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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Was thinking earlier' date=' as a Leeds season ticket holder, I must have seen Liverpool play more than 90% of those that post on this thread :P[/b']

    Same with the Arsenal and Scum threads too, but I thought you lot might be lonely without Jack here and could do with some light humour :)

    Anyway the reason I am here...

    Dean Bouzanis. Was just wondering how much you knew about him... and where he will be playing his international football? From what I gather he was born in Australia, brought up in England, and is a Greek national?!

    That shouldn't be too difficult Tom, considering that around 60% of those who seem to post regularly on this thread this season, aren't Liverpool fans :P

    (but I get your point)

    Bouzanis has been back and forth representing Greece and Australia through the various youth levels. Currently, I think he's committed to Australia, but I suspect if a Greece call-up first, he'd probably take it. Not really shown enough to even be considered for either camp from what I hear.

  2. Re: Forwards of the premier league.

    True' date=' but Bents never had a chance in Europe, and doesnt get a run in the England team (Capello should change this and give him a try)[/quote']

    Nor has he ever had a team of players who have 'proved their class on a regular basis in one of the major world leagues' (as according to SM's definition of 90+ players) around him to supply him opportunities to score the goals he has. The more you think about it, the more it seems like an oversight by SM.

  3. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    He's messing with me :o I don't have the cash for competition!

    In hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have posted that as you might get even more competition for his signature (as Machine has pointed out), so I apologise to all interested parties :o:( . First thing I saw just coming back from a meeting and couldn't resist the temptation to post. Good luck in your cat and mouse pursuit of him :)

  4. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Last 6 messages on the messages feed for this gameworld for me (all today):

    The undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia has been withdrawn by Queens Park Rangers.

    The undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia has been withdrawn by Stoke City.

    Queens Park Rangers has made an undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia

    Stoke City has made an undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia

    The undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia has been withdrawn by Stoke City.

    The undisclosed offer for Mehmet TOPAL of Valencia has been withdrawn by Queens Park Rangers.

    Make your mind up lads :P

  5. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Dai really needs no introduction as it's doubtful anyone reading this has not encountered his name somewhere on the forum. Probably most noted for his amazing stack of Gold Championship honours, but that would be unfair as he has so many other strings to his bow, here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support Newcastle United but also follow Cardiff City.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Newcastle - I grew up kind of following Leeds because my Dad supported them, but as I got more into football and understood it more I saw Newcastle on the TV and instantly loved the way they played. All out attack (at the time). Since then I had the pleasure to live up there for a while and fell in love with the City and people there.

    Cardiff - Its my local team. Used to go to Ninian Park at every available opportunity just to watch a Welsh team battle the English super-powers. :D

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Current -There are lots of players I love watching but I have to go with the obvious one, Lionel Messi. He's magical.

    All time - Ronaldo (The fat one!). Was amazing to watch. So good with the ball at his feet and a great finisher.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Obviously, the Newcastle win over Barcelona was epic, as was the 5-0 against Man Utd! But my most memorable match was Wales beating Italy 2-1 around 1999. I was there and the stadium was rocking. One of the best experiences of my life.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    Umm... I like all my teams. Its hard to pick one. If I had to then I would say Newcastle in GC5.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Winning the SMFA Cup in season 1 with a pretty much standard Sao Paulo in GC49.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    I like the realism of the game. You could easily build a galactico team playing Football Manager or Championship Manager as you can edit funds etc. But this, you have to negotiate with other human managers.

    I dislike the player concerns feature. Other than that the game is brilliant for me

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Spending time with my wonderful daughter.

    What sort of music do you like?

    I can easily say EVERYTHING. I tend to listen to more Hip-Hop than anything by choice but I am willing to listen to any genre.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    Santiago Munez in Goal. Being adored by 50,000 screaming Geordies every week. Who wouldn't want that? Living the dream. :D

    Who is your ideal date?

    Cheryl Tweedy! She is perfection! Even with the accent! :D


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    After running a B&B for 2 years, my partner and me took time out to focus on our child. Now, to pass the time and keep my mind busy, I have a job in the local ASDA store.

