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  1. Thank you for the answer for Leao + Calhanoglu or Maddison. I'll opt for the duo, the other manager also allow me to choose between Leao and Mcneil. Who I should take? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the answers. I'm still doubtfoul. I don't think Chiesa isn't comparable to Berardi and I think I'll move from Fiorentina, (Inter really wants him) still B.Fernaneds is a great player...
  3. Hi, I'm in a Gold Championship where Fiorentina is unmanaged and they've got both Chiesa and Bruno Fernandes. I don't care about the role I want to bid in for the best player. While Chiesa is younger and has a great potential Fernandes is already at United and he is already huge for his club. Who would you prefer?
  4. Thank you. The fact is that I don't know Tielemans very well so it's a though decision for me. Diallo can be 90 soon (for what I've seen in the prediction) and I think Paredes has a good potential and I don't know why he has never shined at PSG. Maybe he can go back to Italy (Inter and Juvetus want him) and play better. However, I'm trying to build a long term team and I don't know who will be better
  5. Tielemans or Diallo + Paredes Wht do you think about Paredes? Thx u
  6. Hi, would you swap Under and Palacios for Goretzka?
  7. Under or Tah? I need a Cb, but I'm not sure to sell Under, what do you think? THX
  8. Rodri Hernandez, Milinkovic Savic or Torreira? Thx
  9. Hi, I need a CB, who do you think I shuold take between Maguire, J. GImenez and De Vrij?
  10. Hi, who do you think will keep his 89 raiting the most: Gameiro or Kalinic?
  11. Hi, I need a backup GK for Donnarumma, who would you chose between Perin, Pau Lopez, Cragno and Meret?
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