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  1. Re: The Basement With the transfer window now being open, it's time to add some more depth to my super squad:p
  2. Re: how to counter a 4-5-1 4-5-1 seems to be the new 3 5 2, alot of people are using it now in the setups i'm in. I've found 5-3-2 to work now and again against it but very hit and miss. Some people use 4-5-1 defensive against it. I personally wouldn't used 3 5 2 as you'll just get ripped apart by it. If your team average is stronger than the other team, then you can just copy his formation and tactics and you should get the upper hand during the game.
  3. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread
  4. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread Sheffield Wednesday have shown they are to big to be in 3rd tier of the league after they beat Crewe 3-1 to record their 5th win in a row. Their manager spoke with Sky Sports News after the game " We was unlucky to go down last season but that disappointment has gave us a drive to get out of this division. We have enough players to swap around to cope with the amount of games 3 a week, so fitness shouldn't be a issue. Fingers crossed we can stay injury free. The manager also spoke about if the Owls will put a strong team out in the cup
  5. Re: Riferimento: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy..
  6. Re: Club Finances - new view and charts.... In general smaller clubs that can play in the same division as elite clubs don't have the benefit of the massive income which the elite clubs generation via ticket recipts, sponsorship every home game etc. So with SM changing the rules for which p/e are done as well as the chairman offering new player contracts anytime he likes, it makes it even harder for smaller clubs to complete. SM want cash to be king within the game and for smaller clubs to "know their place". The days of someone taking a division 3 all the way to the top have long gone now
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Anyone have any news about Geoffrey Kondogbia? He meant to be a wanted man, according to Wenger
  8. Re: Neymar +1 Neymar scored 12 goals last season and Santos finished 12th If you look at his International season from 2012 to 2013 13 games 7 goals If you take the Olympics into account then it's 18 games and 10 goals I'm failing to see where he has justified his rise, based on his performances. Are you saying this is now a new bench mark for Brazilian players, that they can reach 92? the league cap has been lifted? As he hasn't even played in Europe yet. Does it have anything to do with him going to Barcelona and everyone jumping on soccerwiki to try and get him reviewed hmmmmmmmm
  9. Re: Neymar +1 The whole player ratings system needs fixing, there are so many false player ratings within the leagues. Simon Mignolet would never of rose in the next review because of where Sunderland finished in the league 17th. He goes to Liverpool and Boom gets a plus 1 to 89. But I doubt you'll see Ben Foster follow suit and rise to 89 despite the fact that West Brom finished 8th. The rating system has always been biased toward the Elite clubs, sadly with soccerwiki it's just more obvious than ever
  10. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Nothing needs amending from my SM guide on how to play the game, it seems:mad: Look to buy wonderkids (as there more likely to be updated) Focus on players in top the leagues, top 8-10 clubs but ideally clubs playing in Europe. As players at bigger clubs are more likely to get regular votes on SW compared to players from Reading etc. Avoid buying players from the lower leagues, unless they fall into the wonderkid category then buy them, as again they'd be likely to be updated. If you have players from Ch
  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Please lol. This is just a prime example of the bias that SM shows to players at the top Spanish clubs. Heaven forbid people who pre order Barcelona within a game-world have to wait a few months for Neymar to rise. I'm assuming by the same flawed SM logic we'll see the top goal scorer of the confederations cup aka Torres rise?.................didn't think so.
  12. Re: a little impressed You just resigned in EC 27777 as Swindon Town manager, so you couldn't fully be that impressed if you quit a club after just joining a setup.
  13. Re: Greater cash offers from externals.. Have noticed this as well with some of my players. Papadopoulos valued at £12.8m got a bid of £14.7m In my opinion it should work the other way as well, where external clubs don't accept the minimum cash value for a player. You should have to add a little bit onto the value to get the player, to sweeten the deal. As when your in a competitive setup this is common practice because in the likely hood if it's a popular player then other managers could also bid so you minimum bid wouldn't be enough.
  14. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions
  15. Re: Unmanaged teams What the deuce....... do you wanna manage this club.......No how about this one instead, next time you log in SM might tempt you to join this club. This new feature is like the "Jehovah witnesses" it just won't leave you alone!
  16. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Anyone know how the following are doing in Serie A. As Zaza seems to be linked with a transfer, Pereyra looks promising but in and out of the team and i took a gamble on Schelotto as needed cover and he was the only one available. So information on them as to if they will be playing more next season would be much appreciated Simone Zaza Roberto Pereyra Ezequiel Schelotto
  17. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread There does seem to be a bit of an agreement with some about not buying from unmanaged teams. But i'm not sure how much of it is set in stone
  18. There has been a few bugs doing the rounds as of late but has anyone else noticed that unmanaged teams are now transfer listing players?
  19. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread Ain't that the truth. It's shocking that the chairman now decides who can go on loan. The manager of the club knows who will be a first team players and who won't figure much so sending them on loan is the best option. In the mean time while the player is at the club, he will be rewarded new contracts by the chairman and then odds are will develop concerns for not playing lol
  20. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread Thanks for the offers guys. I did try and put a loan bid for them both but sadly your chairman won't ok the deal. What is it with chairman these days:mad:
  21. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread I need some centre forwards for loan next season 84+, if anyone can help me out:)
  22. Re: Make the forum easier to find! Good to see others feel the same about the forum tab being hard to find as often threads can be lost without people replying and this is a topic that SM mods should read this thread. Another thing that I forgot to add in my OP was about setup's. I think with time we all slowly start to shift to custom setup's.As we have all had issues with people who cheat and one of the main benefits from coming onto the forum is the chance to enter setup's where the odds of running into people who cheat are dramatically reduced. As Forums are a great tool to bring peop
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