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  1. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    7th place with 12 points.

    Also lost the cup final against unmanaged Arsenal.

    I think if racky is not coming back' date=' I'll leave this gameworld at the end of season.

    Currently we have 5 manager only in here. With no rules change. :o[/quote']

    :( I hate to say it but I've gotta agree. Such a shame this GW won't see out its full course. Put a lot of hours in too!

  2. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break

    Valencia getting good 1 - 1 draw against Kevin's Bayern. My rookie Ryan is brilliant though. Getting 5-1 win against dragon's Tottenham who play their first team including Bale' date='Neymar,Isco,Modric,etc. Top job Ryan :D[/quote']

    Thanks mate. Its win one, lose one at the moment though. It's gonna be a long tough season!!

  3. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager

    Stjarnan v Montañeros for the first Purgatory Cup final where a mortal is gonna win :D

    BRING IT ON!!!


    Ryan Gallagher has guided Stjarnan to a PURGATORY Cup Final win against Montañeros CF!! Stjarnan beat Montañeros CF 5 - 4 in a penalty shootout after they could not be seperated at the final whistle, with the match ending 1 - 1.

    LOVE IT!!!! :D

  4. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break


    Despite a pretty average season, Junior managed to muster up an EIGHT match winning streak at the end of the season, creeping into the play-offs and, with plenty of momentum, win back to back matches with an exhausted squad and get promoted!

    It was Gallagher's first season in the gameworld and after working closely in pre-season with his Pro: Gozzy, will now embark on division one to compete to become winner of THE PROTEGE!!

  5. Re: THE GAFFER - There and Back Again

    Unlike everyone else who's been congratulating the 3 relegated clubs' date=' I'll be honest here, I wish I could rip the bottom 3's intestines out by hand. Such a brilliant start we had, then we screwed it all up :([/quote']

    Haha, thanks for all the congrats and...um think I better avoid Hancock for a while!

    Nearly blew it at the end, but soo glad to hold onto relegation. Looking forward to next season!

  6. Re: The niche..

    Now lets get serious.

    Athletic Bilbao (only spanish)

    22 players (I guess he can chose one player that will never enter to play so that can be sorted out)

    Paris (NT capped player)

    Teitur Gesstson (never capped on international level' date=' but I think that isn t serious rule breaking since he is 2nd gk so no game for him anyway)

    Cristian Tello well that s up to the world s owner, I think Tello never capped for Spain. (my proposal would be Tello never plays and PSG manager can buy other player that capped for NT) P.S. Maybe I am wrong about this rule, I think that PSG could only buy players that capped for their NT, if not then ignore mine post about PSG.[/quote']

    I took the following:

    u must sign 21 players including 2 goalkeepers..

    to mean teams must sign 21 minimum i.e. avoid the chairman signing players for your team if you have less than 21.

    Can you confirm racky as I was actually planning on more signings! No problem if not, I'll be happy to select a player not to play and sell at CV.

    This rule will create as sorts of problems when TB's are up. You need to buy a player before you can sell one, otherwise its a part/ex game world...?

  7. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    WE DID IT!!!!

    After last season's cup final heartache, Inter have put their demons to bed by beating KRC Genk in the SMFA Champions Cup final, thanks to an 89th minute winner from Inter Milan legend Silva Romarinho!!

    After finishing 2nd in the league for the last two seasons, losing out on the final day, and being last years SMFA Champs Cup runner-up it is nice to be back in the silverware!!


  8. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..


    Paul Smut 36

    White Hawk 34

    Finn Turnbull 33

    Ryan Gallagher 31

    Vitor Castro 27

    Julie Rourke 22

    Arturo Torres 21

    Gorbash 21

    Van Klinkert Delarosa 21

    Petros Valvis 18

    Ghora 18

    Racky 14

    Gerald Mc Raney 13

    Joanna Doherty 11

    Max Chernin 7

    Ian Ludlow 4


    Hold your horses. Inter are in the Euro final again :D

  9. Re: THE NICHE.. New Gameworld.. Release Date March 29TH..

    Looks like the teams are getting snapped up fast. Was hoping there would be more left over for mostly an open draw of the teams. As noone in the 10 managers have snapped them up, can I choose Athletic Club please Racky :)

  10. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    It was a dream start for Atletico' date=' as after 14 minutes of play at Camp Nou - filled with over 72 thousand fans watching, we took the lead through Toni.

    A double from Barca on 24 and 25 minutes put the game in a very different light, but Atletico immediately got back in the game and Grozav scored after 29 minutes.

    At half time it was still 2-2, and we were still set to win the title as Inter were losing 0-1 to Lyon in Italy.

    Enter, at 60 minutes, Majtan and Zapata for Atletico, who after barely a minute on the pitch combined to score the critical goal for us.

    2-3 to Madristas - the pressure was on to hold the lead as news got through that Inter were now leading 2-1 in their game...

    And that is how it ended! :D

    It's been a long time coming but here it finally is, the league title! :D

    Well done every one else, especially Inter! :)


    Congratulations mate. You deserved it!!

  11. Re: THE NICHE.. New Gameworld.. Release Date March 29TH..

    I like the look of this racky, it's good that the game world has a definite end. I'll be up for joining.

    Couple of questions, will the teams be allocated at random, or a first come first served? Also, will the seasons be 18 games as opposed to 36? Would prefer shorter 18 game seasons.

    I hope some reliable managers also sign up, could be a good one :)


    Is Rio Ferdinand (for eg) black or white?

    If the 21 yr old players (for Ajax) reach 22, can they be kept?

    Could you clarify the Chelsea rule please? Is that English based only, or must play in home country only?

  12. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    Atletico 2-1 Inter

    Oh yes! The Spanish took a risk' date=' tried some thing new and boy but did it pay off! :D

    Inter were better, 50-50 possetion but we only had the two shots on target that we scored...

    But as a old manager used to say, a win is a win is a win.

    The manager was later sacked because a loss is a loss is a loss but with only Barca to beat I'm feeling confident it will finaly be our season! :D[/center']

    Well played, gutted to lose a 12 shot to 2 ratio, but hey, that's football!!

    Looks like its gonna be your season this time!!

  13. Re: New World ICON (The ICON Games)

    Hello there, fellow managers of nations from The New World. Some big names in this qualification group and looking like it could be one of the harder groups to qualify from.

    My in game name is Ryan Gallagher (often confused with the similar Ryan Grosvenor - and just to confuse you all we are both in this qualifier). Some of you I have competed against before, some of you it shall be the first time our swords will cross.

    Delighted to be selected to compete in Soccer Manager's first ever The ICON Games and was equally delighted to draw Uruguay as the nation I aim to take all the way to ICON glory (much like the first ever World Cup).

    Let me wish you all the best of luck for The ICON Games and soon may it begin!

  14. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    if it is an internal deal matey meaning clubs selling for c.v doesn't mean anything..

    the external market is c.v only so all clubs hav fair chance of nailing any player :) ..

    feel free 2 deal internally how you please..

    unless this deal is a blatant cheat mate?.. :) ..

    Ah okay I was not aware of this, cheers (sorry for delayed response, been on holiday, just catching up)

    Looks like a 2 horse race in the league with 3 to play with the big match vs Atletico next Sunday!

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