    In 5 years time I will hopefully be involved in the Police Service here in Northern Ireland. I got quite far last year in the selection process to be turned down due to cuts at the time. I will be applying again and hopefully, will be going through all sorts of advanced training in 5 years.

    You are clearly a passionate person and have been involved in a few heated debates during your earlier forum times? But most who know you would say you have mellowed since the birth of your daughter? Is that fair comment (and how is she doing)?

    Yeah, thats fair. Also, I have had to mellow. Moderators are supposed to set an example and refrain from getting involved in any heated debates, regardless of their own opinions. I find that very hard but agreed to it when I was asked to be one. So, I do my best.

    I think I'm thought of as being quite strict but I'm only doing what I was asked to do 2 YEARS AGO now :eek:

    Keira is good thanks. Just turned 2 and very vocal. She's always nattering in my ear. Especially when I'm watching football.

    Newcastle have arguably exceeded expectations this year and have had some eye-catching scorelines this year. Are you safe from relegation and how far away are we from having Newcastle back in the European Champions league timewise?

    We have been fantastic. All down to Chris Hughton too. I, as many Toon fans wont ever forget that! I am very pleased though. WIth mainly the same squad as the one that got relagated we are showing the fight we lacked that season.

    I think we are safe. Over half way through, we got results against teams we probably shouldn't have, but also lost to teams I thought we should beat. That should even out in the second half of the season and mid-table shouldn't be un-achievable.

    Hmm... I want to say within a few seasons but a realistic time would be 5-10 years. Ashley needs to get lost before any progress can be made.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Same as many here. Good health for all my friends and family.

    Which of the following would give you greatest pleasure and why - Newcastle in the latter stages of the Champions league, Wales winning the Rugby Union World cup or Mike Ashley leaving Newcastle?

    I have to go with Wales winning the World cup. Our 3 Million population going up against the masses of the Southern Hemisphere and France, even England and coming out victorious would make me so, so happy.

    So a proud Newcastle fan, but even prouder patriot who is looking to protect the public of his adapted homeland sometime in the future :)

    PS Would also add this interview was conducted a week ago and no doubt Dai would now say his SMFA victory in GC5 with his beloved Newcastle is his greatest SM achievement

    Next up will be a truely epic interview which in all likelihood will have to be posted in 2 parts :eek::)

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    a) Marseille are in a much better position than Liverpool. Until very recently they were well into the Champions League spots in France and now they're only a couple of points behind the top 3.

    B)Why go to Liverpool? Quite a few top teams are on the look out for a good left-back including the likes of Real Madrid. With no Champions League and possibly no European football whatsoever' date=' Liverpool may feel like a step back[/b'].

    Come on Stuart, dont tell me you've been so seduced by the media's opinions that you honestly believe that :eek: . If the only motivation behind player's moves were to go to clubs flying high in their leagues then it'd be a very boring transfer market out there. Truth is there are many reasons to join other clubs - money, place feels right, other friends being there, being impressed by the set-up, gut feeling etc etc. Why else would Suarez for example be considering a move to Liverpool when other clubs flying high have made their intentions clear.

    I'd also dispute if most players in the world would feel a move from Marseille to Liverpool was a backward step, even with their respective positions. The vast majority would choose Liverpool I'm sure, despite all our troubles.

    For what it's worth, I'm not his no. 1 fan, but I'm sure Taiwo would jump at the chance to join Liverpool, unless as you say other clubs like Madrid, Milan etc became interested :)

    EDIT: Posted at the same time as several others I see :D

  7. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Austin32 is a more recent addition to the forum, who seems to post on all sections of the forum quite regularly. Here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    Im support Swindon & Manchester United, ive support Swindon for about 9 years now while United a bit longer being around the 11 year mark

    Why do you follow this team?

