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  1. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager After holding Saint to a draw in the opening fixture, a steady 2-0 win vs Dedic puts Stjarnan up to an impressive 3rd after a strong start to the season. It's good to see 2 of the 3 non-mortals drop points already. Come on Mortals, we can do it!!!
  2. Re: The Two Team Challenge Sport Recife Team Complete!! Over 26's Vidic - 96 Dani Alves - 95 Buffon - 94 22-25's M'Vila - 91 Sahin - 91 Schmelzer - 90 Pjanic - 90 Luuk De Jong - 89 Rakytskiy - 89 Yarmolenko - 89 Under 21's (selection) Ananidze - 86 Benzia - 75* Deulofeu - 83* Kadlec - 85 Kaminski - 83 Lanzini - 83 Lukoki - 78 Miyachi - 83 Pogba - 77* Redmond - 82 Xhaka - 86* Yesil - 75 Happy with my team, made sure I looked after my cash and only overspent on 4 players (marked*) giving me £49m for future transfers Looking forward to getting the matches unde
  3. Re: The basement [New Game World] Woo!! After 3 straight wins Augsburg climb to the summit of Division One!! Long way to go though.
  4. Re: The Two Team Challenge I went to bed in the early hours this morn having been the only bidder on a certain young defender for the whole day, pretty confident I was gonna get him, only to wake to to THREE late bids, all accepted and too late to do anything!! Not a problem tho, it's all part of the fun, some you win, some you lose!! I must say, in all the set-ups I've been in over the years, in terms of setting up an initial squad this has been the most difficult!! The rules, the budget, the competitive bidding. Loved it really!! Just hope we all stick around for many a season to now enj
  5. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. INTER AVENGE CUP DEFEAT AGAINST ROMA Ryan Gallagher steered Internazionale to victory against fierce rivals AS Roma. Internazionale outclassed AS Roma and beat them 4 - 2 in a thrilling Division 1 encounter. Romarinho scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Zhang and Pando were also amongst the goalscorers. Andy Pando on his debut, love it It was a great match to watch, a six-goal thriller with a red card and a missed pen!! Good for the league too, its pretty tight up there
  6. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. I believe Man Utd are unmanaged and have been for a few weeks
  7. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. Gutted' date=' so close!! Hopefully I'll get some luck in our league match tomorrow Can't believe you pipped me to Svraka!! .....Yesterday was a bad day....
  8. Re: The Two Team Challenge Fair enough it must be frustrating to hear all the questions regarding the gameworld after the bidding has started, but I think it's got to be expected to a degree. This gw does have some very specific guidelines to follow!! I think there perhaps needs to be some flexibility on squad sizes. Presumably the 30 spots in the squads need to be filled ahead of the first fixtures, but as and when we are able to make transfers do we have to go down to 29 before buying a player, or buy in and up to 31, before we sell? (in reality transfer bans will not be up until pretty m
  9. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. After 3 defeats for Inter in the first 4, we have just won 4 on the bounce to get our season right back on track!! Got my great rivals Roma up next in the league and cup which will be a season defining couple of days, gulp!! Got a lovely 76>82 for Ansarifard (who?) which was better than expected today, so that should help me out somewhat
  10. Re: The basement [New Game World] Half-way through the season and quietly made may way up to 2nd in Div One, and just 1 point off top now. And that 8-0 win has just done wonders for my goal difference too
  11. Re: The Two Team Challenge In that case I'll have Sport Recife, fancied managing a Brazil team and they are 35k on the nose What are the rules regarding a team who break the underaged player rules in the cup matches? For example, if they go on to win the cup surely they cannot be rewarded with the cup winners prize.
  12. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager FYI my Stjarnan beat Tauro 2-1 on 29-Sep
  13. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager Being a newbie, I just wanted to query why not all the teams are adhering to the 35 squad limit? Is that not something we are sticking to? Has it been increased? FK Vindava have had 37 in their squad since August...
  14. Re: The Two Team Challenge Just clarifying a rule here. On the first post it says we can have 20 players rated 80-86 as part of the 30 man squad, but a few posts back (#87) jkerrs says managers can buy 70-75 rated players if they want or a blend of all ratings less than 86.
  15. Re: The Two Team Challenge Hi everyone, been reading this thread since it started and been chatting to jkerrs about it. My main concern about this GW was it being policed and people sticking to the rules but with the group already signed up it looks like this could be a really successful gameworld. Love how its developed over the last few days, some really great ideas!! So, if you'll have me, I'm declaring my interest!!
  16. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..
  17. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. Had bundles of new players come to Inter, missed out on pretty much all my top youth targets: Sterling, Dybala, Henriquez, Dongou, Grimaldo, Tassi, Bouy, Can, Betinho, Hazard (got Viktor Fischer tho) However, seemed to get lucky with a load of upcoming risers in Brazil, France, Italy, so can't grumble. My favourite has got to be my unchallenged signing of Anderson Conceicao, who rose to 82 The gameworlds best player?? Looking forward to starting the season now!! Come on Inter!!
  18. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. I definitely feel we should slow the rating caps down, was going to bring it up actually, I'm glad we are now at 75/76 but yes think there is plenty of life in this GW and no need to rush thru the increases. I think either a +1 each season or a +2 every 2 seasons would be better, and don't mind which one.
  19. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. LET BATTLE COMMENCE!! Also, we should try and get a replacement for the Man United manager ASAP (today) to make it as competitive as possible!!
  20. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. Yep. The whole gameworld will change from now on!! Congrats to Roma on the league win, muchly deserved!!
  21. Re: PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager Hello fellow mortals, allow me to introduce myself as I shall be taking over the reigns at Stjarnan and officially join you all in - 'The Fellowship of the Everlife'. I've been a semi-frequent reader of this thread (and have re-read every page again!!) since the launch of the gameworld back in May when I was lucky enough to be chosen as a 'MORTAL AWAITING THEIR CALL', well my time has come to take over from a fine job drseanfitz has done, but it is now time to push this warrior onto the next level!! My start couldn't be tou
  22. Re: The NextGen Series!.. Under 19 Championship.. Now Open.. Apply If Interested.. WOOO!! GO MAN CITY!! ( and Rosenborg, I spose ) Edit: Also, don't forget about that 10 point deduction for Rosenborg for signing a 20 year old, ha ha
  23. Re: The basement [New Game World] Excellent opening week signings for FC Augsburg!! Managed to get Ivica Olic - 89 fwd, Sergey Ryzhikov - 89 gk and Jaroslav Plasil - 89 am, all regulars for Wolfburg, Rubin and Bordeaux respectively, all in their early 30's and managed to get all unchallenged for pretty much CV. Great start!! And with a starting XI of all at least 85, we are well prepared and gunning to be the Division One champions in the inaugural season of 'The Basement' Edit: EEK!! Just looked round some of the squads in Div One and think the chairman is right, avoiding relegation sh
  24. Re: The basement [New Game World] I didn't mind the 91 player in season two rule, its something a bit different to other gameworlds, would be a nice discussion point when its about to happen, and lets face it its always nice to have a marquee signing to build your team around. But if its been removed then no problem
  25. Re: The Projects Youth League Max 30 U-21 H.G/3 Overage H.G/5 U-21 Foreign/30 Squad C
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