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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    :eek: FA decided to not taken action against Rooney elbow incident' date=' so he can play tomorrow and against Liverpool too hmmm :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D[/quote']

    Makes a mockery of the rule and it's one of those instances where football could take a leaf out of Rugby League rules. Here Clattenburg was left in a position where he either had to admit he did not see it (and hence admit he made a mistake by blowing for the free kick) or make out that he felt he had seen it and his sanction (a word in rooney's ear) was sufficient. He was in a lose-lose situation and went for the easier option (no-one likes admitting they made a mistake and he could argue, albeit worngly, that he had a word with Rooney and this was sufficient). It's either one or the other.

    In Rugby league, however, refs are given a third option where they can admit they did not see the incident, but it's clear something has gone on. They then make a gesture of crossed arms to indicate the incident is on report and a select panel can then make the decision on any punishment after the game. Doesn't interfere with the game and a player who has so obviously done wrong can still be punished retrospectively (only drawback is you'd need cameras on every ground, but in this day and age..). A rule like this acts as a safety net for both the referee and the integrity of the game. Instead we've been left with both the ref and the FA (rulebook) being made to look like a joke.

  2. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Totti417 is a bit of an allrounder, posting on all sections of the forum and also one of the most prominent posters on the Italian forum. A keen Roma fan, here is his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    Forza Roma! I’ve been strongly supporting A.S. Roma for the last decade or so.

    Why do you follow this team?

    When I was a kid, I moved from Italy to the United States, which isn’t exactly the best place to nurture someone into the world of football, but I took it upon myself to do so.

    Firstly, I’ve always been a fan of Francesco Totti. Off the pitch, he is a light-hearted guy with good family values, so he has always been a role model of sorts. He still speaks his Roman dialect and he’s written several joke books (many of which you can find him reenacting on YouTube). (link below) Also, we share the same first name!


    Secondly, I have lots of family living in Rome and its outskirts. I am personally from the Abruzzo region, but it is one of the least cultured football regions in the country. Our top club is Serie B side Pescara, who have only seen Serie A daylight for 5 seasons, so I root for Roma.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    See user name. Besides the obvious, I’ve always been inspired by Paolo Maldini for his desire for the game, his longevity and for being a one-club man. Naturally, I also support my fellow Italian-American, Giuseppe Rossi. He responded to me once on Twitter @GiuseppeRossi22.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Honestly, I’ve only been to one professional football match in my lifetime! The United States isn’t a hotspot for football matches. The nearest MLS stadium is a few hours away from where I live, but I did have the great opportunity to see the Derby della Madonnina at the World Football Challenge. It was a once-in-life-time opportunity to see Inter face off against Milan in the USA. The day prior I met Jose Mourinho and the entire Inter squad at their training session before the game. The Special One even signed my boot!

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    I would have to say my New York Red Bulls squad in a Gold Championship. I’ve turned them into one of the more valuable clubs in the Game World, which hopefully emphasizes that MLS clubs are on the rise.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    In relation to the forum, my greatest achievement in recent history was introducing SM Predict to the Italian forum (with the help of Maypayne). The Italian forum is vastly growing every day. We have the second biggest forum, aside from the English one. We are building up a similar tight-knit community so it is great to be a leader and a part of that growth.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    This answer might seem like a cop-out, but I don’t dislike anything about SM. To me, SM is like Wikipedia: a constant work in progress. SM listens to suggestions and has been improving ever since I joined in ’06. Every day, SM is getting better and better, so enjoy the ride. I’m just happy to help in any way, whether it’s modding the forum or translating from English to Italian.

    If Soccer manager went 'offline' in your country, how much more spare time yould you have and how much would you miss it?

    I would roll up into the fetal position and suck my thumb, alone in my room.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    When I hear the word pastime “baseball” comes to mind, so I will have to go with that. I have been a huge baseball fan all my life. The smell of the grass, putting on the uniform, chewing sunflower seeds…I love it all. You guys from the UK should give it a chance. ;)

    What sort of music do you like?

    According to my iTunes playlist, I am a fan of rap (specifically Italian rap). Some of my favorite artists include Fabri Fibra, Caparezza, Marracash, J-Ax, etc. I also play electric guitar so I also love me some rock from the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Metallica, and even RHCP.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    ‘The Sandlot’ is a classic. I’d really choose any of the guys from that movie. All of them for differing reasons. I’d probably have to choose Squints so I could get a kiss from Wendy the Lifeguard.

    Who is your ideal date?

    I’ve always thought Elisabetta Canalis was perfection. Plus, she digs American guys apparently since she is dating George Clooney. At least, that improves my chances to .000001%


    You're one of the most helpful members of the forum and your responses are always polite and well-informed. Is this a good description of your real life qualities?

