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  1. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Our next interviewee needs no introuction to forum regulars. Tebthereb is one of our longest-standing members and the one we all rely on to keep the forum in good order in his supervisor role. Always willing to help anyone experiencing any sort of problem on here, here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support Tottenham Hotspur, and have done so for as long as I can remember. I can't remember when I started to watch them play but I remember having posters of their FA Cup winning side with Lineker and co on my bedroom wall when I was younger, so I guess it must have been since about 1990

    Why do you follow this team?

    My dad was born in London, so he always supported them and I just watched them when he did and liked the way they played... so it kind of stuck. There has been little glory in the last twenty years or so, so I don't suppose I can really be accused of glory hunting!

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Ummm, I used to love watching Ginola play when I was younger as he had an amazing ability to light up a game with his skill. I always loved Teddy Sheringham, Gary Linekar, and Alan Shearer. Great professionals. I believe I am right in saying Linekar didn't get a yellow card in his whole career; amazing.

    These days, Messi is obviously a genius and must be respected. The player I see most often and admire though is Van Der Vaart. His movement, control and vision is awesome and are all qualities I lack rather obviously when I play football myself!

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    England 4 Holland 1 in Euro 96. Some great performances from some of my favourite players, a tremendous result. This was the year I loved England more than ever and this result had me utterly convinced we would win the European Cup.

    I have never been so gutted as when we went out the tournament, and I have never allowed myself to get too drawn by international football since as I am not going through the heartache again!

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    A bit of a predictable response, I fear, but it is definitely Spartak Moskva in GC1. It's my most successful team and the one I am most proud of, and also one of the few that I took from day one.

    The gameworld is also tough and the league is getting harder and harder each season. The GC1 forum thread is also very active for such an old gameworld.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Possibly my Spartak Moskva squad... although these days I am more embarrassed than proud.

    I did win the quintuple with Sparta once, I think, and I am not sure if this feat has been accomplished much elsewhere so I guess I am probably most pleased with that.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    I could write a book on this!

    Briefly though, I like negotiating for players more than anything as I find it satisfying to get good players who will rise and the enjoyment is heightened when the player is acquired from a human rather than the AI.

    The community is also excellent and I enjoy helping people out where I can.

    I dislike the match engine above all. It is a constant disappointment and in great need of an overhaul. There are hundreds of other things, big and small, that I could also name though that I think could be tweaked.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    I love going to the gym. I normally go four times and get up at 5:40am to do so! I really enjoy working out. And watching football of course. Also play a bit of squash.

    What sort of music do you like?

    I don't listen to much really. I like most solo female vocalists. I think I am a bit soft... any woman sings and I melt.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    I know this is a lame answer but I wouldn't want to be in any movie as anybody, not even as myself! No interest in being centre of attention. Contrary to the impression given by this answer, I do love movies.

    Who is your ideal date?

    Kelly Brooks or Martine McCutcheon. I have a weakness for brunettes!

    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    I work in the tax department for a well known firm of accountants, giving tax planning advise and preparing tax returns for a lot of self-employed people and small owner managed businesses.

    In five years time... in terms of my career? I am not sure. I am more concerned with being happy in five years... I plan to move house, have a baby and get married so the career will be second to all that.

    What sort of person are you in real life? How would your friends describe you?

    I am pretty quiet, particularly in groups. I am not argumentative or confrontational at all normally and hate being the centre of attention. I can be quite stubborn once you get to know me and think I have a decent sense of humour (who doesn't though!?) and am a good listener. I am not much of a "lad" and I enjoy female company more than male company. Not sure if any of that comes across from my posts!

    Some younger fans are already labelling the current Spurs squad as perhaps the best ever. Which Tottenham side would you say were the best ever and how close is the current squad?

    I would agree with those people. It is the strongest I can remember. The 1991 team I mentioned before (cup winners) was excellent but in terms of depth and potential this is the best one I remember.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    How about...Unlimited wishes? Sorry, couldn't resist. Failing that, I would wish that I never had to bother working again. I could quite happily be unemployed forever but finances don't allow this!

    You've been a member of this forum since it's inception. What features of the forum do you feel are the best (which have kept you here) and has it been difficult maintaining the role of supervisor?

    Actually, I didn't join the forum from the start. Not far off though I suppose, in the grand scheme of things.

    The player ratings sections have always appealed to me but I think after a while most people heavily into these sections become a little embittered at the fact that helping there too much often comes back to bite you in the game. Generally I am just happy the forum continues to grow.

