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  1. Re: The Platinum Championship. I know, was just trying to wind you up To be fair, I love the whole concept (but have my doubts as to whether it will come to fruition). Some points which may need to be considered: - Would you propose a gameworld with just one world league with multiple divisions (potentially Div 1 - Div 10 if there was enough interest) or the same sort of country-based leagues and divisions in the current GC. Leaving it as it is, you may find that an imbalance with the level of competition in some leagues e.g if you chose to manage Sao Paulo in Brazil and the other Brazil
  2. Re: The Platinum Championship. Presumably, if members chose to manage Barcelona, Man U etc (all the better sides with the best players), then Messi, Vidic, Ronaldo etc would have to be free agents anyway. You'd probably end up with 90% of the most desirable players as free agents. I'll come back with more points to discuss later once I'm out of morning surgery
  3. Re: Official Cricket Thread And well played Sharma too. At 120 odd for 8 it looked like just a matter of time before the Aussies wrapped it up. Just shows how far India have come, because around 2-3 years ago, I highly doubt they would have had the resolve to get the victory from that perilous position. Great game which shows why these two sides are clearly the best Test nations around at the moment.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Personally speaking I thought this game was crying out for a 4-4-2 or even a 3-5-2 (with our lack of full backs). We're basically looking toothless with an out-of-form misfiring Torres up front and it's clear to see that having N'Gog up front alongside him (regardless of what people feel about his level of ability) would take some of the burden off him (albeit not a great deal). What better opportunity would we have had to blood one of our promising youngsters at LB (Mavinga/Robinson) than a game against arguably one of the weakest sides in the league? Ok, perh
  5. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. A 4-2 defeat in the last game of the season confirmed my worst ever season in my 3 years on SM in any league (Won 6, Drew 5, Lost 7) . Even worse news, David N'Gog somehow manages to score 4 for champions Leicester in the last game of the season to deprive Victor Obinna the golden boot in Div 2. Only saving grace was that despite my horrific 2nd half of the season, I managed to escape releagation by the skin of my teeth - back to the drawing board for me and a total squad makeover due! PS Got 516K for finishing 7th in Div 2
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's the spirit! Wish for your own players to get injured when you already have a threadbare squad!
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Against Man City, where we should have played two holding midfielders to negate their attacks, we played a more attacking formation and were hammered. Against Birmingham, where we should have played more creative midfielders to break down what is traditionally a stubborn defence (particularly at home), we played two holding midfielders and a centre line devoid of creativity Is this Roy Hodgson an imposter? Where is the one I heard such rave reviews about last year. The one who many on this forum regard as a very good manager and a great tactician. I've been le
  8. Re: 3D - A new era or just a gimmick?
  9. 3D has been launched a while back now with promises of a totally new way of viewing football/entertainment. You are supposed to feel as though you are almost there at the event and are part of the action. I've watched a couple of films now and a few footie matches and must say Ihave left largely disappointed. Considering I paid almost 2.5 times as much as I would have watching the movie in a normal cinema, I felt I had been conned. Gave it a second chance with a different film and it was no better. Similarly with the footie games, I saw no real difference whatsoever other than feeling like a
  10. Re: The One 2010 Stifler = CFR Cluj AsianInvasian = Wolverhampton Wanderers John Simpson = Sparta Praha Gozzy = RC Lens Germ = IFK Gotenburg Dai = FC KĂžbenhavn Mr.Adamski = 1. FC Kaiserslautern Allan-NI = Rosario Central Insider = OGC Nice Sonofpluto = Dinamo Zagreb Michael Flounders = Tigres drseanfitz = Atletico Paranaese Radebe20 = Independiente Kensational = Colo Colo almigthy_wiggles = 1. FSV Mainz 05 Roman Pavlovich = Nagoya Grampus Smartdoc = Leeds United GeorgeECFC Matty-avfc Col lufc
  11. Re: Forum Improvement | Rep Overhaul Rep has always been a feature which has been fascinating to me in as much as how much people value it. There are some who will not pay any credence to it, whilst there are others who will view it as an indication of someone to look up to or as a level to aspire to. The problem is, the rep system has never been fair in my opinion, is impossible to police and certainly it would be difficult to justify it being a true representation of what it is intended to be. A few examples of where the rep system can be abused/is flawed: - The quickest way to gain rep in
  12. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejecting Arsenal in GC7. Fabregas, Silva, Robben, Rossi amongst others.
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread sheffield chronicle Blades maintain 100% start under new man Novice manager Smartdoc is begining to win over the most sceptical of fans as United triumphed away to the Saints. The victory made it 9 points out of 9 and even Smartdoc was quick to concede that the start had exceeded his expectations Smartdoc was quick to emphasise that the job was only half done and that while they club were moving away from the perilous bottom 3 positions, there is no place for complacency. "It's fair to say the honeymoon period may well soon be
  14. Re: Good U21 Center-Back He started Everton's last game versus Villa and was only taken off late on. I expect him to get plenty of playing time this year, particulalry as Yobo has gone on loan. I'm sure he'll get lots of games in midfield and also some at the back when the first choice CBs are out. There seems to be a reluctance from Moyes to use him at the back currently, due to his inexperience, but many pundits predict he will be a regular England CB in the future.
  15. Re: Official Manchester City Thread No matter what people go on to say about Robinho and his tenure at Man C, he remains the transfer which showed thew world that Man C were serious in their intentions. I'd dare say Man C would not have the squad they have now if they hadn't managed the coup of signing him when they did. Even if he didn't play to his full potential with Man C and they made a loss on him, in many respects he has already served a more valuable purpose for Man C, in enabling them to attract the calibre of player they now have on their books.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The move is looking likelier by the minute . Possibility that it may involve Babel going the other way. Will be utterly disappointed, when it was glaringly obvious we were lacking a forward throughout last season, if Carlton Cole is the best we could do
  17. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread sheffield chronicle New gaffer promises to bring back the good times back In what was a very low key affair, Sheffield United this week revealed the man charged with reviving the fortunes of the ailing club. Mr. Smartdoc, a relative unkown, was selected from a very scant shortlist as the Blades third manager in as many seasons. Despite some puzzling looks from onlooking fans, the new gaffer looked composed and eloquent as he spoke to the journalists about his intentions for the club The onlooking fans seemingly more impress
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