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  1. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread
  2. Re: New Custom. WEBS League I'd be up for joining this league, count me in!!
  3. Re: Come share your ideas for Custom Leagues~~~ I'm always scouting around for new custom leagues to join and just to throw some ideas your way, the best rules I've seen are: 1. Can only take over as manager of team in bottom division, when promoted can then take over as manager of another team in same division. Basically a race to the top league where Barca/Madrid will be waiting!! Medium/Poor economies will stop unmanaged teams from getting raided too bad. 2. A draft league is always good fun. 3. No bidding more than transfer price for a player, that way when multiple teams are bidding i
  4. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread Hey guys, CHELSEA manager here, thought I'd introduce myself and attempt to get involved on the forum, especially now my team is complete. It's been difficult, losing out on top target Messi to big spending Man United, Alonso to Sunderland and Gotze to Man City, but got there in the end: -------------------Buffon(94)---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- ------Maicon(94)---T.Silva(94)------A.Cole(94)----- --------------------------------------------------- ---------------------De Rossi(94)------------
  5. Re: What a Wonderful world: Please join Blooming heck, how old are you? Can't believe I'm actually justifying this with a response!! The players in question, I believe are gonna be 90+ players in time, are you really saying the bigger clubs shouldn't be allowed to bid on these to give you a 'chance', isn't part of the challenge of being a club like Dundee, in a league like this, the battle with the bigger clubs. Of course we hope no-one spots the player we have bid on and it gets accepted unchallenged, but its part of the thrill of the game, if we automatically got the players we bid for
  6. Re: What a Wonderful world: Please join Thanks, that's great. Been searching for a decent custom gameworld that is different to all the others and this looks great!!
  7. Re: What a Wonderful world: Please join Hi there, can I take Bayern Munich? I have applied to join. Thank you
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