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    Im Bosnian and football is my life!
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    America :( ..born in Bosnia & Hercegovina :)
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    professional footballer
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    TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, VFL Wolfsburg, Manchester United, FK Velez Mostar
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    a lot
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    Luiz Nazario De Lima RONALDO
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    won a lot..
  1. Re: Semir Slomic this should be changed? so that SM stays up to date with players and ratings and teams.
  2. Semir Slomic is currently playing for DINAMO ZAGREB He was on a transfer deal with WERDER BREMEN but did not want to go to germany. So he accepted Dinamo's offer. BTW im sure if Werder and Dinamo want this youngester then he is way better then a 74...
  3. Re: Bosnian Club Teams that would be even more better but i'd even be satisfied with the deletion of a team too
  4. Re: Bosnian Club Teams thank you mate! i mean i did all the hard work already...all SM really has to do is create the team. its almost kind of insulting having these other teams that are terrible and not having Fk Velez Mostar.
  5. Re: Bosnian Club Teams ALSO!...The stadium is called STADION VRAPCICI and its capacity is 9,000! HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE CLUB'S EMBLEM. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/thumb/b/be/FK_Velež_Mostar.svg/467px-FK_Velež_Mostar.svg.png please make this club in SM!
  6. First off, the stadium for FK Sarajevo has a capacity of 37,500. second, the stadium for Celik Zenica has a capacity of 25,000. third.. FK LAKTASI should not be added because they are one of the worst teams in the league. The team that should take the place of LAKTASI is FK VELEZ MOSTAR. The history of this club is very big and has a lot of accomplishments in the past. Currently they are last on the tables because of Criminals in the town stealing all of the money from the club. When the criminals arent involved with their soccer games, then they win, just like they won their last game against FK MODRICA...6-0. FK Modrica was the previous winners of the bosnian premier league. Many of FK Velez Mostar fans are scattered all over the world, i can assure you there are over 50,000 fans of the club. If this club was made, many bosnians would be happy and satisfied with the clubs. here are a list of players and their info along with ratings. GK Adnan Bobić -age:21. Bosnian -worth:50.000 € .rating:69 GK Mili Hadžiomerović -age:22. Bosnian -worth:50.000 € .rating:70 GK Faris Efendić -age:25. Bosnian -worth:75.000 € .rating:75 CB Sanel Demić -age:24. Bosnian (righty) -worth:100.000 € .rating:79 CB Adnan Kadrić -age:32. Bosnian (both) -worth:100.000 € .rating:75 D Zlatko Kazazić -age:19. Bosnian -worth:50.000 € .rating:74 D Aleksandar Railić -age:29. Bosnian .rating:78 LM/W Adnan Krhan -age:21. Bosnian (lefty)-worth:150.000 € .rating:82 DM Semir Cajdin -age:18. Bosnian .rating: 72 CM Dejan Drakul -age:21 .Bosnian .rating:82 M Dzenan Duraković -age:19. Bosnian .rating:74 LM/CM Aleksandar Paunović -age:21. Serbian .rating:79 M Danijel Majkić -age:25. Bosnian .rating:74 AM/F Armel Stupac -age:24. Bosnian .rating:76 AM/F Daniel Kogler - age:20. Austrian (righty) .rating:79 F/W Adis Obad -age:37. Bosnian (lefty) -worth:200.000 € .rating:81 F Rijad Demić -age:23. Bosnian .rating:74 F Adis Jahović -age:21. Macedonian .rating:76 CF Armel Škaljić -age:27. Bosnian .rating:78 I Hope you take this into great consideration because it took me a very long time to compile this information. I based the rating on personal information(because I watch this club 24/7), salary, goals, and international play. Sorry, I could not find all the information, but this should be good enough. THANKS!
  7. Re: A few Bosnians promo candidates yes, that is true to a certain extent but scoring goals doesnt always make u a good player. dzeko took on ac milan's defence by himself and as dominating but didnt manage to score
  8. Re: A few Bosnians promo candidates Honestly, i think Dzeko is just as good as Ibisevic. I mean neather are that fast but have the knowledge of the game to their advantage. All this fuss around ibisevic has kind of left dzeko un-noticed dont you think. Dzeko should deserve a lot more recognition for his duty. I mean come on, wolfsburg plays a lot of their games with 1 foward and that foward is DZEKO who definatly supplies goals and assists. Misimovic and Salihovic on the other hand are growing talents. Misimovic, without a doubt will be a 90. salihovic will take more time to become a 90 because honestly, he needs some working on. but he is the BOSNIAN BECKHAM! bottom line... Ibisevic- 89 Dzeko - 89 Misimovic - 90 Salihovic - 88 BY THE WAY...IBISEVIC WAS OFFERED A CONTRACT IN ITALY'S OWN, INTERNAZIONALE FC....HE DENIED good move i think, he wouldnt get a lot of playing time there.
  9. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! wow, that game against slovenia was a joke, i was so mad because our coach managed to take all our starting back line and NOT play them(including our keeper) i understand, some players are injured, but our coach picked the worst players to take their positions. our only starters was dzeko, misimovic, salihovic and ibisevic...the best bosnian players we have. everybody else was a reserve. our other midfeilders were decent. all in all, i thought we played pretty well, ibisevic-could have been better but still managed to score twice which is fenominal. dzeko i thought played well, great target man. im not sure if salihovic got injured towards the end of the game HOPEFULLY NOT. OKAY, what about salihovic...89?
  10. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! no way man! only an 88?! no way, he is definatley a lot more of a player than a measly 88. bottom line, what i think... Demba BA - 89 Vedad Ibisevic - 90
  11. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! if any of you have been watching the bundesliga lately, all the talk is around ibisevic. I could easily say he is better then luca toni because luca toni was bought to score and thats exactly what he ISNT doing well. He is a growing talent, with every game, he becomes smarter, quicker, and stronger. He still has things to learn but if u ask me and any german(which i am not) the answer would be: Vedad Ibisevic - 90 rating. without questions asked, i would easily rate him a 90
  12. Re: International Management THATS SO STUPID not all countries are included which isnt fair. so that means a lot of people that play this game will not be able to manage their home country. I believe that EVERY country in the world that has a national team, should be in this game. if this is too much to ask the at least include all the teams in international that are included in this game. So you go to game>real life clubs> and then all the countries that show up, they should be in the international setup. ONE MORE THING... guys i highly doubt that international management will be made, they ahave been talking about this for like 2 years and still no progress. nothing will probably happen
  13. Re: International Management well some people dont want to pay that. even that is a lot for a computer game thats suppose to be free.
  14. Re: International Management international management is such a BIG new feature to soccer manager, you cant put a price on this. Maybe on something smaller such as skins or some other extra features but it will be soooooooo unfair if only gold members get to manage international. i have been waiting for international management for quite some time. by the way, when will SM actually make international management in this game. anyone know??
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