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  1. Re: Arsene Wenger - Manager of the Decade

    In this decade' date=' no, he hasn't been as successful as those at winning titles.

    But look at the money part of it too. The hundreds of millions they have spent this decade, and the amount Arsenal has spent.

    Maybe if we didn't have the emirates within the last ten years, it would have been a different story.

    Mourinho, no..

    Ferguson is debatable.

    Mourinho did very well at Porto, I'll admit that. But look at the money and players he had pumped into the club at Chelsea, Inter and now Real.

    If we had Shevchenko, Lampard, Drogba, Terry, Essien in 2005/6 and Ibra/Sneijder/Eto'o/Zanetti/Cambiasso now, we would definitely be winning titles.

    And yes, staying out of debt is extremely important. Platini's rule has been passed stating that only clubs who break even or do better on their own will be able to take part in European competitions.

    This poses a big problem for the likes of Chelsea, 'pool, Inter and mabey even Utd.

    I thank God we have Wenger to guide us through this period and still keep us at the very top.

    In the end it is very hard to judge managers. Naturally, the manager of Real Madrid will do better than one at Zaragoza. You have to measure their success rate according to how they do with what they have.[/quote']

    Most of the above is true and many cannot argue with that. But, unfortunately most of that is negated by your suggestion that all these clubs had money and Arsenal didn't. Arsenal could well have spent many millions themselves, but haven't through the choice of Arsene Wenger himself (or the board, but the former seems more likely). Ultimately, any award celebrating a 'manager of the decade' should be dictated by success in terms of trophies and continued success. If anything, many could argue that, other than in the transfer market, Wenger has actually taken a multiple championship and double winning side from the start of the decade (earlier parts) to a side which has had no success in the 2nd half of the decade (although hopefully for you guys that is about to change). Certainly not the criteria for a manager of the decade in many people's eyes.

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I know you are very happy about Dalglish coming back but in my opinion this is quite similar to when Sam Allardyce got sacked at Newcastle. I don't think Liverpool are going to be transformed overnight because it will take a while to clear the debris so to speak. There are too many players on big wages who are not performing and it will be a few years until they can all be moved on.

    I think most of the sensible fans see it this way too :) . Dalglish is a legend, but he won't be able to save our season with the current crop of players. Quite frankly, this season is a write-off already and with no realistic prospect of even coming close to the CL places, Dalglish as a caretaker was the best option possible. I'm hoping his job will be to weedle out the players who don't have the passion to play for this football club and are only here for the status/the money. Briningi n a new man at this stage whilst the dry-rot of players was still on board would have been counter-productive as the new man would have been likely to give all the players a chance and would probably have been demotivated at what he saw. It's much better we get these players out before a new man comes in and there's no one better than that, than someone who is already part of the club and has seen first hand most of this season's performances. Dalglish also clearly isn't the sort of person who would mince his words as we've already seen and no-doubt will give the kick-up-the-backside that so many of players need.

    All this talk of Dalglish the saviour etc. is yet again more media tripe. The overwhelming cohort of Liverpool fans know he's unlikely to be a long-term appointment, but at the same time he certainly can get our ship back in order from the mutiny that's seemingly been going on for a while now from certain members of the playing staff. It's a win-win for the board. If he deos well and exceeds expectations, then great. If he doesn't, you've got a man in charge who has the best interests of the club at heart and would step aside if things are not going well. And most of all they've got a man who has the backing of all the fans, probably for the first time in over a year. And if the financial backing comes forward from the owners, we'll have a unifed board, manager, fanbase (and fingers crossed playing staff) for the first time in many years :)

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Got up before the crows were out to make the long trip to Manchester only to see the game ruined within 1 minute of the start :mad:. Why does the English FA not get the hint that this man should not be refereeing Man U - Liverpool encounters? Or perhaps the English FA are not being given a choice :eek:;)

    In other news, Howard Webb was delighted to hear his services were to be further recognised in the form of an award. Having already been named in the Queen's 2011 honours list to be awarded an MBE for his services to football, he looked delighted to be announced as an MFE. This exclusive award has already been awarded to various men connected in the football world such as Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis and many members of the FA's chief executive board, but Webb now becomes the latest to be awarded the 'Member of the Ferguson Empire' award for dedicated services towards Manchester United. He admitted in an interview after yesterday's game "I'm delighted to have finally received this recognition, although I did believe personally it was long overdue".