    Yes it is difficult to be a mod in the sense that I got into the forum as I like posting, but these days I nearly always have "duties" to perform - I feel guilty if I put my own pursuits ahead of these too often. I feel much more distanced from the community then I once was too, which I regret but feel is an inevitable result of the forum growing.

    So a quiet man who never shirks his duties on the forum and is hoping to have a settled family life in a new house in the near future. Very pleased with his side's current squad in real life, hoping success is around the corner and has the motivation to remain fit that perhaps many of us lack :)

    Still working through the list of interviews I have to send out (may have lost a few names) :o , but a steady flow of completed interviews continues to come in. Stay tuned... :)

  2. Re: Thinking of starting a new business, with only €150. Ideas please?

    Oh' date=' I didn't know you left it.

    What I'd do is actually invest it in shares.

    Start off small. Keep €100 in the bank and invest the rest. It's small now, but the sooner you get experience in this, the better. Stick around the market, see what everyone is buying and you buy the same. Then sell when they sell.[/quote']

    If everyone else is jumping of the edge of the bridge, jump off as well :P . Playing the shares and stock market is risky at the best of times, but doing in the current financial climate is foolhardy especially if you have no experience of the market.

    Well basically I'm only 16 so its only really a very small business' date=' looking to make a bit of extra cash from it. Over the past few weeks me and a mate have had a small business just having a tuck shop in his locker and selling sweets and cans for a fairly good profit, and with 200 people in our year there'll always be some hungry people!

    Well now we have about 150 from that and were looking to make a bigger ''project''.

    This new business could be anything from online, door-to-door, or just within my school.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :D[/quote']

    Seems to me you're already onto a good thing here. £150 in a few weeks seems like a good business and there aren't that many other risk free business opportunities on a small scale out there that would have such a rate of return. So long as you aren't annoying your teachers or breaking some rules, I'd stick with the same business (you could always expand your product range and use 2 lockers if there is enough demand). Perhaps when you have more in the bank, it would be the time to look at broadening your horizons in the business world.

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Never going to happen' date=' but with our current personnel, I would favour a 3-5-2. 3CBs as I'm not confident that any 2 of the ones we have currently can do the job (leaving one CB to mop up). Any two of Kelly/Johnson/Aurelio bombing up and down the wings whilst providing cover at the back. Lucas and Gerrard playing a more disciplined role in MF and providing cover for the wing backs when they're up field and Mereiles given a freer role to feed balls to the front two or spread the play to the flanks.[/quote']

    Posted at the end of the transfer window. Just call me Dalglish? :eek::P

    Although, I did qualify that by thinking I doubt it would happen, it made sense to play this way with our current resources and when you consider that our 3 best crossers of the ball (bar Gerrard) are our fullbacks arguably. Not exactly how we've lined up but pretty close and it's clear we're looking more solid and more threatening going forward.

    Need to keep up the momentum with our next two games against relegation threatened sides and could really be back in the mix if we manage to do so before we welcome the old enemy.

  4. Re: A-League Closures?

    Ahhh thanks! I just checked' date=' and yes I am the only one left in this league. Do they still close it if someone else comes along in the meantime and takes over a team?

    (Strange that I didn't know about this, given I have been playing for ages now haha)[/quote']

    No, unfortunately once the decision to close the league is made, SM don't normally reverse the decision :(

    Could this happen with customs leagues

    It's possible in custom leagues where the owner has relinquished control of the league.

  5. Re: Some Basic Suggestions regarding finances

    I think the reason why the vast majority of people like SM is the exact reasons you are perhaps finding it boring - the simplicity of it. Personally speaking, I haven't the time nor the inclination to mess about with finances, sponsorship etc. Your point 2) is similar to something I suggested about 2-3 years ago when I joined. But having now played the game for a while, I see it's probably not appropriate and would benefit the richer clubs and add to their already vast advantages over the smaller clubs. I also don't feel that possible eventual consequences of increasing stadium sizes ike you have proposed will benefit the game e.g Waford having a larger stadium than Man Utd for example may be possible with your suggestions after some time.

    Whilst there's nothing wrong with your ideas and other games incorporate similar ideas (FM for example) :), I'm not sure there's a need for it in SM, personally. I don't think SM loses members due to inability to control finances ticket prices etc, rather it gains more members everyday due to the simplicity of it. The ever increasing membership number is partial evidence of this.

    PS Having multiple forums accounts is not permitted on the forum :eek:

  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Superb win! Shows why we are number one!

    I thought we had no chance at the start of our innings!

    Complete confidence breaker for England. I don't rate them going into the WC. Really low confidence at the moment.

