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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    GC13: Now to focus on breaking my Champs Cup curse' date=' the doc's FC Salzburg stand in the way of me and my first SMFA Cup Final with this team! He had the luxury of resting his first team as he had the league in the bag quite a while ago, although pretty sure the average rating of my 2nd XI is still higher than his First XI :P. Would much rather have the 1st's playing both legs, as the 2nd XI throw up some ridiculous results and nearly cost me the league a couple of games ago! Have an Italian Cup Semi Final too, would like to win it, but SMFA Cup trumps it.[/quote']

    I'm pretty certain I've never beaten you in any gameworld (although we haven't met that often) :o . My Salzburg's got to have a shot at being the poorest GC squad ever to make a SMFA semi :P. Just hoping SM will have approved my suggestion for the 8-1-1 formation in time for the 1st leg :D

  2. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    MCFC James is a very passionate member of the forum who be his own admission will say he's had some ups and downs on here. But it's a testimony to him that he is now one of the longest-standing members and liked by most. Here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support Manchester City and have supported them since I was six years old. So, about 10 years now.

    Why do you follow this team?

    Well mainly because I live in South East Greater Manchester and City are the closest Premiership side to me. Also, my Dad was a big City fan in the 70s and used to watch them on a regular basis. Been going to watch City play, since the end of the Maine Road era when Keegan was in charge to now where I have a shared out season ticket, plus go to a couple of away games each season.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Really tough one this is; I'd have to give Darren Huckerby a mention as he was my idol when I was growing up. I can always remember football in the school yard at Primary School and I always used to pretend to be Huckerby and my mate was always Goater. He was such a quick striker, with a great eye for goal and linked up so well with Goater, producing one of the most dangerous strike-forces in the history of the club. Nowadays, it's too hard to decide as there are so many players out of our squad that I love too much. But, if I had to choose I'd have to say Carlos Tevez. Just because I admire his work ethic so much and he is just such an exciting player to watch.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    There is two matches that stick in my mind. The first one was special for me as it was my first City match. It was back in the 2000-01 season when City were in the old Nationwide Division 1 and we were playing Crewe Alexandra back at Maine Road. We won 5-2, I don't remember that much about the match, as I was 6 years old, but I remember us being 2 nil up and Crewe getting two back before half-time, before we hammered them in the second half. But the thing I remember the most was a load of City fans behind me singing "if you all hate United clap your hands." I just thought it was hilareous and thats when I knew City were the club for me. Recently, the Hamburg v City match a couple of seasons ago at Eastlands was an amazing game. Even though we lost the overall tie everything about the game was amazing.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    My favourite team at the moment is probably my Torino in GC117. I thought I'd take them, but probably quit them a few days laters. But, as time went on I started liking them more and more. Into the second season with them now, but my squad includes players such as Briand, Etiene Capoue, Cassani, Volkan, Wijnaldum, Pedretti, Payet, Ranocchia, Schmelzer, Susaeta, Martin, plus more. Hoping to achieve promotion this season and then challenge for Serie A.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Well I have about eleven GC honours on SM which I am proud of, plus winning Division 4 in the competitive EC106. However, for me the game isn't about winning honours, I just love building up teams and if I win an honour then it's a nice little bonus.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    I'm afraid to say the dislikes outweigh the likes and there is a lot I dislike about the game. I hate the constant creation of GCs and the fact we have to pay for most of them. However, I still enjoy playing the game and it is a great little time-filler for such a simple game.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Well apart from football related stuff, I love to play a bit of Tennis in the Summer. Plus just going into Manchester with mates and just playing a bit of Fifa on the Xbox.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Got a wide range of music to be honest. Like to chill out to a bit RnB/Rap with a bit of Eminem and Jamie T. But, also love listening to bands. My favourites being Oasis, Scouting for Girls, Coldplay, Klaxons and the Arctic Monkeys.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    To be honest I'm not really a movie fan and really don't watch many movies. If I had to pick one it would probably be Daniel Craig in the James Bond movies.

    Who is your ideal date?

    I'd have to say Cheryl Cole.


