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  1. Re: Marko Ljubinkovic Up to 86.
  2. Re: Marko Ljubinkovic Thanks Tebthereb Was beginning to doubt myself and was feeling all alone in this world of forum:( . Feel better now. Thanks for vote of confidence. Will go and look for soem of the next best things
  3. Danijel Aleksic 16yrs, F, 71, Vojvodina Captain of the Serbian U-17 team and beginning to get games in a team flying high in the Serbian league (2nd) - youngest player ever to appear in the Serbian Superliga. Interest from most of europe following the headlines "the new serbian wonderkid" in a local serbian newspaper highlighting his talents (unfortunately could not read much of the article as my serbian is a bit rusty lol). Sure to be one to look out for in the future. Cheap to buy now in SM.
  4. My first attempt at a scout so please don't shout me down. Marko Ljubinkovic (FC Vaslui) AM 83, 25yrs Been in sparkling form in the romanian league - top scorer with 12 goals in 11 games albeit in one of the mediocre leagues of europe. Would be worth a rise I would think, especially being a midfielder - what do others think?
  5. Re: Hello oh knowledgeable ones! Thanks all for the warm welcome. Will probably be looking for some tips from the masters! You never know, I may be able to scout some players for you guys (although I suspect they'll have been scouted before)
  6. Hi all I'm new to the forum and the game and am hooked already Having been inspecting the forum over the last 2 days, I am amazed at the depth of knowledge of football all you fellow firumers have. Finally I have found a site where I can discuss football with knowledgeable people. Look forward to lots of friendly banter and heated discussion at times (I guess)! I'm a Liverpool fan I'm afraid. But really I am a football fan and appreciate great play and crazy skills even when my team lose. Nice to meet you all and let the games begin P.S. I managed to pick up Cruzeiro for Gold Championsh
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