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  1. Hi, I have got to buy 2 long term good CB, who do you think will be better in 1-2 years between Romagnoli, Akanj, Ruben Dias, Militao and Milenkovic? I got to choose two between them. Thx
  2. What do you think about Caldara? Would you exchange him for Militao?
  3. Hi, can you rate those players? Thx Ricardo Rodriguez Aurier Ben Davies Hysaj Romagnoli Wendell Alex Telles Ricardo Pereira Jonny Castro Ghoulam
  4. Zielinski - Lo Celso Laporte - Stones Akanji - Diallo Would you buy Hector?
  5. Ascac├Čbar, Thiago Maia, Ruben Neves,Tom Davies? Any other U21 in this role?
  6. Already seen, those club have all logged in last time 2-3 days ago, exactly when the deals was acceppted. They've done no other deal. And all those manager manage just one club. I think it'c clear.. Already reported 4-5 deals, hope it works
  7. Agree man. This is the first time I report someone, does it works?
  8. Hi, what do you think about it? I think he is chaeating, if you look at them they are all no sense. Do you think is possible he is managing all those teams? Thx
  9. How much players do you think you gotta have in you team? Is 23 too much? I'm asking it because my players' moral (expecially the one of who stays in the bench) isn't too high (like 55-60%) and the season ha yet to start. How do I keep it up, just making them playng or are there any other ways?
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