    Steady on, a good win but let's not get too over-excited :P

    To be fair England have never really excelled in 50 over cricket and I don't think many other than staunch supporters will give them much of a chance at the WC. But this series has very much the look of a post-Ashes, can't wait to get home look about it now with several players getting "injured" and going back home (shazad and Bresnan the latest to go I hear).

    In many ways a sub-continent World cup will suit England more than the Aussie pitches, and with Swann, Yardy and Collingwood, we may have to rely less on our pacemen who have struggled in the ODIs. Wouldn't count us out yet :)

  7. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    I think Cameron White is key. 20 odd minutes of him and you'll have the platform for Hussey to come on and finish the job. England are definitely missing Colly's bowling though and that's why I think you may just have the edge.

  8. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    A good match building up' date=' been kicked out of the loungeroom though so I can't watch it.

    Great knock by Trott. Superb batting! Does he have a poor pain threshold? Always seems to be sore or something like that.

    The run chase is on though, Johnson just got his 50 :D A bit of experimenting before the WC by us and it's paying off at the moment.

    Lots of beachballs flying everywhere too![/quote']

    Looks like you well and truely put the jinx on Johnson (the old commentator's curse) :P

    With the pacemen misfiring and Hussey still to come, would still have you as slight favourites. Would be gutting if England couldn't defend 333 though :(.

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Wow' date=' I heard times are tough and inflation is on the up, but that is ridiculous :D

    Anyway Stu, shouldn't you be due on the Chelsea thread some time soon posting why the Torres signing was not ideal for Chelsea becuase Torres likes to play up front by himself and Torres, Drogba, Anelka will never work. I've been waiting with baited breath all day :P(obviously not really)

  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    That is why I said we need to buy wingers in the summer' date=' what with our present wingers being mediocre. Please bare in mind Carroll is good with his feet too.

    My proposed formation gives the wing backs full licence to attack and provide crosses. IE. Johnson and Aurelio will be getting forward constantly - hence why we have more holding midfielders to cover the space. :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Never going to happen, but with our current personnel, I would favour a 3-5-2. 3CBs as I'm not confident that any 2 of the ones we have currently can do the job (leaving one CB to mop up). Any two of Kelly/Johnson/Aurelio bombing up and down the wings whilst providing cover at the back. Lucas and Gerrard playing a more disciplined role in MF and providing cover for the wing backs when they're up field and Mereiles given a freer role to feed balls to the front two or spread the play to the flanks.

    Like I said, never going to happen and is a bygone formation certainly in the EPL and I suspect a 4-1-3-2 (similar to your suggestion) is going to be the way we play.

  11. Re: Limit of editing players?!

    It's an issue which has cropped up for the Community admins who are active in editing players also (not too involved myself) and I know a few have reported it and the Devs were looking at a solution to the problem. It appears it may not have been resolved yet, but hopefully now you've confirmed it is still occurring, they will look at it again :)

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Yeah on the downside tho' date=' Torres & Drogba :eek: imagine games when both are even near there best......[/quote']

    That is a truely scary thought...but then again something tells me Drogba isn't going to be around for much longer at Chelsea (for a number of reasons) :eek:

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I don't really hate Torres at all and wish him well. Admittedly he has broken some of his claims, but he has served the club well generally. I pity him in some ways, as he will come to the realisation some time in the future that he has just left the best club in the world.

    The transfer fee issue aside (still got my jaw wide open), I am really excited about our new strike partnership. If they realise their potential, they could be the most deadly strike duo in the EPL in 1-2 seasons time. Let's hope Torres will soon be forgotten. But I'm hoping a number of knock-on positives from yesterday's saga will also materialise:

    1. For the first time in years we've shown we're prepared to compete in the transfer market (albeit the case was essentially that from the Torres transfer). No doubt players around the world will have had their eyes opened that Liverpool is not just a place for bargain buys or lacking ambition

    2. The negative tactics employed by us in recent times are surely going to be a thing of the past. All our best players are in attack and surely this will be the emphasis from now on. No more going to places like Fulham away being content with a clean sheet.

    3. All our best sides through the 80s and early 90s always had 2 great strikers. Can't think of a better omen than to possibly push us back towards the glory days.

    Disappointed Torres left - yes

    Disappointed at the huge fee we had to pay - yes

    Despondent about our future - Not at all - can't wait to see our new strike duo in tandem :)

  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Ridiculous sum of money for me. But surely you guys are happy with the ambition ?

    Absolutely! To think we can spend perhaps all of the money we're getting for Torres (if Adam also agrees to sign) is a refreshing surprise. I agree with Pete, that if he realises his potential and continues his growth, as well as curbing his off-field shenanigans, the world is his oyster. 35 million at the moment looks preposterous (still can't get my head around it) and will no doubt have opposition fans laughing at us, but if he realises his potential he will be a great Liverpool player. He's perfectly set-up for EPL football and I happily welcome him at the club (if not his price tag).

