent) so the only way I can manufacture a degree of interest in this inactive set-up is through extreme ambition!

    I have undoubtedly got more players than I 'need' in terms of your standards I expect but it is not all about starting XI. I have 233 players to enable me to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester Utd in the transfer market, i.e. players to sell to get me out of debt, players to sell for a decent transfer pot once I'm out of the red and players to use in p/ex for external clubs. Many are transfer banned also atm so I'm kind of in the middle of my 'transfer cycle' this number will reduce hopefully, depending on what risers I pick up when I have funds. You've got your super-star squad, I haven't I'm trying to develop the best possible team I can so I'm further back the development line than you, it's easy for you to say you don't need all these players to sustain your squad but you've got the finished article, so one I'm still trying to improve and build (my team, averages 91-92 and I want to improve this substantially if possible) and two my running costs as a result are much higher. My current stadium capacity is still only 9k also so I suspect you have me beaten there too which further enables you to get by with 50. If you need 50 it's obvious I need far more for my aspirations.

    I don't want to just muddle through, picking up a couple decent players in a season, in such an inactive set-up that would be an absolute bore, it's all about ultimate ambition. I appreciate I'm an extreme case (although again if we were severely capped in what we could do well such set-ups would have EVEN less interest) but even less extreme cases still need greater scope to improve and build a competitive team than just a squad of 50 allows, that is simple.[/quote']

    To be honest, I was not getting at the squad cap issue as I don't agree with a cap of 50 either (I was more astounded by your astronomical wage bill). I'm surprised your stadium capacity is only 9k and if you're in Division 1, I would be questioning SM on that as you should have a capacity of around 20K in any EC in the top division (assuming the likes of Man U, Arsenal, Man C, Liverpool etc haven't all been relegated). If it's a custom gameworld it may be different, but then probably other teams in your gameworld also have lower attendances/capacities presumably (and you all have the same balancing the books challenge).

    I have taken a few teams through the divisions (Bradford, Huddersfield from Div 4, Hereford from Div 5 in a GC) to the top division and I can honestly say I've never needed more than 50-60 players risers or otherwise to make ends meet. I currently have a Bradford (first XI average 93) with Pique, Mascherano, Busquets, Toulalan, L. Gonzalez, Arshavin, Milito, Mata, T.Silva etc etc with a total squad size of 43. Off these 28 form the basis of my first team (24 of them are rated 90+). The other 15 are risers and I make a loss of roughly 1m over 2 turns. Extrapolated over the season it works out to be around 20m give or take. The 15 risers, are sufficient for me to rotate and gain a profit (recoup the 20 million and some) by simply recycling them twice a season with other risers. I haven't factored in prize money and am able to improve my squad season on season (just bought Mascherano). I have a very similar picture with a Huddersfield side. Gate receipts there are 400K less, but I still have managed with a squad size of 72 (at its peak) and the side continues to improve season on season.

    I totally agree with your point, that once in the first division, you should have an equal chance of signing Messi as Chelsea, Arsenal etc. I therefore understand the need for larger squads with lots of risers. But I just feel that currently we can go overboard with the risers. In many cases, it's simply a case that perhaps the appropriate stadium expansion hasn't been applied. I would argue that anyone with a stadium size of around 20K can have a team of Messi, Iniesta etc and still manage without the need for a squad of more than 60-80. Prudent purchase of a few select risers can generate 100 million + quite easily and to be honest, there is enough risers to go around, even in the most competitive of gameworlds.

    PS There are some teams (not saying yours but others I've seen) where managers are buying risers without factoring in the 20 turns wages they will be paying where the profit margin is so small (or they may even be making a loss), it's hardly worth the effort. Add to that, if you have risers all in the same position, their sell-on vlaue will significantly reduce also in many cases. It's better to be more select always in my opinion :)

  10. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Embarrassing for Bangladesh.. all out for 58 and Siddique got 25 of them!

    West Indies team bus stoned by Bangladesh supporters after the game also :rolleyes:

    Pathetic performance by the Bangladeshi players, but their supporters have behaved even more pathetically. Stoning is unacceptable full stop, but if you really want to take your anger out on someone, maybe it would have been better to take it out on your own players for that woeful showing :rolleyes:

    West Indies are beginning to look a little menacing now with Roach on fire and Benn bowling great. Also yet to see Gayle really explode. England might need to win that game to ensure qualification :o

  11. Re: Squad Sizes

    My understanding is the max. stadium improvement anyone can expect would be the average capacity of your division' date=' so 40k is optimistic, I've never heard of anyone else get such an improvement. You're looking at below 30k still in an English Championship (by all means if anyone has had a different experience, shoot me down :P) So this needs drastic improvement, the whole revenue issue does for smaller teams.

