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  1. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) They are on job offer currently (unless things have changed in the last 20 minutes during my meeting).
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Could well be true . Was supposed to be making a visit to a knee specialist today and that is always ominous.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well lads, looks like after the disappointing results of this week, all the EPL fans will be getting behind us and Fulham to restore some pride for the premiership. It's going to be tough because Benfica are bang in form and we've got some selection nightmares with suspensions and both our LBs injured, but a home victory may help ease the pain of some of the fans who have tasted disappointment this week. Let's hope we can do it for them and for us
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Liverweb is usually pretty good (usually almost up-to-date and reasonably accurate even if it is not the most pleasing on the eye): http://www.liverweb.org.uk/archive.htm Click on the relevant Liverpool badge and then scroll down to below the results table and click on the link for appearances
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If I'm to be totally honest, I've thought Rafa would be leaving us regardless since about the turn on the year. There was a change in the way he gave his interviews and generally a more relaxed demeanour about him. Also he became more humourous and not afraid to give various interviewers a hard time and also not afraid to have sly digs at other managers. That's not to say he hasn't been giving 100%, because he has, regardless of some being critical of his selections. Off course, this could all be conjecture, but if not, it says much about him that he's managed to
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Excellent news, he'll get some much needed rest before the world cup
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ok lads, I'm just back from a great holiday and it's woken me up from my uncharacteristic pessimistic stupor about's Liverpool's prospects this season (which has been hanging over me for the last 2 months). Torres reckons 6 wins will see us qualify fourth. We've got a toughie against our bogus side Birmingham next up, but I have a sneaky suspicion 5 wins and a draw may be enough and looking at out fixtures that is certainly possible. Tottenham, arguably the most in form of the challengers for fourth place have to play the top three (on the trot I believe) so let'
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Thanks mate . Thought my holiday had blown my chances when I missed out on automatic promotion' date=' but just got back in time for the playoffs and thankfully prevailed. Good luck with getting the job done, I wish you well. My team pales into insignificance when I look at your amazing squad (and also RedDevil's in GC57) PS Thanks also to others who have congratulated me
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread My lowly rated Hereford (mainly low 80s) have continued to do the seemingly impossible and complete 4 back-to-back promotions in GC24 (from Division 5 to Division 1 from the start of the gameworld). A play-off win on penalties completed the task . Looks set to be a very tough season in the top-flight next season, but a nice accomplishment by my minnows nonetheless. PS Some high rated loans would be very much appreciated for next season to save my team from total embarassment
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Totally agree with burs and Neller. Gerrard, for as much as he has done for the club, has only been half the player that us supporters are used to seeing. Too much shaking of heads when balls haven't been played to him, rarely covering back or hounding of opposition players when we don't have possession as we are used to him doing. Lost the ball more than ever before and often having a gentle stroll instead of going full tilt to get the ball back to atone for his mistake. Rarely driving into the box or striving to get into a position from which the side may profi
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yesterday was the first time in a very very long time where I can actually say I was angry with the performance. We are talking about a Wigan side who were low in confidence. A side which had scored just 3 goals in their last 7 EPL games and in that time just kept one clean sheet. A side which has been on the wrong end of some real drubbings this season. Yet we managed to lose, but also make them look more than competent. Fair enough they may have upped their game knowing one of the big boys were in town (not taking anything away from their performance) but we sh
  12. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread The thing about the whole John Terry debacle, which I think will wrankle with most neutral onlookers, is the lack of a public apology. When you've done something wrong, you apologise and more importantly you apologise to the one you've wronged. The fact that he apologised to the Chelsea fans, but didn't have the grace to apologise to Bridge is just a further kick in the teeth to Bridge (I've heard the rumours that he may have tried to but was blocked off, but quite frankly where there's a will there's a way). Most people who had genuine remorse, would have mad
  13. Re: Official liverpool thread. It's OK Alan, mistakes happen. Don't be so down in the dumps, my thread was more tongue in cheek and meant to lighten the mood a little, nothing more. I'm sure this thread will be thriving just as the old one was in no time . Would just ask if you wouldn't mind editing your first post to add 'no spoilers', which became a common activity of the wretched foe on the old thread at times . Anyway, was glad to see Rafa giving Allardyce some yesterday on the SKy Sports interview. Was quite hilarious (as he has been in recent months despite our nightmare season) and l
  14. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Nothing but sympathy for Villa . Dowd simply bottled it. Only yesterday we saw an identical incident with Chelsea going down to 10 men against City. 24hrs later the same challenge (worse if anything) is not even punished with a yellow card. Conceding so soon after you goal was also perhaps key, but I guess it's not really the time for in-depth analysis yet. Must be gutting because it was a pretty even game overall. But what a difference that decision would have made. Heart goes out to your fans and players, because it's a horrible way to lose
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread Premier League top 10 goalscorers chart: 1. Wayne Rooney (Man U)....21 2. Didier Drogba (Chelsea)....17 3. Jermain Defoe (Spurs)......15 3. Darren Bent (Sunderland)..15 5. Carlos Tevez (Man City)....13 6. Fernando Torres (L'pool)....12 7. Louis Saha (Everton)........11 7. Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)....11 9. Own goals (Man U).........10 9. Gabriel Agbonlahor (A Villa).10 9. Frank Lampard (Chelsea)....10 I smell a conspiracy theory brewing PS Before someone says it' date=' yes I know it was Man U's attacking play and pressure which forced these goals.
  16. Re: Official Red Devils thread Does seem a bit of a hefty price to pay for a player who was plying his trade in non-league football not too long ago . From what I've seen of him, he's a strapping lad very much in the Rio-mould, so may be a great move to get him in early to learn from him. I guess the fact that he's English and homegrown is a bonus (in respect of FIFA quota stipulations) with some of Utd's homegrown players due to retire soon. May well have bumped the price up a few million. I still believe there were better options out there (homegrown/foreign) to provide cover for the your
  17. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Thanks for the heads up, I've taken them . Might not be so popular with some of the other managers in that gameworld though as a whole heap of deals just got collapsed
  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread He's picked all the group winners, so not a bad ploy to go on form EDIT: For the first time in many years, there could be some shocks on the cards I reckon
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