  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I can now see what's happening - bear with me on this one...please

    Torres on way to Chelsea for £50mill

    Carroll on way to Liverpool £35mill

    Carroll can be used as a target man - yes?

    Perfect for when Big Sam gets the Liverpool job at the end of the season - he will also have a spare £15 mill to spend on the likes of Samba or similar.

    It all makes sense when you open your eyes


    You and me are going to have a serious falling out in a minute - consider this your second strike :mad::eek:

  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Bacon Face = SAF


    PS I do rate Carroll - he has everything to be a GREAT striker - but Newcastle are ripping you guys off

    My day was going bad enough as it is and now you have to go and plaster his face all over our thread :( . Have you no shame Ian? Do you not think we are suffering enough already? :mad::P:o

  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    1234: Various reports suggesting that Liverpool have also failed in a bid for Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez. All quiet on the Charlie Adam front.

    So you have bid for Gomez and Carroll' date='both similar type of players but it would suggest you have a lot of money and why we have held out for more.[/quote']

    Yeah. But he's on the mend.

    I don't know why you are willing to offer so much for Carroll either. I love him but he's not worth that.

    Personally' date=' I can't fault Newcastle for holding out for as much as you can get. Carroll is the achetypal old-fashioned striker who's good in the air and can finish. His game is ideal for the EPL. And to top it all, he is English which adds millions these days. He has bags of potential and can only get better and dare I say go on to be the modern day Alan Shearer :eek:. But that's all hypothesis at the moment and he needs to pass second season syndrome first (when defenders and clubs will be in a better position to make plans to cope with him) before we can start talking about 30m, which really is a fee which commands the world class bracket.

    I know, its a ridiculous fee and one that can only be justified with opinions, he has proved nothing and im totally shocked that they rejected Spurs initial bid let alone yours :eek:

    No doubting the fact he has talent but until its proven for over the course of a season or more, the figure were talking about is stupidly high.

    Dzeko was signed for 27 :eek: That was with Cities inflated price to.

    I think the bolded part isnt a bad option, your too good to go down yet in all reality have nothing to fight for. Just begin the rebuilding process now and blood some of the better youngsters through. Do you have any great young strikers coming through ?

    Pacheco certainly deserves more minutes on the field and I can't help but feel he's been discriminated against because of his diminuitive build. I persoanlly feel he's ready for the demands of the EPL and would love for him to be given a run in the side. Other than that, we don't have anyone up front whose ready in my opinion. Ecclestone has shown glimpses of pace in Europa league games, but has now been loaned out. Not sure he will make the grade long-term. Ngoo and Amoo are far from ready. Suso in our most exciting prospect in my opinion and I'd love to see him get some time off the bench (creative midfielder who likes to get forward).

    Not much to be honest :o , but then again what have we got to lose. Got to blood these youngsters and the likes of Robinson etc at some time and I can't see a better time than now when we're not fighting for anything.

  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    6 good months in the premiership and he is now worth more than 30 million......

    People thought Darren Bent was over priced :eek::eek: Would all of you welcome Carrol to Liverpool ?

    Looks like your intent on bring others in.

    The football world gone mad is my only explanation - have never had my jaw open for as long as I did when I read that.

    Would happily stick with the squad we've got at the moment - Torres or no Torres come February. Already said it, but last thing we need is a panic but ala Keane. Would prefer to use the rest of the season to give one or two kids a real go in the first side as, touch wood, we look safe from the dreaded dropzone now and are in the mid-table range with little to play for.

  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Apparentely a enquiry for Mario Gomez has been rejected by Bayern Munich.

    I've heard all sorts of rumours in the last 24 hours al manner of names thrown into the equation. Would suggest that the Torres deal is as good as done - really hope we don't make an expensive panic buy like we have done in recent times. This season is a write-off and I'd rather stick with what we have than overpay for a last minute player without much long-term thought.

  20. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    continued from above...