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    At the moment I'm in my final year of School and leave after I've done my GCSE's in May/June to go to Sixth Form College. I'm hoping to be a Physiotherapist when I'm older, as I'm good at Science and love anything that's connected to Sports. Did my work experience at a Physiotherapist last Summer and really enjoyed it. So, hopefully in five years time I'll be a Physiotherapist for a top Premiership club. :D

    You are clearly a passionate person and stick to your guns, but this can sometimes spill over. Is that fair comment or are you a different personality in real life?

    Yeah can get pretty passionate and probably do take argument to far, but generally get on with 99% of the forum. To be honest in real life I'm not as outspoken. However, do love to have a few "football related arguments" with mates, usually on a Monday morning.

    Recent murmurings are suggesting there in some unrest in the Man C camp with Adebayor's name mentioned frequently. Is it true or the press just trying to stir trouble?

    Yeah I think it's a bit of both. Obviously we're not a well liked club, so the media probably do exaggerate a fair bit. But, the City team does have a lot of big mouths in Adebayor, Balotelli, Tevez and I don't think Mancini is particulary well liked by a lot of the players. However, I think when you've got as much talent as there is in the City team there is going to be unrest, especially with big talents being sat on the bench.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    To have a million more wishes. :) Or just peace in the world

    Which will come first for city, Europa League title, Premier league title, Champions league, FA cup or none of the above?

    I think we've got a good shot at winning the Europa League this season and we should break into the top 4, but I still don't think we've got a good squad chemistry and don't think we'll be a threat to the title for at least another two seasons. [/b]

    So clearly keeping his feet on the ground when it comes to his beloved Man C's future prospects and perhaps a career in the sports field beckoning? :)

    Not sure who will be next yet as I've promised quite a few interviews, but haven't had the time to send them out yet :o . Should hopefully get around to sending Qs to those I had promised over this weekend :)

  3. Re: What is the future for Premier League Players/Teams?

    The very very best players have traditionally not played in the EPL ever as far back as I can remember. You could argue Beckham in his pomp, Ronaldo (Man U) and possibly Henry at his best were the main ones that would have been in most peoples World dream teams at the time. Other than that the likes of Messi, Kaka (at his best), Ronaldinho (in his prime), Cannavaro, Zidane etc and going back further Shevchenko, Ronaldo (Brazilian in his prime), Maldini, Matthaus, Rijkaard, Gullit, Baresi, Van Basten, Platini etc. all didn't play in the EPL (well Gullit and Shevchenko did but not in their prime). I don't see any difference now to back then, most of the very best players don't usually ply their trade in the premiership. Yet despite this, the EPL has continued to thrive (certainly in recent times) and I don't see it changing :)

    Having said that, I would like to know who you had in your dream teams ahead of Vidic at CB and ahead of Evra/Cole (depending which way your inclined at LB).

  4. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread

    Played the Youth Cup Final' date=' lost 4-3, which is actually pretty decent considering [b']Marchetti, Otamendi, Toivonen, Jagielka, Claudemir and Perotti[/b] were out for Kobenhaven. Dai you fool :P
    Wolves add the Charity Shield to the youth Cup' date=' as they beat Timmy Lee's Inde 1-0, Mutu with the all important goal. Added [b']Xabi Alonso, Pazzini, Forlan and Tymoschuk to the squad + many more to come[/b]!
    Cluj suffer a defeat on the opening day of the season - had many players lacking in fitness so no worries for now.

    Have recently signed Hamsik' date=' Stankovic, Vucinic, DeMichelis and Abidal[/b'] to improve the overall rating of the first XI.

    First team weren't fit' date=' so the seconds got smashed :(, Sevilla up next in the SMFA Shield.

    Want to add some more quality to the team soon, most TBs come off tomorrow! [b']Jinky must have about £80m after his sales :eek:

    Despite me being in from the start, why does it feel like you're all one season ahead of me in terms of development of your squads? :o:(

    A 3-1 home win against Dai's Copenhagen to kick off what looks like being a long hard season :)

  5. Re: Serie A ratings (post Premier League cull)

    Neat way to look at it. Be interesting to add BL' date=' L1, LL etc. to that analysis.