    I appreciate that, Smarty. I could not ask for a better compliment than to be a helpful and polite person. I am too modest to answer this, but in short, yes. Hmm. Does saying you’re modest actually not make you modest?

    Do you feel Francesco Totti got sufficient recognition of his talents in Italy and worldwide or do you feel he has always been undervalued and under the shadow of other Italian greats (e.g. Del Piero)?

    Totti never really shined on the continental or international stage, unfortunately, which is probably the reason for his lack of recognition worldwide. He is beloved in Rome. He was born in Rome and will continue to be a one-club man. He deserves more recognition just for the fact he doesn’t play the game for money. Clubs like Real Madrid have tried to pry him from the Capital with boatloads of cash, but he follows his heart.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Smarty, this is one daunting question! I’ll change it to a football-related wish to make it easier on myself. I’d wish for the football to become popular in the U.S.A. like it is in Europe. (i.e. the MLS and the USMNT).

    What are your feelings about the presence of Ultras in Italian football and their role? Why does there presence on occasion spill over into violence?

    Kids will be kids. Ultras will be ultras. They are passionate fans, but passion can easily redirected into aggression under certain conditions. I think they add a positive ambiance when they are not violent or causing chaotic scenes.

    So, clearly a football fan through and through, but would like it's popularity to increase in the US and would also like more recognition for it's leagues worldwide. Down-to-earth and modest and also has a liking for baseball as well as his love for SM.

    Just waiting for a few interviews to come through before I send some of the members I have promised some questions. Feel free to give me a nudge if I've missed anyone :)

  3. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Powell on fire today against the Netherlands. Reached his 50 in 23 balls hitting a six to get there. Good to see him promoted up the order today as the Windies have been wasting his talents down at No. 6/7, because on his day he can destroy any attack.

  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    You knock-out Smartdoc' date=' then tie him up, then chuck acid all over his face. Then what you do is you surgically remove his face, and yours, switch faces and you become the doctor. Seemples B)[/quote']
    That sounds like a plan.

    You guys do know that I'm Hannibal Lecter's apprentice and that I've already done this with the original Smartdoc :eek:

  5. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    No i don't actually. It's a pretty worn out statement' date=' you could say it a few years ago but not now. He's probably just having an off day.[/quote']

    Fair enough, we'll agree to disagree. I certainly don't see him being anywhere near the top wicket takers come the end of this tournament, but I'll happily be proven wrong by him :)

  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Netherlands are doing better than I expected..

    It seems a pretty flat track, but England have been shockingly poor (bar Swann). Anderson is toothless if the ball isn't swinging and that doesn't bode well for England's chances in this environment. If they can get up to around 270 we might have a game on :eek:

  7. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Batting very slowly but I think it's important that our batsmen get some time in the middle. 250 should be enough.

    It looks like they thought they were playing Test cricket until that 14th over :P . To be fair I've seen your boys start of slowly before when they are unsure of pitches and then just explode in the later overs. You're not on a 29 game unbeaten run in World cup games for nothing :eek:

  8. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Kenya...destroyed. Lost by 10 wickets. New Zealand chased down the total of 69 in 8 overs.

    I have to say this world cup is horribly long and we are going to see some almighty thrashings which are not good for the game or the minnows who will be on the back end of them. Clearly it's been elongated into the two group format so that if any of the big teams do have an off day and suffer a shock, they'll still get through to the quarters, but where's the fun in that? The group stage is still the warm-up in my opinion and will only really start from the quarters. And from there we'll have straight knock-out and no super eights either. Poor format in my opinion and will have many switching off until the latter stages :(

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sterling is in the Europa League squad for Thursday' date=' he is allowed to go because it is half term.[/quote']

    So long as he brings the signed permission slip from his parents :D:o

    But in all seriousness, whilst he got alot of plaudits for his performance in the recent cup tie (and no doubt he looked unstoppable that night), the likes of Coady, Robinson and Suso have been more consistently been putting on displays for the youth team and probably deserve to get some playing time ahead of him. Will echo Ben's post, that it's definitely great to see them integrating with the first team squad.

  10. Re: Account times out too soon

    The biggest irritation on SM' date=' in my opinion, is the fact that unless you are actively using the site it seems to 'time out' after about 10 minutes. This is irritating for me because I like to have SM open in a tab whilst working on other things. It is very annoying having to keep logging back in several times during a session.

    [b']Another, more significant, side effect is that you also time out from the Forum - which can be very irritating when you make a long post that is then lost when you attempt to post it after your session has ended.[/b]

    Whilst I can understand the reason for timing out accounts, i.e security on public computers, I fail to understand why the period is so brief. Every other website that I have to log on to (including betting sites) has a grace period of at least 2 hours before it times out.

    Does anybody else have a problem with this?