    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    I’m a very overlooked , very worn out, nondescript little cog in the hard pressed estate services management team of a housing association (social landlords). Spend most of my day listening to moaning residents / colleagues and trying to motivate an equally overlooked , worn out and hard pressed team of cleaners, gardeners and maintenance people…If I’m honest the jobs on its way out, I have taken a 2k pay cut this year ( reviewed again in 2013 and likely to go down again), lost around 220 pounds per month in pension contributions from my employer and thanks to a lovely new reward strategy, had the annual cost of living ( +1%) pay rise removed from my T+Cs…happy days

    Difficult to say, I had toyed with the idea of joining my property developing brother in Spain, but things on the Costa del crime are not so rosy since the decline of the Euro. I planned to maybe move out of London and head to the West country ( to give my children the chance to live around some English people before they become extinct) but in all honesty I doubt I will have the money now. So I’ll probably be here, hopefully in the same job or more to the point a job…

    Some of the younger members will not know of Milwall's past success and proud history and only know of the more troubled times of the club? Educate us (concisely) and who would make up your all time best Millwall XI?

    Past Success ? that wouldn‘t take long……how about we concentrate on their History. Formed in 1885 on the Isle of Dogs , which is on the other side of the river ( next time Eastenders is on , look for the bulge that sticks out into the Thames from the East end) by a a group of Dundee Dockers at the JT Morton factory. Ask Sean Fitz about that but this not only explains the royal blue shirt and Lion rampant badge but also my close affinity and mutual respect with many of the Forums Scottish members. Moving to South London in 1910 they joined the football league in 1920 and at one point between the wars were the 10th best supported club in England. With SE London being heavily bombed during the war damage to the Den forced them to ground share with Charlton , Palace and West Ham before returning to a rebuilt Den. Struggling in the 4th division throughout the 1950’s things took an up would direction in the 1960’s resulting in a marvellous undefeated home record of 59 games. The late 1960’s saw possibly the Lions strongest team, narrowly missing out on promotion to the first in 1971 before a gradual decline saw them fall back into the 3rd.

    With the arrival of George Graham in the early 1980’s the club pulled out of a nose dive towards the 4th and returned to the second with a quarter final FA cup defeat at Luton ( went to that one ) along the way. After George buggered off to North London another Scotsman John Docherty led the club to their finest hour with promotion to the old first in 1987. After a bright first stab at the top (finishing 10th) the second season was truly miserable ( I hated it) and after the Doc was sacked and replaced by Bruce Rioch the club dropped back down into the second tier at the end of the 89/90 season.

    With relegation came the start of what can only be described as a roller coaster ride of success and misery both on the pitch and off it. Under new man Mick Mcarthy the Lions enjoyed some notable success knocking Arsenal out of the cup and losing out to Derby in the division 1 play-offs. Sadly any hope of a quick return to the big time was short lived as by 96-97 Jimmy Nichol came down from Raith Rovers and somehow contrived to get the club relegated to the third after leading the division just 5 months before. It was an equally frustrating time off the pitch, when despite moving to a new purpose built ground ( the New Den) the club found themselves at the point of bankruptcy and were placed into administration.

    After 5 long years in the Third, the new decade saw the excellent Mark McGee ( another Scot) finally lead the club back to the 2cnd and after narrowly loosing out to bloody Birmingham in the play-offs the season after, almost back into the premier. With Mcgee sacked ( I liked him myself) Dennis Wise took over and after a relatively easy ride we somehow found ourselves in the 2004 FA cup final facing Man Utd. OK they lost 4-1 but it was a great day for the people of SE London ( I was in Spain at the time) and of course saw Millwall make it into Europe for the first time in their 120 year history. After falling out with the new chairman, Wise left and after going 4 managers in one season, Millwall once more found themselves back in their spiritual home, the newly named first division. After a few nondescript years the clubs fortunes once more shifted upwards with the appointment of Kenny Jackett and in March 2007 a major investment in the club by Chestnut Hill Ventures, led by new chairman American John G Berylson. Under Jackett and Berylson the Lions have once more regained their roar reaching two successive play-off finals. Confounding our old friends Leeds to loose out to Shorpe in 2008/09 before returning to the championship last year after a narrow 1-0 victory over Swindon at Wembley.

    Millwall Major Honours

    Football League First Division

    Best finish: 10th (1988-89)

    Football League Second Division

    Champions: 1987-88

    Football League Third Division

    Champions: 1927-28, 1937-38 (then Division Three South), 2000-01 (by then known as the Second Division)

    Football League Fourth Division (fourth tier)

    Champions: 1961-62

    UEFA Cup

    Best performance: Round 1 (2004-05)

    FA Cup

    Semi Finalists: 1900, 1903, 1937.

    Runners-up: 2004.

    Football League Cup

    Best performance: quarter-finals (1973-74, 1976-77, 1994-95)

    Runners-up (1945)

    Favourite all time Millwall 11

    1. Kasey Keller

    2. Keith Stevens 5.Alan Mcleary 6.Paul Robinson 3. Bill Roffey

    7.Jimmy Carter 8.Terry Hurlock 4.Les Briley 11. Anton Otulakowski

    9. Neil Harris 10. Teddy Sheringham

    12. Alex Rae 13. Tony Cascarino 14. Andy Roberts

    15. Mark Kennedy 16. Steve Lovell

    You are very jovial character, but who has very firm beliefs and perhaps a little set-in-his-ways (forgive me for saying so). Is that an accurate description of your psyche?

