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    klorway got a reaction from Ahmed Elias in Custom Setup Requires Managers   
    My PRIZE world Reach For The Stars (220520) has just finished the season. I am looking for new managers. To be eligible for any PRIZES you must also participate in one of my NON PRIZE worlds. Everyone must start in the lowest division which is Division 5.For season 5 the following will be the PRIZE structure.
    Winner Div 1 - 5,000 credits
    Winner Div 2 - 4,000 credits
    Winner Div 3 - 3,000 credits
    Winner Div 4 - 2,000 credits
    Winner Div 5 - 1,000 credits
    The following teams are available now.
    Atlas (Rel D4)
    Al Ahly (Rel D4)
    Malmo FF (Rel D4)
    Ferencvarosi TC (Rel D4)
    EC Vitoria (D5)
    Club Olimpo (D5)
    Godoy Cruz (D5)
    Coritiba (D5)
    CD Rangers (D5)
    ​Deportes Antofagasta (D5)
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    klorway reacted to Vockgarr in Stuck Between a Rock and a Comet 2.0 : ID 227069   
    MIRACLE MAN - S4 / R18
    40 | (D2) GORDON CHRISTOPHER (* 1/2 Sir)
    36 | (D1) CRAIG ROBERTSON (★★ Baron)
    29 | (D1) JIM GARVOCK (★ Sir)
    29 | (D1) DAVID GARVOCK (★ Sir+)
    24 | (D1) JOHN LYALL (★ Sir)
    24 | (D1) DAN MERRITT (* 1/2 Sir)
    23 | (D2) MICHAEL HUDSON (★ Sir+)
    22 | (D2) LEWI FRANCIS (* 1/2 Sir)
    17 | (D2) JOHN IVERSEN
    13 | (D1) KENT OVE BANG (★ Sir)
    08 | (D2) STEVEN FLO
    07 | (D1) RYAN GALLAGHER (★ Sir)
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    klorway got a reaction from 87+ in 87+   
    Re: 87+
    Well we sneaked promotion to the top division by the playoffs. Looking forward to the new season to see what I can do in the top division. My team is definitely not the best team in the league but they showed great spirit last season.
    Roll on and let battle commence.
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    klorway got a reaction from Scout177 in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    I would love to be a part of this setup. To any manager who is on my friends list please invite me to a team if you see that it is empty.
    My name is Jim Garvock on the game.
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    klorway got a reaction from AJB in Garvock's Worlds   
    Re: Garvock's Worlds
    Here is an update for my new interlinked worlds after 12 games.
    Division 5
    WC1 - Columbus Crew(Hemant Dixit) - 31(+12) - 18,000 credits
    WC3 - Pohang Steelers(Michael Hudson) - 26(+18) - 15,000 credits
    WC3 - Mamelodi Sundowns(Jose Mourinho) - 26(+9) - 12,000 credits
    WC2 - Orlando Pirates(Michael Hudson) - 26(+7) - 10,000 credits
    WC3 - Buriram United(Jim Garvock) - 25(+18) - 7,000 credits
    WC2 - Daegu FC(Prathamesh Shroff) - 25(+14) - 5,000 credits
    WC3 - Chivas USA(Yamil Mc02) - 25(+13) - 4,000 credits
    WC2 - Pohang Steelers(Colas Anderson) - 24(+7) - 3,000 credits
    WC1 - Shonan Bellmare(Sir. Liss Uka) - 23(+10) - 2,000 credits
    WC1 - Mamelodi Sundowns(Prathamesh Shroff) - 21(+10) - 1,000 credits
    WC2 - Ventforet Kofu(Andy Burr) - 21(+6)
    WC1 - Vancouver Whitecaps(Michael Hudson) - 21(+5)
    WC3 - Vancouver Whitecaps(Prathamesh Shroff) - 21(+2)
    WC2 - Ismaily SC(William Chen) - 21(-1)
    WC1 - Daegu FC(Dan Merritt) - 20(+10)
    WC3 - Perez Zeledon(Paul Smith) - 20(+6)
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    klorway got a reaction from muallan in Fantastic New Prize worlds   
    Re: Fantastic New Prize worlds
    I have a spare world that SM have given me back and I have been thinking of an idea for a new world.
    This is my most ambitious world yet with a long term goal. Once that goal is achieved the world will close. So I am looking for committed managers who will stay the course and see the idea through to the end.
    Here I will try and explain now what I am going to create. I am going to create a 5 division world of 20 teams in each division. There will be 4 promotion places to each division.
    The task is to gain promotion 5 times from Division 5, 4 times from Division 4, 3 times from Division 3, 2 times from Division 2 and then win Division 1. The first manager to achieve this feat will be the ultimate winner.