    A squad of 50 will be enough?! [b']Are you serious? I'm losing about 2/3/4mil a turn! (not exactly sure but not less)[/b] That would barely be the tip of the iceberg. I very much doubt that 20 risers would enable a working profit, let alone give me any scope for improving my team (after every transfer cycle I do deals when the TBs are up, by the time I get round to each cycle the first thing I need to do is sell off a number of players just to get even and to enable the submitting of offers as I'm in so much debt. 20 risers, where's the scope?) Such a plan would mean that I doubt I could ever make another transfer again as debts would get unmanageable in the TB time.

    Not sure you've thought that one through...Whilst I maintain a top division Exeter/Shorpe should not be any less likely to sign Messi than a Chelsea, such a course would definitely prevent this. 50 is a ludicrous limit to me.

    Are you sure about that? I have a team currently with:

    1* 98 rated player

    2*97 rated players

    3*96 rated players

    3*95 rated players

    3* 94 rated players

    3*93 rated players

    3*92 rated players

    1*91 rated player

    4*90 rated players

    ...and a whole host of rated 87-89

    So basically 22 players rated 90 or above (2 whole teams in essence) and a first XI essentially of players rated 94 and above. Yet my wages for this side are £1.56m. Most of these are nor risers and are on a wage equivalent to their value. My takings for a home game with my Huddersfield town team are £1.2m. So even if my Huddersfield had the above players (i.e essentially Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ribery, Pique, Vidic, Julio Cesar, Robben, Ferdinand, Rooney and Torres and then a great back up team and reserves), I would basically be losing a maximum of around £1.8m over the basis of two turns (home and away game). All that with almost the ultimate team in this game - the more real position is that I'm highly unlikely to assemble a club with such riches in an EC.

    I would love to know/see this squad with which you are losing 2/3/4m per turn :eek: . Perhaps you have more players than you need?

  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Thanks Smarty' date=' that's really helpful! Oh, what's that? Torres is on transfer ban? Shoot, there's that plan out of the window....! :P[/quote']

    You know me, always trying to help a fellow forumer in need :) . Shame I didn't check the TB situation :o . For what it's worth, you and me are in the same boat then - a decent amount of cash, but always going to lose out in bidding wars (might have a chance if a decent midfielder becomes available however) :D

  13. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    The main problem now is the run rate' date=' if at the end of the group we're joint 4th, our run rate will see us go out. Everyone else is likely to win very easily against at least 1 of Ireland & Netherlands.


    And Bopara has to play every game from now on.[/quote']

    I'm not sure it'll come to that to be honest. Even if England lose to South Africa, so long as they can beat the Windies and Bangladesh, it'll give us 7pts which will be enough. Let's hope we don't screw those matches up like we did this one by the way. The only problem is a Quarter final against Australia will likely await us.

  14. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    England getting pelted all around the ground by Kevin O'Brien (who's on course for the fastest century in World cup history) and in real danger of losing to Ireland :eek:

    PS This was my best attempt at giving the commentators curse to O'Brien. God knows England need it.

  15. With the season nearing a climax, the usual excitement at the top and bottom of the table is well underway with clubs trying to qulify for Europe whilst others avoid the dreaded drop. But has this season been like other seasons in terms of excitement and quality. Has it been better than usual or worse than usual? Some things to consider when making your point/decision:

    - Man U's fantastic unbeaten run from the start of the season until their defeat to Wolves - a sign of their continued excellence or more an indication of how poor other teams have been?

    - On course to be the highest premier league scoring season ever (extrapolating current scoring rates, we will beat the 1999/2000 record of 1060 goals) - better attacking play and formations or a sign of poorer defences and more drubbings for the lowly teams?

    - Several of the EPLs leading lights (from previous seasons) in poor form this year - could include Drogba, Rooney, Torres and a whole host of other names - more quality in defences or better laid out plans by managers to counter-act them or just poor form?

    - More teams at the bottom of the table getting results and victories against teams at the top - the gap closing due to quality signings made by clubs lower down the table (as a result of EPL money) or inconsistent form for most teams in the league?

    - The tightness at the bottom of the table - is it a case of the clubs being as good as each other or as bad as each other?

    - The number of draws - 83 already and looks set to be another record broken - are clubs more afraid to lose and less inclined to go out and chase the win? Are clubs taking the lead sitting back too much on their slender lead?

    - Overall quality of player and are they performing to their full potential? With the amount of sponsorship money and other monies in the EPL, are we seeing the best players coming to this league accross the teams and are they performing or are we seeing more and more mercenaries here to make a quick buck? Has the overall standard improved?

    - Is there any outstanding candidates for player of the year and young player of the year? Is it too close to call becuase no-one has been consistent enough?

    I have friends who say this has been the best EPL season ever, because it seems any team could beat any other on it's day, the closeness of some parts of the league, the amount of goals and different players shining. Others say the opposite for exactly the same reasons and add that teams are too frightened to lose. What do you think?

