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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread No real need for that to be honest Mr. Hammer or anyone else is free to post whatever he wants, so long as it is relevant to the topic and does not contravene any of the forum rules. You may not find it particularly appealing, but then you always have the option of ignoring the post. Grammar and spelling is an issue which a few forumers have so not sure why he needs to be particularly called out on that one either. It's a gold discussion thread and he's posting about his gold championship team's latest news. On the other hand the post yo
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread All the best for the future Stuart. Your presence on the forum will be sorely missed and I wish you the very best in all your future endeavours in life
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I don't think you will find anyone who could defend his tactics in this match, Johnny to be honest. It's clear the game plan was pretty poor and played into Spurs hands somewhat. Also not reacting to the ever-imposing threat of Bale during the game was most un-Rafa like. Perhaps he felt that arguably the best RB in the world should have been able to cope with a young up-and-coming star, but clearly he didn't and it highlighted a failing in Rafa to react in this case. You also mentioned the fact that this is the reigning champions we're talking abo
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Probably wouldn't be the worst case scenario for us when comparing the two's current form (Did I just say that? ). We all keep saying it and it's a cliche' date=' but he just needs a couple of goals and things will be right. Been saying that for over a couple of years now. Their bias toward another team and their obvious bias against ours has culminated in me cancelling my Sky subscription. There's only so much brown stuff you can listen to, don't want to pay for that I can watch the neighbour's cat doing it in the garden for free (wasn't the only factor bu
  5. Re: Should squad caps be introduced ? That could get quite messy. For example, using Phil Jones in your example, who would Phil Jones sign for: Yeovil offer 2m - contract says he will play in 90% of games Man U offer 2m - contract says he will play in 10% of games West Ham offer 2.1m - contract says he will play in 40% of games Birmingham offer 2.5m - contract says he will play in 20% of games All offers accepted by the selling club - who does he sign for? Club offering best price, best chance of success or most chances of playing. Would mean the players would suddenly need to have an
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Nothing's even happened yet, but it's interesting to see we've already almost covered the 7 stages of grief: SHOCK Couldn't find an appropriate example DENIAL
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread Still 20 months left on that contract, but looks likely Man U will try and sell on ASAP. Can't imagine many clubs who would be able to afford him or willing to offer the substantial fee Man U will be looking for in Janurary, but by the same token Man U surely wouldn't want to wait till the summer as the fee they get will drop more. Rooney to City?
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not much to say today, I'm absolutely devastated at the way we performed. Read all the posts and quite frankly, no one person should shoulder the blame, we're a collective shambles at the moment . I will however say, that if the players and the gaffer showed even a quarter of the passion some of the forumers show for our beloved club on here, we might get somewhere.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The only thing the Chilean miners had in common with Liverpool Football club, is that they managed to maintain the loyal support and well wishes of their followers and supporters despite the troubling times they have been suffering The 31 miners you quoted must have been gloryhunting Man U armchair supporters who have never been to Old Trafford (and never will) and who will soon be switching allegiance to become Man City fans
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread No worries mate, I've just cheered myself by checking out my saved link from the urban dictionary on Gary Neville. I would post it up, but some of it is a little offensive and unnecessarily derogatory, but the bits in between always cheer me up EDIT: Link available on demand via PM
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nothing could ever be as bad as this. You've put my mood well off with this ill-timed suggestion, Ian
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Personally speaking I thought this game was crying out for a 4-4-2 or even a 3-5-2 (with our lack of full backs). We're basically looking toothless with an out-of-form misfiring Torres up front and it's clear to see that having N'Gog up front alongside him (regardless of what people feel about his level of ability) would take some of the burden off him (albeit not a great deal). What better opportunity would we have had to blood one of our promising youngsters at LB (Mavinga/Robinson) than a game against arguably one of the weakest sides in the league? Ok, perh
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That's the spirit! Wish for your own players to get injured when you already have a threadbare squad!
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Against Man City, where we should have played two holding midfielders to negate their attacks, we played a more attacking formation and were hammered. Against Birmingham, where we should have played more creative midfielders to break down what is traditionally a stubborn defence (particularly at home), we played two holding midfielders and a centre line devoid of creativity Is this Roy Hodgson an imposter? Where is the one I heard such rave reviews about last year. The one who many on this forum regard as a very good manager and a great tactician. I've been le
  15. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejecting Arsenal in GC7. Fabregas, Silva, Robben, Rossi amongst others.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The move is looking likelier by the minute . Possibility that it may involve Babel going the other way. Will be utterly disappointed, when it was glaringly obvious we were lacking a forward throughout last season, if Carlton Cole is the best we could do
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