    What this means is the first time you get promoted from Div 5, you must leave that team and take another team that will compete in Div 5 for the following season. You will do this everytime you are promoted until the 5th time when you will be allowed to be promoted into Div 4.
    So again the first time you are promoted from Div 4, you must give up that team and take another team that will compete in Div 4 for next season. On the 4th time you do this you are then allowed to go into Div 3.
    I think you get the idea now. To help this along I intend to give 500 credits everytime you gain promotion from any division. I also will set aside 2,000 credits every season until someone wins Div 1 title. When that happens that managers will receive all of the credits that have been put aside.
    I intend to create this world as soon as I can.
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    klorway got a reaction from muallan in Connect Game Worlds   
    Re: Connect Game Worlds
    Maybe someone from SM can shed some llght on this for me.
    I have created a connect world with a league of 16 teams to compete with each other. I created this connect world with my second account so that I can put in a dummy team in the league which would not count for my main competition.
    The team I used was IA Akranes from one of my own Custom Worlds. I changed all of the players in the team to a rating of 60 for every player in that team.
    In my own custom world the record for this club was
    P17 - W00 - D00 - L17 - GS10 - GA54 - 00 pts
    In my connect world the record of this team is
    P26 - W10 - D08 - L08 - GS44 - GA41 - 38 pts
    So can someone tell me how a team of 60 rated players achieves that points total when playing against teams rated 90 and above.
    It seems to me that they are using a different match engine for the created connect worlds. This makes creating a connect world an absolute joke. Is this deliberate to make people join there own SMFA connect worlds.
    It is always the same with SM when they bring in something new, they make a complete mess of it.
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    klorway got a reaction from steauaseka in Garvock's Worlds   
    Re: Garvock's Worlds
    World 149189 prize world update.
    Update after 13 games.
    Division 1
    Stade Rennais (Ryan Gallagher) - 10,000 credits
    Division 2
    Steaua Bucuresti (Phil Clark) - 6,000 credits
    Division 3
    APOEL (Gui.do Kooiker) - 4,000 credits
    Division 4
    Ajax (Russell Burkett) - 2,000 Credits
    Division 5
    Bologna FC (Pablo Suarez) - 1,000 credits
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    klorway got a reaction from AJB in Fantastic New Prize worlds   
    Re: Fantastic New Prize worlds
    In answer to AJB. I have found no major problem in my worlds with loads of transfers getting reversed, so I am happy having transfers monitored.
    I am glad to see you are so confident in World 2 but I know you will find it very hard against some of these managers. These managers were in my other setups with prizes and a few of them ended up winning the prizes.
    However I wish you good luck my friend.
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    klorway got a reaction from steauaseka in Garvock's Worlds   
    Re: Garvock's Worlds
    Test yourself against the best managers in the game.
    62447.....64572.....64830.....64831.....64964..... 67271.....67391.....
    41864.....62110.....61014.....64687.....79038..... 42534.....157102.....
    172306.....191252.....41941.....210723.....215332. ....216435.....218589.....
    175275..... 175302 ..... 175420 ..... START IN DIVISION 5 ..... LINKED PRIZE WORLDS
    149189.....START IN DIVISION 5..... PRIZE WORLD
    51057..... START IN DIVISION 4
    64340..... START IN DIVISION 5
    Please apply for the team and world you wish.
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    klorway got a reaction from sharp20004 in "A particular Club Wanted" Thread   
    Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread
    This is for people who want a particular team. I have the following teams available.
    Internazionale - 42534 - 154652 - 67576 - 67731 - 76879 - 79038
    Man Utd - 43017 - 44891 - 64964 - 67731 - 74455
    Milan - 43017 - 154652 - 67576 - 74455 - 79038
    Tottenham H - 49826 - 64572 - 67431 - 67731 - 74455 - 79038
    Liverpool - 56031 - 60746 - 64572 - 64831 - 64964 - 67391 - 154652 - 67576 - 68319 - 74455 - 76879
    Chelsea - 64572 - 64831 - 67576
    Man City - 64687 - 67271 - 154652 - 67431
    Real Madrid - 67271
    Arsenal - 67431 - 67576
    However don'yt apply for any of these teams unless you are a Gold member with a rating of 92 or higher and you must be on my friends list.
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    klorway got a reaction from germlad in Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)   
    Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
    I do not understand why people have not recognised that this game is on a downward spiral. Everything they have done over the last 3 or 4 months tells you this.
    Increasing the frequency of Gold Worlds.
    Adding achievements.
    Changing the concerns and offering no explanation to anyone.
    The conclusion is that this game will fold just like CMO & FM Live. The tell tale signs are there.
    So enjoy this game while you can because I believe it will not be there much longer.
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    klorway got a reaction from arampage in Teams Available in Numerous Worlds   
    Re: Teams Available in Numerous Worlds
    A Real Madrid has just become available. Garvock's Top 80.
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