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  1. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread got to have a sweaty UT Reina - Walker David Luiz Felipe Santana Clichy - Walcott Ramires Lucas Moura Lavezzi - Doumbia Esswein
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread to add to that, I just got TOTS Baines in a pack and Falcao aswell
  3. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Just got TOTS Cazorla in a pack
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread kmnkmnknknknknknknn
  5. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread sdfmvc;klsmvckl;sdmvsv
  6. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread this thing still on?
  7. Re: Football Manager 2013 just finished my first season with Kaizer Chiefs in the South African Premier Division. It was a great season, with me winning the treble. Won the league, FA Cup, and the Be The Coach challenge (like the Community Shield). went unbeaten for over 20 games of the season, and won my last consecutive 9 games, to help me to win the league by 6 points. Because of this, I qualified for the African Confederation Cup, and the African Champions League.
  8. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread how do you download created teams off creation centre on to the console?
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread got 1050 FIFA Points today, and in the space of 3 all player packs, I got: Benzema Terry Piszczek Vermaelen Huntelaar Turan Pretty happy with that, so I made a Bundesliga team (with one exception): IF ter Stegen Piszczek - Hummels - Badstuber - Alaba Reus - IF Obraniak - Van der Vaart Blaszczykowski - Lewandowski - Afellay I am currently getting promoted from Div 3 on seasons, winning 4/4 so far. Won 1-0, 4-2, 5-1, 6-2. Weird how many big scoring games I have!
  10. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread it is, my first but of luck in packs this year!!
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread bought one 7.5k pack last night and got Schweinsteiger, who sold for 65k, onto 105k now
  12. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread So, I finally got the game after pre-ordering it 2 weeks ago. I can safely say its better than FIFA 12, although I got absolutely nothing in my first Ultimate Edition pack, best player was Carlos Martins :/ Enjoying the whole game at, although I've not really gone online yet
  13. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread me and a mate pre-ordered the game of Zavvi on tuesday. He got his FIFA yesterday, I still haven't got mine. Zavvi are taking the mick
  14. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Zavvi, some discount on my account
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