  4. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Looking forward to know a bit more of other forumers.. :)

    Work commitments have forced me to an almost halt on this in recent times (flu season/injections, winter colds etc etc) :o . But hopefully I will be back up to normal pace in the next day or so :)

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    You would honestly rather have Ngog playing?. Who cares if he rubs people up the wrong' date='bout time Liverpool had a few players that get the opposition thinking rather than laughing.[/quote']

    When you're in our position, a team of triers with less quality will always trump a team full of players who can only turn it on when their in the mood. Our club needs to re-build a solid playing squad of players you can rely on to give their all day-in day-out in the first instance. Only then can you start to add the more quality players, who when they join will see the squad ethos and will be encouraged to do likewise. Currently, our squad has it the other way. We have plenty of players who clearly are not giving their all and a few who feel they deserve a first team place simply on the back of their reputation. Few seem to be showing a true affilitation to the club and putting in a shift. Adebayor will simply add to the quota of those players.

    Give us the Adebayor of 3 seasons ago, before the fame got to his head and we'll happily take him. But the current Adebayor who clearly feels he is better than he is and a bit of a primadonna who has been hittingthe headlines for the wrong reasons in the past months - no thanks.

    So in answer to your question, yes I personally would definitely take N'Gog over Adebayor currently. A much lower earning player who is far from the finished article but generally gives his best in all games he plays and is continuing to improve over a highly paid player who has all the quality in the world to be amongst the likes of Drogba at his peak, but has let the fame get to his head and has lost the work and teamplay qualities which got him to the elevated place in which he now stands. If it means that we have to put up with more time or even a season or so with players who opposition 'laugh at' sobeit, because it will be worth it in the end. All successful teams are successful because they are a team. They enjoy each other's company, they play as a team and they stick up for one another as a team and give their all for the team in any way possible. Unfortunately, currently at Liverpool we don't have that and bringing in Adebayor certainly won't help in those respects. Only once we get the team ethos back will we start to have some semblance of success again. The quality can then follow :)

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    All irrelevant as I can't see Adebayor taking over a 50% wage cut to go anywhere. Unless he gets an offer from the continent from one of the top two or three clubs in Spain or Italy, I'm sure he'll be quite content to sit on the bench or in the reserves earning the wage he is getting. In a funny way, apart from the shenanigans on the training ground, his reputation is not being tarnished by sitting on the bench behind Tevez (and possibly Dzeko). He remains a desired player even though he's not playing and is getting paid fortunes to do very little. Many people's idea of an ideal job I reckon :D

  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    Well Dzeko's interest from Man City is in the papers' date=' don't know if its true but I hope Man City fail and Bayern get him :P

    [i']EDIT[/i]: Man City's wage bill seems to be high as they only want to offer 150,000 per week so I don't think they'll succeed in buying him.

    According to this site 150K/week would put him in the top 10 highest earners in the world (although it is a little out of date particularly with recently signed contracts such as Rooney and Yaya Toure. But he should still be around the top 10):


  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Think about the positives' date=' that's the first goal we have scored in the last 15 mins for ages! :D[/quote']

    It's also apparently the first time we've come from behind to win a game in the Premiership for 16 months :eek:

    My initial point was that Hodgson was spot on in saying the fans have never fully supported him. You haven't suggested otherwise at all...

    I would guess he is probably right and it's clear many fans were dubious of his appointment from the offset. I wouldn't however say that they didn't back him or turned against him, he was given a fair crack. The point is you can think like that as a manager, but you certainly shouldn't be making a statement questioning the fans backing of the team in a post-match interview. That was simply foolhardy and as far as I'm aware no top manager (or any manager in fact) would make such a blatant claim. Hence his backtracking was understandable and I'm surprised you feel he shouldn't have done so (in an earlier post of yours I read) and that you were disappointed he did so. Not many managers last in the job when they have so blatantly questioned the fans backing. It was the logical thing to do if honestly feels he wants to maintain a future at the club.