    If you click the remember me box when you login, your forum account will never time out (at least mine never does and I'm sometimes away for over an hour with the forum on in the background) :)

  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Ach well it was in the news feed anyway so didn't think it was giving away any national secrets to post here' date=' plus with the amount of clubs who had him short-listed i suppose Chelsea will get a hefty price for him anyway.

    [b']Might liven things up even more in the transfer market if folk start selling to raise cash for making a bid on him [/b]:)

    I like that train of thought (one step ahead) :) . Bring on the end-of-season sales :P

  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Hmmmm this is interesting....i wonder if the Chelsea boss even realised this was due to happen as Pogrebnyak was on loan for so long?

    Which begs the question' date=' do we have any moral obligation to not bid on him once he returns from loan (in which case would external not bid on him anyway?), or do we all just circle like vultures and then pounce the second he is recalled or Plymouth return him...? :eek::D[/quote']

    He'll automatically be on the transfer list. As good as the EC106 community is, good luck with asking 79 managers not to bid on a prime target :P . The vultures have already descended half way down from their normal height with just your post alone :D

  13. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    EdMoses generally posts in the gameworlds section of the forum, although he does post elsewhere too. Most of his posts are fun and witty, here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    Liverpool since I was around 6.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Originally my neighbors were big arsenal fans and they gave me a metal badge that had the big canon “gunners” on it and I started to support them, but being an Irish descent roman catholic I had so many aunts and uncles who lived and breathed Liverpool (and Celtic natch) that I was easily swayed over to them. The romance of the team – talking predominantly about their history here and their perception as being a peoples club – together with their on field success at the time – this was late 70’s early 80’s really caught my imagination. I guess a team that successful was also easy to like for a neutral also. But I have been a Liverpool fan ever since, my children are now Liverpool fans also and there’s a liver bird flying through the whole clan.

    I tried to explain to my eldest son how lucky he was seeing Liverpool win the European Cup at his age, given the European ban that was in place as I grew up but he really cant appreciate what football is today in comparison to my time at his age. The constant 24 hour football exposure – which I love by the way – is so different to The Big Match and its 2/3 minute match build up, Saint and Greavsie (the precursor to and better than Soccer AM), and of course match of the day – plus Grandstand with its final score – that I grew up on.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    I’m not really a “my bestest player is” type of guy to be honest and those players of undoubted talent are obvious. The players that float my particular boat though are generally more than good with the ball. Messi is obviously a wondrous talent but he also appears to be level headed and a decent chap. Ronaldo (not the, in my mind, real, Brazilian one but the ex man united chap who refers to himself as CR7) is far too arrogant, greasy and self serving for me to really appreciate him. Players with tenure and history of success are the ones that tend to catch my eye.

    All time favourite player would be a long list and would include Zidane, Fowler, Gerrard, Dalglish, Maradona, Weah, Gascoigne, Pele, Rush, Barnes, etc but the biggest is George Best I guess. It grates me slightly when players like Giggs get compared to him. Both players are outstanding in their own right but today’s game is far different form the one played in Best’s days. While the general skill and fitness of players can be considered far superior today than ever before the game itself now facilitates a sport that is becoming almost non contact – the shear bravery of a skillful player from Besties days has to be admired.

    Denis Law said that, during his time at Manchester United, the coaching staff would play little games of 5 aside and during this 20 minute matches no one could get the ball of George. So it was decided that the games would be played as three touch/ Best answer? Well he would keep the ball and use his third touch to play the ball off a defenders leg and refresh his 3 touches – still no one could get the ball of him. When my Dad used to go and watch him – I have only ever heard the stories and seen the videos – he occasionally got to meet the players, go to training etc (his buddy was a journalist and would get all manner of access to certain events) he got to watch George training and told me that he saw George make a bet that he could take the ball all around the outside of the training pitch without the ball touching the ground – he did too, using head, knee etc the whole pitch just doing keepy uppy. Doesn’t sound much these days I guess but impressed me.

    Current players is impossible but I can say that this current Barcelona side is the best team I have ever seen and think its unlikely I will ever see a side better.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Absolutely loads. Almost every Ireland game in Italia 90 or USA 94, various Liverpool/Everton clashes, Pool vs Newcastle, just loads and loads of games that really are special to me.

    The top of that list though would be Liverpool v vs AC Milan and that comeback. You couldn’t write the script for that, Mighty Ducks. Rocky and Escape to Victory all rolled into one.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    Toss up between my Brighton side in EC5579 or my Accrington Stanley in English and Scottish Almost Super League. I set myself a challenge to find the lowest rated, poorest team doing the worst in an EC and came across Stanley sitting bottom of the fourth having taken 4 points all season after 26 games. I took them up each year until up until two weeks ago they sat 2nd in the top flight. Have really enjoyed it, but my other commitments outside of SM (yes, there’s a real world out there) of late has seen me cut back from 9 teams to just four and, there may be further cuts if I’m honest.