    I did a more extensive analysis once before on this thread (around 18 months ago):


    I think the gap shown widened if anything between the three leagues since that analysis and perhaps they will be a little more bunched up again now. Unfortunately time constraints prevent me from doing a similar analysis, but maybe someone will pick it up :)

    As an aside' date=' there's been a lot of comment about how poor Lyon have started (not in this thread), last league table I looked at they were 1pt off the top and they're doing well in CL. Their ratings took a pasting in the recent changes (I manage a Lyon team and was badly affected). It looks like 3 ratings changes per domestic season could see much greater fluctuations in the ratings.[/quote']

    Agreed. SM certainly have more margin to be creative/adventurous as a player won't be stuck on rating for half a year. It's proved to be a different way of thinking for some members, but I'm sure it will be more beneficial in the long run in all kinds of ways (so long as it is not to the detriment of re-rating some of the smaller leagues).

  6. Re: Serie A ratings (post Premier League cull)

    Taking the average of the best starting XI for the top sides (arguably, not necessarily in league terms), you get the following result:

    EPL..........................................Serie A

    Chelsea (93.45).........................Inter (94.18)

    Man Utd (93.18)........................Milan (92.82)

    Arsenal (91.82)..........................Roma (91.27)

    Man C (91.27)...........................Juventus (90.81)

    Spurs (90.64)............................Fiorentina (90.09)

    Barring Inter at the top (who perhaps understandably as Champions league winners) in each case the EPL side has roughly a 0.5 average rating advantage over it's Serie A rival. Bearing in mind that Inter (who have had a poor start) and Milan both have several older players and so may have a few droppers, overall the status quo seems pretty fair. I'm sure if the analysis was extrapolated further down the league you'd get a similar picture except for the lower ranked teams where argualy the Serie A sides may be better (as I suspect they are in real life). Off course starting XI average is not the be-all and end-all of such a debate, but it is a reasonable indicator of how the teams have been rated SM-wise

  7. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread

    It seems I've bottled it right at the end this time' date=' it's all for San Carlos to lose it this time. Lost to Kamen Ingrad, which means I now drop to 2nd. I was really hoping to win it for a 3rd consecutive time (even tho I wasn't that active this season).

    I hope the last day of the season turns out in my favour! :D

    I've got to go and buy some risers, my squad hasn't been changed in a long time!! :eek:[/quote']

    Somehow I found myself in the mix this year too despite a relatively poor squad compared to some of the monster squads in this league now. Like you I lost my penultimate game - a 4-3 thriller against the mighty San Carlos. A draw would have seen me top :eek:. My pain at the hands of the big boys might not be over yet though as I may end up playing Emirates Club in the SMFA shield final too, a game I'll no doubt lose :( (if I manage to negotiate a tricky second leg tie against Vidima-Rakovski)

  8. Re: ECs - 92 teams

    This was a suggestion made towards the end of last year (has it been a year already :eek:) and I recall SM Dev (Ste) commenting on the thread that it is something SM can look at the next time the templates are updated. You may just need to send a nudge into their Suggestions box :)

  9. Re: The Ultimate Messi vs. Ronaldo Thread

    Don't they teach maths on English universities? ;)

    It's either 0.47 goals per game or 1 goal every 2.12 games for Ronaldo and 0.71 goals for Messi per game or 1 goal every 1.4 games respectively :P

    I think it would also be necessary to include other factors such as goals in the league in total into the calculations.

    Oops! :P

    Was just about to correct that and you beat me to it :o . I started that post during lunch but was called for an unexpected clinical meeting and was in a rush to finish before evening surgery. I think I better go back to Year 7 Maths

    PS Edited my post :D

    EDIT: Yes to be fair there are so many other factors - was just making the point that statisitics are not really relevant to an argument such as this - I'm sure you agree :)

  10. Re: The Ultimate Messi vs. Ronaldo Thread

    This debate will always divide opinion and generally leads to biased comments from either side. But it doesn't mean we should distort the facts

    Looks at the records

    Ronaldo - Career goals 174 international 25

    Messi - Career goals 150 international 15.