    Well all my family was born in Swindon and when we moved back down here it just made perfect sense to go and support them, with all my family coming from Swindon aswell theres always going to be that sentimental feeling towards them .. With United its something a bit strange and different, i was about 7 & i went round a friends house who was a bit older than me at the time and he was watching footie on the TV, he asked if i wanted to watch and at that time not knowing nothing about it i sat down and straight away hooked in. My mate was a hardcore Arsenal fan and funny enough the match was against United, being a competitive i decided to cheer United and have done ever since

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    My favourite player at the moment has to be Charlie Austin, the guy is just a pleasure to watch. He's definately going to be playing in the Premiership in the next few years and can actually see this guy becoming a English international if he carrys this on in to the top leagues .. My all time favourite has just got to be Ryan Giggs a United legend who is definately one of the best players up there who have ever played for us, the way he plays just keeps you hooked to the screen, ive only been able to see this guy play a couple of times due to financial reasons but would had loved to see him play in his earlyier days

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    I was at the Play Off Semi Final against Charlton away and i remember i said to my mate i could see this going to pens and it did, when Stephen Darby hit that in i just didnt know what to do, was proberly the best feeling ive ever had.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    My Southampton in EC3294 proberly my favourite, built them up from nothing to having probably the best overall team in the setup, had them first time i was on SM and manage to get them back when i came back in july time

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Dont really have much Trophey's as not really a tactical man as i enjoy just buying and building great teams so proberly my Southampton, getting them in division 1 and fighting for the title in first season

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    i like how the ratings are always changing, i like how its addictive and makes me log in every day. I dont like how you have to pay to reserve in every gold setup, the match engine is sometimes rather annoying and managers who ignore your bids or pm's

    What is your favourite past-time?

    i like to play on my xbox quite a bit, going to see mates, see my girlfriend, watching the footy live or on TV

    What sort of music do you like?

    im in to R&B, Rap & Grime

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    Ooo hard one, proberly Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films, no matter what he never seems to die ;)

    Who is your ideal date?

    Has to be Frankie Sandford of the Saturdays, truly is so beautiful:


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    Currently i havent got a job which is so boring & annoying, in 5 years i hopefully will be in a stable job, ill like to be a lorry driver when im older, an unusual job but what my dad has always been so what ive always wanted to be

    What is your real life personality like and does it differ from your SM personality?

    Im quite a kind, caring guy who always puts his family, girlfriend & friends before himself. Im known as a joker by quite a few people as im always making people laugh, i do stick up for myself when needs be and that has had a huge effect on my past. On SM im not really friends with anyone and usally keep myself to myself and try to help out people when i can, so not much change from real life to SM in all honesty

    How well do you recall Swindon's last spell in the top flight and what wasyour fondest memory from that time?

    Being the 1993-1994 season i was only just been born so cant really comment, but a couple fans i get on with have said it was a great achievement yet there rather forget about the 100 goals we had put past us that season

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Unlimited wishes ? :D probably to see my family, girlfriend & friends live a good life with no worries atall

    If you had a choice, would you prefer your current board and manager to take you forward as far as they can or would you want a foreign investor with big money come and take take over the club and buy world superstars changing the name of the club in the process?

    Of course having a owner who can just come in and spend would be great, but i would honestly rather "earn" our way through the leagues with hard work instead of just going out & buying the best players. In all fairness Andrew Fitton has done a good job at Swindon, stabled the books & has stated we dont have to sell. I feel Danny Wilson is the right man for the job thought and would be devastated if he was replaced, done a good job in bringing in players with a low budget and i just hope he can find some more bargins like Austin & of course be able to keep him at this club intill atleast the end of the season where the money can be spent wisely

    So clearly someone who hhas a direct focus on what his future plans are and one who feels his club is currently doing things the right way. Also a kind caring type in real life :)

    The interviews of two very well known members of the forum will be coming next :)

  8. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread

    Welcome Gizb :)

    Leeds United are going well towards getting the tag of perrennial chokers in this gameworld :eek: . After being top at the half way stage in the first season, I went the whole of the second season with only one win escaping relegation on goal difference. This season is going the same way having been 4 pts clear at one stage I am now yet to win a game in the second half so far :(

  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - BC

    why would you want a cheat like him at Anfield.