    Brighton in EC5579 has been an absolute blast – it’s was the first forum supported gameworld I had ever entered and has gone from strength to strength. I was fortunate enough to achieve back to back promotions in the first two seasons, but it’s the banter on the forum thread that’s the real buzz. Made some good friends and above all just really, really enjoyed it. I would really encourage anyone to get into EC5579 if they can, it’s maybe a little easier to achieve that say EC106 but it’s also less intimidating and, just my opinion, more inclusive.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Probably the job I have done at Accrington. Until recently I also dominated a WC using Real Madrid, winning 12 of the 15 trophies up for grabs in the 5 seasons I was there – only a 50% full GW though. Also did well at Derby in EC3951, there’s some others also but really still quite new to SM so any achievement I have had on the field is largely insignificant versus many, many other forummers.

    Quite proud of The Dream Team idea I rolled out on the forum which worked very well for a short time, also it was only my second or third post on the forum and went on to be a massive hit so fond of that and I do consider that a twisted sort of achievement!

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    Not much to dislike – it’s a free game for cryin’ out loud! I like taking a small club and bartering with players, nothing quite like working hard in the transfer market and over time steadily increasing average ratings through acquisition.

    If I had one critique it would probably be the manner in which certain forumers look down their nose at you if you don’t scout. I get no real enjoyment form scouting and nor do I have the time. That doesn’t make me some sort of plague ridden philistine! I just like doing the bits I enjoy most with the limited time I get in SM – namely scouring the threads and buying risers that someone else has found, tactics and the banter on the threads. Sorry if that offends some people but hey ho.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Ahhh, pastimes. I remember those. In all honesty I really don’t get much time for myself so it’s probably SM. I used to play footie to a good level, do the festivals/concerts, watch a ton of movies, write, socialise etc but now my pastimes are really my kids – doing “stuff” with them is my lifeblood.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Rap / Hip Hop – in the main, old skool. Jay-z is a throwback to the style o like and as such I am loving his stuff. Still have a liking for Garage – I was a dancer and would seriously get my rocks off at Epping Country Club, Sweat, Manumission in Ibiza and all over (helps that my best mate was a DJ) and loved those days, so that music reminds me of good, if anything indulgent, days so the music will always be with me.

    Outside of that I love guitar sounds from The Rolling Stones through to Oasis. Also love hearing my son learning the guitar – he has an ear for it that will never be mine and watching and hearing him find his way with it is awesome.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    I have tried to write scripts and am a real movie fan, but for the life of me I couldn’t pick a character I would like to be. The films I love tend to have dark or ill fated central characters – Life is Beautiful, Raging Bull, Oldboy etc – and I certainly would not want to swap places with any of them. For that reason I would probably have to go for someone like Brewster from Brewster’s Millions!

    Who is your ideal date?


    I would have to go for Kate Beckinsale. This will either sound like a lie or a little odd, possibly both, but its true so make of it what you will. I met a woman on the day I joined the last major company I worked for some 11 years ago who was so attractive and simply beautiful. I then watched a movie some time late and realized the woman in the movie – Kate Beckinsale – was the spitting image of the chick I had just met, at the time I don’t know why but it created an unhealthy interest in the Beck Meister and I have fancied her ever since.

    To complete the story, I married the lady I met and we have two gorgeous kids together. Yeah, I know, I’m a smug so and so aint I!

    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    Well currently I have 2 children and wife; together we are a foster family so there’s generally another little un around as well. I hope that we are still fostering in five years.

    I am a director of a Security Company, unless someone makes an outrageous bid for the company I suspect I will still be here, so all I can hope for is less work and more money!

    I recently gave up being the video game reviewer for a large movie magazine, which I did for 2 years on a freelance basis. Time didn’t allow me to carry on and whilst I enjoyed the video game side of things, it wasn’t what I had wanted to do with my writing chops – so hopefully in 5 years I will have finished my book or/and that script, which will have been picked up by a publisher/agent etc.

    Finally I am also partners with my father in a landscaping company – it has a very low turnover and is really just an excuse to keep close contact with the old man. Hopefully he will be still around doing that with me a little.

    You seem to be jovial chap who always speaks eloquently and has a cheeky side to him. Is this a correct interpretation of your real life personality or does it differ?

    No, that’s pretty spot on. I was recently diagnosed with Hypertension (essentially high blood pressure) and the docs are worried about my heart a bit – I know I take too much on but life’s for living right? – and I don’t think I could be as busy as I am without having a sunny disposition and the ability to communicate succinctly!

    As someone who did rather poorly at school, has no form of higher education and spell checks my signature it’s rather pleasing to be described as eloquent, so ta very muchly.