    Joval ….that's a nice thing to say, thank you. Don’t get me wrong I have a dark side, and its darker than most but its kept safely under lock and key most of the time, but I do like a laugh.

    Firm beliefs / set in my ways…….If you mean I stubbornly and resolutely defend traditional British values ? then too bloody right I am, but personally I see that as a strength and a good quality. Don’t get me wrong, I want a lot more for my daughters than the rubbish I ever had, but I’m from good working class stock and I’m very proud of the morals and traditions that brings. I believe in personal and collective responsibility, fair play, hard work, reward , duty, respect, God ( the Protestant one of course), natural order, the Queen ( god bless her) and my country. I’m not a bloody European or a citizen of Earth, I don’t care a fig about all that lark. I’m English first and British second and am proud of all her people, be they Jocks, Micks or Taffs and of our glorious collective history. And whilst respecting other nations and cultures I consider the UK as the best in the world and if people don’t like that, well they can Jolly well go and boil their heads...

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    ..…an additional 40,000 redcoats at the battle of Saratoga…..now work that one out, answers on a postcard please.

    As a firm believer that the Conservative party will transform the woes of the UK's economy and standard of living, is there any of their principles which could be instilled into the England national football team to make them thrive internationally?

    I thought about a sprawling answer suggesting the revamping of the EPL, wage caps , European super Leagues etc so that young Englishmen were preferred to foreign imports, but in the end I concluded that there are something’s in this world that are too broke for even Dave and the lads to fix…..

    So clearly someone who has enjoyed seeing the development of so many of his younger forumers into more mature individuals and modest about his role in the EC106 set-up. Always willing to impart his experience of life on others, but despite his sometimes forthright manner, he's just a caring fella all-round :)

    Will be hoping to pick up the pase of interviews again in due course now a time-consuming period at work seems to be coming to an end and anyone wishing to give an interview simply has to VM or PM me

  21. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Longnose is a proud south Londoner and even prouder patriot. A man of distinction and many life experiences and an encyclopaedic knowledge of world affairs, here is his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    Whilst I don’t consider myself much more than an interested bystander nowadays , its Millwall. Originally I am from Deptford in SE London, 15 minutes away from the old Den, the old man, my uncles and brothers were diehard Millwall people so its in my blood, . I started going with them (mainly because my father dragged me along) from the late seventies with the Lions struggling away in the third division . By time I hit my teens we had left Deptford for a new house in Catford ( a few miles up the road) and despite my Dads health deteriorating and my brothers moving onto other things I was well and truly hooked.

    Going to watch Football in the 1980’s was so different than nowadays, better perhaps?, ok it was not the same standard as today on the pitch but off it the experience certainly seems less sterile. Seats were for season ticket holders or throwing at other supporters, games were policed by Policemen not stewards, the pitches were pretty rotten , the grounds outside the first division were dumps, it cost you a fiver to get in, players quite often drank locally and other than the elite they didn’t hold the ridiculous celebrity status they hold now. The FA cup meant something and unlike today the squads were almost exclusively drawn from the British Isles or Ireland.

    I continued to be Den regular throughout my school years and after leaving school in 85, I was lucky enough ( like today they were tough times for youngsters) to have worked in an arch at Deptford which meant I was still able to make all the home and a few away games A few years later I was doing really ok as part of a big money earning gang of road workers laying gas mains in the West End. Life for me then was an awful lot simpler than it is now and instead of being dominated by my work. wife and kids, pretty much consisted of pub, girls, playing football ( Tigers head FC ) and of course continuing to get to as many Lions games as I could.

    With the extra money I had floating around I became a regular travelling supporter, going all over the place as the Lions reached the 2cnd division and then made it into the old first, don’t get me wrong away trips with the Lions were a bit mental, but some of the best day’s of my life especially when a couple of hundred of you went up North. Anyway to cut a long boring story short, the years went by and things changed for me, I met my wife in the mid 90’s and needed to concentrate on getting a better job, buying a house, getting married and in 97 getting used to life as a father. The away games went and bit by bit so did the home games, I still got to a few but after the introduction of having to be a member of the MSC to get a ticket (and all the aggro that came with that) I gave it all up in 2002.