    PS Try to look at the league as a whole and not focus on your own teams form :)

  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    It's even more serious than that! ' date=' I think you should start supporting Man Utd and buy a season ticket! :o[/quote']

    Wash your mouth out with soap young man! :eek::P

    My missus has said that to me on more than one occasion now :( . Off course her weekly allowance has then been cut for weeks as a consequence for committing such a heinous crime. I think she's got the message now :D

  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I've been debating for a while now whether to post this or not, but I feel it's time for me to confess :o . I've been to 5 Liverpool games this season and we've lost all of them :( . Was sure I would break my jinx in the West Ham game, but no.

    Should I ban myself from games for the rest of the season? :(

  18. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



    Jubilation in Sheffield as the Blades qualifying for the European champions league for the first time in their history

    Chairman Christopher Steer could barely control his emotions as he saw his club qualify for the champions league for the first time in their history. Having finished in 11th last year and with a lack of ambition being mooted by various sections of the Blades faithful following the inability to bring in any new players, the turnaround has been one of the biggest surprises in this EPL season. A 2-1 triumph at Anfield in the penultimate game of the season confirmed the Blades position in the top four and ensured that Brammall Lane will be seeing some of Europe's giants coming to the Lane in the World's premier competition. A clearly buoyant Steer went on to say:

    I'm absolutely delighted for the club, the players, the backroom staff and most of all the fans. We've been through some testing times, but this really makes up for all of it. There were questions asked when we appointed Smartdoc as manager and more questions asked when we couldn't get in our identified targets at the start of this season, but surely all those questions are now gone. I told Smarty as the start of the season that we should aim to get into the SMFA shield. We actually had a bet going that if he got us into Europe I'd donate a set sum to his favourite charity and he'd do the same if he didn't for my charity. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine us going one step further. It's fantastic for the club and the city as a whole. I can't praise the backroom staff and the playing staff enough. But enough of my babbling, this day belongs to the fans.


    Steer keeping to his word and paying up at the celebration cermony arranged at Brammal Lane after the victory over Liverpool

    The fans turned up in numbers at the especially organised celebration arranged at the Lane in the aftermath of the victory which secured the qualification. The event understandably was jovial and well-natured and the players spent several minutes taking pictures with the fans and signing autographs. Some of the players even got involved in some of the 5-a-side mini-matches arranged as part of the event on the Brammall Lane pitch which is due to be relaid at the end of the season. Supporter's club spokesman, Sam Stirling spoke about the event:

    It's been a terrific season and a terrific day for the club. We haven't had a lot to smile about in recent times and all atthe club have made us proud. I've just been speaking to Johnny, over there, the club's oldest supporter and the only one of us who was around for our last FA cup triumph in 1925. He says this beats anything that the club did back in the day. We don't deny we had our doubts when Smartdoc was appointed. We'd heard Brian Deane was keen to take on the job and most of us would have preferred him to have come in. But there's no doubt he's won us over. He's got the player's playing the sort of attacking game and it's clear he's getting the best out of them. The likes of Gignac and Marcelo have suddenly starting performing at a level we certainly hadn't seen before. And we've got a message for the FA as well - stay away from our manager. He's a bonafide Blade now and you keep your dirty mitts off him.


    The fans enjoying the day's festivities including the 5-a-side games that the players got involved in

    Manager Smartdoc, who has been said to be keeping a low profile following recent murmurings about his role in what is now being labelled Fitz-gate made an appearance late in the day and perhaps got the loudest cheer of the day. The normally media-shy man has in recent times had to get used to the publicity and the media following his every move, mainly praised his players for the memorable season

    i've said ever since I came here that we have a great set of lads here. We may not have the riches that league champions Arsenal or the big clubs like Liverpool or Manchester United have, but we have a collective spirit which is second to none. The players enjoy each other's company on and off the field and we have no primadonnas. We run a strict disciplinary policy instilled by our chairman and you won't find any of our player's in the beds of other's wives, getting involved in bar brawls or getting themselves drunk in to a stupor before or after games. The club ethic has got us to where we are and it's clearly paying dividends. We'll be looking to push on, but I really want to try and keep this squad together for as long as possible. We already are getting enquiries both domestically and abroad for several of our squad, but the chairman knows we want to keep this squad and he's actively backing us. These lads got us to where we are and they deserve to get their chance against the big boys of Europe.

    Smartdoc, however, then refused to discuss any questions about his role with the England squad and about his good friend Sean Fitzpatrick by responding 'No comment' to any questions on these matters and instead choosing to refocus the questions towards the enjoyment of the Blades big day. His coyness would no doubt have only added to the considerable speculation about the ins and outs of Fitz-gate, but an unfazed Smartdoc is clearly beginning to come to terms with his suden rise to fame over the past season. Both the fortunes and worth of the club and the manager are on the up.

  19. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Was sitting there thinking whos this Powell.. lol

    Will be watching the highlights for that match just because of Pollard's Innings;)

    Doh! :o:P

    That's what happens when you try and post mid-work and stay up-to-date with the cricket - was seeing a certain Miss Powell at the time. But now sure how I could confuse the two (you would know what I mean if you saw her :D)

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