    How did you cope with the lows your side has suffered in real life in recent times and can you see a realistic title challenge in the near future?

    I think, at 37 years old, I have a pretty decent internal barometer when it comes to identifying a low. I think Hodgson was never the right man for Liverpool but the results were not a crisis. No one thought for a minute that realistically we were gonna be relegated and I think the over reaction to a run of poor form, poor quality and poor results was wholly inappropriate. Kenny has done exceptionally well since he came in and looks to be the future but after 6 weeks in the job people are saying we are again a power house. The saying goes “form is temporary, class is permanent” and a side like Liverpool don’t become useless anymore than they become unplayable overnight.

    I believe that Liverpool are stronger for Torres leaving, because he wasn’t happy and any player who doesn’t want to play for you shouldn’t. The strengthened side is stronger due to the acquisition of one of the most exciting strikers in the world in Suarez and England’s future Carroll. Both players really do give me a lot of hope for the team, but in all honesty we are where we were 2 seasons ago, still a couple players short of a proper go at the title.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Simple, good health for my friends and family.

    If I could stay around to see what becomes of my two boys and the lives they build, if we could have had that daughter we so wanted, if I had enough money to never work again – any of these things would encapsulate happiness for me.

    But overall, its gotta be health – my mum died at 46 from the dreaded Big C and not a day goes by that I wouldn’t trade all of my possessions for her health, an invaluable commodity that most of us treat with distain until we hit 30 and mortality chucks us man boobs, nose hair and two day hang overs, reminding us that were all getting older and no one lives for ever.

    Liverpool have been blessed by some great individual players in the past and more recent times. Which XI would make your all-time Liverpool side and why?

    Great question Smarty.

    In true SM style I have gone 3-5-2!

    GoalKeeper : Bruce Grobellaar

    So he was a bit dodgy and had a liking for brown envelopes delivered by hand, but he was so charismatic, flamboyant and watchable that you could be forgiven for forgetting how good he was between the sticks. Not Liverpool’s best ever goalkeeper (stand up Mr Clemence) but my word you can’t forget him.

    Defenders: Alan Hansen, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyppia

    The right answer, when choosing a Liverpool 11, is “ a team of carraghers” but he is nothing short of an Anfield legend – shame he was originally an Everton fan tho. Hansen was class, created time on the ball, always looked unflustered and oozed quality – also brave as a lion (do Scotland have lions or is it all bravehearts?). Sir Sami was and remains a gentleman of the game who read forwards like a book, he played football like snooker, he always seemed to be 4 shots ahead of everyone else.

    Midfield : John Barnes, Steven Gerrard, Graeme Souness, Peter Beardsley

    That would be some midfield. Goggle Barnes at the Maracana and you get a glimpse of John doing in an England shirt what he did almost every week for Liverpool. Gerrard you all know about, Souness was simply sensational, genuine world class and, forgetting what happened since he swapped his boots for the lambs wool overcoat, was a genuine legend and general for Liverpool at their most successful time in football. Beardlsey was irresistible with the ball at his feet, his beauty on the pitch matched only by his ugliness off it!

    Forward/Attacking Middie:Kenny Dalglish

    Mercurial, a wizard in studs, a genius. Simply the best player I have seen play live.

    Strikers : Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush

    Old big nose was the best striker I have ever seen – always in the right place at the right time, when God (the real one not the Kopite) was handing out such attributes as pace and flair he largely overlooked Rush – but his understanding of a defensive four/three married to his footballing intelligence, willingness, desire and telepathic link up with our midfield created created one of the greatest goal scorers of his or any generation.

    As for Robbie – he’s God, nuff said.

    Clearly a very down-to-earth and humble man who loves spending time with his family and makes the most of every minute of his life. Also clearly a football fan through and through and appreciates talents playing for his side or for others :)

    Next up will be a fan of one of the Italian capital's footballing greats. But which one?

  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Quiet man or inside man?

    Following the compulsary detainment of England and Crewe manager to Belle Reve Sanitarium, previously anonymous Sheff Utd. coach Smartdoc has been thrust into the spotlight. The mystery man has previously shunned the media, but the events of the last week have forced him to come out of his shell somewhat. Whilst he's made steady progress with his club side this season which has been pleasing the Blades fans, his appointment to temporary charge of the national side has gone down less both amongst the fans and several of his peers. Most feel he doesn't have the experience to guide the national side at what is a crucial stage of England's defence of the World cup. His elevation from club manager in his first full season in EC106 to national coach has left the conspiracists wondring whether money has exchanged hands or he indeed is an inside man working on the ground level for the FA. A theory which has been given more fuel recently by the presence of FA chairman Bernstein at several of Sheff Uts's recent games and the refusal of the FA to answer questions as to why a more seasoned manager was not given the temporary role. We here at Brammall Sportscene were able to convince the man himself to speak to Des Lynam for this exclusive interview:

    Des : First of all thanks for agreeing to speak to us in what be a testing time for you.