    Statistics are always great' date=' because you can always manipulate them to suit your own side of the argument. Not sure where you got your statisitcs from but I used Transfermarkt as I was curious to see if you were correct. It suggested different figures:

    Ronaldo: career goals 178 in 378 games

    Messi: career goals 161 in 226 games

    So Ronaldo still ahead. But in order for it to be a fair comparison, you have to take a goals per game ratio - the results then show:

    Ronaldo 1 goal every 2.12 games

    Messi 1 goal every 1.4 games

    Not that this proves Messi is better than Ronaldo off course as there are other factors to consider such as strength of opposition etc, but just wanted to show how statistics can easily be manipulated to suit your purpose :)

    Portugal usually play defensive vs top clubs and Ronaldo is sometimes used as a forward instead of a winger.

    You could argue the same point in reverse. Teams usually play more defensive against Argentina so making it harder for them to score, whilst teams are more willing to have a go at Portugal (possibly playing into Partugal's hand by allowing them to play on the counter which is more suited to their personnel). Similarly, Messi is also sometimes used as a forward and other times as a winger (moreso in his earlier career).

    Ronaldo cant play as a forward that greatly as a winger. That was why Ronaldo was getting angry in the World cup vs Spain because they were too defensive or him.

    Really? Ronaldo's record breaking season for Man Utd saw him employed almost exclusively as a forward' date=' often with Rooney flanking him. Surprised at that suggestion :confused:

    Messi has 3/4 top stars with him - Sergio Augero, Tevez, Milito, Di Maria etc but Ronaldo has Nani who needs improving and dunno who other forwards they have.

    Yes, but top stars doesn't always result in better performances overall. Take the World cup qualifying for example. Argentina managed 23 goals in their 18 games making a ratio of 1.28 goals/game. Portugal on the other hand managed 17 goals in their 10 games making a ratio of 1.7 goals/game. Going by statistics and continuing your theme of goals from above, Portugal were therefore better than Argentina.

    You can also look at the opposition that the two players have scored their goals against internationally:

    Ronaldo (25 goals) - Greece, Holland, Latvia, Estonia (2), Russia (2), Luxembourg, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia (2), Iran, Azerbaijan (2), Kazakhstan (2), Belgium (2), Armenia, Poland, Czech Rep, Finland, DPR Korea, Denmark, Iceland

    Messi (15 goals) - Croatia, Serbia, Algeria (2), Peru, Mexico (2), Venezuela, Colombia (2), Uruguay, France, Brazil, Spain (2)

    It's clear whose scored more against better opposition internationally

    The point of this post was not to prove that Messi is better than Ronaldo or vice versa. It was more to show how statisitics can be manipulated to make your point and it's why one should generally avoid bringing statisitics into this sort of argument. Both are outstanding players and each has various bits of play where they excel more than the other. The argument as to which is the better player is nonsensical as they are quite different players in many ways. I'd be equally happy to have either on my team :)

  11. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    The Australian "fans" were an embarrassment. There was about 14 Aussies in the ground yesterday' date=' including the team, absolutely outrageous.[/quote']

    They probably had more sense than to turn up for a match which was so obviously heading for a draw going into the last day. Test match ticket prices are scandalous at the best of times, I can only imagine what they must be like for the Ashes. Probably decided going to work was a more sensible option. I'm sure if the match was beng held in England and the positions reversed, you'd have seen a similar picture here.

  12. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Umm NO!



    Almost flawless day. A couple chances dropped but we weren't made to pay! The pitch is only get better to bat on the next two days as it firms up. Absolutely loving it! Hilfy is getting more swing than Anderson. I think that Finn is the man to worry about because this pitch is going to bounce and carry more. Doherty looks good and I had my doubt over him. Getting some good turn. A lot better than Hauritz. I was hoping Smith would play but from what I've seen I'm happy. I feel sorry for Bollinger as he has been our best bowler for the last year but well done selectors. You got it right!

    We need to put a good batting performance in. Get 400 runs which is very much do-able. Great test cricket. Great performance by our buys. Go for the jugular!

