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  1. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Zenit manager here,looking to swap Lazović for defender. Zenit is a well covered team so for once I'm not really active on the TM.Already swapped Keržakov for Armero,brought Andre Santos for 10M and I also have an accepted bid for Wiland.
  2. Re: Alen Halilovic - Mini Modric He was subbed in for the last 10mins in the eternal derby against Hajduk today and assisted for an unfairly dissruled Krstanović's goal.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Everything got four times cheapper after GC 223 was created,SM is really unpredictable. It's really nice reserving Shakhtar for 125 coins though;)
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Due to GC 193 going completely dead I decided to make an all Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv squad,obviously that's the only way to have fun in some GC's. I just hope that Shakhtar manager will be willing to let go of his seven players
  5. Re: Reviving the love of the game - the solution Excellent idea. Another good thing would be that if somebody doesn't respond to bids for their players after one day they wouldn't be allowed into the GW untill they do so.
  6. Re: ★The Official Forum GC★ I would alao join if I can:)
  7. Re: Official Gold Championship 193 Thread This GC is dead...anyway,I'm Dynamo Kyiv and Garmash is available for loan more 87+ players will soon be available for loan
  8. Re: .:Official Thread Of Gold Championship 210:. I'm Malaga,selling Isco for two solid mids
  9. If you watch your matches you can easily see that there are way to many penalties missed.Today I've seen five penalties given and only one converted,that's just not realistic.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 206 thread Bordeaux manager here,looking to swap Sane for a 87 LB. I'm really interested to see how will the Chelsea manager arrange his squad,he just bid for an 29yrs old 87 rated player.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I don't get why are you guys complaining,if SM needs money they'll create more and more GC's and nobody can do anything about it.It's not really easy to have a profitable business these years,maybe they are indebted? btw-I don't see anywhere that 2500 coins is needed for club reservation,it's still 500 coins on my account.
  13. Re: Official Gold Championship 184 Thread Hi,I've picked up Metalist,Taison is for sale for an 88/89 defender
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