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  1. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. It's because they have reached the squad capacity of 255, so less of the 'poor' gunners please, hogging all the players! My Inter only have a mere 235 He has left though now without warning meaning someone will have an interesting job on their hands cutting that squad down to size!!
  2. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship Happy with my opening round of purchases AHAMADA, Ali GK 87 BRUMA, Jeffrey D,DM© 86 WISDOM, Andre D(RC) 19 75 POGBA, Paul DM,M© 77 MUNIAIN, Iker AM(RLC) 90 BERNARD, Duarte AM(RLC) 87 ITURBE, Juan AM(RLC) 83 DYBALA, Paulo AM,F© 76 I see Everton have gone over budget too Hefty punishment please!!
  3. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..
  4. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship No, it's a random selection, that is definite!
  5. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..
  6. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship Stoke it is then, could've been worse, applied for team. Bring on the transfer wars ( in 48 hours or so )
  7. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| That's 3 teams I've tried to use my power against and all of them have managed to get themselves out of it... It has basically boiled down from 'I can use my power against anyone' to 'I must use the power against a team in my division who still has the £10.6m to buy my player', and that is only one team, QUALIX's Reading!! Seem's totally unfair on him to me, but QUALIX can you buy Junior Carlao for £10,580,000 please.
  8. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager That is really poor form that is!! Such a wonderful game world, with such simple instructions and rules to follow. To treat it with such contempt is just disrespectful to Blinkins. How do you not know that we have a ratings cap and a squad limit? It's all on the first post...
  9. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Oh my god, beginning to lose patience with this game world...
  10. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship I've had a good read of the whole thread and think on the whole, you've got it just right. Maybe we could have an +1 ratings increase each season, I would like that and would that keep jkerrs interested?
  11. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. I see ahead of the big ratings change tomorrow we are 2 managers down, and have 3 managers who haven't logged in for 22+ days, is it worth giving this game world a bit of advertising and getting some active managers involved, make this game world as competitive and as great as it should be??
  12. Re: The Two Team Challenge Had a bit of a thought regarding this game world. Might be a bit long-winded, but I feel it might just resolve the ongoing rule breaking issues with this game world. I see these are the rewards depending on a team's achievements in a season: Well what if we made the CUP reward from season 2 as follows (or something similar to..): That way, it actually doesn't matter if a manager forgets to / doesn't want to put his youth team out for cup matches, it's their choice. But as the rewards are very desirable I believe it will encourage players to play their youth t
  13. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Busy weekend off SM and the French are 2 men down!!?? Come on guys, poor show!! Also, I see there has been a change that I can only use my power within my division (think I've understood that right). Difficult to decide so simply went - whose power will affect my team the most? Germany. Which of the German teams have competed with me in the transfers market the most? SC Freiberg ( beat me to Varane and Aurier - would've been perfect for my little French team ) So Freiberg, enjoy Junior Carlao for £10,640,000
  14. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Though tbf Venk hasn't put the bid in yet, so we could change it up a bit
  15. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Come on mate, how is this still being discussed, its obvious, its only the wording for the English teams that specifies ALL teams. German power: Italian power: Should we assume that the German and Italian powers can be used only once per nation?
  16. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| I like this power, and no I'm not a German!! It makes us all build a team, but have to make sure we have a decent 'original' XI for those games, and it's only two games, so no big deal. Sure it's probably the best of all the nations powers, but all part of the fun I say. May I add tho, this this rule surely has to change from season 2 onwards, cos then it really would be unfair!!
  17. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship Cheers for the heads up on this one Ox, and yes would love to join. Love a good youth set-up!!
  18. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Haha....hope he's joking...
  19. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| SOCHAUX POWER I am implementing one of my powers: I wanted to use this against a team in my division (for obvious reasons) but to save everyone moaning, and ultimately not doing it, I think it is probably fairest if I use this rule on Venk's Chelsea, at least then when he has done it people will probably not mind it being used on them as much. ( It's nothing to do with him making me go thru round 2 of the manager selection process ) So Venk, help yourself to Junior Carlao for £10,760,000 when you get this message. Cheers
  20. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| I'm ready for my team now Venk!!
  21. Re: The NextGen Series!.. Under 19 Championship.. Now Open.. Apply If Interested.. I'm gonna bow out at the top now, only a couple of original managers left now and afraid this gameworld is getting a bit stale, good while it lasted but a shame as it could've been a great one
  22. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Looking good Ray, Roma is a great draw, and not that it affects you (in terms of going against the rules) but I believe it is just AWAY games that your opponents cannot play their 2 best CBs.
  23. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Aah yes, you are right!! I'll have great pleasure in deleting that rule Thanks for the heads up!!
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