    Unfortunately' date=' in the EPL the old adage 'cheats never prosper' has been proven wrong time and time again :eek: . So if you can't beat them join them :D

    Because hes 50 times better than that dross they currently

    He will feel at home with 'diver' gerrard :D

    He's no way 50 times better than the dross we have :mad:. At the most he's forty-nine times better, but never 50 times :P

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    yeah that to:p I guess if they'd both signed it be much easier for them to settle down as i can see they can perfectly fit in tactically (Lukaku up top and Hazard Left Wing of the 4-3-3) and also have the assurance in Vermaelen to help them settle down. There would be a Belgium flair in the XI from attack to defence. Just my wild imagination on the team tho:o

    Hazard certainly would be an ideal signing and very much in the Wenger mould. He could take on the Nasri role when Nasri takes on the Fabregas role (after his inevitable departure whenever that may be). I think it's a distinct possibility he'll be an Arsenal player in the future (as long as Wenger is willing to dust down his cheque book :P). I'm less convinced that Wenger would go all-out for Lukaku, but we'll see :)

    It's been a long time since I saw the words 'Belgium' and 'flair' used in the same sentence. Apologies to any Belgians I offend, but the last time that occurred was in the days of Scifo and Van der Elst :eek::)

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Hazard this winter and Lukaku this Summer:D It could really happen considering Belgium's Captain is at the Emirates. :P

    And then maybe you could also sign Hercule Poirot and possibly Tinitin, they're both Belgians too :D

    Sorry, that's a bit harsh of me :o , but I don't think those two would sign simply because you have the Belgian captain playing for you. If anything, they'd be more attracted by your style of play, Wenger's reputation for enhancing young player's reputation and bringing on their game and a better pay packet :)

  12. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Apologies for the long gap, but we now move to Gizb, one of our longest-standing Portuguese members who is always willing to offer a helping hand and never afraid to speak his mind. Here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    We in Portugal have a different mentality of other countries, for example England. Here we first support the big 3 (FC Porto, Sporting or Benfica) and after we support our local team. I am a FC Porto supporter since my 6 years, basically since 1993 and like others I support my local team too, Rio Ave.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Unlike others, when I choose my team I don’t followed the steps of my father(He is a Sporting fan). He gave me freedom to choose my team by my own choice without putting pressure on it.

    Football in Portugal was always connected with Politic. And Porto has been a symbol of the North against the South and against the centralization of the powers, companies, money and influences located in Lisbon. As I born in North and I am against the lack of equity, I had to support them. Also because I like the blue :P

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    As a Porto fan, will have to choose two players that made my days happy when at the club. The first was Super Mario Jardel with his amount of goals and great goals that so many wins gave to my side. And the currently one is Hulk. The Incredible has all to be one of the best forwards in a short period of time. And his exhibitions this year have improved so far and he has been more consistent and more goalscorer.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    Has to be the final of UEFA Cup between FC Porto and Celtic where we won by 3-2. As the result was uncertain until the end of the extra time, first European final I was seeing from my team and so many nerves. This was also the start of our walk to the CL win in the following year.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    Although I currently have a team with a value of almost 950M in a WC that was my first team when I joined SM, my currently favorite team is FC Porto in GC 111. There, I am trying to turn the squad into a Portuguese one, trying to bring all the great Portuguese names to the team. I admit that my team already was better in terms of future potential of my players, but everyday before I sleep I always look at the squad, count the number of Portuguese flags, imagine deals with the current non Portuguese players that I have to try bring the ones I am missing and I even dream with the team. I don’t think that could exist a sign of love to a team more than this.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Was winning the SMFA Champions Cup in GC 18 with Milan. Because I was only giving the first steps in SM and as Gold Member in GC’s and I didn’t expect so earlier success as is win such a big competition in a GC. Also because it opened my eyes to approach the big games as if they were not lost from the start.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    What I like in this game, is to play against real managers. I am a very competitive person that not likes to lose in any way. And the objective to be the best, made me addict to this game.