    Smartdoc: It's a pleasure Des.

    Des: We'll have to start with the question which all the viewing public has been dying to ask - how is Sean doing and is he in a bad way?

    Smartdoc: Sean's doing great. Most people seem to forget, he's only there for a period of assessment and he was happy to go in. There's no-one more keen to get rid of this crazy tag that so many in the game are trying to lay on his head. he's a sound lad who has just got a little mixed up along the way.

    Des: You say he's been admitted voluntarily, yet yesterday your statement informed the public he had to be sectioned.

    Smartdoc: Sean's human like the rest of us. None of us would like to even imagine the accusations regarding our mental health that young man had to endure. Unsurprisingly, come the time, there was an initial reluctance for a formal admission, helce the need for the section. It wouldn't surprise me if the section was lifted in the coming days.

    Des: What do you make of some of the stories of the bizarre behaviour that have been published in the media in recent days?

    Smartdoc: Most of it is just total fabrication. Usual gutter press to incite a reaction from the public and boost their viewing figures. There's an element of truth in some of the observations, but even those are widely exaggerated. Off course, Des, I know you won't press me on the details as I'm bound by my code of confidentiality.

    Des: That's a shame. But can you comment on some of the claims from fellow EC106 managers and former associates coming out. A few have voiced their opinion in stating that Sean's current predicament had been coming for a while. What was the breaking point?

    Smartdoc: It's unfortunate that these things come out, but it's the price you pay for being such a prominent manager in this country. Sean's celarly been a victim of his own success. Hindsight comments may well now trickle out as well as claims that they knew this was coming. I guess some may have to sit down and consider why they didn't think about doing something at the time. I'm not sure there was a breaking point. I guess it's just been a combination of things and also the pressure cooker atmosphere of being the manager of the reigning world cup champions in the home of football. Lesser men may well have been in a far worse position. What's for sure is that all that know him wish him well and he's already making noises about coming out and showing his staff at Crewe and The English FA that he hasn't lost his determination or drive. He'll be right as rain in no time.

    Des: Talking about the FA, what was the feeling like leading out the England side for the first time?

    Smartdoc: It was the best moment in my life. It's what we all dream of isn't is Des. Perhaps not the way I would have wanted it, but who wouldn't answer the call when your national FA comes a calling

    Des: What do you make of certain circles suggesting you only got the job because you helped the FA remove Sean out of the picture?

    Smartdoc: Why would the FA want to remove Sean? the most successful national manager in recent times. I also had no deal with the FA to appoint me. I was asked and I accepted as any ambitious patriotic manager would

    Des: Do you have the experience to lead the England side into the world cup? Surely you can understand that the public are concerned at the lack of experience?

    Smartdoc: For sure I can understand the anxieties. I have no qualms about the enormity of the task I have taken on. The public in this country is expectant at the best of times and as defending champions the pressure will be on us more as we'll be the ones everyone wants to beat. There are some amazing managers out there who perhaps would have been more worthy, but I can tell you none of them will be able to match my determination. Whilst Sean was more vocal in his approach, I'll be a little more calm and focus on the psychology of the game, but other than this the methods and personnel I use will be the same Sean would have been using. Having said all said that, I firmly believe this is all academic and Sean will be lining up to lead the side into the first game.

    Des : Can you guarantee Sean will be back?

    Smartdoc: Only the almighty can guarantee that

    Des: Many question why you're in the football world at all. As a doctor, you surely should have a healthy paypacket and no doubt command huge respect. Why risk that all and your reputation by taking up a football management role?

    Smartdoc : Simply, because I love football and in particular the management game. Nothing excites me more than being on the football field in the early morning setting up the training drills and putting in place the tactical plans for the upcoming games. It certainly makes a good talking point at the practice too.

    Des : A lot of rumours suggest that the sectioning of Sean was a planned heist and some go as far as suggesting the FA deliberately fixed the youth cup draw to ensure your side faced Sean. Is there any truth in it and are you planning to visit any more grounds with your team?

    Smartdoc: Nothing could be further from the truth. Take it from me, what transpired on the day was totally spontaneous. As for visting other grounds with my, team you can be certain I will be, god knows the whole manager's fraternity is crazy in one respect or another. But it'll be on a purely scouting basis.

    Des: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you and we wish you well

    Smartdoc : It was a pleasure Des. I only wish they'd bring back Grandstand so we get to see more of you again on Saturday afternoons

    Certainly an assured interview performance, but you have to wonder whether some of his guarded responses will result in more questions rather than answers.

