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  1. I have messi in my team and his name was changed to lionel richie his rating is 99.But I don`t want to be that name,and he has a funny picture.
  2. I think they both deserve 92 rating.Song has been superb this season. Llorente is a very good player and he is still in Europa league the mos important player of Atletico Bilbao. Song 92 Llorente 92
  3. Re: Chamberlain 86/87.Hazard 91 or 92 I knew Hazard will rise to 92. Some of replies said that he hasn`t a lot of chance Hazard 92 Chamberlain 86/87
  4. Re: Chamberlain 86/87.Hazard 91 or 92 Yes i think he is the best in France he already scored 12 goals and and he has done a lot for lille.
  5. Re: Chamberlain 86/87.Hazard 91 or 92 of course he deserves i hope they will make him 92 he has been superb in france he is one of the best players in france.
  6. Re: Chamberlain 86/87.Hazard 91 or 92 I agree with you
  7. Do you think Chamberlain rating will be 86/87. Hazard 92 i think he deserves this but he won`t increase for sure.
  8. I think that some of Arsenal players will be like this Szczesny 88==>90(He has been superb this season and He deserves 90,he is best goalkeeper in premier league he has shown all his quality and Arsenal don`t deserve a 88 goalkeeper) Gibbs 86==>stay or 87 Koscielny 89==>90 Song 91==>92 Rosicky 89==> stay or 90 Walcott 90==> stay or 91 Van persie 94==>95
  9. Why lionel messi is figuring like lionel richie
  10. Re: Players awards yes i think in this way my friend
  11. i won the league with lazio.and messi was named best player and my other player van persie was awarded best goalscorer.I suggest soccermanager that in player history to add a table which will tell how many times the player has won that award
  12. I think he deseves 90 but this time will increase 2 89 Watch these to see our hero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UasWZKubuM
  13. Re: player changes arsenal man.utd Arsenal ratings review after suggestion: Almunia 87/86 diaby 88 sagna stay 92 mertesacker 91 vermalen stay 91 koscileny 90 arteta stay 90 andre santos 89 stay gibbs 86/87 frimpong 80 chamakh 89 park stay 88 gervinho 90/91 walcott 90/91 szczesny 89/90 van persie 94 song 91 /92 chamberlain 83/84 jenkinson 81/82 ramsey 87/88 wilshere stay 89 arshavin 91/90
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