    I dislike the fact of we can’t customize our current tactics. As in all football games I am used to play(PES/FIFA/CM/FM), I always used the same tactic with much success and it isn’t in available ones right now.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    My parents have a dairy farm. And as I like cows, when I have free time I go there to help in what is needed. Also because it gives you a sensation of fresh air and not the polluted air I am used to breathe. Also because it gives me a freedom of movements that I don’t get at home.

    What sort of music do you like?

    I am not very weird. But generally I prefer to listen Rock to the other kind of genres. My favourite group is Papa Roach.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    I am not a great fan of movies and series, because I prefer all the things to be made live, with the things that happen be thought by the person in case and not pre-designed by someone. But in my limited knowledge, I believe I would be Ted in ‘’How I met your mother’’. Because I identify myself with that character. I know it isn’t a movie but..:P

    Who is your ideal date?

    I grew up, when Britney Spears appeared and when his body also grew :P I think she is beautiful and very hot and when I see one videoclip of her I have always the same reaction, turn off the sound and appreciate her.


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    Now I am ending my master degree in Veterinary Medicine. I have already done the practical experience, now I have just to write my thesis to have the degree.

    Life is hard and sly and the tomorrow is always uncertain and is hard to predict what will happen in 5 years. Hope end soon my master degree and start work as Veterinary in big animals, preferably cows and/or horses. As I already mentioned before, my parents have a dairy farm, and as they are becoming old and I have no brothers, I will have to take care about that too. Don’t know if I will can conjugate both things. But if I can’t, don’t know which one will choose.

    You generally appear as a very nice easy to get-along with sort of guy, but are not afraid to let your tongue do the talking when necessary. Is that an accurate description of you?

    Yes. I am a person that speaks the truth and nothing more than that. The truth is never unfair, may hurt, but it doesn’t wound. I have probably my heart more near the mouth than my brain and that can be the explanation! Of course I already had problems to be so direct, but the true not offends and people know that can trust in what I say because it’s veridical.

    Portugal always seem to have a good team on paper coming up to major tournaments, but have generally disappointed. Some blame a lack of a good target man finisher, other suggest team chemistry and egos may be to blame? What's your opinion?

    I think are multifactorial reasons. This WC went so bad because we lacked ambition and a game plan. The lack of a decent forward and decent LB always were our major concerns when building a team.. Coentrao proved he can be a nice LB so we still lacking a forward. Nowadays, the goals can’t came only from the striker. If you look, RvP was the starter forward of Netherlands during all the competition and only scored one goal, and even with that they managed to join the final due to what I previously said. If we had a better striker in the last WC we would probably quit in the same circumstances. Spain always had big teams and always failed in the big tournaments. But in the last two they have found the key of success. Their team basically plays together all the season and it helps a lot. In Portugal our big teams prefer use South Americans instead of bet in homegrown players and the quality of Portuguese player tends to decrease and we hardly will have a national team which spine is based in one club.

    In the last friendly with Paulo Bento against Spain, our team had ambition since the start, had a game plan, had Ronaldo at his best and had pride. The result of the game couldn’t be better for us. 4-0 over the World and European champions is a sign that the future can be glorious.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Would be health. Without health you can’t work to get success and money and without health you hardly will be loved and give love.

    Would you favour a continental league accross Europe or do you prefer the country-based leagues and European competitions as we have now? Is there enough competition in the Portuguese league for Porto to test themselves and ready themselves for Europe's best teams?

    I would prefer as it is now. In last November, some reports said we could have an Iberian League and the majority of people are against, and I agree. In Portugal, I would love to see a Portuguese champions and not a Spanish. The rivalry is fed to gain my opponent of ever, to the club of my city, of my street. When more closer, better is. And is also because of this I don’t agree with a European Super League. If in Portugal the stadiums normally are empty, without the big 3 more they will be. And I doubt any company would sponsor the league to have the Portuguese champion a team like.. Beira Mar.

