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  1. Re: SMEL Drafting thread After Tom's grand unveiling of his latest wonderkid , Rapid step up to confirm the low key signing of Maksym Koval
  2. Re: 7 ways to improve soccer manager I'd like to use your examples and open up the discussion a little more. what you seem to be describing is a sort of Player AI, where the player has soem say in his eventual destination, much like real life. So let's say in Ozil's case, 4 sides are going to make the bid for him and all are willing to pay the asking price. In my example they are Man City, Barcelona, Hoffenheim and Club America. In your suggestion are you implicating that Ozil will make different demands to different clubs e.g - for Man C - response - he is happy to join and hopes they wi
  3. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid draft Lennard Sowah
  4. Re: Official Cricket Thread The bans on Younis Khan and Shoaib Malik were lifted on appeal, whilst Mohammed Yousuf decided not to appeal and announced his retirement from international cricket 'for the time being' in March 2010 citing the fact that he did not want to do any harm to Pakistan cricket. However, he then did a U-turn and before the second test against Australia stated he will come out of retirement 'if the team needed him'. Clearly that time is now. All this confusion sums up the world of Pakistan cricket. Controversy, politics, cheating, match-fixing all mixed in with on paper
  5. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid select Daniel Opare
  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread To be fair, the only reason England batted so on was for him to get his century and he was understandably a little nervous in the 90s having done the hard work. If England can't bowl a side out in the last 2 days on a pitch where the cracks are now making the ball deviate, as well as unpredictable bounce, then we don't deserve to win. The enboldened bit....no chance. Can't remember the last time a Pakistan 2nd innings lasted more than 100 overs and to get that target they'd need to bat at least 130 odd overs. I'll be amazed if this Test match is still going after
  7. Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread. Looking forward to it Tom Will be interesting to see how many formations you correctly predict. I see I'm up next, will be interesting to se you put the GK in my formation as I haven't yet selected my no. 1 Great idea by the way
  8. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Hmmm....reasonable cash sum v loan in an internet football management game Not quite sure they're too balanced Andy, you'll have to give me a little more time to think this one through
  9. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Lol Have to give it to you, you made my day. The look on my brother's face when you posted - priceless Suppose I better post something on topic , Coventry are reeling from the loss of Neville and Sylvinho to long term injuries. Left me a little short at the back, any kind soul (or unkind soul) willing to loan me an 83+ rated defender
  10. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. The person I bet, is sitting next to me - so I couldn't send anyone a sneaky PM to respond to it. Timed it so that I had to get a response before evening surgery which starts 4:30pm. He says he's coming for you
  11. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. You just won me my bet . Said I'd get a response to this within 1 hr of my post - Thanks, was a bit touch and go for a second . Won't be sharing my winnings though
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Either that or we'd counter Muntari/Motta + Balotelli + £20m (and if we were really peeved off with the first offer, we'd ask for Cambiasso and Eto'o)
  13. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Enboldened the key points here. It's clear others and you have made someone feel bad and there comes a line to leave it or step back (and stop the ribbing). I would have though that was obvious a couple of pages back that the line had been crossed. I always read all the posts before commenting (disappointed you felt I just made the comment on a whim) and made no reference to whether or not it is ok to be arrogant or not. Fact is some people don't like being labelled so, even if you view it in a positive way. It would be a bit like me saying I like
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nice run-out for the back-up players yesterday and a positive morale-boosting result. I'm hoping several of them get more chnaces in the cups and the europa league this season as we no-one can really say we've seen enough of them to judge whether they will be able to hack the big league in the future. It's imperative we start bringing players through who can at least be adequate squad players And as for Young, says it all really if the reports are to be believed, that he'd rather stay at Villa where he is unlikely to get many games (for whatever reason) rather
  15. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid select Lorenzo Ariaudo
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Made a few boo-boos today . Maybe it's time to hang up my boots
  17. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. I was thinking more along the lines of: - great sports - sharing people - generous individuals What did you think I meant? Really I was just trying to drum up some work for our moderating owner of this gameworld
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