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  1. Re: C'mon, match engine has a problem JMH you display the typical response from people who believe we are just complaining about the match engine because we lost a game. If this was a one off then it would be fine, but so many people are being affected in all leagues. It's ludicrous that teams could lose to such lower opposition all the time and then back up and beat another team so comprehensively. 80 rated versus 95 should not even matter about the tactics. I understand the argument that the lower opposition could have the game of their lives but maybe that would be a sneaky 1-0 win. They wouldn't thrash an opposition of such high quality. The point is everything regarding the match engine is so random and it seems to matter little what team you play and how you're tactics are set. Goalkeepers who concede goals from all shots on targets get high ratings, strikers who score and assist get low ratings. Worst of all the tactics set do not reflect the outcome. There is a manager in my game world who sets all his defenders to run back and all his midfielders to also run back. He plays with one striker by himself. He uses that striker as a target man but sets his passing to short. How many short passes will make it to a striker playing by himself with no midfield going forward? This is the point we are making, I don't care if I lose and the odd strange result is fine as it reflects real life, but random outcomes happen to often and that is the problem here
  2. I no longer have any faith with any of the ratings assigned to players anymore. It has become completely unbelievable. Can someone please tell me how Mario Gomez has gone down a rating? For season upon season he could not buy a +1 at Bayern despite dominating in the Bundesliga, CL and for his country. As soon as he goes to Fiorentina (admittedly a lower ranked side), he drops one. Just a quick one on his stats. In the Serie A he has 2 goals and an assist in 3 games. What awful stats for only a few games into a season! On the opposite end, please someone out there come up with a credible reason why Gareth Bale rose by one to 94? Now no one denies he can be that good and will no doubt surpass that, however how can you go up a rating when you haven't played a game this season (he went up before his Madrid debut)? Obviously all the hype has caused this rise, which is just ridiculous. Who's next? I expect an Mesut Ozil to drop next surely because he has gone to a weaker side? This has honestly become farcical. Can someone at Soccer Manager or a moderator on these forums please actually respond. No one knows what is going on anymore, the ratings are just a joke and are no longer a reflection on a player's display, moreover how much hype they have and how many times they are mentioned in a gossip column. FIX THIS PLEASE OR AT LEAST EXPLAIN HOW THE RATING SYSTEM HAS CLEARLY CHANGED IN THE LAST 9 MONTHS OR SO.
  3. Re: Rating Review System - PLEASE READ Can we please get this topic to be looked at and read by an SM worker. The review system has quickly turned into a complete farce. I miss the old days of a couple of years ago when a player going to 90 was a big deal. Now, players are going up in ridiculous increments and there is no reason why. A few examples. David Alaba - 15 Jan 2013 rated 88. 18 Aug rated 92. 4 rating points over 3 periods in 6 months is just ridiculous! No one doubts the guys talent but for him to go up that much in such a short period of time is laughable. How can he go up from 91 to 92 from April to August when he would have played only a few competitive games???? The same thing is Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Xavi who all had rating changes in the off season. WHY???? The system is no longer about player performances. I too do not know what soccerwiki do but they clearly have no idea. There is no meaning to the ratings anymore. It's such a shame that the game has gone down this way as I no longer have faith in the changes and when they come. Please guys can we get this thread going as someone needs to really look at this and explain how the ratings are done. Right now it is a farce and the levels mean nothing.
  4. Re: Game Engine - explain this result I know mate it's just a joke. I don't mind losing but when details of the match are clearly not taken into account when generating that result, it becomes farcical. Please sort out SM!
  5. Just another standard issue with the match engine again. I won't go in to my many concerns with the problems of it but I did just want to bring up an example of the ludicrous results the engine throws up. I was versing a team who played with the most ridiculous tactics I have ever seen yet somehow they beat me 4-1 and on paper my team is better. I have tried to upload an image but unfortunately it isn't working for me so I'll give you the jist. This manager has got arrows for all players bar the lone striker and one midfielder going back towards their goal. Ok so lets start with the faults. 1) The manager has the team playing 'very attacking' but all of his midfield and defence are running back towards goal. How would this work at all??? 2)Passing style is short yet there is a lone striker with no midfield running towards the him so how could that team possibly get the ball to the striker by passing it 'short'? 3)I had only 42% possession which makes no sense as clearly that team has every body behind the ball and I would have 5 midfielders with virtually no pressure on the ball as this teams midfield are all just running back to their goal. Surely when they lose the ball it will just come back as they are inviting my team forward? 4) How can this team even score??? These tactics are awful yet are somehow rewarded! Why?????? There's my little rant over. I'm not complaining just because i lost. It's just that these random results get thrown in so often and quite clearly from the oppositions tactics there was no way that should have been the result.