    I have no problem with Hodgson and he is a very pleasant man who has conducted himself well over his managerial career wherever he has manged. The problem is, in my opinion and that of other 'Pool fans, is that his credentials never matched up to the ambitions of our club. Many have posted that Liverpool's squad is no longer worthy of top 6 status and they probably are correct. But it doesn't stop the fans from having ambitions of top 6 or higher and why should it? Because as fans we should always have ambitions higher than the realistic position otherwise we can never progress. Most saw the appointment of Hodgson as a significant lowering of ambitions, hence not everyone taking to him. I mentioned it before in the thread, but I would like to know how many fans from any of the clubs who have realistic ambitions of the top 6 would have swapped Hodgson with their manager at the start of the season on the back of last season's exploits. I know what the answer is and it's why so many were dubious. A manager whose various clubs have never managed to win more than 17 games of any season in any of the sides he has managed since his very early years in Sweden. One whose away wins record in the Premiership stands at about 15 away wins out of roughly 100 games in EPL. Ultimately, it looks like it may well have been one step-up too much for him.

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I understand your opinion' date=' you're absolutely right. But like I said, '[b']starting[/b] with Joe Cole / Benayoun deal. I was talking about the starting of the season, and I'm sure Benayoun was in better shape than Cole.

    But now, I have to agree with you. But you say 'at least Liverpool gathered a transfer fee.' That's not important, because the 6M didn't solved the Liverpool crisis...

    PS: Happy new Year to everyone :)

    That's true :)

    But there is a famous English saying which I believe applies here...'if you look after the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves'. It may only be a drop in the ocean in terms of the debt, but it is a drop nonetheless :P.

    It's a principle Liverpool FC as a whole have not applied in recent years in many ways and now they are paying the price :(

  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Liverpool's problem is not just the coach. It is also a problem' date=' but just a part of it.

    [b']starting with Joe Cole / Benayoun deal. What a great deal to Chelsea, but I can't say the same to Liverpool[/b]...

    Benayoun to Chelsea for 6m

    Cole to Liverpool for free transfer

    Neither has played much for their respective new club since joining - I really don't see how it's been a good deal for Chelsea :confused: . Also not being a follower of Liverpool, you will be unaware that Benayoun was making noises about leaving Liverpool for most of last season so to get 6m for a 30-year-old who was unhappy at the rotation was pretty good business to be honest :) . Admittedly Joe Cole has been a big disappointment up till now, but still can't see how you feel Chelsea did great business there and Liverpool didn't. If anything you could argue it's been mediocre business for both with niether player able to make a positive impact at their new club, but at least Liverpool gathered a transfer fee.

  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Kuyt on the left? Mereiles on the Right (when he has performed well in the middle for quite a few games now)? Like for like substitutions when we're losing against the bottom team in the league at home (when we had one of the better home league records)? Moving Gerrard to the Right to accommodate Cole in the middle? Deary deary me. That has to go down as the most inept tactical management I have seen in my lifetime from a Liverpool manager.

    Lacking quality in the squad, player's low confidence, players afraid to get on the ball as they may make mistakes, fans not backing the side etc etc. Every excuse in the book except to acknowledge that he himself is at least partly to blame. I'm ashamed to say it as I never thought I'd see the day where I would turn against any Liverpool manager, but Hodgson has to go now. Unfortunately, the mass media have clearly given him delusions of grandeur about his true standing in World football and his worth as a manager. A little bit of humility or acceptance that he has not got things right might have bought him some more time from the fans, but it's clear that isn't forthcoming any time soon. Wrong man for the wrong job and as he so ineloquently keeps pointing out at the wrong time (poor squad, no funds, blah blah). If he wants to maintain any dignity, he should go graciously now (with whatever hefty compensation packet he gets). We can all then move on from this prolonged nightmare we are having :(

  12. Re: Iniesta deal?

    You would be getting arguably one of the top three players in the world for a reserve striker in your team (you have Villa and Higuain) and a striker who has bags of potential but is probably 2-3 real life years away from achieving a rating which may justify a role in your team (6-8 SM seasons). You also lack real quality in the CM areas. I would accept and run before he realises how much he is giving away to you :)

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Agree . We play better football now than when rafa was the manager .

