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  1. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just Rejected a very well balanced Napoli side in GC24 (Still has Lavezzi, Hamsik and supplemented with lots of other players like Hernanes, Maggio, Pranjic etc) EDIT: Gone
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Abject performance accentuated by the whole Mascherano saga. I can only hope that Hodgson had not planned to play this formation before Mascherano's withdrawal, because it was incredibly naive to play that 4-4-2 against Man C who obviously were not going to change their formation. Midfield got outnumbered time and time again and the front two barely got the service to into the game. Our left side was cringeworthy and we certainly need to sort that before the transfer window closes (if we can). Not taking anything away from Man C, who now have a squad capable of c
  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Thanks for the warm welcome . Hope I can live up to the standards of the managers and all round gentlemen in this gameworld.
  4. Re: Squad Sizes Part of the reason why this topic keeps periodically getting re-ignited is the fact that despite SMs efforts, they have not yet found a solution to the problem. It's a delicate balance between trying to make more players available for all clubs to purchase and not enforcing managers to part with players they wish to keep. Most seem vehemently against the squad cap notion and it's clear that this forced SM to think of a different idea to tackle the issue. Their response was to create the concept of player AI and player concers. It seemed a good compromise as it would in theory
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Does anyone have the lowdown on how this proposed Fanshare scheme will work? I'm curious to see how much of a say the fans will get if they invest. I've heard investors may get some voting powers at the clubs AGMs (but if it's going to be a minority vote (all the fanshares combined) as compared to the board will it be worth investing in it?). Also is anyone planning on investing themselves or getting their parents to invest in a Fanshare
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just pulling your leg . Can't see why we bought him either to be honest. I've never seen that much potential in him and we may as well have saved the 3m. Even if Hodgson wanted to save a non-homegrown slot by not having Cavallieri as our second choice keeper, I believe Bouzanis would have qualified as homegrown in January. May as well have loaned a keeper till then. Pretty strange purchase all-in-all.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't necessarily think that's something you should be boasting about in public, Andy
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I heard that too and I think it's being run by the Mail today. In my opinion it's worse than the Muntari part exchange deal that was being offered. The problem is, with Mascherano having made his intentions clear, suitors are going to try and get away with blue murder with the bids they make. Unfortunately, there's going to come a time when we will almost be forced to accept one of these offers as there's no point in keeping hold of an unhappy player
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread Don't worry, I do that all the time
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread That post says Chelsea beat Man U to his signing
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Presumably that's 7m for the club and 7m for his back pocket, if past experiences are anything to go by (allegedly )
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Either that or we'd counter Muntari/Motta + Balotelli + £20m (and if we were really peeved off with the first offer, we'd ask for Cambiasso and Eto'o)
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nice run-out for the back-up players yesterday and a positive morale-boosting result. I'm hoping several of them get more chnaces in the cups and the europa league this season as we no-one can really say we've seen enough of them to judge whether they will be able to hack the big league in the future. It's imperative we start bringing players through who can at least be adequate squad players And as for Young, says it all really if the reports are to be believed, that he'd rather stay at Villa where he is unlikely to get many games (for whatever reason) rather
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Made a few boo-boos today . Maybe it's time to hang up my boots
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Would seem to be a 'horses for courses' signing if it goes ahead. It ticks all the boxes - homegrown' date=' versatile, EPL experience. Hardly the most adventurous of signings if it goes ahead and I would be a little worried if he's being signed to cover the LB void, but as the saying goes with our current predicament [i']beggars can't be choosers [/i]
  16. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Thanks to both of you. Two very nice sides to work with
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You worry me...immensely
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's amazing how Huntelaar's career has gone so badly wrong. He has to move and move quickly and unless he is in line for regular first team football for Milan, it would be both in the interests of him and the player himself to secure a loan I would have thought. Not sure it's going to materialise at Liverpool however... on the subject of Huntelaar, just came accross this thread, where people are calling for him to be rated, 93 or 94, saying he'll be better than Van nistelrooy in his prime, claiming he is better than Torres, would easily score 20+ in the premier
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