  6. Re: Varane 90? I have to agree with how much of a joke it is that Varane just went up to 90. Now let me say first up that I know Varane has great potential and will be a player (if he stays at a top club) that will easily exceed 90. The issue is why now? He went up to 89 (at the time contentious due to lack of game time) only 3 months ago. How can he possible make the historically difficult jump from 89 to 90 in 3 months? You have to be kidding me! The same can be said about Wesley Sneijder who for whatever reason managed to play so badly in 4 months that he dropped again. He deserved his drop from 94 but to go to 92 in such short a time when he is playing pretty well for a team that also made it to the quarter finals of the CL just beggars belief. I guess the real issue is the rating system, the whole thing is ridiculous and there just doesn't seem to be any consistency with how it is run. 90's used to be a big achievement for a player but now they are just throwing them around on all players.
  7. Hi guys is anyone else having issues with having to continually load them every time a page is accessed? I know a few months back we could load one of these packs (not really sure what they are lol) but lately everytime I go on the 'player database' page I have to load the data pack. I reported two bugs but I just got generic responses back, none of which related to my question. I just don't understand why I need to load one of these packs every single time as opposed to doing it once and not worrying about it again. If I do not load it I get a lot of players called 'Player 45006' for example. Cheers
  8. Re: Turning Chariman off I'm talking about within reason. I understand that the chairman is there to stop managers selling players at the clubs loss or buying players over a price that the club thinks is right. I'm talking about a sort of leeway where experienced managers (ie been at the club a long time) can use their judgement on transfers. I wouldn't play for two years and then decide to wreck the club by selling everyone off or sending the club bankrupt. What i'm suggesting still preserves my club, it just allows me to go slightly beyond what the chairman thinks is right. If Sir Alex went to the board and said 'I want to buy Ronaldo back' and the chairman said the club will only pay 20 mil, whereas Madrid want 21, do you think that deal wouldn't happen? I'm sure the chairman would trust the manager to make the call and clearly it would be a good deal. My club is in great financial order and I still make profits from home games. Sometimes money needs to be spent, and in my first example I only wanted to spend an extra couple of mil to complete a deal, I can't imagine that not happening in a real life situation.
  9. Re: Player ratings on game day No it is reasonable when two teams of an average rating play each other. 91 is my average, but I have players above that up to 95. As do all the others in my league, so it is reasonable to have a result here and there that doesn't go your way. It's like Manchester City vs United. A loss for either team wouldn't be unexpected, you would likely see differing results over the course of a few games. The issue is with comparably weaker sides who seem to continually cause 'upsets' every other game when in real life this does not happen. I just want to know why for example a 95 defender cannot stop an 88 forward of the opposition. I know there is more to it than that, but when you have a player who is rated so highly, you expect good performances and to 'beat' the player he is assigned. The point is since this does not happen regulalry, I question the worth of having such high rated players on game day.
  10. Another question I had was regarding player ratings on game day. Is there any point to them? I know there is a lot of talk about the match engine and I don't want to go into that, but I don't get how a team of above 91's can lose to a team with players all below 88 (apart from the odd result which I know happens) It just seems to me that player ratings are used for player values etc, but have absolutely no bearing on an outcome of a game.
  11. Hi guys just wanted to suggest the option of turning the chairman off in some cases. I understand fully why club's have a chairman but I think some times the responsibility should come down to a manager. I've maaged my time for two and half years and have not only improved my squad but also have a significant amount of money saved, whilst earning a couple of million each home game. I have successfully developed the squad and understand who to bring in and who to sell. My problem is that the 'chairman' always seems to come in block moves that clearly should not be blocked. For example, if I want to bid on player x (young and rated 93) and i offer player y and z (older and rated 90), it should be seen as a good move for the club. Unfortunately because the proposed move is valued 500k over what the chairman will allow, the move is blocked. Now surely something should be done here, whether there is an additional few million allocated to a manager or maybe even just ignoring the chairmans wishes as it is clearly a good move. Sometimes a manger will have good judgement on moves whereas a chairman just looks at ratings, value etc and won't look at the bigger picture. I think as well that if you have managed a certain club for a length of time and have maintained it then you should be trusted to make certain financial decisions. Another thing the chairman interferes with is loan deals. I have Joel Matip (21 and 89) who will not get a game for me at the moment. He is also unhappy with not playing. He has Sergio Ramos, Holger Badstuber, Jan Vertonghen and Benedikt Howedes all in front of him and I only play 3 in defence. I try to loan him as he will not play but the chairman steps in and blocks it. Now I don't understand this logic. For one he will not play in this team for a while and two, the reason for loaning a player is to get the player in a team where he is a regualr without having to sell him. This again should be a decision made by the manager as the chairman clearly has no idea of what loaning a player out actually means. I want to keep the integrity of a team in tact. I obviously don't wat to turn the chairman completely off but surely a manager should be able to exert some power in certain decisions? What do you guys think??
