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  1. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Our next interviewee needs no introuction to forum regulars. Tebthereb is one of our longest-standing members and the one we all rely on to keep the forum in good order in his supervisor role. Always willing to help anyone experiencing any sort of problem on here, here's his interview: So a quiet man who never shirks his duties on the forum and is hoping to have a settled family life in a new house in the near future. Very pleased with his side's current squad in real life, hoping success is around the corner and has the motivation to remain fit t
  2. Re: Thinking of starting a new business, with only €150. Ideas please?
  3. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected Zenit in GC49. Seven 90+ rated players and some quite good youth players.
  4. Re: A-League Closures? It's possible in custom leagues where the owner has relinquished control of the league.
  5. Re: Some Basic Suggestions regarding finances I think the reason why the vast majority of people like SM is the exact reasons you are perhaps finding it boring - the simplicity of it. Personally speaking, I haven't the time nor the inclination to mess about with finances, sponsorship etc. Your point 2) is similar to something I suggested about 2-3 years ago when I joined. But having now played the game for a while, I see it's probably not appropriate and would benefit the richer clubs and add to their already vast advantages over the smaller clubs. I also don't feel that possible eventual con
  6. Re: A-League Closures? Leagues usually are closed when you get down to one member left in the league. I think you may just have been unlucky in that others left the gameworld. I'm in an Australian Championship which is into it's 6th season (AC 180) and still going strong.
  7. Re: Official Cricket Thread Steady on, a good win but let's not get too over-excited To be fair England have never really excelled in 50 over cricket and I don't think many other than staunch supporters will give them much of a chance at the WC. But this series has very much the look of a post-Ashes, can't wait to get home look about it now with several players getting "injured" and going back home (shazad and Bresnan the latest to go I hear). In many ways a sub-continent World cup will suit England more than the Aussie pitches, and with Swann, Yardy and Collingwood, we may have to rely
  8. Re: Official Cricket Thread I think Cameron White is key. 20 odd minutes of him and you'll have the platform for Hussey to come on and finish the job. England are definitely missing Colly's bowling though and that's why I think you may just have the edge.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Wow' date=' I heard times are tough and inflation is on the up, but that is ridiculous Anyway Stu, shouldn't you be due on the Chelsea thread some time soon posting why the Torres signing was not ideal for Chelsea becuase Torres likes to play up front by himself and Torres, Drogba, Anelka will never work. I've been waiting with baited breath all day (obviously not really)
  10. Re: Limit of editing players?! It's an issue which has cropped up for the Community admins who are active in editing players also (not too involved myself) and I know a few have reported it and the Devs were looking at a solution to the problem. It appears it may not have been resolved yet, but hopefully now you've confirmed it is still occurring, they will look at it again
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't really hate Torres at all and wish him well. Admittedly he has broken some of his claims, but he has served the club well generally. I pity him in some ways, as he will come to the realisation some time in the future that he has just left the best club in the world. The transfer fee issue aside (still got my jaw wide open), I am really excited about our new strike partnership. If they realise their potential, they could be the most deadly strike duo in the EPL in 1-2 seasons time. Let's hope Torres will soon be forgotten. But I'm hoping a number of kn
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Absolutely! To think we can spend perhaps all of the money we're getting for Torres (if Adam also agrees to sign) is a refreshing surprise. I agree with Pete, that if he realises his potential and continues his growth, as well as curbing his off-field shenanigans, the world is his oyster. 35 million at the moment looks preposterous (still can't get my head around it) and will no doubt have opposition fans laughing at us, but if he realises his potential he will be a great Liverpool player. He's perfectly set-up for EPL football and I happily welcome him at the
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You and me are going to have a serious falling out in a minute - consider this your second strike
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread My day was going bad enough as it is and now you have to go and plaster his face all over our thread . Have you no shame Ian? Do you not think we are suffering enough already?
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Personally' date=' I can't fault Newcastle for holding out for as much as you can get. Carroll is the achetypal old-fashioned striker who's good in the air and can finish. His game is ideal for the EPL. And to top it all, he is English which adds millions these days. He has bags of potential and can only get better and dare I say go on to be the modern day Alan Shearer . But that's all hypothesis at the moment and he needs to pass second season syndrome first (when defenders and clubs will be in a better position to make plans to cope with him) before we can st
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The football world gone mad is my only explanation - have never had my jaw open for as long as I did when I read that. Would happily stick with the squad we've got at the moment - Torres or no Torres come February. Already said it, but last thing we need is a panic but ala Keane. Would prefer to use the rest of the season to give one or two kids a real go in the first side as, touch wood, we look safe from the dreaded dropzone now and are in the mid-table range with little to play for.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I've heard all sorts of rumours in the last 24 hours al manner of names thrown into the equation. Would suggest that the Torres deal is as good as done - really hope we don't make an expensive panic buy like we have done in recent times. This season is a write-off and I'd rather stick with what we have than overpay for a last minute player without much long-term thought.
  18. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews continued from above... So clearly someone who has enjoyed seeing the development of so many of his younger forumers into more mature individuals and modest about his role in the EC106 set-up. Always willing to impart his experience of life on others, but despite his sometimes forthright manner, he's just a caring fella all-round Will be hoping to pick up the pase of interviews again in due course now a time-consuming period at work seems to be coming to an end and anyone wishing to give an interview simply has to VM or PM me
  19. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Longnose is a proud south Londoner and even prouder patriot. A man of distinction and many life experiences and an encyclopaedic knowledge of world affairs, here is his interview: to be continued...
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's very magnanimous of you George . At least you didn't say slightly worse than Alves Would still have preferred if you said slightly better than Van Nistelrooy
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