    The Portuguese teams aren’t very competitive because they not have funds. The country is in crisis, people don’t go to the stadiums, clubs have large debts due to errors in past and the gap between rich and poor clubs is increasing. That can be positive, as in the weekend after and before the European games we can rest the star players and win, but as you said, the lack of competition to test the limit of the team is a very negative point also because players will want to move for a more competitive league. But, if Porto didn’t had that debt due to the new stadium for EURO 2004, they wouldn’t accept the bids on their players so easily. And a team with Helton; Bosingwa, R. Carvalho, Pepe, Cissokho; Fernando, Moutinho, Lucho Gonzalez; Hulk, Falcao and Lisandro would be enough to aim for more than go through the group stages that is the minimum that Porto wants in CL..

    Clearly an intellectual man who is hoping to pursue a career looking after and caring for animals, something he already enjoys doing on his family's farm. Also hopeful for national team success in the near future :)

    As Kevin (Synyster) has made a return to the forum, the original brains behind the idea of this thread will now take on a leading role for future interviews and I'll continue to work alongside him :) . We hope together to keep this thread going and letting you learn more about your fellow forumers. Next interview will be up in due course.

  13. Re: Only one goalkeeper in my squad

    Let me know what happens so I can use it to my advantage for future ventures :P

    I once had my first choice GK retire at the end of the season and my chairman invested in a replacement, so I'm sure you'll get one in due course. Unfortunately, I had also made a bid for a Gk at the same time and so ended up with 3 keepers :(

  14. Re: Only one goalkeeper in my squad

    I haven't been in the position myself, so I'll give you my best educational guess :o . I believe the chairman will only intervene at the end of the season and forcibly purchase a GK if you haven't got one by then. However, you may be prevented from buying any players for any position until you resolve the 1 Gk issue I suspect. So if you want to strengthen your squad in other positions, you will likely have to get a second GK onboard first :)

  15. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

    Hows everyone doing' date=' if anyone is still doing this?


    Only a year late with this response :D

    Still have my Bradford in EC659. Yet to win the Division 1 title but I've come close on a few occasions :( . Been in charge now for 366 games. Can finally boast a starting line-up of 90+ rated players :) :










    L. Gonzalez








    De Gea







    Posting today as yesterday I won the SMFA champs cup with my side :D . Just need that elusive Div 1 trophy now, but there's a couple of very strong sides in my league who keep getting in my way :o:P

  16. Re: Howard webb

    No he didn't. Gerrard commiting a stupid tackle ruined the game as a contest.

    Personally' date=' I don't think Gerrard getting sent off ruined the contest whatsoever. In fact, it was probably a better game once he got sent off.

    Any Liverpool fan (or non-Liverpool fan for that matter) who is blaming Webb for a bad decision/costing you the game/being a Man Utd fan is deluded, bitter and downright pathetic.

    We'll agree to disagree on this one. Ultimately Man U won 1-0 on the basis of a decision by the referee which in many people's eyes was incorrect. I was sitting with Man U fans (that's a whole different story and I should perhaps be truely ashamed for admitting that :P) at a very similar angle to that which Howard Webb had (admittedly a little higher). Having seen it live, I could from 50 yards away see the delayed reaction of Berbatov's simulation. Even several of the Man U fans around me (those who don't bear the hatred against the enemy that many fans from both sides harbour and are a little more moderate) were laughing how Berbatov had 'conned' the referee. Blaming Webb for being a Man U fan is pathetic/bitter I agree and I would hope most Liverpool fans who have done that have either done it as a kneejerk reaction after the match or tongue-in-cheek (as I did on the Liverpool thread). But blaming him for giving a bad decision and costing us the game is totally correct in my opinion. If that makes me or others who have stated that, deluded, bitter or downright pathetic, then sobeit. A 1-0 loss on the basis of a converted penalty that in my opinion was never a penalty (as well as the opinion of 4 of the 5 Man U fans who I went with when seeing it live and no doubt a large proportion of the neutral watching public) cost us the game.

  17. Currently on the stats page of a player's profile you can view his statistics for all of his domstic seasons as well as a row depicting his total statsitics through his career. On the other hand you can only the present season's international statistics. I believe it would enhance the experience (especially for those who like to keep an eye on statistics) if we could see the player's total international statistics. Even just an additional row with just his total career appearance stats would be nice if a season-by-season analysis is deemed OTT :)

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