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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That shouldn't be too difficult Tom, considering that around 60% of those who seem to post regularly on this thread this season, aren't Liverpool fans (but I get your point) Bouzanis has been back and forth representing Greece and Australia through the various youth levels. Currently, I think he's committed to Australia, but I suspect if a Greece call-up first, he'd probably take it. Not really shown enough to even be considered for either camp from what I hear.
  2. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc In hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have posted that as you might get even more competition for his signature (as Machine has pointed out), so I apologise to all interested parties . First thing I saw just coming back from a meeting and couldn't resist the temptation to post. Good luck in your cat and mouse pursuit of him
  3. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc Last 6 messages on the messages feed for this gameworld for me (all today): Make your mind up lads
  4. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Dai really needs no introduction as it's doubtful anyone reading this has not encountered his name somewhere on the forum. Probably most noted for his amazing stack of Gold Championship honours, but that would be unfair as he has so many other strings to his bow, here's his interview: So a proud Newcastle fan, but even prouder patriot who is looking to protect the public of his adapted homeland sometime in the future PS Would also add this interview was conducted a week ago and no doubt Dai would now say his SMFA victory in GC5 with his beloved
  5. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc You guys are lucky I withdrew my offer of Alex Rae + Mathias Doumbe + a 5 pence piece + packet of Prawn Cocktail flavour Monster Munch crisps for Messi otherwise he would surely have been mine
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13) Sheffield United will be happy to join this May need one of you fine fellas to give me a nudge every so often to arrange the fixtures though
  7. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc What did I do? I know what I did really!
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Come on Stuart, dont tell me you've been so seduced by the media's opinions that you honestly believe that . If the only motivation behind player's moves were to go to clubs flying high in their leagues then it'd be a very boring transfer market out there. Truth is there are many reasons to join other clubs - money, place feels right, other friends being there, being impressed by the set-up, gut feeling etc etc. Why else would Suarez for example be considering a move to Liverpool when other clubs flying high have made their intentions clear. I'd also dispute
  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - BC You're out of luck mate - transfer happened just too late for SM to change squads Milton Keynes application gone in. Good luck everyone
  10. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Austin32 is a more recent addition to the forum, who seems to post on all sections of the forum quite regularly. Here's his interview: So clearly someone who hhas a direct focus on what his future plans are and one who feels his club is currently doing things the right way. Also a kind caring type in real life The interviews of two very well known members of the forum will be coming next
  11. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread Welcome Gizb Leeds United are going well towards getting the tag of perrennial chokers in this gameworld . After being top at the half way stage in the first season, I went the whole of the second season with only one win escaping relegation on goal difference. This season is going the same way having been 4 pts clear at one stage I am now yet to win a game in the second half so far
  12. Re: EC Anno Domini - BC Unfortunately' date=' in the EPL the old adage 'cheats never prosper' has been proven wrong time and time again . So if you can't beat them join them He's no way 50 times better than the dross we have . At the most he's forty-nine times better, but never 50 times
  13. Re: EC Anno Domini - BC I'd love it whenever he joined, so long as he did
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hazard certainly would be an ideal signing and very much in the Wenger mould. He could take on the Nasri role when Nasri takes on the Fabregas role (after his inevitable departure whenever that may be). I think it's a distinct possibility he'll be an Arsenal player in the future (as long as Wenger is willing to dust down his cheque book ). I'm less convinced that Wenger would go all-out for Lukaku, but we'll see It's been a long time since I saw the words 'Belgium' and 'flair' used in the same sentence. Apologies to any Belgians I offend, but the last time that
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread And then maybe you could also sign Hercule Poirot and possibly Tinitin, they're both Belgians too Sorry, that's a bit harsh of me , but I don't think those two would sign simply because you have the Belgian captain playing for you. If anything, they'd be more attracted by your style of play, Wenger's reputation for enhancing young player's reputation and bringing on their game and a better pay packet
  16. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Apologies for the long gap, but we now move to Gizb, one of our longest-standing Portuguese members who is always willing to offer a helping hand and never afraid to speak his mind. Here's his interview: Clearly an intellectual man who is hoping to pursue a career looking after and caring for animals, something he already enjoys doing on his family's farm. Also hopeful for national team success in the near future As Kevin (Synyster) has made a return to the forum, the original brains behind the idea of this thread will now take on a leading role
  17. Re: Only one goalkeeper in my squad Let me know what happens so I can use it to my advantage for future ventures I once had my first choice GK retire at the end of the season and my chairman invested in a replacement, so I'm sure you'll get one in due course. Unfortunately, I had also made a bid for a Gk at the same time and so ended up with 3 keepers
  18. Re: Only one goalkeeper in my squad I haven't been in the position myself, so I'll give you my best educational guess . I believe the chairman will only intervene at the end of the season and forcibly purchase a GK if you haven't got one by then. However, you may be prevented from buying any players for any position until you resolve the 1 Gk issue I suspect. So if you want to strengthen your squad in other positions, you will likely have to get a second GK onboard first
  19. Re: good night forum Buongiorno Welcome to the forum and I'm sure you will enjoy it here - a wealth of information on all things SM, football and otherwise is available here. We have a great community
  20. Re: Howard webb Personally' date=' I don't think Gerrard getting sent off ruined the contest whatsoever. In fact, it was probably a better game once he got sent off. We'll agree to disagree on this one. Ultimately Man U won 1-0 on the basis of a decision by the referee which in many people's eyes was incorrect. I was sitting with Man U fans (that's a whole different story and I should perhaps be truely ashamed for admitting that ) at a very similar angle to that which Howard Webb had (admittedly a little higher). Having seen it live, I could from 50 yards away see the delayed reaction of
  21. Currently on the stats page of a player's profile you can view his statistics for all of his domstic seasons as well as a row depicting his total statsitics through his career. On the other hand you can only the present season's international statistics. I believe it would enhance the experience (especially for those who like to keep an eye on statistics) if we could see the player's total international statistics. Even just an additional row with just his total career appearance stats would be nice if a season-by-season analysis is deemed OTT
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