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  1. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| - Power Usage History Hi there, yes okay will do this. I shall use my power against you: You must play Riccardo Ragni & Antonello Tabacco Also you listed Sauget in your powers but he is not playing, should you choose someone else?
  2. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break NEW MANAGER TAKES THE REINS AT JUNIOR!! Hi guys, just took over as the new manager of Junior, with Gozzy at Valencia as my Pro. Got a big task on our hands, with me joining late and Gozzy in charge of one of the 'lesser' big teams, but we have a great plan in place for season three to start our assault on winning this great gameworld. Just dropping in to say hello!!
  3. Re: CUSTOM 2012 ROUND ONE - Group B A crying shame if Purgatory doesn't go thru
  4. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. INTER WIN CUP AGAIN!!
  5. Re: The Two Team Challenge And I'm having Puyol (see post #639)
  6. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager Some real top players there, congrats! Knew I couldn't afford any bidding wars so had to go for some less spectacular targets, but happy with them so far: TAARABT, Adel ADÁN, Antonio JENKINSON, Carl SON, Heung-min CASNOS, Luc WILLEMS, Jetro AMAT, Jordi LEITNER, Moritz BARTRA, Marc Was half expecting a cash injection / stadium increase for those still in Purgatory (Div 2) as there are 5 Mortals and 5 non-Mortals in the division now. No such luck Also, a belated congratulations to Vendetta and Tauro, a mighty feat by
  7. Re: The Two Team Challenge SPORT RECIFE WRAP UP DIV 2 TITLE!! Not a load of choice out there, but I'll have Puyol please, will bid when season 2 opens
  8. Re: THE GAFFER - There and Back Again Happy with Colon. He sounds like a true warrior from the race of men, able to mix it with the Hobbits and then slay some Dragons!! ... It also sounds like a part of the digestive system, but we'll ignore that
  9. Re: The Two Team Challenge Sport Recife go 6 clear!! Ryan Gallagher steered Sport Recife to victory against Rosenborg BK. Sport Recife beat Rosenborg BK 3 - 2 in their Division 2 fixture. Kadlec scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Gouweleeuw was also on the scoresheet for his side.
  10. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| We aren't putting you in the firing line, you are the guy I feel bad for the most. Great concept, great rules, somehow people who agreed to the rules when they joined the league cannot be true to their word and follow the rules. I will not be leaving, but be careful not to punish those who have stuck by each and every rule so far. I got a fantastic draw away to Freiberg whilst having to field a much weakened due to the 'only original players rule', and it looks as if that is going to be scrapped, and the rule breakers unpunished? Not cool!!
  11. Re: The basement [New Game World]
  12. Re: The basement [New Game World] Champions FC Augsburg are having a nightmare in the transfer market!! Lost Sterling by the odd few quid Lost Oxlade AND El Shaarawy by less than a mil And finally lost Draxler by £1,000!!! Yes £0.001 of a mil Right, back to the drawing board...
  13. Re: THE GAFFER - There and Back Again Agreed, and with Ben only 3 points off the top of Div 1 with 5 to play Purgatory could be all over before the first ratings increase!
  14. Re: The Two Team Challenge Congratulations!!! And all by abiding by the rules. Great work!!
  15. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| No you didn't, looks like we had a nice fair fight
  16. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| I will no worries. I specifically kept and XI that I'll be happy fielding away vs the germans, shame not everyone else planned to keep in line with the powers
  17. Re: THE GAFFER - There and Back Again Indeed Fili, surely that seals our places in this gameworld
  18. Re: THE GAFFER - There and Back Again This looks incredible!! Very interested With Smaug as my Avatar (from The Hobbit) this is surely made for me
  19. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Wow, so many rule breaks!! You're gonna have one hell of a job sorting this out Venks!! Think I'm just gonna keep my head down for the season, abide by the rules and get my Sochaux army to be the little jewel in the French crown
  20. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..
  21. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..
  22. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship STOKE CITY SQUAD FINALISED Ahamada 87 Flanagan 83 Bruma 86 Crescenzi 83 Pogba 77* Iturbe 83 Bernard 87 Muniain 90 Caprari 77* Ocampos 80 Longo 77* Subs: GK - Areola 75 Def - De Sciglio 77*, Wisdom 75*, Ruiz 75, Bagnack 75 Mid - Dybala 76*, Aydin 75, Torro 75, Vogt 75*, Derfinger 75 For - Serderov 75, Betinho 75, Coulibaly 75 * = big rise imminent Expenditure - £75,000,000 (exactly) All in all very happy with my team, only 4 21 year olds so there won't be too much chopping in changing any time soon. Come
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