    Nowadays I still watch out for them, and when possible I catch a game on the box and am always pleased to hear tales from people I know who still get down there. Like everyone else who are associated with club I’m delighted at the great progress and success they are currently enjoying.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Millwall Football club is part of the DNA of SE London. The area from the Elephant and castle, past London bridge along the river through the old docklands ( Rotherhithe - Bermondsey ) and across towards Lewisham ( through Deptford - New Cross) have always formed the Heartlands of Millwall support.

    SE London could never be described as fashionable, pretty or prosperous and when the docks shut it never attracted investment or regeneration from local or central government, in short it’s a corner of London that has always been forgotten . Despite ( how can I put this) many of the indigenous people of SE London moving out towards Kent and being replaced by a huge number of more colourful newcomers to the country, the problems faced by those who live there remain largely the same. People talk about its grim up North but its always been a poor area ( with some of the most deprived people in the country) and even today could at the very best only be described as a “rough old manor” beset with many of societies problems and social ills.

    The people who live there form very tight bonds and accordingly its has always been a very insular community, almost besieged from the rest of London and to many the clubs fighting spirit (on and off the pitch) typifies that. Ok there have been a few problems with violence, no one can deny that , but if you consider the over reaction by the Police the press and successive governments its little wonder we have a club left. The FA have been after Millwall for years, this was perfectly summed up years ago by former chairman Reg Burr who once commented

    ….Millwall are a convenient coat peg for football to hang its social ills on....

    ….or by the legendary Millwall battle cry….

    No one likes us, we don’t care....

    Things might have changed for me ,I now live in a very reasonable pretty well off London suburb, but its still my local team, and call me old fashioned but that’s the way it should be. I’m not knocking anyone, but I can’t but help afford myself a frown when I see legions of Plastic Scousers, Cockney Reds or South London Gooners in their brand new replica shirts stomping about the local park with their fat ugly kids and mouthy wives or rushing home with an Indian and a four pack to catch the CL game on sky. There’s loads of them down my road, the dipsticks are all South London people but would never dream of calling themselves Charlton, Millwall or Palace supporters…….but there I go talking a load of old rubbish as usual.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Terry Hurlock (Millwall)

    God knows what they would make of him now but my all time Favourite Millwall player was a guy called Terry ‘ Warlock’ Hurlock. Hurlock was an ex coalman and lower league journeyman and arguably one of the hardest players to take to a football field in the history of the game, but as is often the case, vastly underrated with a great engine and a wide array of passes. He went on to terrorise the old Scots first under that other shrinking violet Graham Souness at Rangers.

    I was told in a pub once by a couple of Celtic lads, that such was the impression left by Warlock on the Celtic supporters of the time they still refer to him (amongst other less forum friendly names) as that ‘ Vile hairy Beastie’. Neil Ruddock was once asked in a magazine Q&A, ‘What’s your favourite animal?’ ‘Terry Hurlock,’ he replied 'he often looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards, something he probably does to other people in his leisure time'.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Struggled to think of one in all honesty, of course there was plenty but more often than not it was memories of the match day as much as the game. For partly those reasons I went for the 4-1 victory over Gillingham all the way back in 1985. The Lions and Gillingham had been slugging it out all season for promotion from the old 3rd division. As it turned out the Lions finished second to Bradford but that was a superb change in fortunes when compared to the season before when good old George Graham had somehow saved the club from a disastrous drop into the 4th. The game was a somewhat one sided affair with the Lions dominating throughout with goals from Steve Lowndes, Steve Lovell, Dave Cusack and Lindsay Smith.

    It was also one of my first away games with the Lions, I was about 16 and me and half a dozen mates made the journey down to the Medway by train from Bromley South getting there about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. After chickening out of trying to blag our way into a pub we decided to hang around the town center for a bit trying to look every part the Millwall Bushwackers we weren’t. Anyway we was spotted by an elderly copper who told us to ‘ run along to the ground like good little boys’ and we duly did getting into the dump that is Priestfield about an hour before the game. As kick got closer the mass of Millwall lads turned up and the poky little stadium soon began to fill, I was struck by the noise coming out the packed Gillingham end with the home support doing their best to taunt us ( I got used to this on the road with Millwall) from the safety of the other end of the ground. Sadly for the Gills faithful as soon the teams took to the field the massed home support turned out to be just the opposite as 400/ 500 Millwall people revealed themselves to their shocked hosts and promptly the now less vocal Kentish disappeared out of the ground. Not that I am condoning any form of Football violence here of course..

