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  1. Telles because he is a young prospect who will give us more depth at the fullback position, and Melo in order to supplement our defensive-mindeded midfield set up. Kondog, Medel, and Melo gives us the strength and grit in midfield. Hernanes is getting older and 11 mil from what I remember the fee was is a good fee for an aging midfielder. Mancini favours the defensiveness of the midfield and instead will use Santon, Dodo,Telles, and Naga who are attacking minded wingbacks to supplement the lack of offensive mindedness of our midfield!
  2. Alot of news with Llajic, Telles, and Melo apparently going to join us! Hernanes apparently leaves us to Juventus for 11 million!
  3. How is Perisic as a player? What should I expect of him when he plays for us?
  4. Jovetic again from the spot! CARRY US JOJO.
  5. Jojo :') , you are showing your worth in two games! Obviously, it's against lesser teams but still! Two goals in two games ! Let's hope you don't get injured! Knock on Wood!
  6. Ahh I remmeber when It was: Sheva-Inzaghi Kaka/Rui Gattuso-Pirlo-Seedorf and now its: Bacca-Adriano Suso Bertolacci-De Jong-Nocerino
  7. AC vs Empoli ! Come on, Milan! Do me proud!
  8. Sad days as Kova leaves us, but hey ho, Jojo takes the #10
  9. Have you ever considered the business side of sports if there is any sports marketing? Or the Kinesiology side of things/Physiotherapy? Occupational Therapy is also something else! I hope I can help although I'm in electrical engineering LOL. If you really want to be involved in something, email a facility,YMCA, and try to get involved with a service either through volunteering. You gotta put yourself out there
  10. LOL at the Salah stuff the Fiorentina VP said xD
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Sturaro should be getting improved ratings, He's a solid CM at a young age. Added onto the fact that Genoa has done very good for themselves this season. Widmer should have an improved rating as well. Jose Mauri is a good signing as well in the same Udinese team. Gnoukouri has been getting some minor minutes in the Inter 1st team but He's only 18 and has been hyped by Mancini. Iago Falque should be higher than an 85 next review. He's hit pretty good form recently.
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread This is something I'd like to see, and could see. I'm beginning to see Serie A as a haven for older defenders even players due to the slower pace as compared to the other leagues which Evra and Cole did. We could even count Maicon and Vidic.
  13. Re: Official Serie A Thread LOL, yes , it's unfortunate with the capacity with how we keep talents but with talks of more financial investors, It'll only get better. Juventus is still a head above other teams in the league but its due to the fact, they've managed their team very well ever since the Serie B fiasco we all know of. I also agree with your statement in terms of the scouting ability of some clubs in the Serie A. Our luck with alot of South American players has shown through in recent years.
  14. Re: Official Serie A Thread Give it 5 more years, and some more investment by other parties in clubs, and I'd say Serie A will be okay. Stars will leave as accustomed such as Silva, Ibra, Cavani, etc, but we just need more money in the league. Also, It's crazy how Luis Enrique went from being a Roma manager to Barcelona's manager in the Champions League finals!
  15. Re: Official Serie A Thread Hats off to Juve! Kinda weird supporting them to win Champions League but hey, We gotta show Serie A still has something.
  16. Re: Official Serie A Thread If We're going to improve, Icardi and Kovacic must be kept.
  17. Re: Official AC Milan Thread I'm growing increasingly concerned with El Shaa's injury troubles. Let's hope he doesn't get ruined like Pato. Before his injury troubles, El Shaa was destroying people left right and center.
  18. Re: Official Serie A Thread LOL at the Dybala offer! Coman's not bad , and He's got plenty of potential but that won't get Dybala. I'd hope that We could get Dybala with Icardi . Im really surprised to see us being linked to Yaya alot. I don't think Hell come as He's still immense in quality and Inter is a massive downgrade from City. As for Nasri, I'd be really shocked as well. Although He isn't as valuable as Yaya for City from what I remember. I wouldn't mind him but We need to focus on our defense. Seems like Di Matteo is being linked to Napoli. I'd like to see him get a chance with t
  19. Re: Official Serie A Thread Parma news is terrible.
  20. Re: Official Serie A Thread Roma got so much talent lol. Share some , Max Anyone else think Dia might get back into the national team if he performs good for La Viola?
  21. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. LOL Dannnng... ultimate fail.. I blame it on being up at 5:28
  22. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Longford Town!
  23. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. We won Division Three but were 3.3 million in debt with only 21 players. Anyone fancy a swap for any of my players with cash? I am swamped in debt LOL
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