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  1. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion I heard the NOTW have footage of him agreeing to throw the game against Utd to improve their goal difference. He jumped before he was exposed. Apparently the agreed fee was a few strokes of a certain part of SAFs anatomy
  2. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews MCFC James is a very passionate member of the forum who be his own admission will say he's had some ups and downs on here. But it's a testimony to him that he is now one of the longest-standing members and liked by most. Here's his interview: So clearly keeping his feet on the ground when it comes to his beloved Man C's future prospects and perhaps a career in the sports field beckoning? Not sure who will be next yet as I've promised quite a few interviews, but haven't had the time to send them out yet . Should hopefully get around to sending Q
  3. Re: What is the future for Premier League Players/Teams? The very very best players have traditionally not played in the EPL ever as far back as I can remember. You could argue Beckham in his pomp, Ronaldo (Man U) and possibly Henry at his best were the main ones that would have been in most peoples World dream teams at the time. Other than that the likes of Messi, Kaka (at his best), Ronaldinho (in his prime), Cannavaro, Zidane etc and going back further Shevchenko, Ronaldo (Brazilian in his prime), Maldini, Matthaus, Rijkaard, Gullit, Baresi, Van Basten, Platini etc. all didn't play in the
  4. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread Despite me being in from the start, why does it feel like you're all one season ahead of me in terms of development of your squads? A 3-1 home win against Dai's Copenhagen to kick off what looks like being a long hard season
  5. Re: Serie A ratings (post Premier League cull) Taking the average of the best starting XI for the top sides (arguably, not necessarily in league terms), you get the following result: EPL..........................................Serie A Chelsea (93.45).........................Inter (94.18) Man Utd (93.18)........................Milan (92.82) Arsenal (91.82)..........................Roma (91.27) Man C (91.27)...........................Juventus (90.81) Spurs (90.64)............................Fiorentina (90.09) Barring Inter at the top (who perhaps understandably as Champions league winne
  6. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread
  7. Re: ECs - 92 teams This was a suggestion made towards the end of last year (has it been a year already ) and I recall SM Dev (Ste) commenting on the thread that it is something SM can look at the next time the templates are updated. You may just need to send a nudge into their Suggestions box
  8. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Yes should be posting later this week. The bad weather has resulted in work being extraordinarily busy, so I apologise for the delay
  9. Re: The Ultimate Messi vs. Ronaldo Thread Oops! Was just about to correct that and you beat me to it . I started that post during lunch but was called for an unexpected clinical meeting and was in a rush to finish before evening surgery. I think I better go back to Year 7 Maths PS Edited my post EDIT: Yes to be fair there are so many other factors - was just making the point that statisitics are not really relevant to an argument such as this - I'm sure you agree
  10. Re: The Ultimate Messi vs. Ronaldo Thread This debate will always divide opinion and generally leads to biased comments from either side. But it doesn't mean we should distort the facts Statistics are always great' date=' because you can always manipulate them to suit your own side of the argument. Not sure where you got your statisitcs from but I used Transfermarkt as I was curious to see if you were correct. It suggested different figures: Ronaldo: career goals 178 in 378 games Messi: career goals 161 in 226 games So Ronaldo still ahead. But in order for it to be a fair comparison, yo
  11. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. I'm still trying to work out how, after virtually a whole season, 3 teams are still on negative points. Have all of their clubs gone into administration or something
  12. Re: Official Cricket Thread Pretty woeful performance from England all-in-all, but to say that doesn't give your lads the credit. As you say, they were almost flawless. But still a few England batsment need to have a look at their shot selection. Agree on the pitch issue too, it looks like it will get quicker as the match progresses and Day 2 and 3 look like being the best days for batting. I see a big lead coming
  13. Re: Suarez does a Tyson! So you hate him becuase you didn't have the cahoonas to stick to your initial decision in purchasing him and decided to listen to others opinions rather than trust your own judgement. All that on the basis of an internet game rating of the player. Interesting...
  14. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Next up is cainhoy who as you will see has a very interesting and varied life and set of interests: So someone who likes the quiet life and has designs on owning his own Reggae club. Clearly a competitive type too. Next up will be another Man C fan. But which one?
  15. Re: Official Manchester City Thread If you could do one to show Poulsen has a purpose, I would consider you a genius
  16. Re: True Spirit of the Game? Agree with Simon, make a number of bids on players you are interested in. He/She cannot have an endless supply of cash. The mistake you are making is withdrawing your bid. Leave it there even if you have lost out to him/her, because if they then withdraw, the player is yours at the value of your original bid and they cannot do anything about it (as failed bids do not collapse any more)
  17. Re: Dear SM, a GC a month (at most) would be nice... This topic is something which always bemuses me. I'm rather unequivocal about it personally as I don't feel the emptiness of GCs is the major driving force behind rapidly emptying GCs, other factors such as inability to make deals and the constant need for instantaneous success are much more relevant. The GC thread of the forum is often frequented by people moaning about the frequent creation of GCs, yet more often than not, many (not all) of these same people were the ones to send in tickets asking when the next GC was going to be made whe
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread No real need for that to be honest Mr. Hammer or anyone else is free to post whatever he wants, so long as it is relevant to the topic and does not contravene any of the forum rules. You may not find it particularly appealing, but then you always have the option of ignoring the post. Grammar and spelling is an issue which a few forumers have so not sure why he needs to be particularly called out on that one either. It's a gold discussion thread and he's posting about his gold championship team's latest news. On the other hand the post yo
  19. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Toro De LĂ­bano is one of the nice guys of the forum. always friendly and welcoming and willing to discuss all things footbal, here's his interview: So an all round peace loving guy who would be delighted to see his beloved Hammers move to the Olympic stadium Next up will be the man with a 'Rasta' avatar and a lover of Reggae music These interviews will continue and you just need to drop me a PM/VM if you would like to introduce yourself to the forum. If, however you're feeling in a more daring mood and really want to take the hotseat, check out
  20. Re: !!UNCUT!! The forumer interviews goes bad! At some time probably - busy time of the year at the mo, as you'll no doubt know
  21. Re: !!UNCUT!! The forumer interviews goes bad! To be fair, Simon is an all-round good fella who is never involved in any controversy on the forum, so it was a little difficult to dig out some dirt on him no doubt. I'm sure you'll find Tom is perfectly capable of riling the vast majority who have perhaps a more shady past. It's just a matter of getting those individuals to commit to this. I'm sure you'll see some fireworks then
  22. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Surprised it took this long to get a response to my deliberately worded message . For a moment I thought everyone in this gameworld was going soft
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