    The journey home as just as memorable when crammed into the old rolling stock of the day my mate Martin stupidly decided to make himself and impromptu seat by opening the sliding window of the door and parking his backside in the gap. Problem was of course the train doors of the time were notoriously dangerous and likely to spring open at anytime. God knows how fast the train was going when the door burst outwards, but I still giggle when I picture Martins shocked face as he held on for his life screaming for help as the train belted along through the Kent countryside with him still perched in the window…after 20 minutes someone eventually stopped laughing and pulled him in, or maybe it was 30 ?.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    Hull in EC106...why ? because its in 106 you daft Doctor you.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    I done pretty well at the Den in 106 where by a run of luck I managed to take the Lions from the 3rd to the 1st in 4 seasons, no mean feat when you consider the strength of the opposition. Other than that Game wise not an awful lot really, whilst considering myself pretty nifty at the tactical side of things I have always lacked the knowledge and wit of many of those I come up against in the transfer market and I continue to suffer accordingly. Thing is I don’t judge success by trophies etc, or indeed by winning or loosing (unless its 106 of course) but more by my continued enjoyment of the game which I have to say shows no sign of diminishing.

    If I have achieved anything then perhaps its here on the forum and in particular my contribution to the 106 threads. I have had the great , great privilege in helping some of the finest lads in SM build EC 106 into what remains the forums most influential English Championship so far. No doubt there are some well known 106 haters just waiting to jump on this, but I don’t think that’s as such a crass statement as it perhaps sounds. EC 106 grew from the shadow of the marvellous EC1 and is as much a product of that set-ups success as it is of its own. As EC1 (forum wise) slowly reached its pinnacle, 106 continued the development of the Forum based EC to new heights. It contains unsung legends such as James, Phil, Dean, Akash, Sean , Dermot, Cun, Elliot, Callum, Paul, Dave B, Andy and many many more whose unstinting comradeship, innovation, dedication, imagination and loyalty resulted in a thread that continues to influence and inspire a whole genre of other GW threads. As I suggested to 106 the other day, the old lady is perhaps ? moving into her late middle age now, and like EC1 before her , she may ? be overtaken as the forums premier EC set-up, by a newer , equally dedicated bunch of Forumers. I watch with great interest the emergence of 5579 and 7046 who both lead the charge to usurp 106. If I have contributed anything to rise of 106 then that’s a honour that I will fondly and proudly cherish.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    In all honesty there’s not much to dislike is there?, the cheat prevention thing (?) can be a bit draconian in stopping unlinked people joining game worlds or doing transfers but that’s about it really. To be honest the positives far outweigh the negatives and one can only admire the developers for their continued advancements (especially over the last year) and improvements, whilst ensuring the game continues to present excellent value for money. If I had to identify my one particular favourite aspect of the game it would have to be the on going player rating process, fantastic stuff.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    I can’t really answer that one, as ( despite being enjoyed by millions as a safe, pleasurable method of relaxation, whilst at the same time being a lot less harmful to ones health than alcohol) strictly speaking its not altogether legal.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Pretty wide ear ….. ranging from Mozart to the Clash

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    Hmm I’m not really a Steve Mcqueen or a Paul Newman so I’d go for David Niven as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days . I see a lot of myself in the unflappable, intellectual, calm, cultured, impeccably attired and perfectly well mannered Niven and his fine performance as the determined and ever resourceful Fogg.

    Who is your ideal date? celebrity - a link to a picture of him/her preferable but not essential


    Tempted to go for the very lovely Kathy Lloyd ( she‘s the one on the left), but I’d say Queen Elizabeth I of England… Now what a woman that was, under her reign a national identity was created for England. Her wisdom, courage and sincere and selfless dedication to her duty saw her realm transformed from a small and insignificant country to a world power. And whilst standing defiant in the face of personal danger she led us to become a country of culture, greater social and religious harmony and tolerance, and leaders in exploration and trade which in turn laid the seeds of the most glorious empire the world has ever and will ever see. That said…despite enjoying what would no doubt be a fascinating evening there would be little chance of me jeopardising her title as the Virgin queen, all that lead based make-up, ginger hair and missing teeth remind me far to much of the missus.

    to be continued...

  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    the liverpool thread is probably the most exiting on the forum! and what does it matter if you don't watch games' date=' there so expensive and i moved to essex, are you saying i shoould change my team and go and watch their games? so baisicly the armchair fan thing is a load of rubbish.[/quote']

    Lol, mate you fell into the trap :P

    Wasn't a dig at genuine Liverpool fans like yourself, but more the invaders (fans of other teams) who come onto our thread and love to comment on how great we are doing. Actually wasn't a dig at anyone, it's a free forum and everyone is free to have their say. Liverpool are afterall the only club worthy of talking about, all other EPL clubs are just boring :eek::D

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