    Pretty woeful performance from England all-in-all, but to say that doesn't give your lads the credit. As you say, they were almost flawless. But still a few England batsment need to have a look at their shot selection. Agree on the pitch issue too, it looks like it will get quicker as the match progresses and Day 2 and 3 look like being the best days for batting. I see a big lead coming :(

  13. Re: Suarez does a Tyson!

    i hate this guy!!! i bought him at 90 just after his amazing 40-odd goal season. i then sold him like 2 weeks ago because everyone said he wouldnt rise and he had a slow start to this season and he then rises a day later! screw u suarez!

    So you hate him becuase you didn't have the cahoonas to stick to your initial decision in purchasing him and decided to listen to others opinions rather than trust your own judgement. All that on the basis of an internet game rating of the player. Interesting... :P

  14. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Next up is cainhoy who as you will see has a very interesting and varied life and set of interests:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support the Jamaican National Team.

    Why do you follow this team?

    I follow this team because in the 1998 World Cup they finally qualified. In the United States for some reason this was a big deal..and was the most promoted and advertised World Cup in the United States that I can remember. I was living in Alaska at the time and was having beers and pizza after work at this Greek joint..started watchin the Cup and the Jamaicans..every evinin I would pile up with these Greeks and we would go nuts watchin the games. The Jamaicans did not do so well, but was still a blast. Still Kinda partial to them.

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Thats tough one. I like lots of them. I will go with the Brazilian Ricardo Bovio. He is not a super star, or highly rated..but he always gives 100% with his duties in the midfield. He currently plays for the Saudi club Al Shabab on loan from the Brazilian club Ceara.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    The Reggae Boyz raised a good cheer in that Greek Pub when they won their first World Cup finals match with two goals from Theodore Whitmore against Japan in that 1998 World Cup, winning 2-1. But with previous losses to Croatia and Argentina..they did not make the second round.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    My Rochdale club in the EC2933, because it is a team that I took over and have built up from scratch. I have a few other clubs throughout SM, but this Rochdale club has been a blast to manage. Its not the best team in it's division, infact far from it, but I still love em. Lots of character and surprises each week.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    So far, defeating Division 1 #1 ranked Arsenal with my #13 ranked division 3 Rochdale in one of the Cup match rounds.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    I love the comraderie of a good set up. If your in a good set up the game experience is so much better. What I dont like is matches that don't start at 20:00 game time, and none do. The other was the transfer market change of not being able to transfer two half decent players foe one good one. Now ya can still do that type of deal, but then the price goes up and ya gotta give some cash to..not all of us have clubs with overflowing coffers. It's pretty unfair situation and puts smaller clubs at disadvantage. My opinion.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    Fishing, treasure hunting, watching American Collegiate Football- The one with helmets.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Roots, rock steady and rub-A-dub style reggae. I would say it is 99% of my daily listening experience. I will lend an ear to some country and 80s euro ( INXS, U2, The Cure an such...)

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    Clive Owen in King Arthur. I have always loved the subject and mythology of the story. Great character and a great movie.

    Who is your ideal date?

    Jenifer Love Hewitt


    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    I began my career as a deep sea diver about 15 yrs ago. Now I am a top side welding inspector. I have worked in all of the US oil refineries and have now settled down in my birth place of Charleston, South Carolina. I am an inspector for a major Steel refinery.

    I have been dabbling with the idea of opening up a reggae club, so we will see what happens in next 5 years or so.

    Tell us a little bit about your personality, what makes you tick?

    I am serious about work. Lazy at the house. Dont have a lot of friends, but make a good friend. Like things quiet, you know, not a lot of havoc.oh yeah, and very competitive.

    Do you have a preferred style of play that you like to watch or do you feel teams should play to their strengths irrespective of the spectacle it produces?

    You play to win, so if you create a spectacle, who cares. Play your strengths, whatever it takes to get the ball into the net.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    Many, Many millions of dollars. Those who say money does not bring happiness, they were never meant to be happy in the first place.

    Where does football rank in the US? Has it continued to gain popularity in the mainstream or does it still lag a long way behind baseball, gridiron and basketball?

