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  1. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. I feel a 'fill in the missing word' competition coming here:
  2. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Doh! I'll get back to my patients
  3. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Going on the assumption that the older players are still upper on the autopick list, the next three would be GKs Friedel GK (39) Schwarzer GK (37) Rost GK (37) As the vast majority are unlikely to be chasing more GKs (and it's unlikely anyone will draft these), this will prove to be a major deterrant for most and will probably ensure people get their shortlists in
  4. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I'd say he was more like Messi to be honest. His close ball control and dribbling skills were very reminiscent of Messi today. I remember him walking through a few defences with his memerising skills
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Would seem to be a 'horses for courses' signing if it goes ahead. It ticks all the boxes - homegrown' date=' versatile, EPL experience. Hardly the most adventurous of signings if it goes ahead and I would be a little worried if he's being signed to cover the LB void, but as the saying goes with our current predicament [i']beggars can't be choosers [/i]
  6. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Thanks to both of you. Two very nice sides to work with
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You worry me...immensely
  8. Re: Will the new 25-man squad rules in the EPL prematurely end players' careers?
  9. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid select Henrique Adriano Buss
  10. With the new rules now in force forthis season, teams accross the EPl will be finalising their 25-man squad for the season. For many, it will be a straight-forward procedure as they don't really have the means to maintain large squads. But for some of the big boys, there are some major decisions to be made. The main clubs affected would seemingly be Man U, tottenham and Man C this time round, but this number may grow with time and the continued trend of buying overseas players accross the league. Sir Alex is facing up to the dilemma of whether to include Hargreaves and Anderson in his 25-man
  11. Re: About soccermanager.com rules Yes it's fine to have more than one account, so long as you don't try to take over two teams in the same gameworld. There are some members with over 30 accounts. Morale can be increased by winning games and playing the player in question. A new contract can also give a morale boost
  12. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Apologies for not getting my shortlist in, I thought I had, but forgot to send it Rapid select Kyriakos Papadopoulos
  13. Re: Official Cricket Thread Difficult not to love him. He does exactly have the build of a modern day athletic cricketer, but he always gives his all . Not sure if you saw the comedy moment when he tried to stop a ball on his follow through and stumbled forward about 10 yards before falling over. Classic comedy which will turn up on 'what happned next?' quiz shows for years to come
  14. Re: Official Cricket Thread I heard that mentioned a few times in the commentary, but having seen it first hand I'm not sure it's that good. Hilfenhaus was consistently good and the stand-out bowler on the tour. Watson had a good series, but the Pakistani's attitude aganst him (treating him like a part-timer) and the conditions had a lot to do with that. North was a big surprise, but will he be able to repeat the performance? Not sure. Bollinger is a real trier and will get wickets wherever. Not convinced about Smith at all and yet to see many deliveries spin or much variety from him - stil
  15. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid draft teen prodigy Lorenzo Tassi
  16. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Got to say, it's pretty disappointing to hear that the trade is refused. Even more disappointing to think that the three people in charge of this project did not feel they could be straight up with us and tell us early enough that the trade was going to be refused (me and Akash would have been able to take it and would have moved on I'm sure). But it's absolutely disgusting to now have the knowledge that others person(s) knew the trade was going to be vetoed before we did. That's pretty low lads to be honest. Rapid select Radosav Petrovic
  17. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid select Sebastien Faure PS Still waiting to hear confirmation of the trade between myself and Hercule Poirot which involves the pick after adam x's pick going to Hercule.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's amazing how Huntelaar's career has gone so badly wrong. He has to move and move quickly and unless he is in line for regular first team football for Milan, it would be both in the interests of him and the player himself to secure a loan I would have thought. Not sure it's going to materialise at Liverpool however... on the subject of Huntelaar, just came accross this thread, where people are calling for him to be rated, 93 or 94, saying he'll be better than Van nistelrooy in his prime, claiming he is better than Torres, would easily score 20+ in the premier
  19. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread By my reckoning that would make it the 5th most expensive transfer of all time. Do you realy think the pair will be more expensive than David villa, more expensive than Luis Figo (when he was in his prime), more than Buffon, Crespo, Vieri when they were at their best. Can't see it personally and I would have to question the sanity of any team willing to pay that much regardless of how good they are perceived to be.
  20. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Sorry lads . In the middle of afternoon surgery and got a stinking cold to boot so can't think (my shortlist as at home) . I'll take Nikola Zigic (please say he isn't taken)
  21. Re: SMEL Drafting thread Rapid Select Yann M'vila
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