  15. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Probably the most sensible appointment the club could have made. Certainly out of his depth at Liverpool but if he can bring the defensive organisation he displayed at Fulham along with the uncanny ability to get the most from previously average players like Bobby Zamora' date=' Chris Baird or John Paintsil then he's the best chance we've got. It's worth noting that he's our Head Coach and as such the club's structure should limit his ability to pack the squad full of aging journeyman, criminally average Scandinavians and and other sub-standard signings he'd otherwise eye up. Also good for Appy's development (assuming he stays) to work under such an experienced manager for 18 months.

    And he certainly won't have come cheap (by Albion standards), so I'm pleasantly surprised there. The sort of show of ambition we're unaccustomed to.[/quote']

    Agreed, he could do a good job for you assuming he's shook out the cobwebs from his harrowing experience at 'pool. In many ways there's quite a similarity in the players you have at your club and those at Fulham last year and I wish him and your club well.

    Incidentally, now the dust has settled from Di Matteo's sacking, what's the general feeling amongst the fans. I personally felt he was doing a stirling job and no doubts had steadily improved your playing staff on limited resources. His sacking was even more of a bolt out of the blue for me than Hughton's for Newcastle. And do you think there was some behind the scenes stuff occurred leading to his dismissal?

  16. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    shack is a forumer who tends to pop up on all areas of the forum from time to time and generally enjoys getting involved in some banter. Here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    Im a Cardiff City boy through and through, sounds a bit cliche but ive supported them since the day i was born, got countless pictures of me comming home from the hospital in Cardiff babygrows and blankets lol. For an accurate answer though itd make it 21 years to date so far.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Suppose the obvious reason would be it's my home town club. Grew up going down Ninian Park every home game with my dad supporting our boys. I like to think of us as the 'little club who should' so much ambition weve had over the years even in our darkest hours and we keep managing to bounce back and force ourselfs into contention. Even if we lost it all and ended up down in the Blue square Premier (god forbid) id still be at every home game :)

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    My current favourite player would be Kevin McNaughton without a shadow of a doubt. They guy is just sheer class and gives 110% on the pitch every game even when he's played out of position, if its the dying seconds and you needed somebody to throw their body in the way to block a shot youd have no doubts Kev would do that for you, which in modern football not many players would.

    Of all time i would say Zidane. The outstanding player of his generation in my opinion, he led France to World Cup glory in 1998 and to the European Championship in 2000. He was a superb passer of the ball first and foremost, an outstanding playmaker that fed his forwards with great passes. The guy was sheer class.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    I would say our Playoff final victory against QPR back in 2003. It wasnt the best football match by a long shot, but when Andy Campbell of all people popped up with a stunning strike in the 114th minute to seal us the victory it was indescribable to be honest. Being at the Millenium stadium aswell which was kind of 'home territory' just made it all the better. One of the best feelings ever when that final whistle blew.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    My Dagenham & Redbridge in 5579. First and foremost the setup is fantastic to be a part of, the main reason however is taking my Daggers from division 4 with a pretty poor sqaud compared to most to second of division 3 with premiership quality players in the side within a season and a half.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Again id have to plump for my daggers in 5579, im not really a fan of the 'big clubs' i much prefer taking a smaller club building them up and progressing my way up the divisons, so taking a club like dagenham & redbridge and advancing them the way i have in such a competetive gamewrold is a good acheivement in my eyes.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    Its just pretty bloody addictive isnt it lol! Im a competetive person myself so i enjoy knowing im pitting my whitts against other people.

    Wouldnt say theres much i dislike to be honest, a few bits and bobs annoy me sometimes but nothing that stands out.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Ooh tricky one this, im an avid sports fan so any sort of playing sports/watching sports usually keeps me ticking over nicely. Apart from that spending time with my mates, going out clubbing/drinking, spending time with the girlfriend. Pretty typical guy id say really.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Im not really a fan of all the peppy pop rubbish thats around today to be honest, im into the whole indy/rock scene. Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Artic Monkeys, 30 Seconds to Mars, the list could go on but im sure you get the general idea.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    EASY. The one and only James Bond, that guys got the life right? Stunning women, amazing cars, tons of gadgets and all the martinis he can drink in return for knocking off a few bad guys. Yes please :D

    Who is your ideal date?

    Jessica Clement, or as most people know her the sexy girl on the real hustle, i mean seriously wow.. id let her hustle me any day, just dont tell my girlfriend :P


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    I'm currently in my last year of uni now, studying Sports Development which is a mix of coaching young kids sporting fundementals and running a number of sporting clubs, primarilly football and boxing. Id like to see myself being a sports devlopments officer in 5 years time which is pretty much what i do now but on a much larger scale and actually getting paid for it rather than it being 'part of my course' so doing it for free lol.