    Football/soccer in the United States still lags way behind the other sports. It's somewhere next to ping pong on the national level. We do have our professional clubs now, but they are no where on par with the European clubs. We seem to have the farming grounds for young players from South America or Europe who arent ready for the big leagues yet, or the washed up has beens from Europe. Football in American culture is 180 degrees from the rest of the world, where football starts in the ghetto and moves up through the social classes. In America football/ soccer starts at the elitist level, the kids with money, and they are a bunch of sissies, so hardly any great talent comes from that pool. Anyways, the game does not trickle down to the ghetto's here, basketball and American football have the monopoly. It is not often we will get a Clint Dempsey from the trailer park in Texas to give to the world of football. He is hard,tough,competitive with good endurance. He was raised poor.

    So someone who likes the quiet life and has designs on owning his own Reggae club. Clearly a competitive type too.

    Next up will be another Man C fan. But which one? :)

  15. Re: True Spirit of the Game?

    Agree with Simon, make a number of bids on players you are interested in. He/She cannot have an endless supply of cash. The mistake you are making is withdrawing your bid. Leave it there even if you have lost out to him/her, because if they then withdraw, the player is yours at the value of your original bid and they cannot do anything about it (as failed bids do not collapse any more) :)

  16. Re: Dear SM, a GC a month (at most) would be nice...

    This topic is something which always bemuses me. I'm rather unequivocal about it personally as I don't feel the emptiness of GCs is the major driving force behind rapidly emptying GCs, other factors such as inability to make deals and the constant need for instantaneous success are much more relevant. The GC thread of the forum is often frequented by people moaning about the frequent creation of GCs, yet more often than not, many (not all) of these same people were the ones to send in tickets asking when the next GC was going to be made when a gap of 2 weeks (and sometimes less) had expired between creations. Certainly for every post bemoaning the frequency of creation of GCs on the forum, there were an equal number of tickets asking when the next GC would be or asking for a new GC to be made (perhaps not so much now as the people submitting the tickets know there queries can be read by everyone of the answer centre).

    I read two posts yesterday which in my opinion are typical daily occurrences and epitomise what I believe are the real cause for emptying GCs. The first was the typical 'GC145 is full of noobs' and highlighted the offer counter-offer scenario which apparently puts people off. This constant need to create the ideal team and then advertise it on the forum to seek some form of gratification from your peers (sorry if this offends anyone but I'm not talking about anyone in particular - just generalising). The second was a post asking why can't they pick up big teams in GCs and why do the same people always seem to pick them up. No problem with this and first-come first-serve remains the fairest approach, but it's clear that despite the 'once-a-week' GC approach, members are still not getting the chance to manage the sides they want to. Couple this with the need to win GC honours so people can advertise this on their signatures of their quote under their avatar, it's no wonder there's always a clamour for the big teams and the small sides get neglected.

    What we really need is for more members to be happy to take on challenging sides and be happy to compete as best as they can without having a need to win honours. Also those who will soldier on with their sides even if they can't get the players they want in their side. Unfortunately, that is a forlorn hope and I honestly don't believe reducing the frequency of creation of GCs will change that in any way :o:)

  17. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    LOL' date=' i love how everytime i come on to this thread "MR. HAMMER" has posted something new but with the same meaning about a player, i [u']HATE[/u] his use of grammer and spelling aswell. Please if your reading this stop posting garbage on this thread and post things people want to read


    No real need for that to be honest :rolleyes:

    Mr. Hammer or anyone else is free to post whatever he wants, so long as it is relevant to the topic and does not contravene any of the forum rules. You may not find it particularly appealing, but then you always have the option of ignoring the post. Grammar ;) and spelling is an issue which a few forumers have so not sure why he needs to be particularly called out on that one either. It's a gold discussion thread and he's posting about his gold championship team's latest news. On the other hand the post you made above, is off topic and also means to belittle another forumer, which is definitely against the forum rules which you agreed to abide by when signing up for the forum. If you don't like his posts just don't read them but there's no need to respond to them in such a derogatory manner :mad:

    EDIT: Dai beat me to it :)

  18. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews

    Toro De Líbano is one of the nice guys of the forum. always friendly and welcoming and willing to discuss all things footbal, here's his interview:

    What team do you support and how long have you supported them?

    I support West Ham United, which is my local Premier League club (although geographically I live slightly closer to Leyton Orient). Unlike a lot of people I haven't exactly supported them for as long as I can remember, because I only really got interested in professional football when I started secondary school, at about 11 years of age.

