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    I'm James Burrow, I'm 22 years old, and can't express an opinion without getting my head bitten off!
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    SM, Football, Rock Climbing
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    Sales Assistant at Lloyds Pharmacy
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    Preston and Liverpool
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    EC106, EC5579, EC7046 and 4 Nations
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    Jeffrey Monakana and Steven Gerrard
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    English Cup Champion Season 6, 13 (Preston), Promotion from Division 2 (Preston North End)
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  1. Hi i have 2 vacancies in my forum based gameworld The Scouting network (buy players up until 78 from certain leagues depending on your team with prize players and punishments-more info is on the forum thread). Montpellier and Palmeiras are available which would mean either buying from the French league (Montpellier) or the brazilian and argentinian leagues (if you choose Palmeiras). And i have 1 free team in my other gw 87+ where you buy players up until 80 and must sell them when they reach...

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