    I can understand people not wanting Rafa back and criticising his latter years, but the above statement is preposterous in my opinion. We are currently playing the worst football I have seen since some of the Souness days. We've been ok in some games and you could argue it's still a bedding in period for Hodgson to imprint his style, but sideways passing and then a long ball is the norm from most games I've seen. Perhaps you could argue it's because the more technically gifted players are woefully out of form, but there's no way we are playing better football than the Rafa days in my opinion. The only games where there has been a semblance of good football has perhaps been the European games (and the West Ham game) where we were afforded much more time on the ball.

  14. Re: Player sold without managers permission

    From another thread posted by a developer:

    Within a handful of Game Worlds players were sold to unmanaged/external clubs due to a bug in the transfer system. This has now been fixed and the transfers have now been reversed. However' date=' if this has happened to anyone and there transfer(s) hasn't been reversed they will need to create an in-game Bug ticket.[/quote']

    Hopefully it'll get sorted :)

  15. Re: Player sold without managers permission

    I've been playing the game for over 3 years now and it's the first time it ever happened. There was a bug in the system some time last week and a few people experienced this. You just need to use the support system in place in-game and I'm sure SM will look into reversing it for you. But if you're leaving....

  16. Re: player of the year award flaw.

    a point per game ?

    what ?

    my point is the flaw in the system allows a player to replace somebody for a short term injury as fabiano did and then get player of the season..

    player of the season = has to play for at least half the season.

    unless you get 20 goals in the second half but he didnt

    A point per game reflects a common rating system used in various countries (although not so much England hence your surprise) to assess attacking player's success rate. A goal or an assist is given 1pt (although there are variations where a goal is given two points). On that basis Eto'o's 12pts (8 goals and 4 assists) in 11 games gives him an average over 1pt/game.

    Personally, I agree with Phil in that the player of the season does not give an actual award or something on the players history page as a keepsake so I'm not sure it's that important. Also in real life situations, it's not always the player who has played consistently well and in most games throughout the season who wins the award and it can be someone who has only played part of a season, but well, who could win the award - you only have to think of Ryan Giggs in 2008/09 in the EPL :) . There are other such examples too across the continent and particularly in continental player of the year nominees.

  17. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Manchester City beat Sheffield United 3-1 at their own ground. I really thought the run would stop here but it seems not' date=' i only had three shots on target in the game but that was enough to score three goals!:)

    That's six wins in a row and i'm now upto fifth in the table:D[/quote']

    How you got out of that game with the three points, I will never know :( . We was robbed!! Joe Hart must have played an absolute blinder :P

  18. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    I think the reason the top order for the Aussies is failing is becuase they haven't let go of the mentality that they need to dominate from the off. Traditionally the Aussies always come in all guns blazing and with Hayden and co. they had the technique to come out attacking from the off and give the new ball bowlers a pummelling. But I think it's time to accept that:

    a) you're facing better bowling attacks with better plans for the batsmen

    B) age means you're not as agile as you used to be and you no longer have the technique to attack from the off

    Today's test was a prime example. A more circumspect approach and seeing off the new ball might have been more sensible. Instead Watson and company wanted to try and dominate the bowling from the start. It's great if it comes off, but looks rather shabby if you lose early wickets. As the new ball became softer the attack looked less threatening and the tail-enders prospered. If the Aussies had kept early wickets intact I think they'd still be batting now and looking for a score of 350+ as the more established batsmen would have found it much easier post-new ball. Instead England look totally in command of this test again already :)

  19. Re: Young Payers Going Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember this post:

    Hardly glance at Serie A' date=' but just noticed Roma are top...

    Looking around, nowone seems to be predicting many of them to rise, and nowone talks about any young Roma players. Is there anyone YOUNG from Roma who will rise soon, given that if they win Serie A we could see alot of increases?

