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  1. Re: Forumer of the month - new , improved and this time it will last ! Congratulation Shels, well deserved mate. A proper forumer with no airs and graces about him Also Congrats to Joe for totally transforming the world of scouting and offering some true competition to Insider and Welshman whose all round knowledge and banter is well deserving of newbie of the month (mate you talk more sense than a whole heap of us added together).
  2. Re: rising spanish duo I don't think he will be making too many first team appearances in the near future, nor will he be moving too any other club as he is no doubt a talent. So if your looking for instant results don't go for him. He's more of a long-term investment (albeit a good one)
  3. Re: CAVENAGHI, Fernando I have to agree with Socratys here. Cavenaghi may not yet be the finished article but is very close. His goal record is comparable to anyone in the leagues he's played in (perhaps you could rule out his russian league exploits, but then again this league is not one to produce incredible goal-scoring feats). He's approaching 100 career goals at the tender age of 24. Never mind the stats, he is capable of scoring with head and either foot and at his best is one of the best 'unknown' poachers around. The only reason he has not been capped yet is due to the sheer depth o
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Of that list and the values shown only Cruz and Maxwell appear value for money. But if you have the starting Man U squad I wouldn't get any of them, your squad has a good mix of youth and experience and is relatively well covered in all positions. Maybe the only position you need to consider is CM whilst Anderson develops and as Scholes enters his final years. Hope that helps.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... It depends on 3 things: 1. Who is your reserve keeper? If you have an adequate replacement then the deal may be good for you 2. Are there other defenders around who are younger. To be fair you have 2 international defenders already albeit not rated higher than 91 (but 2 who are likely to rise as they become mainstays of their respective international teams). But in my experience the highest rated defenders are not always the best performers . 12 million is a lot on its own for a player in the twilight of his career, let alone with throwing David James into t
  6. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! Just for you Welshmen/women out there on this momentous weekend... There were these sporting teams from Wales Who the pundits felt this weekend would come off the rails They beat the Irish in the rugby And for Boro it got ugly Theyll be celebrating all night despite the gales...just to make it topical, lol
  7. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! The woe of the GCs In limerick style ..... I've heard there's this footy game called SM It attracts all the creme de la creme We all wait for GCs Hopin for good teams But end up with teams like Vitesse Arnhem So we sit by our computer for an age Continuously refreshing the GC page Internet connections sh**e So try as we might We only end up with anger and rage We then manage to calm down for a mo Load up the forum to tell our story of woe Expecting the same From friends playing this game But do we find this - on no! Cos everyone else has managed to get a
  8. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! There once was a SMer nicknamed Smarty Who on the face of it seemed wholesome and hearty Some think he's bland But he don't wanna get banned Otherwise he'd show that he's the life and soul of the party
  9. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! Just challenged to do one for Adebayor by someone who wishes to remain unnamed : There was once this tall lad named Adebayor Who often came off the bench to score There was silence in the ground As he put in the rebound Final score : Everton one Arsenal Four....goodison this season Any more challenges?
  10. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! Some more... There's this young Arsenal pup named Fabregas One of the best players this club currently has His passing is sublime He scores all the time Oh boy, is he a pain in the a** Bojinov is a youngster who plays for city Sven bought him with funds from his transfer kitty He could come good for how much he cost, he should Ah but he's injured, oh what a pity! Thank god for the colossus Ledley King A regular England Centre half in the making He was out for a while But now Spurs fans can smile Without him they wouldn't have won a thing! There's this paraguay
  11. Smartdoc

    SM Poets!!!

    Re: SM Poets!!! Try these for footy related limericks: There once was this lad from London's East End Becks was the name, couldn't defend He played for the Mancs And now with the yanks But boy does his wife drive him round the bend There was once this young lad named Joe Cole Who was not a bad player on the whole With the odd trick or three He'd soon find himself free If only he could shoot the ball in the goal......sorry Chelsea fans There once was this lad called Rooney Effin and blinding on the pitch like a loony Little did his friends know In a few years from now He'd be pr
  12. Smartdoc


    Re: Jokes A man was driving along a main road when he saw a police car flashing him to pull over. Man: Hello Officer Policeman: Nothing to worry about sir, just carrying out some spot checks The man looked in his side mirror and replied Man: Well, I've got two blackheads on my face and a boil on the unmentionables! Sorry, I know its corny but I cracked up the first time I heard it! PS It's just about the only clean joke I know
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... This is quite a tough one. I feel Arca is the better player slightly and as you say he's performing well currently. So well that he may get international recognition (although Argentina aren't exactly lost for quality players ). I've also heard rumours that several La Liga sides are looking at him. If he does move, he would probably move to a goodish La Liga side and will get regular playing time and will prbably go up in ratings. However rememer CM is not his only/preferred postion so you have to be wary of the dreaded position change if he is transferred. I
  14. Re: What is your best 11 football team?? .....................................Buffon........................................ ..............Puyol..............Cannavaro...........Terry.................. ......................................Essien........................................ Ronaldo..............Gerrard.................Kaka...................Messi ......................Van Nistelrooy..............Torres....................... Bench Casillas Toure Fabregas Robinho Drogba
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