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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Personally' date=' I can't fault Newcastle for holding out for as much as you can get. Carroll is the achetypal old-fashioned striker who's good in the air and can finish. His game is ideal for the EPL. And to top it all, he is English which adds millions these days. He has bags of potential and can only get better and dare I say go on to be the modern day Alan Shearer . But that's all hypothesis at the moment and he needs to pass second season syndrome first (when defenders and clubs will be in a better position to make plans to cope with him) before we can st
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The football world gone mad is my only explanation - have never had my jaw open for as long as I did when I read that. Would happily stick with the squad we've got at the moment - Torres or no Torres come February. Already said it, but last thing we need is a panic but ala Keane. Would prefer to use the rest of the season to give one or two kids a real go in the first side as, touch wood, we look safe from the dreaded dropzone now and are in the mid-table range with little to play for.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I've heard all sorts of rumours in the last 24 hours al manner of names thrown into the equation. Would suggest that the Torres deal is as good as done - really hope we don't make an expensive panic buy like we have done in recent times. This season is a write-off and I'd rather stick with what we have than overpay for a last minute player without much long-term thought.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's very magnanimous of you George . At least you didn't say slightly worse than Alves Would still have preferred if you said slightly better than Van Nistelrooy
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That shouldn't be too difficult Tom, considering that around 60% of those who seem to post regularly on this thread this season, aren't Liverpool fans (but I get your point) Bouzanis has been back and forth representing Greece and Australia through the various youth levels. Currently, I think he's committed to Australia, but I suspect if a Greece call-up first, he'd probably take it. Not really shown enough to even be considered for either camp from what I hear.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Come on Stuart, dont tell me you've been so seduced by the media's opinions that you honestly believe that . If the only motivation behind player's moves were to go to clubs flying high in their leagues then it'd be a very boring transfer market out there. Truth is there are many reasons to join other clubs - money, place feels right, other friends being there, being impressed by the set-up, gut feeling etc etc. Why else would Suarez for example be considering a move to Liverpool when other clubs flying high have made their intentions clear. I'd also dispute
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hazard certainly would be an ideal signing and very much in the Wenger mould. He could take on the Nasri role when Nasri takes on the Fabregas role (after his inevitable departure whenever that may be). I think it's a distinct possibility he'll be an Arsenal player in the future (as long as Wenger is willing to dust down his cheque book ). I'm less convinced that Wenger would go all-out for Lukaku, but we'll see It's been a long time since I saw the words 'Belgium' and 'flair' used in the same sentence. Apologies to any Belgians I offend, but the last time that
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread And then maybe you could also sign Hercule Poirot and possibly Tinitin, they're both Belgians too Sorry, that's a bit harsh of me , but I don't think those two would sign simply because you have the Belgian captain playing for you. If anything, they'd be more attracted by your style of play, Wenger's reputation for enhancing young player's reputation and bringing on their game and a better pay packet
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think most of the sensible fans see it this way too . Dalglish is a legend, but he won't be able to save our season with the current crop of players. Quite frankly, this season is a write-off already and with no realistic prospect of even coming close to the CL places, Dalglish as a caretaker was the best option possible. I'm hoping his job will be to weedle out the players who don't have the passion to play for this football club and are only here for the status/the money. Briningi n a new man at this stage whilst the dry-rot of players was still on board w
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Got up before the crows were out to make the long trip to Manchester only to see the game ruined within 1 minute of the start . Why does the English FA not get the hint that this man should not be refereeing Man U - Liverpool encounters? Or perhaps the English FA are not being given a choice In other news, Howard Webb was delighted to hear his services were to be further recognised in the form of an award. Having already been named in the Queen's 2011 honours list to be awarded an MBE for his services to football, he looked delighted to be announced as an MFE.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread All irrelevant as I can't see Adebayor taking over a 50% wage cut to go anywhere. Unless he gets an offer from the continent from one of the top two or three clubs in Spain or Italy, I'm sure he'll be quite content to sit on the bench or in the reserves earning the wage he is getting. In a funny way, apart from the shenanigans on the training ground, his reputation is not being tarnished by sitting on the bench behind Tevez (and possibly Dzeko). He remains a desired player even though he's not playing and is getting paid fortunes to do very little. Many people's
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would guess he is probably right and it's clear many fans were dubious of his appointment from the offset. I wouldn't however say that they didn't back him or turned against him, he was given a fair crack. The point is you can think like that as a manager, but you certainly shouldn't be making a statement questioning the fans backing of the team in a post-match interview. That was simply foolhardy and as far as I'm aware no top manager (or any manager in fact) would make such a blatant claim. Hence his backtracking was understandable and I'm surprised you fee
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's true But there is a famous English saying which I believe applies here...'if you look after the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves'. It may only be a drop in the ocean in terms of the debt, but it is a drop nonetheless . It's a principle Liverpool FC as a whole have not applied in recent years in many ways and now they are paying the price
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Benayoun to Chelsea for 6m Cole to Liverpool for free transfer Neither has played much for their respective new club since joining - I really don't see how it's been a good deal for Chelsea . Also not being a follower of Liverpool, you will be unaware that Benayoun was making noises about leaving Liverpool for most of last season so to get 6m for a 30-year-old who was unhappy at the rotation was pretty good business to be honest . Admittedly Joe Cole has been a big disappointment up till now, but still can't see how you feel Chelsea did great business there
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kuyt on the left? Mereiles on the Right (when he has performed well in the middle for quite a few games now)? Like for like substitutions when we're losing against the bottom team in the league at home (when we had one of the better home league records)? Moving Gerrard to the Right to accommodate Cole in the middle? Deary deary me. That has to go down as the most inept tactical management I have seen in my lifetime from a Liverpool manager. Lacking quality in the squad, player's low confidence, players afraid to get on the ball as they may make mistakes, fans n
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I can understand people not wanting Rafa back and criticising his latter years, but the above statement is preposterous in my opinion. We are currently playing the worst football I have seen since some of the Souness days. We've been ok in some games and you could argue it's still a bedding in period for Hodgson to imprint his style, but sideways passing and then a long ball is the norm from most games I've seen. Perhaps you could argue it's because the more technically gifted players are woefully out of form, but there's no way we are playing better football t
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's probably more a secret desire on your behalf to have him as the new Man City boss. Amazing what tricks the eyes can play when you have a deep-seated want
  18. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Sorry mate, that post was a little tongue-in-cheek (although I'm surprised the arranged fee didn't give that away) Apparently Sam had designs on getting a good transfer kitty in January, which clearly wasn't forthcoming. There's been murmurings in the press since the new owners came on board and it hasn't really surprised me PS I hope I didn't clog up the NOTW website
  19. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion I heard the NOTW have footage of him agreeing to throw the game against Utd to improve their goal difference. He jumped before he was exposed. Apparently the agreed fee was a few strokes of a certain part of SAFs anatomy
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