    What's your real life personality like and does it differ from your forum personality?

    I'd say both my personalities (although that makes me sound demented :rolleyes:) are pretty much the same tbh. Im a pretty down to earth guy, easy to get along with, always up for a good bit of banter, but can also talk seriously about issues or just have a random bit of run depending what mood im in.

    What are your team's prospects of getting into the EPL in the near future and if you get up, do you genuinely believe you could stay there?

    In all honesty we should already be in the EPL and i stand by my judgement that any other manager than Jones would of got us promoted with the squad we had last season. In terms of this season im cautionly optomistic, we have on paper the best team in the league but its just a case of getting us to play right. Anything but automatic promotion would be seen as a big dissapointment in my eyes. I do believe though with our Malaysian owners if we did go up we'd have enough financial clout behind us and with the players we already got we could establish ourselfs in the top tier of football just like the old days.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Winning the championship lol nah, as long as my family and friends are healthy and happy then so am i so i would wish for that, health and good fortune for the people in my life.

    Which of these would give you most pleasure - Getting promotion but losing home and away to Swansea, missing promotion but beating Swansea home and away, seeing Swansea get relegated or seeing Wales beat England in the upcoming qualifier?

    Getting promoted without a shadow of a doubt, as bad as it is losing to the Jacks i would take that all day long if it meant seeing my club in the premiership. We could just get payback when drawing them in the cups :P

    So a down-to-earth guy who's looking to get into a career in the sports field and believes his club rightly belongs in the EPL and will get there sooner rather than later.

    Next up will be the only forumer I'm aware of, who's forum name is a homage to a record breaking track and field athlete...

  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Apparently Manchester United have signed the Belgian David Beckham called Adnan Januzaj age16 from Anderlecht' date=' he will become the [b']highest paid youngest at united by getting 120k a year.[/b]


    By my reckoning that supposed wage will make him almost the highest paid player at the club (only Rio and Rooney earn more?). Either a huge over-exaggeration or the Man United heirarchy have gone bonkers (irrespective of potential) :P

    EDIT: Please ignore this post as I was clearly having a senile moment :o

  18. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Mystery over Fitzpatrick's future intensifies

    What was on paper a low-key night for the few reporters who turned up to witness the second leg of the EC106 youth cup first round tie between Sheff Utd and Crewe, may now go down as one of the most significant episodes in EC106 history as fears grow over the whereabouts of Crewe and England world-cup winning gaffer Sean Fitzpatrick. Whilst his side completed a comfortable 7-3 aggregrate win over their opponents, the main talking points for the increasing large gathering of the worldwide media was the non-appearance of the Crewe manager for the second half. A media frenzy of the likes Brammall Lane has rarely witnessed in recent times quickly developed as news of the drama broke-out, but they were left waiting with baited breath to question Smartdoc as the expected press conference was cancelled by the club.


    Smartdoc and an unkown individual were clearly in a hurry to leave Brammall Lane through the backdoors after the game

    But they got their chance as Smartdoc left the ground through the back passage surrounded by cameramen and reporters. Whilst Smartdoc initially attempted to refuse to answer any questions by responding 'no comment' to the barrage of questions and suggesting the reporters concentrate their questions on the game they had just seen he eventually relented to the baying masses by giving a brief statement:

    As many of you will know, Sean is a good friend and was the man who introduced me to the Sheffield United heirarchy when they appointed me to this club. He remains one of my closest allies, but it was obvious to me in recent weeks he's not been his normal self. I could not stand by and see this legendary manager be ridiculed by the filth some of you have been guilty of writing about him in recent times. I can confirm Sean is in good spirits and in the best place for him right now. His club and their boardroom are fully aware of everything and will be making a statement in due course. I'm sure we'll be seeing the great man back to his best in the very near future. I know there's no point in asking this as you lot are a bunch of piranhas, but I would hope you will respect his privacy and lay off the man. Just remember, this is the man who finally ended our long wait for World Cup glory. This is the man who's won countless accolades, many of which you have voted for. Let's try and cut him some slack

    And with that Smartdoc drove off speedily out of the ground vicinity. Rumours remain abound about the whereabouts of Fitzpatrick. Some spectators suggest he was taken to hospital following a fracas involving some of the players in the tunnel at half time, whilst others are claiming the English FA have intervened to prevent his recent antics becoming worldwide news. The only certainty is that this has been one dramatic night in EC106 and the hunt goes on to find out exactly what has transpired tonight


    David Bernstein's appearance at the game adding further speculation that the FA may have been involved in the disappearance of Fitzpatrick

  19. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Dont know if its already happened' date=' but id love Doc to be interviewed...[/quote']

    Just drop me a PM/VM and I'll add you to the list to be interviewed (VM/PM enables me to orgnaise the list more clearly and in chronological order) :)

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