  12. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Hey guys, just wanted to add to my frustration at the match engine as well. I've been playing the game for almost 3 years and wonders never cease to amaze me in some of the results this game world throws up. The latest is my loss to a bottom of the place side who hadn't won any of their last 6 games against my team who had won all of their 6 games. This team also comes to my home ground to defeat me. I don't know why but this sort of result always seems to happen to me, the undefeated against some lowly ranked team always resulting in the underdog winning. It's like the third round of the FA cup every other week! I understand tactics will be influential but against some teams it shouldn't matter. Barcelona will not change their style if they verse Real Madrid or Stoke. They will play the way that has gotten them results and will invariably succeed. So these are the main problems that seem to occur too often. 1) Stupid results. Yes the odd upset occurs, but it doesn't happen up to 5 times a season. If I am in the top 4 and lose to bottom 4 teams but beat others around me then that is not realistic. 2) match ratings, stats mean absolutely nothing. Why do we lose to teams who have three shots on goal for three goals? I manage to put up 20+ and get nothing? Why do I concede three goals from three shots on goal and my goalkeeper gets a rating of 8? How can a team with 3 midfielders have more possession than a team with 5? 3) What is the point of player ratings in this game? Why do I have an average team rating of 92 if a team with an average rating of 88 can beat me? Why do I have a 93 striker who cant score from 20 attempts and a striker on the other side rated 89 can score a hattrick? Why does my 95 central defender marking said 89 forward, always seem to get beaten? Why do these ratings seem to mean nothing come game day? I know that not everything is as simple as this and there can be surprise results. I'm just fed up with losing consistently to what SM deems to be an inferior side (table position, player ratings). I don't understand why I'll go and pay 100 mil with new talent only to see 85 rated Joe Bloggs run amok. I understand SM is free and it is a good game for the depth it has. I just think something needs to be done as it is getting to the stage where I just cannot be bothered to compete. An element of realism needs to be introduced as know it is just completely random.
  13. Re: 7 day transition period Yeah I think you bring up a good point there with how AI clubs should be realistic in what they sell their players for. Obviously I want to pay cost price and beat others, but I am happy to pay up to double the price for a player if need be as it would be more realistic and would still allow me to purchase a player I want, without continually waiting to make that offer. Also, if I have been savvy with my money then I should be rewarded in that I can make the highest bid and ultimately buy the player. I am not too sure though about announcing about a big prospect being bid on in the news feed. it sounds a bit lame but I pay quite a lot of attention to my game world and know exactly when players/teams are available. I do not think it is fair for everyone to know that a player I have watched for weeks is now available so those who only check every few days get the same opportunity as me. I did the work so if I bid and beat other managers to a purchase then that's because I have worked for it. Something needs to be done either way, I am sick of boring game worlds with managers who just do not want to co operate with you. If it wasn't for the two years I have been in the same game world then I would have left already. Too much work to just go down the drain!
  14. Re: 7 day transition period The problem I see is that a manager is counted as being st the club even if it Is only for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure that to be listed as a clubs manager in its history, the manager has to actually 'manage' one game. Why isn't this applied on this situation? There are now too many dormant clubs in my game world that will never be properly taken over and is keeping the staleness going. I understand that we want to keep teams from being stripped of players but if the team just keeps getting new managers every 7 days then that club is being wasted as no one is going to try and achieve something with it anyway
  15. Hi guys, this topic may have been discussed before so apologies if it has. I have a real problem with managers coming into game worlds and then leaving within minutes of taking over, thus resetting the 7 day period again. it's something I think SM needs to look into. The game world I play in is quite small (in terms of managed clubs) and there are only 5 or so clubs that have the majority of the good players. My friend and I have done quite well, recruiting players as we can and buying 'stars' whenever possible. Unforutnately the other managers in our league seem to have their monopoly of players and just want to hang onto what they have. Now, by all means I don't expect a team with Messi to go and sell just because I make an offer, but if I offer for example, 'Iniesta and Gotze', i would expect the other manager to at least think about it or come back with another offer. Instead, that manager will not bother responding to the offer and will then not respond to private messages meaning there will be no deals with that team. My friend and I thus have to wait for any unmanaged clubs to become available as it is the only way we can have a chance of getting a piece of the pie. The problem that continues to arise is that when a team becomes unmanaged for 7 days, and bids are placed, someone comes along and takes over and subsequently leaves. What happens then? We must wait another 7 days. This is increasingly frustrating and just adds to staleness of the game world. There are now several big clubs that are wasted as no one wants to manage them and no one can buy/sell with that team. I understand why there is a transition period and the need to get more managers in leagues, however I feel that there should be a set time that a manager can run the club before the 7 day period can be applied again. I don't want to come across as a selfish manager who wants all the best players, I am just looking for another way for managers to get the chance to buy the best players, particularly those who join a game world after all the best teams/players have been taken. Sorry for the rant lol, this problem has just been bugging me for so long that I needed to vent and see if others had the same problem.
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