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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread By my reckoning that would make it the 5th most expensive transfer of all time. Do you realy think the pair will be more expensive than David villa, more expensive than Luis Figo (when he was in his prime), more than Buffon, Crespo, Vieri when they were at their best. Can't see it personally and I would have to question the sanity of any team willing to pay that much regardless of how good they are perceived to be.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just messing with you, lightening the mood before some other Liverpool fan came on and took offence Although now you've said you wouldn't rule that out...
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Come on Akash, us Liverpool fans aren't as deluded to think that one signing will suddenly convert us from mid table mediocrity to Premiership seasons. Getting back into the champions league is probably going to be our target. There's as much chance of this being our season as there is of Dimitar Berbatov being in the EPL top three for either goalscoring or assists (next to nothing)
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not true mate. I heard Liverpool were interested in him, but as soon as City heard about it they added and extra 0 at the end of his transfer fee and his weekly wage and beat us to it . Roque Santa Cruz will be delighted I'm sure
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would argue some of you are dismissing the psychology of this transfer also. As a club we are perhaps at our lowest ebb for a long time. We've just come of our worst season for decades. We've seen the likes of Tottenham and Man C overtake us in terms of spending power and the ability to attract players from abroad and domestically (along with the other big 3). I'm not sure the 'disillusioned' playing squad would necessary have been too enthused by the transfer of a Ruiz or a Remy or some other player that the majority of the players won't have heard off. Not to
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He's going to Fiorentina (chek the link on the previous page of this thread)
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread All this talk of Taiwo is driving me doolally. Yet to see anything in him to suggest he is a quality left back. Sure he has a fine shot on him and can drive up the field, but his defensive qualities leave alot to be desired in my opinion. I must really be missing something which others are seeing , but I certainly wouldn't want him anywhere near our side. Quite happy to see Insua leave. Personally, I feel the EPL was a little too fast for him and I believe he'll thrive in Serie A given the chance. He has characteristics to improve and is still young, but Liverp
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Couldn't be happier for him. The pounding Rafa got from the press in this country was absolutely atrocious and unwarranted. Sky media and other press colleagues have done a great job into duping most of the viewing public in this country into believing he was a poor manager and he was victimised more than any manager I have ever seen in my lifetime (although some of it was his fault due to his poor media management at times). It's now clear he did lose sections of the dressing room in the latter half of the last season of his tenure, but with all that's gone on
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Certainly brought back some fond memories and took my mind away from our current predicament for a few hours . We could have done with him at various stages of last season too.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What a sorry state of affairs . All these letters and accusations and counter-accusations are nothing new at all. Just the vaious parties trying to save face or get one-up on another. I had a huge deal of respect for Moores, but this has gone down big time with this sorry excuse of a letter. The best chairmen are the ones who you don't hear off while the club runs smoothly and for the majority of his tenure he was a great chairman. But to now come out and defend his mistake and try and justify the process by which H & G were appointed is ludicrous and a litt
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Congratulations to worthy winners All manner of records broken, an 8-0 thumping to round off the season and Drogba snatching the golden boot on the last day. Could not have gone any better for you guys. Alongside Spurs, the only side in the top 8 that can genuinely feel they have had a good season.
  12. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) I'm pretty sure, that this is not what this thread was created for (refer to the first post in the thread if you're not sure how you've transgressed) In fact I hope for your sakes that the developers don't come accross this sequence of events
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread Bad news for the Red Knights, looks like the 1 billion they had budgeted for will not be enough . Looks like your stuck with the Glazers for a little while longer
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not to get a shot on target in the 90 minutes is poor by any standards, but not untypical of us this season. On the other hand, it was a very much European performance and restricting Atletico to less than a handful says much about the approach to the game of both teams to be honest. To suggest the Atletico team is poor is foolhardy, considering any team at this stage of a European competition cannot be classed as poor and the fact that Atletico are the only team to have beaten Barcelona in La Liga all season. They may not have had the greatest of seasons overa
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Great performance by Inter and a nice little earner for me . This tie was always going to be tougher than many had it down for both accross the football world and on this forum. Barcelona didn't quite look right and no-one has mentioned it yet (but I'm sure someone from the Barca camp will in due course), you have to wonder if the effect of having a long drive to Milan may hae played a role. Hardly ideal preparation and anyone who has been on such a road trip, irrespective of the comfort etc, will know you are not physically right for a day or so a
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I don't think it has helped Arsenal's chances of keeping Fabregas when the chairman comes out to say Fabregas won't leave because he wouldn't get into the Barcelona team (or words to that extent). Hardly a complimentary stance for the top man at your club (or for the current Arsenal squad for that matter). Maybe his wording has been taken out of context (haven't seen the interview)' date=' but it was certainly not a good time to suggest anything resembling that. The media are all over it today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1266083/Barcelona-
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Would be highlight of the season if it came into fruition . Unfortunately, we've been through this too many times this season only to get our hopes dashed and won't really be able to celebrate until the club is actually physically sold and to the right people/group of people who genuinely want to take the club forward (rather than for personal gain and kudos).
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
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