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  1. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Toonfanforlife lives in the football cauldron of Newcastle, a city where every man woman and child seems to breathe football. Here's his interview: So a true Geordie who would see his club prosper at any cost. Good taste in music too
  2. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews
  3. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Nathan Kirby is one of the longest-standing members of the forum. A devout Celtic fan and will always speak his mind even if he ruffles a few feathers. Here's his interview: So, Nathan Kirby is undoubtedly a Celtic man through and through and wouldn't mind if others get annoyed along the way, so long as his team benefit. He's not currently too happy with the state of affairs for his beloved Scotland, however Next up we'll have Toonfanforlife whose forum name says it all really, a true Geordie follower.
  4. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews
  5. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Gozzy has helped so many of us make huge profits for our SM teams by introducing us to moneymakers and starlets since he joined the forum. A proud Indonesian who answered as follows: So, Gozzy seems to enjoy helping where he can but equally enjoys being humorous. Also a potential novellist in the making Next will be .TRGAWHFC★[RV] or Romano for short. A young Scotsman with a little Italian in him (or is it the other way round?)
  6. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Vlad is one of our Serbian contingent. A young man with a cheeky streak about him and most of his posts are made with an element of fun involved. Here's his interview: So a fun-loving guy who is not afraid to stand-up for himself if need be. Getting positive vibes about the future of Milan but clearly feels they need to buy a few more Serbian players The interviews will continue to roll in regularly, time-permitting
  7. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Thanks lads, appreciate the comments. A reminder that anyone wanting to participate in an interview just needs to send me a visitor message
  8. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Next up we have drseanfitz, a member who has grown to be one of the most recognisable on the forum. A bit of an SM addict (particularly the forum) who admits to squeezing in SM sessions at work and even in bed . Here's his interview: So, a down-to-earth man who makes the most of all the time available to him. Also seems to have a healthy fantasy element to him The next interview will feature Vlad, very much a cheeky chappy of the forum.
  9. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews KopStar is one of our Aussie contingent who is very much a patriot. Admits to being a little loud at times but mostly just enjoys having fun. Here's his interview: So an all-round football addict who dreams of representing his local side and at the same side is optimisitic about the fortununes of Australia on the international scene Keep checking in for future interviews and if you're interested in taking the hotseat, sned me a Visitor Message.
  10. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews You're on the list - got a few in the queue now, but shall try and get the Qs to you today or tomorrow all things being well
  11. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Introducing to you all AFC Chewis a very vocal Aberdeen, Man U and Scotland fan. Passionate about his football and always keen to join the forumer gameworlds on SM. Here's his interview: So a quiet man in real life, but remains passionate overall, particularly when it comes to his country. A true patriot preferring country over club fortunes Next interviewee is...actually not yet decided . I've had a few requests to whom I'll be sending questions shortly, but I want to interview a variety of interviewees, not any select group. Anyone interested
  12. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Stuart H is someone who most regulars of the forum will have come accross at some time. A huge Man C fan who likes to take the occasional dig at the red side of his home town, but generally a nice guy. For those who don't know him or those who want to know more, here's his interview: So a statistician in the making who likes his sleep and has good vibes telling him success is just around the corner for his beloved Man City Next to take the hotseat will be a passionate Man U and Scotland fan...AFC Chewis.
  13. Re: Who are you? - the forumers interviews Introducing to you all Timesle or Timo for those who have not come accross him. One of our resident Bundesliga experts and devout VfB Stuttgart fan. Always on-the-ball when it comes to all things football and always happy to help. Here's his interview: So there we have it. A very down-to-earth, modest man who loves his family and his girlfriend Next interviewee is ardent Man City fan and pops up all over the forum, generally talking sense....Stuart H . His interview will be put up in due course
  14. Who are you? - The forumers interviews Have you ever come accross someone on the forum and thought, hmmm...they talk a lot of sense, wonder what they're like in real life? Perhaps you'd like an insight into how the minds of some of the forumers here work? Or maybe you're just curious in general. Well this thread might well answer some of your questions and let you get to know some forumers who you barely come accross better (or even those you interact with regularly). The idea is a re-vamp of a previous thread created by Kevin (the original thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthre
  15. Re: Should squad caps be introduced ? That could get quite messy. For example, using Phil Jones in your example, who would Phil Jones sign for: Yeovil offer 2m - contract says he will play in 90% of games Man U offer 2m - contract says he will play in 10% of games West Ham offer 2.1m - contract says he will play in 40% of games Birmingham offer 2.5m - contract says he will play in 20% of games All offers accepted by the selling club - who does he sign for? Club offering best price, best chance of success or most chances of playing. Would mean the players would suddenly need to have an
  16. Re: Official Red Devils thread Nothing's even happened yet, but it's interesting to see we've already almost covered the 7 stages of grief: SHOCK Couldn't find an appropriate example DENIAL
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread Still 20 months left on that contract, but looks likely Man U will try and sell on ASAP. Can't imagine many clubs who would be able to afford him or willing to offer the substantial fee Man U will be looking for in Janurary, but by the same token Man U surely wouldn't want to wait till the summer as the fee they get will drop more. Rooney to City?
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not much to say today, I'm absolutely devastated at the way we performed. Read all the posts and quite frankly, no one person should shoulder the blame, we're a collective shambles at the moment . I will however say, that if the players and the gaffer showed even a quarter of the passion some of the forumers show for our beloved club on here, we might get somewhere.
  19. Re: Shots counting for something In my experience, about 98% of the time, more shots does equate to a victory on SM. The other 2 out of 100 games, I generally put down to bad luck. Taking that out the game would just be wrong in my opinion
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The only thing the Chilean miners had in common with Liverpool Football club, is that they managed to maintain the loyal support and well wishes of their followers and supporters despite the troubling times they have been suffering The 31 miners you quoted must have been gloryhunting Man U armchair supporters who have never been to Old Trafford (and never will) and who will soon be switching allegiance to become Man City fans
  21. Re: The BIG vote: Reserve Team tab? I've voted no, on a purely personal level as I can't see it enhancing my gameplay/experience or saving me any time in the long run. I'm not generally one for huge squads and I also don't feel it takes long to peruse my squad (first team and youth) to decipher who are first teamers, who are risers, who are long-term prospects and who are profit-making signings. As such I personally feel it won't make an iota of difference for me when looking at my squad screen. If anything, with the advent of player concerns, I like the fact that all my non-youths are on one
  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread No worries mate, I've just cheered myself by checking out my saved link from the urban dictionary on Gary Neville. I would post it up, but some of it is a little offensive and unnecessarily derogatory, but the bits in between always cheer me up EDIT: Link available on demand via PM
  23. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nothing could ever be as bad as this. You've put my mood well off with this ill-timed suggestion, Ian
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