    Why do you follow this team?

    I think the honest answer to that is when I started paying attention to professional football, I saw West Ham doing surprisingly well in the top half of the table and when they got to the FA Cup final that season and signed Tevez and Mascherano in the summer I thought they were really going places. Initially I didn't feel that attached to them but over time I did feel more attached, and at the same time less afraid to state it publicly, because around here most people support the big sides and there aren't many West Ham supporters here (you have to go futher East to the suburbs of London to find them)

    Who is your favourite player (current and/or all time)?

    Since I started supported West Ham I really admired the way Carlos Tevez and Scott Parker stood out in our two relegation battles since we came up most recently, up until the 2009/2010 season. The former did very well under extreme circumstances in that not only were we in trouble in the pitch, but he hadn't scored a single goal all season and had the added pressure of being under investigation over his transfer the previous summer but he found his feet, ended up with seven goals and we stayed up (albeit under controversial circumstances). Scott Parker did very well throughout last season, although he is the one who breaks up the opposition midfield so his role is one that often is missed by people. He scored the goal that kept us up, or rather, guaranteed our survival, and usually doesn't make mistakes.

    As for my favourite all time player, it has to be Pele. Not only has he scored so many goals but he played out almost his entire career with Santos, which is loyalty you rarely see today.

    Which match do you recall most fondly?

    I have only ever been to three football matches: One was England vs Switzerland in Wembley (Fabio Capello's first match in charge of England), West Ham vs Middlesbrough in the FA Cup fourth round and West Ham vs Chelsea in the Premier League. The last one was by far the best. I was with my dad and cousin on the 19th of December 2009 (who had come here on holiday and was his first time in the UK)and it was a 4pm kick off on a frigid Sunday dusk. The match was fairly quiet but we had a penalty and it was unbelievably tense all around a packed Upton Park, which went into pandemonium when Diamanti sent Cech the wrong way to give us the lead into half time. But from a personal level the tension rose a lot when Chelsea had their penalty, when Ashley Cole went down although it was a good tackle. Now before the match, I dared my cousin (who was 24 at the time) to cheer if Chelsea scored. We were sat with the West Ham fans and when Lampard slotted the penalty in he shouted "goal!" and it absolutely ticked off a fan sat about two seats to the left of my cousin, and he got up and tried to confront my cousin but only when my dad repeatedly told him to sit back down. Remarkably the steward nearby did nothing and I think he only calmed down because the goal was disallowed and Lampard had to take the spot kick twice more.

    So all in all a fairly quiet match for me was quite exciting, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad ones but it's something I still remember very well and I'm sure my cousin does too.

    Which is your favourite SM team currently and why?

    It's a tough one. I've had a Boca Juniors in a custom setup since July 2007 and I won D2 with them in the first season of the setup. Since then they've gone from the lower reaches of D1 to the top but I've not won a single honour with them since the D2 title almost three years ago. And actually that's the only proper thing I have won at all on SM because I've taken teams on quite a lot and quit them. The other two teams I have stuck loyal with are Feyenoord in GC 129, and Club Brugge in GC 7. There is a story behind Club Brugge because, I took them in 2009 and managed them for almost 100 games, then made the mistake of taking an offer from another club. I went on a bad run with that club and quit in January 2010 but I re-took Club Brugge in June 2010 and set about the task of building a Belgian side capable of conquering all of Europe. I'm also trying to do a Dutch side with Feyenoord.

    So overall currently it'd have to be the Club Brugge as I took them on some 8 seasons into the league. The Feyenoord has such a good base that it doesn't need much of a change and the league that the Boca Juniors is in is locked and has only two other managers in it.

    What do you consider your greatest SM achievement?

    Taking Club Brugge to third place in my first full season of my first stint as manager. There were some seriously good sides and Ajax had Lionel Messi back then so third place was a good result.

    What do you like and dislike about SM?