    Thanks, and will rep[/quote']

    You might argue you did 'look around' so this is different, but I'm guessing most will suggest this is no different. Bear in mind this is 6 months after you joined the forum. Personally, I don't see that much difference to this post and Arshavin's here. Fact is we all make posts like this, be it when we first join or much later.

    I also noted you questioned why the original poster didn't read the forum rules on posting. As you clearly have read them, you'll also realise that mentioning of rep is also against the rules and not the correct way to post on a forum like this.

    I am surprised, becuase as you say I've always found you a very friendly poster and generally one who gives very good advice. That's why I'm surpirsed to see you embroiled in the sarcastic post you made above and also on this thread coincidentally also posted by a new member simply looking for some guidance:


    My advice is to stop trying to justify your actions here (don't join the bandwagon of fools who have a reputation of making sarcastic posts on here) and concentrate on the much better advice you've been used to giving up until today on many threads. Because your argument here is most unlike your usual self and is no doubt doing you much more harm than good in most member's eyes.

  20. Re: Paymo for Qatar Not Working!!!

    I've been reliably told by one of the SM developers (through my work as a community admin) that this issue is usually one which SM cannot resolve as it is related to whether Paymo allow SM shop purchases through their service. For some reason they sometimes withhold this service (for certain countries). The last time a member posted a similar query, they were advised to e-mail paymo detailing the problem you have and they should be able to resolve the issue :)

  21. Re: Big Sam bites the bullet :o

    Read this morning that he was sacked due to a disagreement over January transfer targets apparently the new owners had made 5 million available and big Sam wanted to sign David bentley ' date=' robbie keane or roque Santa cruz but the owners told him that they didn't want any of them players and wanted tossing Kris boyd from Middlesbrough and gerevani who's Now a free agent after ending his contract with a mls think it was new england not sure tho .

    If that's the true reason for his saving it's crazy what do the new owners know about football I think they just think that if they spend a little money then there going to be the new man city , at first I thought that they were gonna be half decent owners and make Blackburn into a decent club seems now after the sacking of big Sam there just gonna go down hill. Big Sam will be back in the job probaly the next time a premiership job comes up and it will prove how big a mistake the new owners have made:eek:[/quote']

    Personally I thought the owners spoke with a lot of sense and explained their reasons pretty clearly. They spoke about wanting Blackburn to be a top four club in the future and playing good football and neither of those was ever going to happen under Big Sam. Perhaps their wishes are a little over-ambitious, but clearly you have to speculate to accumulate in today's climate. I would ask blackburn fans if they're happy to keep challenging for a top 10 place season in season out under Sam or perhaps they want the club to take a different more riskier approach which would involve changing managers and style of play and may result in greater reward. To quote Alan Sugar, he doesn't want any 'steady Eddy's or cautious Carol's' in today's climate and I'm afraid Sam will always fit into that category in my eyes. He will always be a good smaller club manager and will get them fighting for every point. But he'll never be the man for a more ambitious club looking to reach the upper echolons and that's what it appears the new owners want from Blackburn:


  22. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    I was actually pretty worried when I opened the match report :o!

    GC13: Roma put one foot into the Final of the SMFA Champs Cup after a 6-0 demolition of Salzburg' date=' De Rossi (2), Ramires, Dzeko (2) and Anelka grabbing the goals. Juve beat Bremen 4-2 in the other leg, hate that Juve, cannot beat them at all :D![/quote']

    I knew I was in for a pasting, but to beat me by the identical score you beat me by in The One youth cup semi is just rubbing it in :mad::P

  23. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Where did you hear that? I don't see why the News of the World would wait to release the story if it was true.

    Sorry mate, that post was a little tongue-in-cheek (although I'm surprised the arranged fee didn't give that away) :P

    Apparently Sam had designs on getting a good transfer kitty in January, which clearly wasn't forthcoming. There's been murmurings in the press since the new owners came on board and it hasn't really surprised me :)

    PS I hope I didn't clog up the NOTW website :D

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