    There are a lot of things to like: The uniqueness of how it's played, the closeness between the community and those who strive to improve the game and that's before you even delve into the actual improvements. People often forget any improvement or new feature is based upon some sort of mathematical knowledge or algorithm so something like player concerns will not work as well as people expect it to, because a computer is not really meant to recognise that sort of thing by default. And that kind of brings me on to what I don't like; some people are often so quick to jump on SM's back if something goes wrong that I wonder whether they work for the media for a living because that is exactly what it does, which is making something out of nothing. When the servers used to crash frequently before GCs were randomised a thread was made every time the game slowed up and it was very strange, as if these people had never experienced a slow server in their lives.

    When SM get given criticism I think it hits hard on those that aren't devs because they can't come on here and say "Well actually I think...". Maybe that can be chaged, and it could improve relations between the community and those behind the scenes.

    What is your favourite past-time?

    One thing I like doing is running and I train once a week at a club which is down in Newham Leisure Centre. It just lets me take my mind off things and relax for a while.

    What sort of music do you like?

    I don't really listen to music as such but being of Arab origin I do prefer Arabic music over English music.

    If you could be a star in any movie (character/actor), who would you be and why?

    I think I'd be Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter as the films are really good and some of the things he does look quite exciting

    Who is your ideal date?

    I'll be honest and say there are a lot of pretty celebrities but you have to question how Rooney-esque their egos are. If and when the right girl comes along I'll be delighted. :)

    What do you do now in real life and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    In real-life I'm in year 13 in sixth form doing A2s in Maths, Futher Maths and Computer Science and I'm looking to do a degree in the latter subject next year. In five years time the ideal (and optimistic) situation would be to have graduated from university and maybe even to be living abroad which is something I've wanted for a little while now. I love London but there are some personal things that moving away to certain places would solve.

    You're a very calm individual on the forum. Is that an accurate description of your personality and have you always been this way?

    I don't really understand my own personality, to be honest. On the forum I have only gotten angry twice and they were both for silly things, really. In real life I do get angry a lot but I try to either channel my anger or I just don't speak because then other people don't see my emotions but there are times where I do rage out at people. But I also get shy and self-conscious around people I admire or don't necessarily know and often I'm afraid to go up to new people, or even people I know as I find it very hard to trust people.

    West Ham over the year have traditionally brought up several young talented footballers who have gone on to be huge successes. Why do you think that is?

    I think it must be the way they select and nurture players because they have been doing it for some time, so I think it is related to what goes on in that academy. I wish I could have been there but my interest in football probably came too late and I am actually a very late bloomer skill-wise.

    If you had one wish granted to you, what would you wish for?

    That there would be world peace.

    Living so close to the Olympic site, what is the mood like amongst the locals? Is everyone getting excited or is life the same as usual?

    It gets on the local news a lot and I see the new buildings going up everyday. Actually aside from the main Olympic area there are around half a dozen buildings going up within a 100m radius from my house so the scale of development is huge. It does bring with it a lot of disruption at it is frustrating but at the end of it we will end up with a brand new shopping centre, a new international train station and a new urban area to enjoy and it makes me more excited that West Ham might be playing just five minutes away in a few years time if we get chosen to be able to use the Olympic Stadium after the games.

    So an all round peace loving guy who would be delighted to see his beloved Hammers move to the Olympic stadium :)

    Next up will be the man with a 'Rasta' avatar and a lover of Reggae music

    These interviews will continue and you just need to drop me a PM/VM if you would like to introduce yourself to the forum. If, however you're feeling in a more daring mood and really want to take the hotseat, check out the following thread:


    The !!uncut!! interviews are not for the faint-hearted and will dig out all the dirt from your activity on the forum, so if you're feeling in a daredevil mood, put your name down for one of these :)

  19. Re: !!UNCUT!! The forumer interviews goes bad!

    there were a few flirting questions' date=' but other than that he went easy on him.[/quote']
    Thought the whole point was to get him riled up myself! bit of a shame :P

    To be fair, Simon is an all-round good fella who is never involved in any controversy on the forum, so it was a little difficult to dig out some dirt on him no doubt. I'm sure you'll find Tom is perfectly capable of riling the vast majority who have perhaps a more shady past. It's just a matter of getting those individuals to commit to this. I'm sure you'll see some fireworks then ;)

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